All right, so you were checking out the cine x2 from ldarc. This is another two inch micro cine whip, pretty similar specs to the c85. I reviewed a couple days ago: uh different motors different, prop guards set up here. So this is kind of similar to the micron 2 from home fpv, with the inverted motors and the prop guards kind of holding the motor on. So the motors are different here. These are 1302s they’re upside down here: 1302s uh 5500kv yeah right there and uh gemfan. Three bladed 2023 props uh. You got all these prop guard uh on the bottom as well, so there’s a little little piece here that actually protects the bottom in case you land on something, obviously on the side and also on the top carbon plates on the bottom and the top here. They’Ll play here protecting the flight controller, which is a 25 amp all in one. I think yeah i’m, not exactly sure if it’s a standard, 25 or 25 or not it’s hard to see – and i didn’t really take it apart – uh, they do have the usb port um broken out here on the side. So a lot of these cine webs are hard to access usb port, but no problem on this one here, but i think the flight controller is pretty basic. It’S 25 amp um build heli s f411 target. So nothing really unusual. There two yards – i think, uh vista – is here on the top section, which is interesting and they actually have this little extra carbon plate here for the battery that’s broken off.

So you have access to the usb port for the updates for the vista um, not sure. If i really like this, because the battery does kind of hang off here, it is a forward and backwards battery setup here and it’s, not really that easy to do a side sideways battery, because uh there’s no slots here, it’s kind of like can’t get the battery Strapped through here, i did try to do that, but it didn’t really work out, but you kind of need the battery to hang off the back here, a little bit more to balance the naked gopro if you’re going to use that – and this this particular version here Has the digital setup with the dji vista with the um nebula nano camera, and this is for naked gopros, now there’s an analog version as well as well as a version that has a split style camera i forget which one it is. I haven’t i didn’t. Even look at the other two that are available, you can check out those um i’ll link them down below if you want to check those out, but this is um. This review is particularly on this version here: the weights and everything i think the setups are all a bit different, although the frame style is pretty much the same now, this little mount here they sent that along, but i believe this is an extra purchase. I think it’s about 10 bucks to get this one.

Obviously you can download ones off of thingiverse, i’m sure and print them yourself or have someone print one for you, but if you want to buy the one that you see here in the video it’s, i think it’s like ten dollars as a separate purchase. Okay. So let me show you how much just weighs without anything on it, no battery, no camera 131 grams. This is actually heavier than the um iflight that i reviewed a couple days. I think that was like 117 grams, so you know it is very heavy for a two inch. It is designed to be run on 4s uh, based on the kv 5500k. You can run it on 3s as yeah. It doesn’t really fly that grenade through us. I tried and i gave up pretty quick, so i recommend a 4s. I did a force 450 and with that it’s 185 grams. I also ran it with a for 650, this one from race, day quads and with that it’s, 191 grams, so the 4s 450 and then the naked gopro, plus the power cable that i used. So this is now coming in at 214 grams, so it’s up, i think, it’s about 14 grams, more than the uh my flight setup, all up with on a force 450 and this um. I think because it’s only a 1302 mortar and it’s a little bit less efficient, so you get less fly time on the 450. I was only getting about three minutes, so if you want to get closer to performance, you got to go with the 650 and that weighs all together, 221 grams, so the 1302 does seem to be a little bit underpowered compared to the 1303 motor.

I think, additionally, the um lower stator, you know only two millimeters also uh makes a little bit less efficient. So i think the 1303 motor would be better on this two inch setup, especially because it weighs so much, but i think there’s a lot of places where you can probably get rid of some weight. Um. I’M thinking. You know you could probably get rid of these little this part here. You can see this bottom part you can get rid of here as well as this extra screw open this up here, there’s a lot of screws i’m, not sure if all of them are needed and necessarily you could probably find ways to reduce the weight there. I’M. Thinking you can possibly even get rid of the top plate here and then maybe run your battery strap through here and just run. It all the way across or run it on on this uh. Basically, in the back back part of the quad, which will balance out the front part with the camera, i think that might be better, so i don’t know i i mean i haven’t really thought of it that much but there’s, probably a little places. You can see a little bit of weight off here and there because it does fly pretty heavy. I know i mean for cinema it’s fine, because you know you’re not really doing a lot of accurate moves or anything like that. You’Re just kind of flying slow, which is fine for that it’s.

Just that um a little disappointed with the efficiency. It could be more efficient, but i think a 1303 motor would give you that um you just have to carry more battery with a 650 now granted. My batteries are old; they have a lot of flights on them. If you have newer batteries, you’re, probably getting better results better flight time than i did. I really need to go out and spend some money and get some more batteries, but uh yeah just having a save up for that and spending money on other stuff. Lately um, but yeah. Just just keep in mind. You probably want higher quality batteries and newer batteries are going to perform better on this setup, it’s a little more amp hungry because it is, and it is pretty heavy um. But you know if you’re looking for something of this style, maybe you don’t didn’t. You know you’re not sure about the the micron two. You know that one’s also two inch. I had 11 0 4 motors. I believe so they kind of went a different way there with a taller, stator and not as wide. But again that also suffers from you know: a lot of weight and inefficiencies uh from the murder i’m, not really sure where the best murder within the two inch would be. If you guys know, let me down in the comment. Let me know in the comments uh for this particular weight. You know maybe a 1204 or 1203 motor might be better than the 13.

I think i’m still thinking 13 or 3 is going to be best, but you know i think i do that change motor and then also shave the weight off as well anyway. I’Ll have links to this down in the description i think it’s currently only on sale and then stock at aliexpress should be available at banggood in a few weeks, not exactly sure when right now, uh pretty much all the new stuff or anything out there. That is coming off. The market is have has some issues with the current shortages and ic chips, so um all the suppliers, all the manufacturers are having the same problems. So whether or not things are going to be in stock and a lot of you guys are asking that question lately and taunt beyond to be totally honest, i not 100 sure myself i’m getting a lot of mixed signals. I don’t think these guys. The manufacturers really know themselves because the supply chain is really messed up right now, so yeah, if you’re in the market, for anything in particular, and you see it in stock somewhere at a store. You, like you, probably ought to jump on it sooner than later, because i’m thinking that this shortage in ic chips is going to affect a lot of things in the supply chain. Everything from flight controllers to esc’s to the vista here cameras pretty much everything. So you should be aware of that, and i don’t know how long that’s going to last so anyway, as i get more information, i’ll look at you guys.