This is my living room right here and what a better day to fly indoors, because I have the new easy pilot from Emacs it's been out for a little bit. But now this is my review on it and perfect timing, because the holidays are coming up and most of us are flying indoors and doing a lot of tiny whoops up flying and that's. What the easy pilot is all about. It'S, mostly an indoor quad don't, really recommend it for outside, because a lot of beginners end up losing them out in the trees, so learn how to fly it in here. First before you go outside, but this is what it looks like outside today: it's pretty dreary, it's raining and if I crash on the ground it's likely that it's going to fry the quad so I'm gon na keep it indoor. So we're gon na have some fun in here. We'Re gon na fly around the living room, starting out in the kitchen we'll come through here out through here around the couch around the Christmas tree that lamp, the mantel and finally back into the kitchen around this cool bar, and we also have some pretty cool gaps. Underneath our table that we can hit – and one thing about this quad – is that, if you bump into things it does have prop guards so a lot of times, it'll bounce off other times. It has a characteristic where it's gon na, like hug onto things and then go straight down and flip over on the ground, so one caveat about that design, but pretty easy plug and play, and I would highly recommend that you guys get one of these chargers.

This is like an Asian multi charger for 1s batteries, it'll charge, regular standard lipos and the Emax HVS and all the one sh. These are 450 million. They get you about three minutes flight time, but let's go ahead now and let's get this quad up in the air and oh yeah. One other thing: if you have better goggles for the easy pilot, you'll, actually see a little bit better resolution on the camera which I figured out so today I did fly with the original goggles that came with it, but to be able to record any of your Flights, you have to have a DVR and you have to have a micro SD card slot on the goggles, which is the EZ pilot, does not have, but I'll try to put a link down below for this and a DVR that you can put on externally. When your goggles for your easy pilot and be able to record your videos, so let's go ahead and let's get to fly in so we're gon na start you off in easy mode and that switches all the way forward on the right hand, side to get up Off the ground, you need to flip the left hand, switch up, and then you have to throttle up on the left. Stick all the way up, and it kind of does like this. Like auto launch thing. You'Ll you'll see it in my next session here when we check out the easy level to mode and that's going to be the next position up, but the first level doesn't, let you do any flips or rolls or anything like that, and it actually doesn't.

Let you have any y'all on the left. Stick where the throttle is. It actually has throttle management in there as well, which makes it a little bit easier in this mode. Now, on to level 2 level, 2 seems to be my favorite one, and the cool thing about this type of indoor drone is that for the beginners it's really important that you go easy on the sticks. It lets you slow the quad way down to do things like that. Take small gaps fly underneath chairs table anything that you'd like to try, but it gets really really fun and challenging because the prop guards work pretty well. You can kind of bounce off things like when I come to these little tiny gaps. If I just barely nudge something a lot of times, I can get away with it. If you press up against something pretty hard, this quad has a tendency to kind of like drag into it and then it'll take it down to the ground I'm. Just gon na come in here and do a little selfie there mirror top and that's what I'm talking about, where it kind of grabs on a thing strange, strange effects. But I was able to get out of that. One pretty neat seeing that quad in the mirror. As you're flying, it definitely suggest trying to do that, but flying around in level 2 is definitely where it starts to feel like a video game, and this is the coolest thing, because these little batteries they're 1s 450 million.

But they can get you around 3 and a half minutes max flight time. All of my testing – I just put one of the batteries on there and I flew it as long as I could for you guys and that's what I ended up getting about three and a half minutes. But the proximity that this little quad is capable of is quite impressive. Actually, I feel like I have tons of control with it and I can kind of just explore my surroundings and may give myself a little more challenges. As I get more used to the sticks and the throttle control, and in this mode too, you also have a little bit of throttle control and I almost lost it right there and now. Let me show you advanced mode. This is the third position switch both towards you on the transmitter, on the right hand, stick and notice how much faster it does go now, it's quite a bit faster, and there was this prop guard to working pretty good for me, bumping off of things and here Since I am moving a little bit faster when you start to move a little bit faster at the beginning, you have way less control because you're not quite used to it, and this is where you'll end up flying into your sister's hair or your mom's hair. So be careful, you don't do that these little brush motors are quite powerful and they suck hair right up into it.

It'S it's kind of crazy about to use some suitable to cut it out, but look at how much extra speed I have here you guys. This is crazy, so much faster now in the advanced pilot mode and in this mode guys you still can't, do flips or anything like that, just straight ahead flying, but it gives you full control of the throttle this time, you know no throttle assist on this one. This is just purely pure flying stability mode still enabled, but it gives you that feeling of having all the control on the quad, which is cool – and I was lucky – I got out of that little accident, and sometimes you will you'll bounce into things, fall down. Walls, and sometimes you can just flip that left, switch and take back off. This is also kind of cool, because you can practice your orbits indoors and a lot of the pro FPV guys do that it's. One of the big moves you'll learn that a little bit later as you keep watching videos on all of our channels, but this is a lot of fun for me, because this is where I feel most comfortable. I guess, as far as my flying skills go but again still even I would do 5000 time to time and back to easy level too. I think that you'll find out that this is probably your favorite indoor mode. Advanced mode would be fun outside, but it's gon na you're gon na have to have a pretty big space because it will, it will go pretty fast.

You can come up close to things and just really enjoy yourself, and I haven't probably have about 15 of these 1s for 50 million batteries. Now I also have to note that flying on the second story going up the stairs right here – and I do have a little bit of throttle assist on this level too and right there. I just disarmed that happens to you disarmed and then come right back up and when we need a fly to the second story, because I want you to see how well the the video transmitter does on that second story and there I just grabbed the wall again. So I disarmed it to let them the motor stop and I'll see if I can get back out of this we'll be lucky. If we do awesome, I've had to walk up stairs so many times. I can't even count, but this is a fun little spot to fly because we have these little poles on the stairs. So the kids don't jump down the stairs, but it makes a nice little gap for the quad. Now I'll try to try to slowly bring it back downstairs reduce my throttle. I decided to go for one more loop. Why not and now maybe reducing this rattle to come back downstairs, but this is about the most fun I've ever had for 100 in the house, with everything all included and the goggles. They look okay, but they will need an external DVR it's, probably the only bummer about it.

For me, I wish they included no one bought DVR, but definitely a fun quad to fly. I really like it, but thanks for hanging out with me guys, it's been the easy pilot and yeah I'm off to have some hot chocolate and eat some of my holiday cake that I just made guys take care I'm.