I really do appreciate it. If youre new to my channel, welcome to hub city drones, remember hit that subscribe and that notify button for me, so you dont miss any of my upcoming videos. So the other day i was on amazon and i was checking out drones. I wanted to find a new drone to purchase test out. Do another video on and i came across the brand ive, never heard of before called lay idea. I think its, how you say it its either lay id or ellie idea, but anyway i went to their site, checked out their drones and they actually looked pretty decent. They have a pretty wide selection, so i was like what the hell im going to order one and well check it all out and see what it does. So i got their idea: 37 foldable, gps drone with an hd camera on the front of it here. This camera is on a two axis gimbal and its supposed to record in 4k and 2.5 k so were gon na check that out and see the price, not bad 249.99, on amazon right now, but you know i was like you know what i got to do, Something better than that for my viewers, so i reached out to lay idea – and i said, hey – give me a coupon code that i can give to my viewers, so they can buy this drone and save some money. Well, theyve literally stepped up right now, if youre one of the first 10 people to send me a comment, i can give you a 30 off coupon.

That brings this thing down to nearly close to 200 bucks, but thats, not all once those 10 are used up because thats all theyre going to give me is 10 of them. I have a 10 off coupon that everyone else can use. So if you like, the video you like what the drone does – and it looks like its one for you at that price, even at 249 – thats – not a bad price for a gps drone, it has a pretty decent range brushless motors, well get into all that here. In a little bit so send me that comment and ill get that coupon code to you and you can get 30 off this little dude were going to unbox it well set it all up, then, were going to take it outside and well get this thing in The air well see just what it can do and how it handles, and all that other good stuff, so lets go, get started Music. Okay, guys here we go were gon na unbox. Lay ideas, idea: 37, foldable, gps drone. This is the handy dandy box that it comes in pretty sick cool, its got a hole here for the handle for the case, so you can carry it around if you want to keep your case in the box, you have a case for your case over here. It tells you all the features on the drone that it has and well get into all of these on the test flight and when we do the setup part of the video over here, its got all your little watch out.

Dont fly around people, trees, planes, tall buildings and transmitters signal towers or wi fi tower or cell phone towers, thats pretty much the box. The backs just got its little technical caution, warning information on it all that good stuff. Enough of that lets get in here and take this dude out of this box, so its a really nice case. I can see that already so pretty cool case hard sided cloth case. I, like these kind of cases, theyre really durable. They just hold up really. Well. You got your handle on the top and then we have dual zippers and it looks like the handles on the back side of the case. Again, i dont know why they do that thats kind of a preference for me. It drives me crazy. You know you set it down, you want it to open up that way anyway. Lets open it up and see what we got in here. Listen to them brand new zippers. All right were good its out of the way here we go. You guys ready here. We no lets not do yeah lets do it, so you got your pouch up here to hold your instruction manual and stuff lets go ahead and just get into that since were here all right, so we are going gon na pull out the most important part of This drone, the manual so lets, get it out of the bag and check it out, see what we got in here.

It feels pretty thin, not a real thick, so one get that out of our way. So what else we got here, a couple things huh all right, so it looks like we get a quick start guide here. It tells you about the remote its got your qr codes to download your uh app and well get into that when i set it up ill show you the app and everything else, so its really cool its the vs gps, pro app, google play apple store, shows You, where the power button is how to pair the remote what the leds mean a little quick style, quick start guide on the back for the uh app kind of tells you a few things here about the app which is really cool too, and then just satellite Search how to connect it to the wi fi, so just a little quick start guide, pretty decent one heres, the manual very thin manual, yet very important manual. You know what i say, guys and im going to say it again. Cant say it enough. Right read this manual top to bottom: it see it its not very thick live it learn. It know it guys. Dont be a drone dummy charge. The batteries put this dude in the air before you know what it can and cant do, and what everything on the drone does youre just going to destroy your 200 drone or you. You know youre going to hit your neighbors car and youre going to be in the thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Then you got to report it to the faa and all that other good stuff. So read the manual dont, be a drone dummy lets check this thing out its kind of thin. So it looks like we got some app information here. Your qr codes again its got your compass calibration, so its illustrated pretty well. The writing is really small but its legible. I can, i can pretty much see it. I might have to put my readers on to see it, but not bad everythings. There cool – and we have something else up here: oh its, our goodie bag, our goodie bag. So it looks like we have our accessories package here, so im gon na dump it out and well see what we got in here. Well, just throw that over there. Oh, i forgot one come on there. We go not like you needed to see the one propeller blade, so it looks like we do have a full set of propellers to replace. So you get eight of them total two for each arm. Four arms equals eight. Oh one stuck right there, so this is not a hinge, propeller its a dual propellers, so it doesnt have the little hinge on it where they both connect and you just take the hinge off and swap them out. So its still pretty cool, though this feels like a spare set of uh batteries, yeah, okay, a spare set of screws for your propellers. Then we have one specially designed miniature drone propeller removal tool, screwdriver phillips head – i dont know if ive said it before, but these are actually really handy, not just to take the propellers off.

