That is depressing on the bright side. It does mean that i’m trending 10 years younger than my actual age, so that is always a bonus, um sort of as a little birthday present and also started because i could take. I need those glasses because i’m old, my eyes are degrading sort of as a non official uh breathing problem. I got myself this. This is a cine whoop. Whoop is a type of drone, typically one which has got these ducts surrounding it. It means it’s kind of safe means. You can fly around people really good for doing indoor stuff, but this one particular which you can’t just buy this off a shelf. You have to kind of get it well, you have to build it yourself or get someone to build it to order. I got someone to build this to order um, because i just need things to work all at once. I just don’t have the time to figure. It out from scratch, but i can you know, do a lot of repairs and stuff to myself. If i need to but yeah. This is a shane drones, squirt version 2.1 cine whip, oh yeah and i’ve named it snotz, because it’s green, which reminds me of snot yeah. I really am 35. with uh 3d printed, tpu ducks you see these are nice and soft. So if i crash it into my head, it doesn’t do too much damage same if it’s flying indoors.

So i have got this um, because this is sort of the smallest lightest, most compactist cine whip that you can get that also shoots the best quality. Now, yes, i’ve been playing around with this the little bit of fpv 95x, a lot of fun. A lot of fun and i’ve learned a lot with this little quad, but i just wasn’t able to get the number of camera options i want. I want one that i can stick any kind of camera i want. This has got a gopro hero 8 on at the minute, which gives really really good results. It is better than the little smoke 4k, but i can also stick a 360 camera on this Music. I i’ve even seen people stick the dji pocket 2 on it, and this will basically give me a platform that i can put any kind of action camera i want on it um and just just letting you know that i’ve got it. I will yeah you’ll be seeing content made with this coming up and that’s that’s it really. If you want to find out more about this drone i’ll stick a link down the description where you can go and read: read up on it, but uh yeah i’m gon na yeah i’ve got a lot of practice to do, because i want to use this to Be able to fly indoors really slow, tight flying um. First attempt to fly around the house. I crashed several times into various things.

Don’T tell louise didn’t break anything, but our camp very close, so i’m gon na go practice a little bit more, but hopefully you enjoyed that little uh world around kilburning forest park. That was my first proper time taking this drone somewhere and flying around, and thanks to colin uh for coming. Along and being my supporter on that and oh big thanks to pete um sonic tonic tonic, lincoln blue, who had to come over and help me get this. All linked up because, yes, you may have heard my ramp before this – is as complicated as any other kind of uh fpv drawn to get set up and go. So please do not ask me any technical questions about this because i probably will not know the answer anyway and if you’re not interested in drawing so look around the channel running outdoors small cameras other stuff like that.