le-idea IDEA7 Drone Review

le-idea IDEA7 Drone Overview Flight video & footage on the finish. Get one right here: https://www.tomtop.com/p-rm10405.html.


  1. I was thinking about buying this drone but saw the droneX pro, is this one equivalent?

  2. Hi, can you do a review of xky ky501 advanced drone.?..watched most of your videos. Good job. Thanks in advance!

  3. First and foremost id like to thank you very much for your amazing drone reviews! i even watch videos of drones i dont own or even plan on owning! I am having some serious issues with le-idea IDEA7 Drone … i followed your steps to the T but the issue i come across is when i open the app i do not get ANY video feed whatsoever … i dont know what to do because they do not have any tech support and even if they did it wouldn't be in english… i can use ANY and ALL help/suggestions plesse… my email ITDanny198@gmail.com i am willing to pay you if we can get my camera/app up and runnung properly… please keep in touch!

  4. HI there thanks for the video – the drone doesn't seem to be picking up a satellite – as the blue lights start flashing again and don't stop – any ideas please?

  5. Hello I just bought it I can not wait to receive it I've seen lots of video they say it's worth nothing we'll see thank you again for you video

  6. Very good video, thank you. I have it now and it is my favorite.

  7. hello, would you recommend this drone or sjrc s20w?

  8. Just got mine today. My charging cable is lit up Green but blinking there's a small red light blinking instead. Have you had this issue?

  9. Are spare batteries available for this drone?

  10. Shame, the video is terrible really. No external antennas on the remote and limited range. Bummer, it could be really cool with some upgrades to a couple things. Glad to see companies making a go at furthering the technology with gps, etc. Hopefully consumers and reviewers will continue to push for these changes and upgrades and not settling for toy grade products. Peace, Wheelchair John in Idaho 🙂

  11. Great review just ordered on just subbed your channel can you please return the favour

  12. Cool review. 3 extra point to add:
    1.It can last 15mins if you fly it well;
    2.at about 11:14 you talked about the peculiar port on the controller. It's non-functional, plz note that, and do not try to insert any adapter to do any recharging. It doesn't work;
    3.Maybe next time you can make a video of how the FOLLOW ME/SURROUND FLY/WAYPOINT…..performed. I believe people will be interested in it.
    Thanks ^-^

  13. hello super presentation of the drone and especially the video I am French and thank you I feast

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