Theyre off in the kentucky derby and summer is tomorrow had a great start and goes immediately to the early lead. Messier is away running with speed crown pride to the outside. Epicenter is going to be taken back a bit down toward the inside as tapa goes up outside of charging and farther out and close to the bases. Cyberknife then comes on the outside zozos, as they race by us. For the first time it will be summer. Is tomorrow to lead the way round pride on the outside second messier follows in third zozos. Fourth, cyberknife is fifth to the outside and then its tapa charge it behind them. Epicenter finds himself in mid pack here, pioneer vedina smile, happy next and then send him to the inside at white of mario last causeway is, after that theyre followed by tawny port as they head to the back stretch. Simplification is next, then comes tis. The bomb rich strike botanical to the inside and then the two trailers up the back stretcher, barbara road and happy jack that opening half mile was whoa blazing fast 45.36 seconds for summer is tomorrow, who heads up the back stretch in front with japans crown pride right Alongside and messier goes up in between those two, the piece continues to be: hot zozos is next after three quarters in one minute, ten and four foot seconds, and now epicenter comes splitting horses and is moving up quickly as brown pride takes the lead around the far Turn it is crown pride battling with messier their stride for stride.

Epicenter and zozo sit behind them. Cyberknife sweeps up from the outside. Saturn gets the rail run and theyre into the stretch and its messier crown pride. Then epicenter is coming up on the outside that the center has taken the lead as they arrive into the final prologue jameson is coming after him, epicenter and sanded. These two stripes ride, simplification down the outside is next and coming down to the wire at the centers handed rich strike is coming up on the inside.