I know after every time i go out to fly my drone. I take the screwdriver that it came with that i have several of them, but take it, go around the drone and tighten all the screws up its just a good habit to be into, and you dont want to be that guy out there flying with a screw Loose dont get it cool, little handy, dandy tool. Then we get one usb type c charging cable. This is a two battery package and you can see we have one cable im, not sure why theyre not the only drunken, they all do it. I just cant figure out why they do that. They only send you one cable, when you have two or three batteries, but luckily its just a normal, usb type, c, cable and if youre anything like me, you have a bunch of these laying around anyway. So you can still charge both batteries at the same time uh, and it is a 5 bolt, 2 amp charger box that you would put on here. So, like the box, your cell phone plugs into will definitely work for that here we go guys the good stuff. Here we go awesome, so it looks like we got foam fitted padding on the inside, so its not molded its just a piece of foam which probably yeah well just come right on out of there, but still its form fitted. So everything is in its place and doesnt move around, so thats really cool lets check out the controller first, so it looks like on the top.

Here we have dual antennas, pretty cool this ones kind of loose. I probably have to tighten that up or it could just be the way it is, but its a little bit loose but lets check it out see if we got in here. Do we have two wires in here. So i see one here and i do believe i see one going up here, so it does look like theyre, both functional antennas, which is really cool. Normally, only one side has a wire going up it, so you only get one antenna, the other ones just for show to offset it, so it doesnt look stupid with one up only, but this one looks like its got two in there, so that is really cool. All right so well leave these up, get them out of the way. So we have our power button over here and you power it. On doo and youll, see you have your three or four led red lights that light up in here. These will go away as the batteries die, so you know your batteries are getting low and it will tell you in the app as well that what your battery levels are cool over here is our geomagnetic correction button as they call it or your compass calibration button. Real simple: well: do it in the setup! This is what you use to start the calibration of the drone, our joysticks wow. These actually feel really nice theyre real firm, so it theyre not going to be.

You know trigger happy on it, youre going to really have to get it to push it to where you want it to go, which is is kind of nice. It helps control that drone a little bit better, so very cool. I like them, theyre not bad. What do we got on the top? So on the top? We have our speed button here there is a three. It is three speeds. You can just tap this to change the speeds right here. We have our little camera adjustment wheel and you just left to right and it turns the camera on the drone up and down wherever you want it to point at over here. This is our return to home button press this wherever the drone is, it will automatically come back to you and ill show you that outside when we go to fly it. This is your camera button. One tap picture long press takes video pretty basic stuff on here. Its a really simply laid out controller, so theres not a whole lot of buttons and gadgets on here to have to learn wheres the cell phone holder. Here it is all right, so lets see what we got its a bottom cell phone holder um. You guys know im not a fan of bottom cell phone holders, but im getting used to them so getting better at it. Pretty big its got a really decent size, im, not sure my uh note, 20 ultra will fit in here with the otterbox case on it.

But it looks like itll definitely fit if i take it out of the case close that up there again im just more of a fan of the cell phone holder on the top, i think its just a better layout, its my preference so anywho on the back Right here you can take your handy dandy, propeller removal tool take the screw out pop this open. It takes four aaa batteries, not included so very cool and well get into this more about uh default modes and all that stuff that it does well go over that in the setup part of it. When we get this dude ready to fly so thats pretty cool, then we have our two specially designed 7.4 volt, 2 200 mah drone engines very cool. Again. You just connect the usb type c charger to it, use a 5 volt. They say a 1 to 2 amp charger box, so i think most of them are 2 amps anyway, but again your box for your cell phone itll, absolutely work on this, so no big deal there and you do only get one charger, cable and two batteries so But if you have these laying around its the smaller connector on it, so its its one of the older type connectors – and you just slide it in here and youll – have a led light here that will blink red and green and then, when its completely charged. It will be green now.

