Today we are going to be taking a look at the land, send Z. I think that’s, how you say it I’m, not sure man it’ll be in the title: video drone it’s in this little case and there it is right there it’s amazing. It really has a neat color. I was watching D Andres video last week or a couple of weeks ago and I clicked on his link for this thing it was real cheap. So I said oh, I left in my comment. I said I’m gon na pick. One of them up, it looks pretty cool. He was doing a giveaway on there and everything like that. So I said no, it looks pretty decent I’ll take a look at it. It. The actual quadcopter itself, looks like that. That little thing I ran, I can’t even remember that name. It was such a pile of garbage that thing I ran over with my car, okay, I don’t know what I got from slide in. I don’t even remember the name of that pile of junk, but anyway here’s this thing this thing actually looks pretty decent. You know it looks pretty cool there’s, the on and off switch right. There there’s the camera it’s, just one of those little pinhole cameras. Now it says on the package here: it’s 4k, but believe me if this is 4k I’m Special K. Okay, so forget about that, you know that’s not happening. I mean I don’t there’s no microSD card we’re gon na record the 4k.

You know I don’t see any micro SD card slot on here, so how the hell’s are gon na record 4k to your phone over to Wi Fi. You know that’s not happening okay, so that’s BS, but anyway there’s. Where battery goes right. There it’s a. Let me get my old ass eyes going it’s a six. Fifty three point: seven, six, fifty snaps right in there, the arms fold in there I don’t know if those lights work they look like they actually might, but we’re gon na find out here. In a few minutes, there’s the Wi Fi antenna right there, but yeah it looks pretty cool. It looks pretty cool, so here’s. The transmitter it’s, like a million of these types of transmitters, that I’ve seen all the way from going back a couple of years. This thing, this same transmitter has been on many many many, a quadcopter trust me and I’ve had a bunch of them too so and it has the usual stuff on there. There’S the trims take off land and then there’ll be some flips and speed rates up here. On this up, and then one of these will be a emergency stop, and one of these will be a headless. You know it’s all the same stuff. You just got to figure out which one they they put it on. So all four of the buttons are active. So there’s no dummy button, so all four these buttons most likely are gon na.

Do something lips, probably over here rates over here a kill switch, probably on this back one and headless mode, probably on this one, that’s gon na, be my guess: that’s, usually how it is anyway anyway, to give you this old bag of stuff. Here with the battery charger, the spare props, the screwdriver and the prop guards which we’re not going to use those and then there’s the QR code, so you’re gon na be able to do that and it has this nice little case I mean this thing was only Like 23 bucks, okay, and so they give you a little case with it. So I thought that was pretty good yeah, so let’s turn it on let’s, see which way the level calibration goes. Okay there. It goes. The bottom right, that’ll be the level calibration now let’s fire up the app we’ll go to the Wi Fi signal and that’s gon na be right here. It’S gon na be called fpv, 4k 4k, okay, fbv 4k. That’S. All you need to know: okay quit that get that synced in there. Okay, this Peaks u4k I’m gon na jump off the roof: okay, Music; okay, whatever let’s go over here to the here’s, the app it’s called fpv camera and actually, if you look at it, real close the picture of the icon that’s a picture of the wings land Midi vent. I thought that was pretty cool. When I downloaded the app, I noticed that right off the bat hit the start and there it goes it’s sporting, the picture down.

There say that there it goes yay now. You know what I always notice these. Whenever I do these videos here, I always you know fire these things up and show you the video sample here when I’m holding the drone, but the video always looks better when I’m doing this once I go fly it, it looks like crap, okay, so I never Could figure that out once it’s really moving around then it looks like garbage, but what you’re you hold it here in your hand, the video looks really clear and really nice yeah there. It is holding it real still and it’s just so. It looks fine, go ahead and move it around like that and then see if it goes nuts so that’s the way it goes here’s that those lights that you’ll see them right. There see them good, that’s gon na be the thumbnail for the video right there. I just wanted to get that in there all right, guys, let’s, go fly and see how it flies. Mm. Hmm all right guys we’re out here with the video drone and we’re gon na see if this thing shoots, 4k or not: okay, so I’m skeptical, okay, I’ve, really read on 4k. With this thing, trust me well, let’s start the video here and then let’s take off the controls have seemed to have a lot of lag in them. Just an initial impression is that there’s lag a lotta and a lot of it in the control so I’m, just gon na hold it here still for a minute to see if I can get some decent.

Looking clear, video it’s, very erratic with the steering. I wonder how this thing would fly with the Wi Fi turned off I’m beginning to think that would probably be a lot better with the Wi Fi turned off Wow, very jerky Music. I think that’s a headless road type deal Music, yeah, Music Wow that thing’s very erratic. I am not digging this thing that much now look at it coming backwards, and so you don’t even want to slide backwards. Okay, that tells me the level calibration is way out of whack. Let me try to do that again. Okay, let me take off. You see how it wouldn’t, just once they go forward by itself like that, the pitch in the trim is so out of whack there. It goes the big pigeon out there, okay, so I pretty much got the trend straightened out. It was way out it wouldn’t even hardly come backwards. Yeah I’m! Really, not digging! This thing I don’t. I don’t recommend this thing. I said it’s just so there’s. So much lag right when you first start to just push forward on the six there’s like this little half second of lag. Music. Very jumping, very erratic. Do not like that at all. You see how twitchy it is it’s, not smooth by no means okay, I’m gon na cut this video now cuz. I want to at least be able to save this video for you, so we got five minutes and almost six minutes of videos put in there.

So so it’s saved that yay yeah I’m. Not digging this thing that much of the honestly it doesn’t I just don’t like the way it flies. I don’t like the way it steers at all: Music Music yeah. It doesn’t steer well at all it’s all over the place, all right I’m, just gon na bring it back and let the battery run out because it’s boring me the colors all erratic. I think oh that’s good the battery’s going weak, the lights flashing, so I’m just gon na land. It yeah this thing’s very erratic. I wouldn’t recommend buying this guys, even if it was only 20 bucks. I would just pass on this altogether: it’s kind of crappy, okay. So maybe I’ll send to Derek who knows all right guys.