I mean this one right here is, i would say, a budget drone, but it checks a lot of boxes that a professional drone has so im thinking. If this one is actually as good as a professional one, i mean probably not as good, but as long as its acceptably good i mean this is a no brainer were looking at the kf plan like thats the first thing, though the brand name they need to Get something a little bit more catchy like just anything else. Besides kf plan whatever, so we have the kf 102 professional rc design, drone its sure its somewhere in here, quadcopter something so it has an hd camera, but its apparently 4k so well have to take a look at that. We have super long flight time at about 50 minutes with two batteries. This one has two batteries, apparently theres. Only three batteries as well so 25 minutes per battery, not actually too bad, thats, actually really good. And then we have electronic stabilization for the camera to get some nice smooth, video, while youre flying through the wind which hopefully it can counteract because you know ive tried out some cheap kitty drones that are for little kids and they arent good at all. And then i tried out some, you know mid range drones and it was actually really good. So this one right here is cheaper than that mid range, drone that i tried out. So i mean if its as good as that one ill be really impressed, because that one was really good.

We have a foldable and portable design super long flight time 360 degree point of interest, gesture control, hd camera, electronic stabilization, tick, tock, video editing whatever. That means we have gps, satellite positioning, active tracking one key return, which i love, beauty, filter, beauty, filter on a drone. What kind of world has it come to what okay and then we have 5g wi fi image transmission. Now that sounds good 5g image transmission until you realize that 5g doesnt travel as far as 2.4 gigahertz. So the range isnt that good connecting to your phone and itll cut out while youre flying and then you have to just look in the sky. That was the problem i had with the mid range drone. It just didnt have enough range from the phone, even though i could fly it about a mile away. I just couldnt, you know, see what it could see so theres that so i mean hopefully this ones pretty good has apps for both google play and iphone, and i mean really thats it. The box. You know not too bad for a budget professional ish drone. So lets see what we got on the inside. Oh nice. We actually have a nice decently hard shell case to protect this thing. So thats, a nice touch, get this unzipped and okay. You know what this i want to say this a little bit smaller than i was expecting, although it still it looks very nice inside the box, we have wi fi software instructions as well as a user guide for the drone.

We have a small phillips head screwdriver, a micro, usb charging cable extra propellers in case you break them extra screws, the second battery pack, the actual remote control very nice – has some expandable antennas here feels very solid, decent quality, completely made out of plastic, not too bad, And this is one thing i always hate about any kind of toy where they have the battery compartment with a screw. I mean it locks into place already. Why do we need a screw there, its not gon na fall off, but then okay? This is one thing i dont like. Why is like the main compartments here to hold everything made out of like basically styrofoam, i dont like that thats kind of cheap, but it is what it is. We got the actual drone here, which is surprisingly small, but it might be a good thing, because i mean its better to have a small drone that you can carry around with you that can do all the things the big drones can do very nice design here. It looks like a it looks like a car. It even has an emblem right here on the front nice gray, design im really liking this so far. You know decent rubberized landing gear down here at the bottom. Nothing too high. So you dont want to land on anything like that sticking out of the ground. You want to land on a flat surface, but this is looking nice.

Let me just pop out these wings. I mean arms im, not sure why theyre clicking all right. I mean looking at this thing i like it, i mean it feels solid. It looks solid, like im liking the design overall im, pretty impressed for the price here, like im. Really impressed now, of course, looks mean nothing if it doesnt fly good. This is looking good. Even has a little cover here for the camera to pop that off. Okay, remove this lens film, we do have electronic image stabilization. Let me actually turn this thing on, so we can hold down the power button, thats crazy. It sounds just like the other one. I have it probably always the same thing, but we have the lights on the front. Very cool battery indicator its mostly fully charged almost about two thirds down around the bottom. We have another flashing light, so you can see it in the sky at night. Okay memory card slot over here on the side to record videos little release buttons on the sides of the batteries to pop it off i mean you should be able to get some decent videos as long as this thing can fly smoothly. Let me see: does this have any power? Oh my gosh, it didnt come with batteries. Wait it needs batteries. I didnt even think of that i mean i mentioned it needed batteries, but it didnt cross my mind that this isnt rechargeable. Why isnt this rechargeable? I mean, if you think about it, even if it was rechargeable, would last longer than 50 minutes im sure, and this can only fly for 15 minutes with two batteries, so that would be perfect, like i dont think im gon na put this screw back.

