This is first flight to freestyle episode, five we’re, taking eric a new pilot to freestyle and we’re teaching him how to fly using the dji fpv drone all the way from episode, one where he you know, did his first flight in normal mode to most recent episode, Where we taught him how to do rubik’s cubes and try to get him flipping through gaps, and then i did great guys. If you look behind me here, you can see that beautiful dji, fpv drone, that’s that’s in perfect condition and it’s, currently updating its firmware and probably will be until tomorrow, uh. But oh, i crashed it. I crashed it back. Eric crashed the first drone we had. So we have a second one that we’re updating now getting ready for today’s episode, where we’re going to keep you on freestyle journey. We don’t want you to be discouraged, so we’re going to come in hot with a new trick, and that is the inverted yaspin. So last time we learned a rubik’s cube, that’s, probably the most famous fpv akro trick. You can do it’s a lot it’s, almost ready, it’s, almost ready and now we’re gon na. Do the inverted yaw spin, another very well known, fpv trick and why i want to work towards that trick. Today is because, in the last episode where we did the flips and the rolls and then worked up to the rubik’s cube, all of that was on the right.

Stick, the stick lick stick. It was all just with pitch and roll right. You didn’t use a whole lot of yaw other than to turn and set up for the trick. So i want to get you used to using yawn a more aggressive way and i can’t think of anything more aggressive than an inverted yaw spin. So it’s a pretty self explanatory trick, you’re going to go up, you’re going to flip, inverted and then you’re gon na give it some yaw and rotate it it’s. It sounds very simple, but it’s scary, because for a number of reasons, it’s a lot of hang time right, you’re gon na hold it upside down, and when you yaw, you end up thrusting down a little bit the way y’all works. Is it speeds up two motors that are spinning the same direction and that rotational inertia forces the drone to spin in the opposite direction, right gotcha? So if you spin up the two motors across from each other, the drone can spin, but by speeding that up, you kind of inherently have a certain amount of thrust, so it kind of be driving myself toward the ground as fast as i can a little while Spinning and upside down, yes, pretty excellent let’s. Do this thing all right? We are all plugged into the matrix. We got the goggles controller. Stick cam i’ve got the coolest thing right. This is the coolest thing about the gif tv, because you can take someone along for a ride along there’s, been tons of questions on rotowright’s videos about this and it’s, just the dongle that comes with your goggles yeah and a standard.

Now, unfortunately, this only works with the full dji drone. Some people are wanting. Is there a way to get video out from the goggles to the phone using the dji air unit, which we use in our custom built in you can’t? At this time, you can’t do that i’m out, but for now with the full dji drone, you can ride along this way and if you’re using an air unit, you could always have like a second set of goggles if you’re a baller. So this is a fresh drone and we’re gon na go straight to acro mode again, if you’re, maybe new, to the series link in the description of the full playlist you can follow along, because i definitely recommend if you want to follow along with eric and learn Yourself start with some of the earlier lessons where we learned the basics, because we’re already in an advanced mode here, we’ve got no flight, assistances we’re in full control of the drone. We can flip it up upside down, it’s not going to save us, and you can crash it really hard in the concrete you can tap tap to arm Music. Oh yeah, nothing like a fresh drone with a fully charged battery. It’S got power, and so now i’m. Using yaw here to turn, which is how you’re going to be familiar with your irk. This is how you’ve used it mainly for turns um, but i want you to start doing just yaw and seeing how remember when you were doing turns initially and you use just yaw and if you didn’t roll it.

