In that moment, i was trying to preserve my own life, dramatic testimony from a paramedic from west allis today in the trial of kyle rittenhouse good afternoon. Everyone that paramedic gage grosskroyd said his hands were raised when he was shot by rittenhouse. Our charles benson leads our team coverage. He is live in kenosha with the latest charles well carol week. Two of the kyle renton house trial has begun with a key witness, in this case the armed paramedic, who was shot and wounded by rittenhouse during a night of rioting in kenosha. Now, stephanie haynes was in the courthouse for the testimony heres what she tells us about. What happened inside the courtroom today, hey charles gage grosskroyds, testified he was in kenosha that night as a medic and lost most of his right bicep in that shooting. He too had a gun on him that night, and that is exactly what attorneys from both sides pressed him on prosecutors, showed a video gage grosskroyds live stream to facebook on the night of august 25, 2020.. In it he speaks to kyle rittenhouse moments after joseph rosenbaum was shot hey. What are you doing? You shot? Somebody testified. He tried to find rosenbaum to help him, but then turned around. I started hearing people saying he just shot that guy. He just shot somebody. He said he came within feet of written house but was never trying to kill him instead. Stop him. Why didnt you take your own gun and shoot the defendant first, i said thats, not the kind of person that i am defense attorneys pressed gross kreutz on his statements to police about his gun.

Why he first told them his gun fell out of his waistband and where exactly he pointed his gun and went when you were standing three to five feet from him with your arms up in the air, he never fired right, correct it wasnt. Until you pointed your gun at him advanced on him with your gun, now your hands down pointed at him that he fired right. Correct gross kreutz was shot in the right arm. He lost part of his bicep and feeling in part of his arm down to his fingers. The state called several other witnesses this afternoon, including one of the lead detectives on this case, and if they stay on schedule, prosecutors could wrap their case by tomorrow. As theyve said, charles all right, stephanie, haynes reporting us for us inside the courtroom. We now have attorney patrick cafferty, a criminal defense lawyer here in the racine area. Two key points made in testimony today by gage, and that is he had a gun and he pointed it at kyle rittenhouse. What does that mean for the defense, its powerful testimony, in the sense that, as i understand the testimony, he basically indicated that rittenhouse did not shoot until the handgun was pointed at written house and this loops back to some of the information that weve been talking about? Throughout the week, in terms of the concept of provocation, so basically what youre going to hear the state arguing, ultimately, is written house lost the right to use self defense because hes the one that provoked this situation now with that said, a person can regain the right To defend themselves and use deadly force, but they have to meet certain criteria, including believing that the only option that they had was to use deadly force as opposed to retreating or doing something else to avoid the situation.

So what does this mean for the case? Going forward and what we may or may not hear from kyle rittenhouse, so you i think what you can expect is that written houses testimony will dovetail with gross kreutz testimony in terms of why he did what he did hes. I think in essence, hes going to claim that he believed he had no choice but to use deadly force at that point to avoid being shot and killed himself all right, patrick hafferty. Thank you very much for making time for us coming up at six attorney. Jonathan lavoy from the law, firm kim in lavoy, joins us to provide his expert analysis of the day proceedings and testimony as well. We will have that every night for you at six during the trial thats all from here right now ill, send it back to you carol. Charles.