Why its not giving me a wi fi connection to the phone so that i can enable the apps now ill just show you the phone im using. It is a poco f2 pro and its running android 11. So what im going to do im going to show you why its not picking up the wi fi, or rather, i dont, know why its not picking up the wi fi so im just going to enable the drone and turn this on turn on the drone yep. Its on is flashing and lets. Yep lets enable i could see the drone just picked up and synced to the drone. So now i just need to connect to the wi fi, just waiting for the wi fi to see if it actually work right. So but unfortunately it is not showing me the wi fi so well just turn it off and turn it back on. Just to see. If i can pick up the wi fi from the drone, but its not showing up now, i try a different phone as well on a on an iphone, but it is also not showing up either yes, its not showing up the uh the wi fi broadcast. So i cant connect to it. Unfortunately, so hopefully you can help to see how we can solve this issue.