You ended up looking at the sky and flying backwards, so if i’m tilted forward and i don’t roll, my thumb is off the roll stick and i just yaw i’m, looking up at the sky, that’s scary that’s, because you’ve got a you got ta either compensate by Using rolls and i’m gon na use enough roll to keep the horizon flat as i go around this turn or get the drone level so that, as i yaw, i can just use yaw and the horizon. Doesn’T change too much right and in the case of doing an inverted yaw, spin that’s, where it’s going to be really important to find that level spot while inverted so that you can give it just yaw and do the trick more easily. But let’s say if you’re going to do maybe a upright yaw spin through a gap or something that’s going to be, where you’re going to cheat it and actually you’re going to be doing roll and yaw together. So like this one, we go through this gap and, as i go through it i’m going to do a little bit of like a whoo through the gap there. You got you it’s a little sloppy, but you get the idea. I use yaw and roll together um, but now i’m going to show you what we’re going to work up to get nice and high lots of room for error. We’Re gon na flip i’m gon na. Do it wrong here i’m gon na flip upside down? First and when i y’all oh look how wonky the horizon got, did you see how it got all wonky yeah that’s, because i didn’t actually have the drone? Even so, this time, i’m gon na find an actual, even point for the drone, and now, when i give it yaw the horizon stays more more flat and it’s tough it’s, tough.

To get it perfect, you don’t just have to get it perfect, but the more flat you can get it the better. Your yaw spin is going to look that’s a pretty good one and you want to stay low on throttle. I don’t know if i lowered my throttle all the way on that one, but you really should, as you go through it we’re going to go boom full cut, throttle yaw, bail i’m, not getting the full. A proper inverted yaw spin should be a full 360.. So i’m gon na go more heavy on the yaw and see what this drone is capable of. There is some serious prop wash there, but it’s a great trick that whoa be careful. That concrete is not very forgiving, that’s gon na get. This is a great trick. That’S gon na get you familiar with using yaw to do tricks and not just rolls and flips yaw is a really powerful tool for expanding your tricks and how you can mix things together too. So another thing to work on is let’s, say: i’m really pitch forward. I’M, going to do a half roll look, how i’m looking at the ground there that’s, because i was pitched forward so as i flipped upside down, i ended up. I have to show you third person, but you end up looking at the ground. So in the case where look at this i’ll be pitch forward again and now i’m going to keep the horizon centered through the roll and the way, i did that if you look really closely at the stick: cam i’m moving roll and yaw in the opposite direction.

I was doing that in the last episode: hey yeah it’s a really good thing to practice, because if you can get good control over not just mixing but also counter mixing rolling yaw you’ll have full control over how you want the roll to look whether you’re doing A split s, and maybe you do want the roll to turn into more of a dive. So in this case i didn’t use any yaw. I wanted it to turn into a dive or maybe i’m doing something. Snappy – and i want to do more of like a kickflip looking thing – i want to boom counter mix it so that the horizon stays nice and flat catching through that sort of trick, there’s all sorts of things you can do with yaw and the ultimate would be You know the classic inverted yaw spin. That was a pretty good one: that’s clean Applause but yeah as you learn it we’re going to have you just get nice and high and like we did before when we were learning the rubik’s cube where we broke it down into very discreet steps and really had Long pauses we’re going to get you nice and high we’re, going to put you upside down and we’ll, give it some yaw and then we’ll bail. That was just a 180. and you could start you could start even less. You know you could go upside down. Do a little 90 and then get out of it and just work your way up to the full 360.

so again, upside down 180 get out of it and we’ll go upside down 270. get out now, look at the lake stop looking at the lake and then Roll out that’s, actually a stylistic thing i tend to pitch into them and roll out. But you know you can find what you’re comfortable with you should. Probably you might find it better to pitch in and pitch out so that you end up going the same direction. Right so in this case i’ll pitch in roll, we, okay, we’re, okay, oh dude, yeah. You want to have more room for air again. I was you know you. You basically throttle yourself down. Oh man in long term, long term goals – and i know if we’ll push you on this one today would be to you know you could work, inverted yaw spins into things like power loops right, so go up. Y’All spin finish the power loop, one of my favorite tricks to use an inverted yaw spin is to track an object as you pass it like check this out. We’Ll do like a so i’m going to go past this chimney and as we pass it, i kept it in frame as i passed it while it yeah, it was awesome, favorite tricks to do it’s landing you in four seconds. I got four four seconds one more. Oh nope, i wanted one more one and one more. No, why do you have to ruin my fun? They told me, i drew you’ve had enough fun it’s time for eric to have fun i’m, actually excited about this one it’s, somehow less slightly less than ruby’s.