It does take 240 minutes for a full charge on each battery, so youre, looking at four four hours to charge each battery so definitely utilize that extra usb cable, if you have one laying around or else youre looking at eight hours to charge the batteries up with Just the one they sent you so not bad at all, very cool. So also now, if i remember right the batteries, i believe you get 23 to 25 minutes per battery, so youre getting close to uh 50 minutes total flight time on the drone, which is really cool um. When we go over the setup part of it ill double check that, but im almost certain that it was uh its 23 minutes per battery, pretty pretty sure thats what it was but ill double check it and confirm it for you so im not giving you the Wrong information theres our batteries cool and they just go right in there, like so now for the star of the show im gon na pull him out here and im gon na get this case out of the way i will leave one battery out and were gon Na put that over here here we go so lets see what we got here. So your front arms. First, your back arms second and hes, opened up check it out very cool. So we have our brushless motors with our dual antenna, our tantanas, with our dual blades on each your power button on the top and got stickers all over here.

It looks like so lets see what we got here so before we take everything off, so the weight of this drone is 249 grams, so it right at that weight level for the faa registration, so i would recommend, registering it ill, put the link in the description. So you can click on it and go right to it if youre not already registered. If youre already registered great just slap, your number on there youre good to go five bucks easy to do and ill put a link in there for this company. I use all the time that uh they send you stickers that you can custom make just to put on the drone with your faa number on it. You can have your cell phone number your email, if found, return to pretty decent little thing. They got going there theyre, not real expensive. I think its like seven eight bucks for uh, you get five stickers and theyre a whole bunch of different colors but ill put the link in there for that too. If you want to use it, so what else we got here so the range on this drone is 650 meters uh right around 2130 feet ish, so the height is limited at 120 meters, so ‘3 feet which is cool. You dont really need to go up any higher than that, and that keeps you from busting that max altitude level set by the fba at 400 feet so thats pretty decent, and that is the fpv range and the drones range so youre getting about 2130 feet, which Is pretty decent for this type of a drone? It is a gps glowness and galileo satellite system for the gps and all that so its a three satellite system, very cool, so the arms as i open them.

I didnt tell you, but they actually lock into place really good, so theyre in there. You can see them they just pop right in so i like the way that is thats really cool. So what do we have here on the back? We have a sticker, and what do we got here? Warning dont pull the sticker drone will explode im kidding, so this looks like it is going to be. Our yeah lets put that over here our battery compartment door open that up. Take your battery connector end facing upward slide it in now. They call this a double locking battery so theres like a lock here and then theres a little lock here. You just pop it in like that close. The hatch like that and youre good to go sd card slots right here. It does take a 64 gigabyte sd card and i would recommend a class 10 u3 sd card. Its uh just can keep up with the speed of the 4k camera which were going to get to right now. Those are the i got to show you guys this real, quick im going to turn them on these led lights on the front is stupid, as it sounds thats pretty much. What sold me on the drone? I thought it was super cool looking but check this out. See if hell turn on thats so cool, so they dont keep blinking like that. Thatd be really cool if they did as it was flying, but they turned solid.

You have your red ones in the back. Here got some bumpers for the landing pads there so well turn him off real, quick there. We go lets get into this camera because im really curious about the camera on this drone. So we got your removal sticker and it looks like the cap just slides in the bottom, and then you just kind of press it down and it comes out its got a couple little clips on it there so its not just for shipping its actually a gimbal Protector or camera protector, so thats really cool, so we can definitely use that for storing purposes there. It is the 4k hd camera on a 2 axis gimbal pretty decent. Now they say this camera records in 4k and 2.5 km, but thats to the sd card. Um. The video saved to your phone and to the app will only be in 720p, but i do believe that your fpv view on your phone while youre flying it is actually in 1080p, so thats really cool. Normally they put those at 720p too, but this one doesnt im real curious to see how well the video comes out so were gon na have to check that out when i fly it but thats the drone guys pretty darn cool im gon na clean. This up were going to set him up im going to go through the app show you how to calibrate. It then were going to get this dude in the air and were going to see just what it can do and ill go through the features and all that so ill go through the app quick, just point out specific things and then, when we get them up In the air i will try to go through as many of the app functions as i can.

Dont have a lot of room out front in my yard, but ill ill do what i can do and well check it all out, so lets get him set up. Okay, guys lets go ahead and get this dude set up. I want to get him outside im, really curious to see how well he flies and everything that it can do. First thing we need to do is pair the controller and the drone, its a self pairing controller. So its really easy to do just turn. Your drone on there you go. The lights. Will blink quick now theyll go to slow blinking, then youre just going to power. Your controller on its an auto pair controller, so you dont, have to do anything else and the front leds will go solid and the controller will beep when its paired it actually does it really quick just like that its paired. So now our controller and our drone is paired, so the next thing were going to do is were going to calibrate the drone, its really easy to do now. You can calibrate it through the app as well and were going to do it this way. So i can show you how to do it without the app first um, but then, when we open the app its going to want me to do it again, but im not going to do it ill cancel it. So i can show you guys some of the features on the app and we can get this little dude outside and get him up in the air.

