I’Ve been flying stabilized dji drones for more than five years now, and i would consider myself as an experienced drone pilot well. Most of the time, i guess to be honest, i’ve always been a fan of flying very fast and close to objects, as i think that it just looks epic. So naturally, i was instantly amazed by fpv drones when they hit the filmmaking world, but still i never dedicated my time to get started with it, as i knew that it would take me ages to practice in the simulator, build my own drone and fix it whenever There would be a problem, but, a few years later, as i got to know some other professional fpv pilots and saw what crazy moves they could do with their drones. I changed my mind about it and finally decided to give it a try. I’M super excited about it, never flew an fpv drone before you ready. I, i guess i wasn’t ready that’s exactly what should not happen, but, as i saw dji launching their very first fpv drone, i had a spark of hope. It would be ready to fly out of the box, come with its own. Simulator have features like different flight modes and a return to home function. That’S, when i thought alright nicholas it’s now or never i’m gon na get this drone and i’m gon na learn how to properly fly fpv alrighty let’s open this thing up. Oh that smells new whoa wow.

This thing is heavy and the goggles, oh my god. This is so cool the controller pair of propellers safety guidelines. I think i should probably read this man, these goggles look, so cool i’m gon na put them on i’m, seeing nothing, but still it feels cool. This is what it looks like it’s pretty heavy. So if this thing crashes into you or into somebody else, it’s going to be pretty bad all right. So now i unpacked everything, but before i’m, going to start with my first flight i’m going to practice in the simulator, because i once flew an fpv drone before you guys know it. I crashed it because i was miserable at it and this time i’m going to take it very slowly. This drone has a couple of different modes, but before i switch to manual mode i’m, going to just stick to the simulator and i’m going to spend a lot of hours in the simulator practicing, so that i actually have a good feeling when i start flying this Thing manually for the first time, so i first unscrewed the two screws on the back of my controller in order to make the left control stick stay in its place. That’S really important. If you want to fly in manual mode as the left stick determines your speed. After setting up the dji simulator, i decided to go for a short, workout and eat a pizza which i thought would be the perfect preparation for my first flight okay.

So i just connected it to the app and now it’s restarted. What this thing is so dangerous. The first thing i get when i answer the app is a chinese tutorial. What is this dti all right so now here i can just check out what it would look like got. It start stop button come on guys. I want to fly so this is pretty slow, i would say wow, oh my god, that’s super weird. If you shake your heads: okay, oh whoa, i’m gon na stop doing that. Oh my god, i’m getting sick from this already Music. Just imagine this at like five times the speed skills, training learn to master flying and m modes, starting with basic functions in this tutorial. They basically explained the general controls for manual mode, but i already felt pretty lost. I always want to tilt my head with it. Oh okay, whoa. What what i think i’m completely lost right now. Oh my god! This is already so much more difficult than i expected holy straight track: wow it’s, just so sensitive it’s crazy! Oh, oh, my god, i’m! Sucking at this! Oh! I don’t know what to do with my head. Ah i’m, already getting sick from two tutorials. I feel like the piece that i just ate is coming up again. Why did i get into this throttle down double tap throttle up let’s, go guys: okay, that’s, not not going too bad right now. Oh challenge complete.

That was kind of i’m good, honest right now. This makes me feel sick and i didn’t expect it to be to be like that from this point on things only got worse. Oh no! I missed it. Oh my god, Applause Music, honestly, guys i’m feeling so sick. Why did i do this? Why did i buy this drone Music i’m going to get rid of the goggles for now and i’m just going to fly with my phone, because you can also just look on the screen of your phone, and i hope that this feels a little bit better. All right, uh, we’re gon na go for our first free flight, ready to go yeah that’s. What it’s like that’s a lot better going through it, whoa let’s go through some obstacles. Now i want to fly through that hole in the roof. Oh whoa, alright guys. So. First impression, honestly, i’m feeling sick i’m feeling demotivated and i’m scared of flying an actual drone. Oh my god, this is going to be a long journey. Hey after recovering from my first simulator experience, i decided to fly to majorca in spain, which would be the perfect place for flying fpv with its gorgeous landscapes, towering cliffs, incredible roads and some of the bluest water on this planet. If there was a place made for flying fpv drones, it would be here after landing. I met up with my buddy matthias, who is already quite experienced at flying fpv drones.