Keep you know it, it does look simpler. You know. With the rubik’s cube, it was forward pitch roll backward pitch it’s a it was a lot. This one seems simpler, but i’ll tell you it’s, it can be very disorienting and that getting that horizon level so that, when you yaw you don’t get wonked out is is a very practiced skill. You’Re, totally capable of doing this you’ve been doing awesome. This whole series – and i would just keep that finger on the panic button, so if you go inverted and you’re all around and all of a sudden, all you see is sky. Save me save me save me, so i want to just give a little third person perspective on what we were working on before you go up and how you mix yaw right. So when you yaw, the yaw will always be flat relative to these arms. Just yaw is only going to do this right if you want to do anything else, you’re going to have to mix in roll same same with just roll roll’s, always going to be relative to the body of the drone. So just roll is gon na. Do this, and where that comes into play, is if you’re going forward, it means you’re pitch forward and if you just give half roll that means you’re gon na do this right now, i’m. Looking down so again, when i was doing split s’s over that i would go.

It was pitch. I was pitch forward going at it. I’D roll now i’m gon na dive and i can pull right under and we’ll, get to split esses in a later episode, but that’s a that’s, a a place where you might not want to mix it. But if you’re doing more of that snap roll, where you want to keep the horizon nice and crisp in the center and proper, then you want to as you’re going around mix in opposite yaw and the effect will be. The drone will rotate like this. You basically wag the tail right around a circle and the intended effect is to get the drone rotating about the axis of the camera, so you’re, staying with it right getting something that looks like the horizon is staying flat when in actuality. The drone is doing a lot more complicated of a maneuver right, so same thing with do any yaspin if you are going through an obstacle and you want to yaw spin as you go through that obstacle, if you just yaw you’re, going to end up flying backwards, Maybe if you’re cricket you want to do that, but if you want to do a complete yaw spin, keep the horizon flat, you’re going to need to add roll together so that you essentially spiral that as you go through okay or where do you maybe not want To mix it, the inverted jaw spin get up nice and high get the drone flat and the effect is you’ll actually be looking more at the ground right.

When the drone is flat like that, and then now you can use just yaw to get a clean, yaw spin. So there are times where you do want to counter mix there’s times where you want to mix them coordinated. There are times that you want to mix them opposites, oppositely right, and then there are times where you don’t want to mix them gotcha and we’re, going to practice all these things and the ultimate trick for today, it’s going to be an inverted yaw, spin, nice and High nice and crispy let’s get it done. Do it and he’s up all right. So the first thing i’d like to see is the thing you can already do very well, which is a nice coordinated term. Let’S you yaw and roll mix together to do a nice beautiful turn. Look at that let’s! Do it a little lower! You look slower you, you see, you don’t want to go so fast, all the time let’s go nice and slow, and how about that that fern right there turn left right now. Yeah! Look at that orbit! Beautiful uh! You lost it a bit, so you can go back and do a nice turn around it and really do like a full 180 turn. So you get kind of like an orbit around it. I’M. Just gon na move the sticks together, you need more roll. There need more roll whoa nice bale when in doubt power out nice coordinated turn.