All right, so compass calibration were going to press this button above your left joystick until it beeps just like that. Now our lights are blinking again now were going to turn the drone left or right on a flat level surface. You guys its got to be a flat level surface or it wont calibrate right until the controller, beeps and the front lights turn solid. There we go and its two turns right about two turns now you can see the leds on the back are solid and the front ones are blinking. Now it wants us to do our horizontal or our vertical calibration and just take the drone and hold it up. Camera camera down, doesnt matter, doesnt matter, which way you turn it and youre just going to rotate it till it beeps again. There you go, we are calibrated. Now you can see the red lights are blinking again in the back, and that means that he is looking for a gps satellite signal when he finds one. These lights will turn solid and youre in gps mode. Youre ready to go kind of you still have to calibrate the gyros really easy to do both joysticks down and then to the right and the lights. Will blink really quick, stop youre completely calibrated, so were going to go down to the left there they go now were calibrated completely its back to looking for a gps signal. Im gon na turn the drone on real quick.

So you guys can hear these brushless motors theyre, actually not bad. They sound pretty powerful, so thats. Why im really excited to get outside and see what it can do? You can unlock your motors by taking both joysticks down into the outside and that will unlock your motors just like that. You can see there its not that loud, its actually quite quiet im surprised they will shut off in about 10 seconds or you can just do the same thing. You did to start them. You can do it again, it will shut them off, were calibrated now its looking for the gps signal. So now we need to connect to the drones. Wi fi signal its, not internet guys. You do not need an internet connection to connect to these drones. You just need something that can connect to a wi fi signal, a cell phone tablet, whatever it may be and thats it. So if you have an old phone laying around that you its in your drawer, havent used it, but it connect can connect to a cellular or so yeah right, but it can connect to a wi fi signal, youre good, to go. Take it out of the drawer dust it off, use it as your drone phone thats. What i do i have two of them that i use for that so go to wherever your wi fi settings are on your phone and open them up come on there. We go and you can see there, it popped up.

It actually auto connected to it, because ive already connected this drone to this tablet before but itll pop up eis w, i f and then ill have that ex5 pro. If it doesnt show up right away, give your phone a few seconds, it will refresh and it will pop up the first time you do this. It may tell you youre, connected with no internet thats, all right again. We dont need internet to fly the drone or it may ask you if you want to keep the wi fi signal connection or if you want to switch to cellular data, keep the wi fi connection were going to close. This out. Next were going to open the app ill go through the app kind of quick here guys and show you certain things and then because most of them im going to try to show you outside some of the bonus features in that but ill show you other things. What they are um real, quick so were not spending a whole lot of time on the app anyway, its the vs gps, pro app theres a picture on the screen and its free google play and the apple store go download it gon na need it well, not Technically youre not gon na need it. You can fly the drone without the app you can use just the controller and the drone. That is absolutely possible. The only thing you wont be able to do are the bonus features or see the fpv view, but you can still record and take pictures with the button on the controller.

As long as you have an sd card in there, you wont be able to see what youre recording what youre taking a picture of, but it will take it and put it on that sd card. All right lets open our app. I want to go fly this dude there we go so it says connecting its looking for the version. Information lottie dal, all that good stuff itll go through itll, get done its ready to go so at the bottom. Here this manipulation button is just what brings you back to this screen when youre in your gallery and your help menu. So, of course next is your gallery open it? It shows you where your photos and your videos are stored, theyre stored here and on the sd card. You can go here and hit sd card and it will show you what you have stored on here so were going to back. Out of here were going to manipulate it again, then, were going to go over to this little help. Button on the lower right, really cool, find your drone. This opens a google maps and it will show you a precise area of where your drone was last recorded. Its not going to be exact, but if youre flying it and for whatever reason you crash the drone, you ignore the battery warning, uh signals and you just keep lying and it falls out of the air and you cant find it. You dont know where it is.