So, together we explored some of my favorite places on the island, where matthias would always take his drone for his spin Music. I myself still stuck to driving the atv as i didn’t dare to fly my fpv drone in real life yet, but i surely made use of observing another fpv pilot. I watched how he set up the drone navigated through different obstacles and to which things he paid close attention after seeing all of the crazy shots he captured throughout our week together. My motivation was back and i decided to give the simulator another chance, alright guys so i’m right now in my yorka and i posted on instagram that i’m feeling motion sick from the simulator and a lot of you guys already. Let me know that it goes away. The more you practice, so i have high hopes. Also a lot of you guys said that i should practice with another simulator, because the dji simulator is not that accurate when it comes to all of the gravity settings and all that kind of stuff. So i just downloaded myself, another simulator called liftoff on steam. You also tried a lot of flying in a simulator before you actually flew in in real person right yeah in the beginning, around eight hours before the first flight, eight hours only eight hours, and then you flew for the first time, okay, that’s actually quite fast. I think how long did you train already? I think it was like half an hour.

I think it was half an hour and it’s like 10 minutes of it was just like, as it turned out. My pc simulator required a lot of system performance, so even with the lowest graphics settings i wasn’t able to record while flying in the simulator. Sorry for that, after mathias returned to germany, i dedicated more and more time to practice in the simulator i used both the dji simulator with my goggles and liftoff on my laptop. It was pretty easy to connect my dji controller with the pc simulator and, overall, it just offered a much larger variety of different maps and drones to choose from so i was able to fly in those crazy environments like, for example, in airports, harbor construction site and Different drone racing tracks, which exist in real life, which is kind of cool. Still, i spent most of my time in the dji simulator as it did a solid job and it was really helpful to have the goggles on and learn how to use the actual drone. With all of its settings, my motion sickness slowly, disappeared and obviously i gave my friends a taste of it as well. So with each flight i felt more and more confident and i was able to practice different movements like, for example, diving, flipping and orbiting around objects and, after all, together around 5 hours of sim training, i decided to launch the bird for the first time: Applause, Music. So for real dji really has to make a bag for this one all right guys so now i’m here on the roof of our finger, and i think that this is going to be a good spot to go for the first flight.

But i think that it doesn’t make sense to start a manual mode here, because there are just too many trees here and i’m going to drive somewhere else later on. But i think it’s good to just start in sport mode to just get a feeling for the goggles to see if i’m feeling motion sick again and yeah i’m, just going to give it a try and see what it looks like by the way guys if you’re Looking for nd filters for your dji fpv drone freewell already launched their pack i’m using freewell on almost any camera when it comes to filters. So they have this small pack here with four different nd filters: nd 4, 8, 16 and nd 32, so you’re definitely well equipped when you want to get some smooth shots and have the right shutter speed. So i think right now, i’m, just going to use an nd16 just plug it on here and boom you’re ready to go. You can also find links to those in the description let’s give it a try, it’s kind of windy here, but let’s go for a flight. Okay, motor starting Music yeah. It already feels a little bit like in the simulator well um, but yeah already in normal mode. It kind of feels like fpv, like you, also have the jaw and the rotation but i’m just a little scared that there’s like a tree coming on the left or on the right side, because it’s not as wide as i expected, but yeah.

This feels cool. Oh there’s me, so i suggest that we now switch into sport mode so now i’m in spot mode. Oh wow! This is already a lot faster holy. Oh my god, i’m feeling a little bit weird just standing here on the roof. Oh my god holy Music whoa! Oh, my god, i never flew with a drone that fast wow. This is insane holy let’s go for a like little bit closer shots over the finka whoa. I think now i get it like why fpv is so much fun. Oh there you can see the dog. This is running around in the garden: oh whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, low battery return to home. Well, that was unexpected. Oh my god. It returns to him by his own. What is it doing? What are you doing so yeah? That was a little bit weird all right. So what is my first impression to be honest, it’s, a hell of fun it’s, just so much adrenaline when you fly that fast, but at the same time, it’s just so weird to get it that you’re flying in reality that there are actually like real trees. Actually, real houses, if you only flew in the simulator before and also i was only used to see all of those smooth, fpv shots which are stabilized in post and it’s, just really weird, to kind of see in your goggles when the drone shakes when there’s coming. Like a wind blow or when you brake with the drone, so yeah it’s feeling a lot more raw than i expected and yeah i’m a little bit scared to switch into manual mode.

