Put it onto my laser nut u4 rock racer, and i should be able to make it much faster. That is the theory, especially since i have a 4s lipo i can put in there now. Look at this on hinges, trying to get out and stretch out. My back one of the best things i know how to do is to go out for a small walk, and i figured why not take a little rock racer with me and have some fun Music, 4s lipo ready to rock. I love how these are just pinned right. There i'll never have to worry about losing them. There we go yeah. The laser nut sounds like a space age, porno Laughter. Ah, finally, up walking around today stretching out my back it's been sore for the last few days. Really sore actually – and i thought, ah, what better way than just to get outside and start walking around it's a great thing i love about this hobby can be as big a production or as small as production as you want, and if you can't move around your Rc can move around for you Music. Now you can obviously tell those velocity stacks have increased speed considerably. I got to be extra careful and not push it too much because my back goes out and then it gets all attacked with the fibromyalgia and it gets all freaking sore and stuff. But if i sit down too long, it gets worse.

So i got ta like get up and move around a little bit i'm sure there's a few of you out there watching the video right now that totally understand what i mean: normally: i'm shouting and jumping and hollering and having a great time but i'll tell you What, when you're sitting in bed or like laying down or sitting on the couch – and you see outside that it is a beautiful day outside and you're, just kind of stuck there either you're roaming youtube for rc videos, or you want to be making your own well. That'S, how i feel at least such an awesome looking ride. Okay, three two one that's on a 4s guys come on those stacks definitely help and this radio look at this. So if you're wondering about braking, look here's your braking rate, you can actually turn it up or down, so you have more brake or less brake and of course, this has active vehicle control on it, which helps you keep a straight line when you're on gravel or On dirt, if you guys actually watch my first video on the laser nut, u4 you'll see me using avc in there quite a bit to keep a straight line when i was doing aerial footage. If you guys haven't seen that video, i will leave a link in the video description box down below this is modeled off after a full size machine. That looks exactly like this back tire and all sometimes i wish i was an rc, so i could just switch out apart seems uh, maybe that's, why i like the hobby.

So much is because i can take a broken part and switch it out where it is in my body. You just kind of got to put up with the pain and bullshit like everybody else. Does eh that's the break sound that that's me putting on the brake? How are you able to see your uh, your sun blind, is literally blinding you there. You go, did some great onboard shots in the last video too, but those videos take a ton effort on my part. I just wanted to come out and have some fun today. King of the hammers meant to go fast, meant to take a beating and meant to keep going let's give it a jump. I give it the superman jump last time which we did pretty good. I don't want to have to be agile and go in and around the fence. Today, though king of the hammers doesn't matter, even when i'm in pain. As long as i go out and have some fun: hey that's, what it's all about god yesterday, i could barely even move i'm glad to be out today, but getting old does that old injuries? They come back to haunt you. You think you're immortal when you're a kid, even when you, when you're a young adult eh now that i'm in my 40s, i think if somebody in their 20s is still a kid it's, so funny how that happens, except when i was in my 20s.

If someone would have called me a kid, i would have punched them out, that's how i know i was a kid yeah there's so much i wanted to do with this area and i will redo everything got messed up this year. 2020 has been an insane year for the coronavirus and all that stuff that's out there, but i try to free my mind that was lovely, so choice. If you guys have stories about you guys being hurt or how rc has helped you in your life. Please comment down below. I always gain strength when i'm hurt by reading other people's stories. It definitely does help me know that i am not alone. Laughter takes a beating still getting out still having fun enjoying the sun. Getting some vitamins in on my skin i've been stuck inside all week with this stupid, back injury and stupid fibro. If it ain't one thing it's, another i'll tell you that much isn't that how life goes. Oh, yes, oh, that was an awesome wipeout! Oh, yes, oh is it all together, look at this all upside down because it's, not gas, i don't have to worry about any fuel pouring out. Let'S have a look underneath here. All this brutal, beating and bashing in the last few videos look at just a little bit on the plastic arms that one's, probably a rock nothing's, broken though like everything is still functioning, not eating or eating, and then back arms, yeah suspension.

Everything looks good here. We go with tires not too bad, not too bad she's ready to go and get cleaned up, get all charged up for another rip and roll tons of power. I love this smart esc stuff here. Look at on the radio because i'm running a smart battery on in the smart esc. It tells me that my battery is basically 50 out. Maybe sixty percent fifty five percent that's that's a battery indicator of on board how much battery i have left. I will leave a link to this uh uh, this vehicle, as well as a few others i've been playing with that have all this spectrum: smart technology, in the video description box, down below uh with the batteries and chargers and all that stuff. If you want to check it out for yourself, who knows, maybe you're only able to to be in one spot – and you want to rip around like this, like myself, it's a good way to do it. Oh such a great jump. I love that jump once i feel better. I get to go and mow this lawn again. All right guys leave me a like click. Maybe a comment and we'll see you in the next episode of rc adventures, Music.