This will get you in a really good area to start looking, and you really should be able to find the drone that way again, it wont be exact its going to be a few meters off next. Is your flight record open that it tells you all your flights? You can see here its got a couple. It even did when i unlocked the motors. It starts recording a flight record, so it has the date and the time this will be. The total mileage that you, you went with the drone so how how far you flew it your top speed and then your top maximum height that you went so well get out of here. Next is your help chart pretty self explanatory? This opens up a little mini guide and it tells you what everything on the app means, what the symbols stand for, what they do. It gives you some app usage and common problems fixes if you run into some problems its on there great to have this when youre out flying it. If you dont, have your manual in your case, which i dont know why you wouldnt all right lets manipulate it. One more time, ah now were going to enter the app here we go all right. I had to get a drink all right, so you can see there its wanting me to calibrate it again, im not going to do it again, im going to cancel it. So we can get out of here, so i canceled it were good to go.

You can see here. We do have video. As i show you my bedroom, you can see the camera has leveled itself out its looking pretty good um ignore that picture its im. In my my room, recording um today, because we have company and stuff, but anyway lets start with the top. You have your flight record again next to the house, thats your home button. That will take you out of the app you have your flight record, which i showed you on the other page. Next, is your status bar? This tells you, if youre in gps mode or if youre indoor mode itll tell you the drone is returning home low battery. All that good stuff will be in this little status bar. You can see there. We are in indoor mode right now, because it hasnt found a gps signal which i dont know if it will, because im in my house, but it may next, is your satellite signal. This is your gps satellite signal. Itll, tell you how many satellites youre connected to and itll give you the strength, the connected strength, which is really cool. I like when it tells you the number youre connected to a general, a thumb i dont like to fly. If i have less than six or seven satellites to connect to just so i know i have a really good, solid gps signal, the hd button here with the green bars. This tells you how strong your video transmission signal is for your fpv um, as that goes down.

Your feed is not going to be so great. Your video next is the drone battery level as the battery drains that will turn yellow red and all that good stuff. Next one, this is your parameters button, so you open this up and as youre around radius um you can go over here, gives you what uh wrong one? You can calibrate it again through here. If you didnt, do it right? The first time pick your language. You want the app to be in format your sd card, i dont know why it didnt pop up, but it is on there, but there is another option under these parameters where you can take the drone out of beginner mode when you first fly it its going To be in beginner mode, so if it doesnt want to go very far for you youre still in beginner mode, you need to just uncheck that and slide all your parameters up your height, your distance, your return to home all that im, not sure why it didnt Pop up here, but it didnt, okay, im getting another drink, talking too much arent. I all right anyway, over to the left. This is your auto. Take off button um. When you tap this youll have to unlock the motors. A little warning will come up asking you to confirm you want it to take off im, not going to do it here, because its going to shoot up and hit the camera in my ceiling, probably this bottom next one here is your return to home.

Again the drones too far away, or you cant, you know, dont know which way its its facing or whatever you can hit this button, and the drone will come back to you so really good feature to have bonus features really simple: you have your 3d stereo is What they call it thats, a vr mode. You have your multi point, light um. This is where i dont know if itll open it because im inside yeah, so it didnt do it. So let me go out of here. How do i get out of here hit it turn it off there we go anyway, multi point plate is really cool. You can actually put little pin points on a map and the drone will automatically fly to each ill. Show you that when we go outside im, not going to do a big one, because im at home and itll be in my front yard but ill show you what it does its really cool. Your follow me mode. This is where the drone will lock onto the gps signal in your phone and wherever you go, the camera of the drone will follow. You itll stay locked on to you ill show you guys that too, as we get out there, your surround flight. This is a point of interest, its also called you can fly up to yourself a tree, a car, whatever you want to do hit that option and the drone will start to circle around that object.

So you can record video of it. You can adjust the camera up and down while youre doing it its a really cool feature too. The v sign feature: if you tap this, if you give um, i think you got to be within 10 to 15 or 5 to 10 meters or so of the drone. If you do a peace sign, it will take your picture. Do a high five. It will start recording kind of cool your lock, this unlocks the motors for you, so you can do a c gps signal two weeks, so it cant take off. But this is what you press to unlock the motors on the app your rocker tap this. This puts joysticks on the screen they dont stay on, but if you put your finger on it, wherever you put it, the joysticks will come up so wherever you feel comfortable, you could control it that way as well. If you wanted to turn that off up back up, find your drone is on here as well, then you have your speed, you tap this. It will change the speeds of the drone. Add music. This is kind of a cool feature. You click up here in the top left and it will open up a bunch of different music. You can pick from um like this one. You can confirm it with the check mark. Oh, we found gps signal and then just hit record confirm it. Oh, i have my volume down dont i hold on guys i wasnt ready for this.