To be honest later that evening, i went for a second flight on the roof. In order to become more confident in sport modes, my goal was to get to know the behavior of the drone a little bit better before flying it completely manual without any stabilization systems activated. So i flew a lot closer to various objects and looked for lines to follow in order to get cinematic shots and by the end of the flight, i already felt a lot more safe. To be honest, i already feel ready to to try out manual mode, because i mean sports mode. It is a nice feature and you can get shots that look like fpv, but still it’s a completely different feeling and you can’t do all of the movements that you can do in manual mode. So i think tomorrow, i’m just going to hit the road and i’m. Finally, going to test out what it’s like to find manual mode, Music, Music, my all right, guys, it’s a new day and my motivation is really high. Today we have one big challenge, which is to fly in manual mode and right now, i’m, actually driving out into nowhere to look for a perfect location to practice in manual mode, because obviously i don’t want to have that many obstacles. I don’t want to have that. Many trees and power aligned – and i hope that i’m going to find a spot which, which fits well let’s, see Music, that doesn’t sound good all right.

So i think this is a spot that we can work with. Look there’s, actually nothing here. Only grass and a couple of ruins standing around here, so i think those will actually be really cool if i want to have some obstacles and fly close to them and let’s look for a spot where i can take off Music all right guys. So everything is up and running. The drone is ready, i’m feeling a little bit scared, i’m kind of having some flashbacks from when i crashed phil’s fpv drone, so yeah. I think i just have to throw myself in there and i have to get started and hopefully it’s going to be a successful flight, so let’s go. Alright motors are starting, oh, my god, i’m shaking whoa, okay it’s, not going too bad. Oh my god! My heart is pumping hell. I can’t really speak right now, whoa, oh my god, my hands are shaking so much. This is so fun holy whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, something i learned from my last um. Try with phil is don’t, underestimate the drone right away, but just practice slowly but yeah. It is very, very close to the simulator. To be honest, there am i Music, oh my god, i love it. Okay let’s go a little bit closer to the grass Music. This is so cool holy. I love fpv i’m addicted i’m officially addicted to fpv. I think actually, i’m feeling really confident right now.

It’S not like it is super super sketchy but i’m feeling confident Music, hopefully not too confident, i’m gon na pitch up the gimbal. Even a bit more so i can go faster. It was a really good first flight. To be honest, i loved it. I love it new battery let’s go! Oh my god. This is really like flying i’m, going to go close to that ruin, because obviously, obstacles always look really good whoa. This is just like an assimilator honestly it’s, so close to it Music. Maybe i shouldn’t fly over the rental car because it’s completely new and only has like 10 kilometers on it all right, that’s, the point where i’m already feeling too confident Music. But one thing that we have to remember is that i’m flying drones for like four years now: Music yeah. This is so much fun, hey all right, let’s land it before i crash it. Okay, so i think that was a very, very successful first manual flight. It was a lot easier than expected, but probably because i’m on a really really wide field here, but as soon as you get closer to like smaller objects or flying through houses and all that kind of stuff. Obviously, you have to build up these skills but yeah. For now, the goal is just to practice as much as i can and then i’m just going to go to some of my favorite spots here in mallorca and i’m, going to capture some really really epic cinematic shots.

Now that i tasted blood, i was fully committed to harnessing my fpv skills. My goal was clear: i wanted to gain full control over my drone in order to capture cinematic shots, like i envisioned them before starting this journey. So, in the upcoming days i drove to various spots all around the island. I launched my drone every single day and challenged myself with new environments as much as i could let’s go for another try with each flight. I could feel my confidence grow and saw how i improved it’s already feeling so much better than in the beginning. I think the sun is coming up in a minute. I think we have the perfect timing, and after one straight week of training, i was finally able to pull off the shots. I always imagined yo, so my fpv journey finally comes to an end. I think, by seeing those shots, you can tell that. I now know how to control the drone and how to fly it safely and yeah. It was a hell of a journey. To be honest, when i look back at the beginning when i flew in the dji simulator and i was just feeling so motion sick, i honestly didn’t expect that i would learn how to fly this drone, but yeah as it is with everything practice makes perfect and You have to put in the work in order to get some results. I’M really happy to be able to fly off.

Pv drone now, obviously i’m still a beginner, and i think it takes a lot of practice in order to compete with the pros when you can fly really really close to objects and through some different obstacles and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, i think, there’s still a long way to go, but um. This was already a really good step forward. So yeah, let me know if you enjoyed this content, i would be happy to create another video about the dji fpv drone.