Everybody knows that i want to get a drone, so he offered to come and show me what its all about so were going to watch jason fly his drone there in a little bit, but right here, no wind. Once we get up over the treetops now we might get the into some wind and it may be questionable, so if it is hes going to bring the drone back as fast as he can and and well well, be very, very cautious of that. Well, the drone also has a return to home feature on it, so it apparently, if it loses signal, i never tested it, but if it loses signal it, i have it set to where itll elevate to 150 feet and return. It should land right back where it started from you know. Also, a concern has got to be in line of sight with this drone. The newer version got a better connection between the road remote and the drone itself, where you dont have to be in line of sight of it anymore, yeah, but uh with this one here so so this is the first. This is the first dgi maverick mini yes and now theres a maverick mini two two yeah. They came out with it around probably six months after i got this one yeah uh kind of kicking myself now for not waiting but yeah wow, but it does work. Good ive used it a few times and its pretty easy to control.

Well, ive seen some of the footage that he uh he had taken with this straw and his uh is every every bit of the quality that i need and then some so im looking forward to it. All the money that i make through my channel will go into getting a dji drone, whether it be the mini 2 or if the mini 3s out by the end uh, perhaps perhaps that one but uh im looking at the mini, because you dont need a drone License to fly to mini yeah, its 249 grams, anything above 250, you have a you got to have license or or yeah some kind of a license. Uh yeah and i didnt want to mess around with that either thats. Why i got this one yeah exactly yeah and then you know, then you got to keep log books and you got to go for a test. I think is every two years im not 100 sure on that. So dont quote me on that, but i believe you got to update your your drone license every two years you got to keep a a flight log. You got to keep a maintenance log. So a lot more. I guess a lot more to it. A lot more involved anyways with all that being said, i guess uh well, watch them get this thing set up and see what its all about so jasons gon na get. This thing started here, well see what its all about! Oh wow, oh wow, its pretty small! That is very tiny kind of compared.

I got a apple uh eight there, wherever it is iphone eight and you can pretty much. Oh, oh wow, yeah. Well, i wasnt expecting that thats, pretty small, very small, and you can see the camera how small the camera is. Oh this, this comes out yeah that came off, for i dont know why it came off, but uh. Normally it stays on pretty good, so well see how he sets it all up and following up the legs there here ill just put it on this pad. I guess and maybe ill change the battery no well well see uh ill turn it on now. Actually so you just got to give it a press and then a second press, so it looks like its uh, maybe a little over half charge. This is a little sequence like a little robot yeah and heres the antenna or the remote, sorry and then hannah yeah. I think the new one has the your phone above eh im, not sure i i i saw videos on it but uh. I cant remember now yeah what the remote looks like anymore, so you got i i got an iphone, so yes, the iphone better, for i couldnt tell you. I only use iphone so, but it comes with three different connections here. It connects up here for your for your phone connections for whatever youre using so if youve got a samsung, samsung or whatever else, im, not sure. Just three different um connectors came with this okay package that i got anyways, because this whole game has one package pay a little extra for it, but you get three batteries.

You get three batteries and a charger, so okay, yeah and uh. You know the cables and everything so that way, if you, you know one battery dies, you can swap them out and go on again kind of thing and perfect. You can even recharge the recharge it as your own kind of thing. If youve got the option of uh recharging where you are, but i know well just hook it in here same thing, give it a press and in the second press and itll start up and ill fire up my uh app here: okay, so its a dji app And thatll give you uh your screen here: okay, it picks up on the gps and stuff. Okay. So right now you know you see my charge level here now. You know uh. The remote tends to last pretty long for okay for uh usage, whatever your batteries die. Quite a bit faster, i think you can get approximately 15 20 minutes on on a battery. Okay, approximately i cant remember now the new ones, something like 28., it wasnt recording. Did you get any of it? Do you know i dont know, i dont know what i got so uh yeah um, unfortunately guys i i dont, know what i got and what i didnt get. It seemed like the camera might have shut off. I thought it was just in sleep mode uh. So what happened was we went for a flight jason brought it back uh? He had it up 175 feet, jason, yeah yeah and we started getting strong wind warnings yeah its really windy.

It is very, very windy. Youll see the the gusts right here, like youre, saying, like you know, were kind of tucked in so yeah feel it as much, but you know, but you know you can still fly in a strong wind it still. It prompts you to return back but uh. I usually push it a little bit but uh. I dont push it too much because i dont want to lose the thing. Well, exactly yeah id probably be able to find it through the app anyways on his last location, but yeah, but we dont want to be out. You know, looking for a broken drone. Music, do Music do Music, do Music, do Music, do Laughter, Music ill, give it a little flight again and just uh see what we uh see if we can see anything tank off thats it thats, listen to what youre hearing amazing home point has been updated. Please check it on the map. Applause, oh yeah, yeah. This is uh. This is pretty pretty impressive. I can. I can see uh. I can see me having one of these in the future im just gon na go over here and where i can look up at it see if i can see it. Oh yeah there it is. I got the camera pointing down at us now: Music wow. I was able to maintain a nice uh, even in all that wind up there and its gusty wind its, not its, not a steady wind.