One hold on lets. Turn it up come on turn it up there. You go okay enough of that. Anyway. What that does is you can tap any of those songs on there and you can record a 30 second video um with that music right into the video. It only does a 30 second clip. I wish it was longer, but its only like 30 seconds long, but its kind of a cool video effect they they throw in there for you to play with its kind of its. It is kind of cool. So next is your ptz adjustment um. What this does is you can oh its in chinese? Is you can adjust the camera angle if its crooked or you dont like it? You can just slide the slider here and it will correct that where you can get it to where you want it, and then, of course you have your headless mode, you put the drone in headless mode im not going to get into endless mode down. The bottom is your little compass. This actually shows you which way the drone is facing you and where youre at youre in the middle, like got gps signal back again in the house, thats kind of cool, then at the very bottom you have your height, your distance. Your vertical speed, your horizontal speed, these all are in meters. I did not find a place on this app to change these to feet or inches, so i believe it stays in meters over here this little magic wand.

Looking thing, these are your filters that you can change on the drone see there. You can turn it to cartoon mode, black and white color, all that good stuff back to original out we go. This is your zoom. You can zoom in its not a actual zoom on the camera, guys its actually more like this. Here, too, see the pinch and zoom thats all it is so if you zoom in too much its not going to be a great picture, its not um its a fixed zoom, i think, is what they call it its, not a digital zoom. Then down here, you got this little mic. Let me turn that off this little mic, if you tap it and turn it blue, what its going to do is its going to record everything, youre saying and everything around you, but its through the mic on your cell phone, its not through the drone. It does not have a mic on it, um, so its not recording what the drone is near. Its recording you, through your cell phone, so not sure what you would use it for maybe flying it, and you want to record video and say what youre doing you could do that and itll record your voice through your mic on your cell phone. The next one is your album. You can open this again. It will show you, your album and your pictures im not sure why they put that on that screen, because really wouldnt do that, while youre flying, then you have your video and picture button here now.

It is on picture, so if you tap it youll see there. It takes a picture. Well, let it stop as its processing. Now you have to tap this to go to video this little camera button here above the circle, tap it and itll turn the video click it and now it starts recording your video – and you can do this through the controller as well guys just tap it. Itll. Take a picture and you can see there, it took our picture well, didnt take our picture, but it took a picture then long pressing. It will should start video and there we go, we got video started click, it again wont press it sorry and it will stop your video, so its really easier to do pictures and videos on the controller than it is the app because you dont have to worry About switching what mode youre in you just click or long press that button and youre good to go thats pretty much the app okay guys! Here we go its time to test view. Li idea idea: 37 gps drone, so im going to unlock the motors and ill launch them in the air well check out how well he takes off then well fly around a little bit check out the response from the controller to the drone, how he handles ill. Go through the speeds, all that other good stuff and then im gon na do a few of the features on the app not all of them, but ill do a few of them.

So you can get the gist of how it works, so were gon na unlock the motors, remember down and out on both controllers and then just push up on that joystick or you know what yeah up on the joystick here we go and thats all you got To do when it gets to the height, you want him to get to just let go of that joystick guys and hell stay right there and thats a really good gps, lock, hes, not moving drifting, no toilet bowl effect were good. So i like it. That was really a nice. Take off all right, so ill get him over here and well check out the response from the controllers. I want to see how well he handles Music all right where we go here we go so this is just speed, one or low speed right now. I have no delay uh from the controller to the drone response. At all i mean it is instant, its moving hes stopping on a dime correcting that is really cool. Now, if you look at my camera on my app record, i have going for you guys down in the right row right, lower corner. You can see how im moving him and that camera is actually holding pretty still look at that thats crazy wow. He really responds great awesome, so lets check out the aw see how that works. So im going to on well go right and then back to the left and he levels himself out nice level out very cool.

Then you have forwards backwards and i like the way he takes off pointed downward, but then he just corrects himself and hes flat. So a nice flat flight thats really cool our turn. Very cool Applause. Wow im impressed. I actually really like this little drone hes actually really cool. So remember, though, guys, if you like what youre seeing got to be one of the first 10 to send me a comment that you want that coupon code and ill send you that 30 off coupon code or 30 off sorry all right lets go through the speeds And see what he can do ill get him out here in the street and well go through the speeds and see how well the speeds, work and ill do some over camera shots for you guys you can get the gist of the speed a little bit better. All right, so here we go with speed. One Applause, wow thats, really a nice easy speed, great starter, speed, get him turn around and ill fly over us here and you can get a better sense of the speed, its really not fast at all its actually. A really comfortable, speed, Music, i cant – i want to show you guys real quick. I told you in the opening that one of the things that really got my attention on this drone was his bd led lights on the front. I just think they are super cool and theyre, actually detailed.

