LBLA S169 Foldable Drone Review

LBLA S169 Foldable Drone Evaluation. I used to be undoubtedly skeptical concerning the gesture management and optical circulation options marketed for this drone. However, I’ve to say I used to be …


  1. What to do when both red and blue lights are blinking softly and it won't fly even If I did everything I should?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  3. How long the battery stand for

  4. What is the supporting app called? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  5. Nice video! Too bad the new update on the app for this drone basically destroyed the ability to view the camera through the app. Smh. Camera is useless now.

  6. thanks for the vid, just ordered this thing looks dope

  7. Also..that controller looks a lot like the R6 controller from Wingland

  8. Thanks for placing this film GI, Indeed This is a good flyer. Foto’s are ok. And it has a moderate vidcamera with no stabilization whatsoever. Ok, a gimbal is a bit over the top regarding this budget drone class but there are also other techniques, like a (low priced) HD camera and shooting at 360 or 480 or so. The restcapacity of the camera could be used for stabilization purposes. That would bring much better footage

  9. Looks like a really good flyer and it works! Surprised!! Only thing is…1080p technology has been out for how long?

  10. Great review again sir, thank you

  11. I just have to ask this, what happens when you are in " gesture mode " and flip it the " bird " ? " Gadgets Inspector attacked by drone , News at a 11 " LMAO. Sorry I just had to say that. Great video my friend. lol

  12. Nice video brother keep raising the bar

  13. Hey cool video sub for sub?? If you like it

  14. Great review, looks to be a decent little quad! What does LBC stand for?

  15. Great review friend!!! I always enjoy watching all types of drone review's!!!! Great Channel!!!.

  16. Looks like it flew well. Tech is impressive on this bird but camera is crap. Yes there is no jello, but the image is so blurry and full of compression artifacts it was hard to tell. Tello has a much superior camera. BTW Controller is a Wingsland clone. Great review.

  17. Thank was cool. Thank you so much. Really appreciate it.

  18. Nice review GI, the video quality is not too bad.

  19. Nice review GI, the video quality is not too bad.

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