The winds are gusting up there and that drone is uh, basically staying in position, its pretty very little drift Music, where youre, where youre putting there im just right now, im just uh. I lost signal for some reason to send. Oh you lost signal, so youre gon na have to bring her down. I guess well see im gon na scroll a little bit first and just kind of take a look around with this thing: Music im getting a real like glitch in my uh screen of what i can see here. Oh itll freeze up on the sd card. It should be fine, i think okay, yeah thats weird this is this – never really happened to me before im just doing a 360. yeah. I lost it again. Okay, so were having just a little minor glitch but uh, but jason said this never happened to him before and and jason youve had this for quite some time now. Eh yeah ive had it for probably a year anyways a year, oh yeah, that is so cool. Thats, pretty amazing, hey yeah, Music, oh theres, so much good applications. I could use that for everybody who follows my channel know that i do have some injuries for my time in the service and walking is sometimes an issue. This could help me scout out areas. Pre season uh, i think uh the same rule for for this im. Dont quote me now, but i think uh like youre not allowed to hunt newfoundland on the same day.

You fly, i dont believe so uh technically i couldnt come up to an area where im moose, hunting, apparently yeah and and fly the drone, find the moves and then go hunt the moose that would be illegal. I think it falls under the same category as like its a four four. It has a flight yeah, yes exactly so, but what i would use this for what i definitely would use something like this for would be for pre season, scouting and stuff like there or you know after seasons going on for a bit and the moves are being Pushed off in the different areas, exactly then yeah or for moose calling i could. I could definitely use this uh for my videos, where im calling in moose to get some real nice shots, especially like last year. I had multiple bulls in there, raking, trees and stuff, and one was just out of a line of sight. Okay and with something like this i could have had, especially if i get somebody that can come up and fly it or operate a camera yeah. You can hover it high over and then you know like yeah. They will here. You know yeah so well, and the thing is too like uh, you dont want to pursue wild animals, and id id have to find out the exact distance that youre supposed to keep these away from the animals and yeah, because you dont want to get them running.

You dont want to push them. You dont want to put stress on them. You just want to see them yeah just you know you can start high and come down here. If you know where he is, yeah start high come down and if he looks like hes getting spooked and you just back off yeah exactly yeah but yeah. I would definitely use this uh for so many like theres spots, ill ill, go on google earth and look for a spot to go fishing and then punch into my gps go out and walk there. Yes, only to find out that it was like a was a beaver pond or something or something yeah a beaver pond. At one point in time, then somebody trapped the beavers, the beaver dam is gone and theres no water there and you and you walked in you – know three quarters of a mile to do nothing. Yes, exactly very in an old dead, beaver pond with no fish or anything into it, so uh, you know this would give me uh the ability to to do some scouting, yeah well ill. Show you some of the videos i got and im telling you like. You see it its a birds eye view right its awesome, like really uh, really nice, and it was a nice picture like really clear, um, well, im sure youve, probably seen videos from a mavic before yeah. I have ive been watching it for a long time and and uh im really liking.

The idea of the the maverick minis uh, just because um and the new one would be better because its it can handle higher winds and yeah im, not sure how much better it is, but they did something with the the pitch angle, the the the yeah. It has a better remote apparently for the connection between, because this is supposed to be line of sight, yeah thats, why im afraid if i go down below the tree line or something like that, i might lose, but i dont know why that happened to me. Just then yeah thats, the first time thats ever happened to me and normally its really good yeah. You know ive ive flown today, probably a kilometer and a half or so like yeah line of sight in a lot of sight, yeah and uh. It started giving me a little bit of a weak signal, then, after being a kilometer, kilometer, half away and then uh i dont mess around with it, especially being that far away ill spin it around and bring it back. You know and i could test the lemons. I could probably keep going. It would probably connect up again, fine, but um. I dont want to take that chance. No, no. I mean you dont want to invest that kind of money in something like this to have it uh. You know foolishly thrown away typically exactly so yeah, but i can see so much uh practical reasons why i i need one for the channel yeah and just a little channel for sure yeah yeah, just any outdoor channel would really help, but just uh some of the Clips where uh you can get it up, and then you can drive your side by side underneath of it or whatever you have it in a hover mode.

Yes and then also, it shows you going in some woods, roll, exactly yeah or whatever right and if you have a passenger – and you know if youre comfortable with that, you can just you know, bring it along with your kind of thing right, exactly yeah ill. Follow you in the trail yeah now this thing is still on its blinking. It is yeah. I turned off the remote. I didnt turn off this, so its okay same sequence, to turn it off just give it a press and then a second press and itll count down to the lights and then its off.