They have little squares in them, which is really really cool ill. Let my cameraman get up to it, so you can see them a little better. That is really cool that impressed me right there. That was really cool, all right, so speed two while were at it. I dont want to run out of battery lets, go ahead and do speed. Two all right click the button speed two. Let me get him up a little higher because the car comes. We dont want to freaking run into a car here. We go speed. Two lets see if he levels out on this one: oh yeah, he did very cool. You can see there. The fpv view no lag, i mean were really close, but im not getting any any lag glitchiness in it whatsoever. So flying by here you guys can see speed two Music. I got some lady doing 90 miles an hour down the city street. All right lets check out speed three turbo mode. Three beeps were in speed. Three lets see if he levels himself out on speed three. Here we go. Oh, he did. It took him a little bit longer, but he did it. He leveled out all right. Do a flyby of us, so you can see it without taking us out wow speed. 3 is pretty quick. I really like speed one its nice and easy great if youre, just starting out on on any drone gps or not speed, one is really nice, its comfortable Music, all right.

So let me get them over here and i want to try out the return to home and see how close he gets. The landing pad. Remember guys its gps theyre not going to be accurate, but he should get pretty close to that landing pad and well see how far off he is. Let these cars go by here. Real, quick and ill hit the return to home button. All right here we go were gon na return him to home. Actually, im gon na face him away from me and see if he corrects himself and turns toward us all right here we go return to home. Here we go all right, so you got there. The controller is beeping and now hes, coming back home to us, hes gon na be close hes not too far off so again guys. This is the return to home feature. This is really great to have if you lose sight of the drone. You know anything like that, any panic you have and you want that drone to come home wow. That was really close. That was pretty damn good im impressed god. Damn all right lets get him back up. There we go well, i got ta admit i was not expecting him to actually hit the landing pad, but he did all right lets. Try some of the features here, real quick, so the first one i want to show you guys is the waypoint feature, and this is where you can put little pins on your map and the drone will follow them in order, so just open it up now you Can change it to satellite view if you want, which i just did there, which is really cool? One thing i do recommend is that you zoom that map all the way in so that you absolutely know where that drone is gon na go so im zoomed in so im gon na put him up a little bit higher, so we dont run into a car While hes doing this and ill shoot him across the street well come back into my yard and then well come back over toward us and well see if he does it so well, go to the middle of the street theres one point two points and then well Bring him back over to us three points.

All right: im gon na hit go and were gon na see what he does. I hope he doesnt reckon anything here we go. Go you got ta confirm it. Oh there he goes now hell do the waypoints in all three speeds, for you so, and you can see here its showing you here, the cameraman is showing you now too. He pauses a little bit now hes going to point number two pauses again for a little bit and you can adjust the camera up and down on here and you notice that the little screen on the bottom of my the app turns into your fpv view. So you can see it thats it. He did it. We just turn this off. Well, cancel it out, delete our areas. Go back to home change our map background nope, i didnt! Do it hold on there. We go all right lets, go ahead and check out the follow me mode. I want to see how well he follows me now. What hes going to do is hell lock on to the uh gps signal in my phone. Let me get this camera. You know what real quick guys. Let me get this off the screen. The camera transition on this drone is actually really cool too. It beeps when youre doing it, but its a really smooth up and down transmission or transition. So i like that thats thats, really cool theres, no glitch ive had some of them or that camera just kind of it kind of pops up and down, and i dont like that all right, so im going to turn around because hes going to turn around and Look for me hopefully and now were going to do the follow me mode.

So follow me! Oh there he goes hes looking for me there. I am so im just gon na walk across the street and ill come back and well see. If he follows me, he should stay on me and record me the whole time so lets see what happens all right here. We go, you can see there hes backing up. He is following me: thats pretty cool, so well come back this way, so its got a pretty good. Follow me feature im, not sure how fast youd be able to go, but you can see ill walk a little quicker see if i can walk out of the camera, no hes, not letting me do it. That is really cool. Great follow me feature and i believe hell stay in it until you turn it off so lets see i messed with the joysticks lets see if he does it still yep that turned it off. So if you follow remember if youre doing the follow me no obstacle avoidance guys, you got to make sure youre in an open area if youre on your bike or a motorcycle or a skateboard, and you want the drone to follow you to make a really kick Ass video, you can do it just make sure theres nothing that drones going to run into while youre doing it. Next is the surround flight? Well, try this one out too and well see how that works. This is where you can go up to a point of interest: um ill, have my cameraman get over closer to the drone and ill see if we can circle around the drone well circle around him, a little bit so ill adjust the camera down a little bit Here and ill have him walk right into the front of the cam into the front of the drone, all right and then im going and im going to do the surround flight here we go lets see if it works, so hes going up a little bit hes Coming back turn in and now what you do is youre going to take your left or right, joystick tap it the direction you want that drone to circle left or right and im gon na have to go ahead and start to the lets.