In i mean really whats the point, because then i always have to find this little screwdriver. If i cant find it come on double a double a double a yes, it needs double a. I have double a so lets just pop in these double a batteries that i have and now watch this look thats not gon na fall off. I dont need the screw. So now we can turn this thing on. You know what this screens actually really nice. It tells you a lot of information wait. Is it really telling me bruh no way it actually tells me which direction the drone is facing? This is im really impressed already. I mean the other one. Didnt even do this, so taking a look at the screen up top, we have the actual signal strength we have gps turned on, we have zero pieces, we have the battery percentage, we have the voltage and then take a look at that little compass right there. I turn the drone and it turns like thats cool, so that way i know exactly which way im flying then down here. It even tells us the speed, the height and the distance. Like this thing tells you everything, im impressed the funny thing. Is you dont even need the app for all this information, its just right on there i mean i wish it had wait it does. It pulls out. Look at me. I was all upset that didnt have this, although i guess it doesnt go out all the way.

Even if it just goes like this see, you can wrap your fingers here and now now you can hold it. Okay, okay, im getting excited now it turns out im an idiot because i just realized this were gon na put your phone if youre using the app. Although i guess you could still use it as a handle, hopefully so with that being said, were gon na download the h fun pro app, which once again like i was saying they need better names for this stuff, because that has nothing to do with a drone. Now let me actually get this okay turns out. My phone is too big and doesnt fit in here. Well, thats a debbie downer right there so once were inside the app, though we can actually do stuff. So lets start so were gon na actually have to go to the wi fi to get connected. So so we have to connect to lula 5g and whatever it happens to be called on yours and nothing come on lets back out real quick lets start. We can allow gps, okay were in, so we can see a live feed and, to be honest, this i dont know the video quality looks pretty good. Now i dont know if its necessarily 4k, but its definitely some sort of hd. So inside of here lets see: what can we do? We can do everything you can see a lot of the stuff that you can see on the actual remote control.

We have gps mode, you can turn it off and you can turn it into just inside mode. Oh, it didnt change anything. We could take a picture there. We go, we saved a picture, we can record a video and itll save it to our phone. If you dont have a micro sd card but make sure you dont lose connection while youre flying and otherwise you know its going to probably corrupt it. I mean we have all the different settings here, so you can go to virtual reality mode. If you have a virtual reality, headset and thats pretty cool, oh you can move around the camera right here, angle it up and down just up and down yeah. I guess its just up and down doesnt go left and right, but thats very smooth. Let me see how smooth it is while moving around i mean its very stable, oh yeah, oh yeah, im moving it up and down and its actually counteracting a lot of it to keep it nice and smooth thats, very nice, okay. So the stabilization is actually surprisingly good here. So now with all that being said, i mean the app looks really cluttered, although its definitely usable, and then we have the remote control im gon na head outside to the nice open skies and put this thing to the test and see if it actually is as Good as it looks like it is right now all right guys. Now it is time to put this drone to the test.

We have some perfect weather out here, its not too sunny a bit chilly, but theres, actually, no wind right. Now, surprisingly, so this thing should fly like magic, hopefully, and the good news is, i did figure out. You could put a large max iphone in this holder. You just have to slide it in the side and it barely fits, but you can definitely do it. If you really want to so without further ado lets, fly this thing and see what we can see all right, so lets get the arms extended. I like the way this feels this looks like a quality drone. Just i hope it flies as good. As it looks all right, very small compact, looking good lets, get it powered on all right. Oh, you could tilt the camera all right so to get the drone ready to fly, you actually have to press this little lock down here to unlock it, and then it just starts on up starts spinning very fast, thats kind of weird. So do you need the app or is there some way to unlock it with the controller, because i dont see anything that looks like a lock theres a start button? Oh, it does work. It didnt work earlier. I dont know this things kind of weird its a little bit harder than the drones ive used before so lets. See. If i can fly this thing, okay, so lets go, i think ive hopefully figured it out.

