Now another one has been added to the arsenal, one too fast for the naked eye even to track and instead of carrying a missile. It is the missile its called the switchblade 300. Recently, its creators held the first public demonstration with exclusive access, heres nbc news, national security, correspondent, ken delanian, amid the quiet beauty of the utah desert, a deadly new kind of weapon on display nbc news got an exclusive look at a so called killer drone it doesnt Fire a missile – it is the missile. This is about the size of a toy drone. I bought my 12 year old a few years ago. The switchblade can be carried into battle in a backpack and launched miles away from a threat. Once a target is identified, the switchblade can find it and kill it in minutes watching aeroviron the drones manufacturer showed us how an operator all right, starting our turn, can put a switchblade through the window of a truck on board cameras capture the moment before impact. How far away was the switchblade when it took that picture about three meters from the target at about six thousand dollars? Each the switchblade costs a fraction of the 150 thousand dollar hellfire missiles fired from larger military drones. The pentagon has made deadly mistakes using drones, including in august when the u.s military fired at what it thought was an isis target, but instead killed 10 civilians, including seven children officials, told nbc news.

Analysts saw a child in the target area, but the missile had already been launched. The afghan born ceo of aerovironment says their weapon can cancel an attack up to two seconds before impact you can make decisions while youre flying the the missile in the air. As to what to do during your mission, but the development of smaller, cheaper drones already being used on the battlefield posed new dangers for the u.s too paul sharr, a retired u.s army ranger, says weapons like these change, the game. It levels the playing field between the u.s and terrorist groups or rebel groups in a way thats, certainly not good. For the united states. Iranian backed militias have used similar drones to attack american bases in iraq and to target the iraqi prime minister. The u.s is definitely vulnerable to drone attack. Today we need better defenses and we need them urgently for us troops overseas, a new kind of weapon, presenting a new kind of risk both abroad and at home.