Go to the right. All right, let me try that again. I havent done these features yet guys so bear with me. My battery is getting low too now so ive had to do a couple. Practice runs before we did this, so it may not work with low battery but lets check it out and see all right, its not gon na. Let me do it. I promise ill. Do another video and ill go out west and we can get a real good test at this stuff thats pretty much it guys. You got the rocker which just puts controllers up on the screen. Here you can see there youre fine drone. You got a music one ill show you that one real quick, its kind of cool just add the music click up at the top left here, and you can pick a tune and it does a 30 second video with the music in it. So lets do epic and lets hit ok and record, confirm it, and you can see there now its playing music and you can fly the drone around and have that music in your video do an epic view over the cameraman there Music. So im purposely doing the drone still guys, because i want to see if the uh the fail safe works when the battery gets to a certain level. The drone should start to return home and were pretty low battery right now so well see. If it does it, and it should be stuck where it wont, go past, a certain yeah look right there he stopped.

I have the joystick, you can see right here. I have it mashed forward and he doesnt want to go any further because hes now in the return that that low battery fail safe feature, so he stays. I want to say it was 20 meters away from me. Is the most hell go and he shouldnt go any higher than 20 meters lets see Music? Well, no, he went pretty damn high so that part didnt work im really really impressed with the camera. I mean its just such a clear view. I didnt think it was going to be that great and i mean just look at it: its really awesome ill pan the neighborhood a little bit, so you guys can see it all. The trees are turning colors, its so awesome and thats. It so ill bring him down ill fly him around a little bit and well see if we get the return to home pop up when the battery gets a little bit lower, we should but at least we know, the drone wont go far away from you uh. When its in this mode, because he stopped he wouldnt, go any further, which i thought was really cool and that just prevents you from the drone going too far and then the battery getting too low for it. To return back to you, its literally just going as far as it knows, it can go and still make it home so lets see. If hell do it again, he should just stop yeah, look at that.

He just stopped. That is cool, so the fail safes work. The return to homework that circle surround flight. It does work, i just let the battery get too low to do it. So, if im around here a little bit, you guys can check him out them down here and ill do a little little circle with them. So you guys can see everything on them pretty good. You can see there, the back lights are blinking and the fronts are blinking, so that lets us know that your battery is low Applause. So i have not got a warning yet so hes still flying were getting quite a few minutes. Out of this im really surprised the battery. Definitely last was it 23 25 minutes, so thats super cool, so ill. Just do a couple laps in the yard. Real quick here and i wont, keep the video going if hes not going to do hes, probably going to keep going for a little while, but thats cool at least you know how long you have once that battery gets to a certain point and youll hear it. The controller is going to make a different beep when that drone is like nope im done. I cant go any further. You got to bring me home and he should just start the return to home all by himself, Music, so very cool guys. I am really impressed with this idea. 37. I like it, i just i didnt think i was going to press but a fun little drone, even if you want to take it out back or like.

I am in my front yard and just practice your maneuvering get used to it. Where you get one of those more, you know technical, expensive drones. This is perfect. Great drone definitely worth the 249 nonetheless getting it for 30 off right now i mean look at that. Hes, just wow im really impressed with this little drone. All right so well get him over here and ill land. Him see how close i can get it to the landing pad myself and you know, lets do the return home again and see how well it works. He should return home even though the batterys blinking, but were gon na, try and see im gon na put the camera all the way down, and then you guys can see how close he gets the landing pad. This time i was actually pretty impressed how close he got that last time. So, oh i didnt hit it thats the battery hes, going into return home mode all by himself. Now you can see he didnt go quite as high as he did last time, because hes got to stay at that max meter mark. So here he comes. I didnt even have a chance to hit the return to home button guys he did it all on his own. So all the fail safe features worked. That is really cool here. He comes looks like he may miss it a little bit this time. Oh nope hes scooting over some more almost hes right.

Next, you can see there. My cameramans got it on the screen, thats, pretty damn close and youre not going to get an exact landing with any gps drone. I just i have more expensive ones and i dont get exact landings out of them. Thats it dude that that was it great test flight. Everything worked im really really impressed with this. Drone were going to take it inside and were going to wrap it up and ill give you guys my final thoughts on the lay idea: idea: 37..