There are no obstacle avoidance in this drone at all. It does have a light that comes on here. Its supposed to have eis on the camera well check that out has a three axis gimbal and down here we have the sd card slot and an optical sensor, and this is normally an ultrasonic sensor, but theres nothing in there so well see how good uh it Maintains its position just using gps and the optical sensor below so you have your folding props and the whole thing folds up like this folds back and there it is compact and the battery. We have a 3s or 11.1 volt 2500 milliamp hour battery and you charge the batteries via usbc heres, the controller for it, nothing, fancy what i did like about it is. It does have a usbc here, so it is rechargeable. Dont have to put batteries in it. Just to go over it just normal sticks, these do not come off. You have your video camera. This is your tilt for your gimbal, but its not a smooth tilt. It does it in increments the gps button here, if you hit it once it does headless mode. If you hold it, it turns off gps and puts it in altitude hold mode. You have your return home button on off, switch your speed button and your compass calibration and thats it for the controller, and it does have a nice display that shows everything you need, while youre flying okay inside the case this was down below.

This is an extra battery that i got with it. This box has your extra propellers, a usbc, cable and a screwdriver, and it did come with a gimbal cover and heres your manual and heres the shoulder bag that it came with its a soft bag, but it protects it really nice, especially when it already has a Gimbal protector you dont really have to worry about it and thats how it fits, and it does tilt forward a little, not much thats about it. So what makes a little difficult is, if you want to have your antennas parallel to where youre flying you have to have it up in the air kind of high, because you cant have it down like this, because your antennas will be facing down. So you have to fly kind of like this, but this isnt a long distance flyer so that shouldnt be a problem. Okay, so well, go ahead and power it on lets, try just holding it thats it ill face it. This way: Music and the gimbal leveled out. So not yet its going to make me do a compass calibration before the level of gimbal so ill go ahead and turn the controller on were connected its waiting for gps until then ill go into wi fi there. It is eis, 5g and now open the app enter device there we go were ready to go so ill, go ahead and do a compass calibration. So that means i have gps and i have nine gps satellites go here and do calibrate.

Okay, now it says to Music, hold it vertically and rotate all right calibration complete and then the camera went ahead and leveled itself out so just to go over the app right here we have takeoff home return to home. This is your follow mode surround flight uh. You can use your rocker or your phone to control. It find your drone change. Your speed, add music adjust your gimbal and you can use um 3d glasses with this settings. Not much here. You can change uh. How big you want your radius when youre doing um surround when youre doing an orbit horizontal calibration compass calibration? You can change your language and format. Your sd was the last one, not much settings you can do for your camera. You can change from video to camera. Thats pretty much it and down here you can change your look, make it cool. Well, just leave it original im not going to worry about that, and then this is zoom. It is digital zoom, so its going to get a little grainy once you zoom in go ahead and click that to go back out. You can turn your mic on and off ill leave it on for now and see if it actually records on the sd card. What im saying here i can play back the photos and videos that ive already shot and thats pretty much it flight log up here and thats. It all right. So lets go ahead and get this in the air so ill hit this button here, its not gon na.

Let me do it because i didnt unlock it so lets go into here and do unlock and then take off and just let it hover in place maintain a position fairly well bring it out in front of me a little up some. So you can see it in the sky, so the trees arent in the way – and this is hands free notice, its not circling or doing anything. So this one really sits very well. So, while im doing all this im going to go ahead and hit record on my video that took a picture, i need to switch it to video here. We go hit record ill, go ahead and take it out in front of me turn it around scoot back a little so heres where i could adjust my roll. If i wanted to looks like it, doesnt need too much adjusting ill. Just go a little bit. Thats good and ill just record a little video just showing you the quality of the video so lets so a lot of times i like to put it over to the side. So one thing ive noticed with this drone is: i can get close to the trees and it pretty much sits where i want it to so. If i put it over here and try to park it by these trees to get a nice picture, i dont have to worry about it, drifting all over the place. It does sit still, so i can go ahead and turn a little and notice that my gimbal is in increments, so i can take a picture ill.

Take it off. A video switch over to camera took a picture. Lets go back into the middle lets, go up. Some over the tree line, so you can see it, go over little take another picture and i can use the buttons here. Okay, now ill, take it up and show you the different speeds right now im in the first speed. I believe lets go ahead and hit this thats speed. Two so well go back to one. This is speed, one take it up a little higher full sticks forward. Now turn around looks like i was about 3.4 meters per second got a little bit of wind against it right now, right around three, so ill go ahead and kick it into sport mode speed, two a little faster six, a little over six meters per second ill. Go back this way with the wind and right around seven: six and a half meters per second okay ill go ahead and switch it back to video hit record lets. Take it up, see how high it lets me go right now, im about 117.. So once i hit 120 meters, itll start beeping, so i need to bring it down still beeping. I need to get it down under 118 before it will stop okay, so ill, go see how far out i can go so im just flying straight out this way and im gon na try to keep my antennas facing towards the drone and again im using wi Fi for fpv and as im flying, i can go ahead and hit this ptz adjust and um try to fix the gimbal while im flying okay, just push out probably gon na, want a little more so im about 950 meters out.

So i should start to lose signal 1000, not going to get much more than this, so ill go ahead and hit return home. My video feed has frozen, but the good thing about having these controllers that have a display is, i can see that im actually decreasing on my controller im down to 1163 up here. They were just kicked in and its returning home. So let me know what you think of the video of this uh its a little dark out today, but um seems to look pretty good on my fpv screen ill tilt, my gimbal down, so it seems i got a lot of shake when i tilted the gimbal Down a lot so ill hit stop on return home, because i want to see how well this takes pictures ill go ahead and go back in the video hit record and lets see. I can do a waypoint flight and heres my house so ill go ahead and go here here and here and hit go its turning towards the first waypoint. So it gets to the first point. Then its going to turn and go to the second point. There goes turning and going to the last point, so ill go ahead and stop that go back into viewing it tilt down. So i see where im at house is this way so ill turn the other way and go forward a little and hit return home to see how close i get to where i took off so now, its up in front down to the end of my property Ill go ahead and hit return home well, go ahead and cancel return home in a second and thats.

How far away i was from, where i took off thats a low battery warning so ill go ahead and move it forward a little bring it down all right. So ill switch out batteries and try follow me and try. Maybe the orbit mode on here. Okay, so were going to try follow tilt my camera up towards me. There we go tilt the gimbal up a little just walk backwards. It is coming towards me tilt it up a little more try going down the road a little its a gps follow, so its not going to be exact, and it depends on how fast my phones, updating my gps of where i am lets, try the orbit mode Lets get it up over the trees in case it wants to act crazy well get over. What i want it to orbit, which is me right above hit that surround flight, see what it wants to do all right, thats it for this flight with the kf, 101 and uh. I was mainly concerned with the video quality and the picture quality and um. I was really surprised at how well this flew on how well it kept in place. You dont have to worry about it once you get up there, you can get closer to some things and not have to worry about it, drifting and hitting it, and that was really surprising, seeing as how it doesnt have any ultrasonic sensors. It really utilizes that camera down below and um the gps on board.

So let me know what you think in the comments below and ill put a link to it where you can buy it again. This is sub 200 bucks, so its pretty cheap drone and a really nice drone, if youre just trying to learn how to fly all right.