We got a lot of open space here. So lets see what we can do. Wait, oh no, okay, the left one spins it around and goes up and down the right. One goes forward its kind of drifting a bit. Let me have it come home lets see if it comes back to where we left it. It should come back down right here where it started. Assuming this works right, i think its coming down slowly, it says going home its coming down, although it doesnt look like its where it started a little bit. I dont know its kind of drifting back, so maybe okay come on a little bit lower its being very cautious. Here i mean it missed it by about a foot or so because it was right here in the middle, but you know not bad now it did land in the grass and start cutting up grass, but the propellers are okay, but it looks like it does. Come home, and hopefully it actually comes home if we lose signal, so lets go for this again and this time were gon na go up really high and see how far we can go so were gon na go straight up all right. We can see all the construction going on up here so right now we are 23 meters up in the air, and climbing 30 meters wow were at 40 meters high right now, okay were at 50 meters right now i just looked up.

That thing is high. I can barely see it thats nice, i like how it shows you exactly how far, how high and how fast youre going at all times. I also like how it actually tells you which way the drone is facing on a compass. So i can do a quick spin. Okay, i kind of got mixed up now, which way is which i can angle the camera down. Look at that wow. Can i go straight down. I can actually angle the camera straight down. I guess i could angle it straight up too, maybe actually, probably not because the drone is on the way. Look at that we can actually watch them. Do construction right here, okay, thats, actually kind of cool. I could actually see the construction going on. Where is it? Oh wait there, it is: can we go higher im gon na go higher right now? Were 70 meters high and climbing 85 meters? Okay were actually 100 meters in the air right now, whered it go there. It is jeez that is crazy. This is actually pretty good. Oh no! What? If im gon na hit that plane? Oh wait, im going up higher im doing the wrong button! Lets come back down a little bit. Okay, i lost it again. Where is it Laughter? I dont see oh there. It is okay, so now im gon na go forward and the video is so smooth im sure its windy up there, even though its not windy over here, we could actually watch them do construction.

This is kind of cool okay. I think the the video is really laggy right now, so thats not going too far. I mean it is using five gigahertz wi fi, which doesnt have that much range i mean but im impressed because i dont even know where this thing is, and i can still see the video and theres planes alright. So now, im gon na actually try this its really far away its 108 meters up 103 meters away, im going to press come home and see if it comes home going home. I dont even know where it is lets see, follow it coming home lets see if we can find it or lets see if they can find us serious sounds, oh, is that it its right above me, i think, is that it okay, i see it. I think it passed me actually im gon na angle, the camera all the way down, so i can watch it land. Look, i lost it again. Where is it okay? Where am i at in this video? Oh there it is. I found it. This is gon na, be really cool if it actually comes home now now, although this is doing a good job flying it goes far, i mean this beeping is pretty annoying, although i guess its good to know that somethings happening so thats cool, oh, it is dropping. So its zero meters away 75 meters high, but i mean its just annoying. I just hate the beeps, but you know its better to have, i guess to not have 70 meters high there.

It is oh its coming close enough that i can hear it buzzing now. Oh look, i can see me hi lets see im gon na look im standing right where its supposed to land right now and its like right above my head. I think i should probably move huh yeah im gon na move whoa its really close lets see. Okay landed in the grass next to it, but i mean thats good enough as long as it comes back to you within the general area, thats a major win for me, but wow im impressed this thing went really far somehow stayed connected for video, and i mean This things, like so small lightweight its actually, i was gon na, say its quiet, but i mean its about as loud as any other drone. Its quiet not super loud, but you know definitely not like whisper quiet, but this is actually really cool. Im really impressed with this thing. So if you want to pick one of these up, the links down below, but the video quality looks good its easy to fly granted its, not super windy, but flying any drone in the wind is gon na be a bit of an issue. Although some of them can counteract wind better than others, but i mean even up that high theres, definitely wind the video quality looks good, its very steady and smooth and seriously. This is a good drone.