Here we go a little pitch forward pitch forward through it wall roll there. That was perfect. That was perfect. Look at that look at that. Look at you champion all right now that skill that you’ve been practicing where you’ve been very good to coordinate all your turns i’m gon na. Have you break that let’s get low again, maybe like just below the tree line? That’S, a good that’s, a good um height right there. Now just yaw yeah manage your throttle. I know it’s scary you’re looking backwards, that’s nice backwards flight, but you see what happens when you don’t coordinate. But now, if you bring the drone flat, don’t fly forward, just bring it flat and now just give it yaw it’s, not so bad. So when we get up to the inverted yaw spin that’s, what we’re gon na have you do we’re gon na? Have you get the drone flat we’re gon na break your your memory and your training to always be coordinating and just use yaw after getting the drone in an inverted and flat position? Nice, nice, that’s, good, it’s, fun! You want to try some of the rolls and the non coordinated rolls too. So you know get up higher while flying forward give it just roll just roll boom. So you ended up looking down yep right away so now counter mix them remember to chop throttle whoa there you go nice cool yeah. I see the horizon stayed almost perfectly in the center, so you can do a lot with how you mix and how you don’t mix so you’re ready to go for the inverted all right up to 350 feet.

Turn it around so i’m, not aiming over water anymore. A little high, real high that’s good for this trick sit down, remember to cut throttle, so you weren’t flat and you got a little – walked out. Oh boy, nice use of that panic button. I kept too much too much power into get back in manual mode. All right so let’s get you some altitude, so you got room for error. Let’S get you upside down, see it’s, really sloppy when you’re not even and it’s hard. Finding that even point like this – oh that was really close. That was really close. It felt pretty good. You just use a lot of the things that we practice all at once. He counter coordinated his roll and his yaw to do a roll that offset his angle so that he ended flat and then used jaw that was very impressive, very impressive, that’s, pretty fun. I find it easier to do yaw spins. If i pitch into them, because then you naturally have a way to get the drone. Even if you pitch, then you can use more pitch if you’re going forward so i’m gon na try a pitch this time, yeah so pitch until you’re, flat and upside down, because you can use more than 180, basically go like 195 to end up flat, love that Button or i guess it’d actually be less so if you’re flying forward and you want to pitch into it – you’re not going to do a full 180 you’re going to stop just short of it.

So, rather than going full 180 you’ll go like 165 and you’ll end up flat sounding i’m going to go like this so pitch forward and stop stop a little less. You went too far. Whoop nice, panic, nice, panic, i’m, just i’m, not even ashamed of it anymore. It’S, like you know what this is cheesy so remember, your camera angle is up so when you’re inverted and flat you’ll actually be looking more at the ground. So why don’t you try this try to get inverted and have the ground taking up three fourths of the screen. That’S a little ended up offset yeah. I ended up using a little bit of roll accidentally there there. It is now y’all look at that boom boom baby that’s sick. You have to totally think again like i have to literally think to myself. Okay, now i have to get right side up again, yeah. Ah i knew it was coming. I knew it was coming done. It’S, like dagnabbit you’re, just sucking these batteries down using uh using all this power getting up there and all this acro man, it’s crazy, that’s, so flipping fun, it’s, fun, right, it’s, a fun trick that is fun, that’s wicked. So, with the with the rubik’s cube and now with the inverted jawspin, you can do them up in the open area, but really a power loop needs to be around something really, a good split s is going to be over something.

So in the next episode we’re going to have you work on power looping around an obstacle, we all saw how well obstacles worked out last week. You don’t need to be afraid, we’re going to we’re going to break it down just like we did today into pieces and then the things that you can practice and we’re going to make it stop talking about breaking things into pieces. Okay, i’ve only done it once take all the skills that we’ve learned in all the episodes so far, and you know just keep working on all the different methods of turning rolling power rolling barrel rolling all those different things that you can do out in the open Area because in the next episode, we’re going to start intentionally spending more time around obstacles and we’re going to get you doing, power loops all right, i’m gon na be awesome. I’M done not my drone that’s awesome guys. Thank you so much for watching here at rhoda riot. You can find a playlist of all of these first flight freestyle videos down in the description and always click the subscribe button and the notification bell new videos on the aviator show channel on fridays. If you like, big things that fly and people who crash drones, tell you guys we’re doing cool trucks with these drones, but he does a lot of these same tricks with a parachute and his body and a big fan strap to the back of it.

It is, it is absolutely Music nuts it’s a blast, we’d love to have you guys.