Well, actually i didnt buy it. I was given it by rico. So as a first time user of a drone theres going to be a lot of learning to be done here, im impressed with the quality of the box. It comes in its a nice bit of kit, actually nice soft case. Double zipped foldable handle um a nice finish, and it was sealed inside this ziploc bag, which i guess could be handy in damp conditions. Although i dont intend to carry the whole box up the hill with me, you also get a spare battery as well as the one thats already in the drone, which is good, so i think its about half an hours flying time on each yes, the build quality Feels good nice positive clicks in the on the arms. If i wanted a better description, yeah everything feels kind of nice feels pretty good. Quite heavy though this is going to need a license and me to set a test because its, i think its actually just over 500 grams. So the controller itself is a nice quality. Ive just turned that on just so. You can see the display there its pretty clear, actually how it works, but the whole thing is nicely made. I havent put the antennas up and no problem with transmission. So far i havent had any break even over greater distances, since ive moved a beginner mode. The quick start guide has been a good sign, so thats been quite handy when you just take it out there.

You dont want to carry everything with you and that covers the basics and then youve got a much more detailed disclaimer safety guide. But more to the point, youve got a fairly extensive user manual as well, combined with the videos that rico put on youtube and are actually stored in the app on the phone, and the video has actually been really helpful for me because im not that keen on Reading through things in black and white id, rather just get on with it and learn visually so yeah, the whole package is nicely done were going to just give this a first flight test. Ive been experimenting for the last 20 minutes i think were beginning to get the hang of it. Okay, so i think ive got it sorted now. Weve got the camera set up im, getting a screenshot on some video lets see if we can start this up by pressing the two controls to five and seven okay, we have power lets go for takeoff Music right the moment. I cant record the video what it looks like because i havent formatted the sd card, but you live in land ill, go forward a bit flying quite stable. Now i think, come back again turn it around yeah im getting nice pictures now. Actually, unfortunately, i cant film it if you wan na have a look just its uh there. You go so Music anyway, thatll be good. Once you get the sd card format and then what ill do is ill just cheat by pressing on the screen.

Well, go for the take off button at the top. Oh please unlock. I dont know why it does that. Oh there we go and well give it some throttle to get up higher Music ill. Just show you the video on the screen just now, as we go forward again, so i dont know if you can see that it goes into all the trees and stuff again right, cool and lets see if i can get any filming, video off video or anything Ive been videoing all the time, but i think my form that i havent formatted my sd card, so that was really stupid, which probably means none of the video taken from this will actually show on my computer anyway, i think weve learned a bit so thats good Right well, bring it back to home. Im going to do is just use the auto home function, which is this one here. So if i press this and it will say going home on the screen – and here it comes here there – we go okay, so thats successful as far as im concerned for the day im going to turn this off got knocked out of place at one point. So my screen shots where ill squint, but anyway we seem to have fixed it. So i just have to put this back on not quite sure how it fits. We think its this way and it clips into the top thats that bad boy in and well just put the controller away as well and thats in there Music Music.

So, thank you to rico drones for supplying this its been a joy to actually learn to fly and its actually been relatively simple, which i was surprised by its nice and stable. I, like the fact you can take your hands off the controls and it just sits where you are. If you get into a bit of a panic, youve got that breathing space, so no crashes as yet touchwood looking forward to getting out using it in the video is proper, but yeah nicely made quite heavy compared to the dji mavics its a lot heavier than the 250 grams, which would allow me not to get a license, but its actually been a worthwhile process, just learning some of the rules about flying drones and then sit in the retest, which was 40 questions. I think general kind of just most of it was quite general safety related stuff and a couple of technical questions and 10 pounds for the license. Okay guys. So thanks again for watching the video just one last thing you get 10 off if youre purchasing by using my code, andrewpark just put it in the coupon code section on the website. If youre also very quick, i think theyve got fathers day sale.