Oh my goodness, it’s ashland, hey kid! Hey! Thanks for coming! Back thanks for asking me what you’ve been doing. Oh you know just living the life yeah yeah. You know how i do. Music we’ve got some fun in store because ashley’s here tonight you have said that multiple times and i get more nervous each time you say it: we’re gon na play uh one second song millennial edition, okay for fun and prizes, one of which has been provided by Jimmy g: this is the drone home game, it’s, it’s, fun and here’s the little drone that comes with it, it’s a board game and you have to put your little monsters on there and the goal is to fly away. So i’ll show you how that works. A little bit later on, we’re also going to play uh ashley’s nature, clip and uh yo yeah, among other things, but tonight from the drone racing league. The drl’s amari is going to be joining us he’s on the roster we’ll find out from him what it took to become a drl pilot. This is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Soon to surpass, highlight and nascar i don’t know i don’t know. I don’t know any of the stats i’m just making stuff up anyway. Uh you doing all right, ashley everything good with you, yeah i’m good beans has been a little sick, but she’s getting better. Okay beans is her cat for the new people watching the goal.

Tonight is 10 new members become a member and we just recorded membership only content. Let me tell you it’s, just pure filth and with ashley here i can’t. Even i can’t even tell you a preview but uh boy, that’s gon na be something special for members only become a member. Now for exclusive content like that. Well, uh, we got the news coming up with jeff sills lots of surprises, fun and games, but first, ladies and gentlemen, it’s our favorite sponsor of all time. They keep the lights on i’m, talking about a pigeon, a Music pigeon jerky pigeon turkey, the cadillac of processed meats, you’ll, enjoy pigeon jerky, pigeon, jerky and you’ll give your family a treat Music yeah. Thank you. Pigeon jerky jerking, those pigeons since 1970, yeah. What nothing so let’s let’s move on here now before we get before we get to the news. It is time for everybody’s favorite segment, all the way from canada, our canadian buddy, the weekly beau shark. You know jim beauchart, i love jim beauchart all right. Ladies and gentlemen, the weekly beau chart hi ken jim beauchart back again with another episode of the weekly beau chart. If you’re, not a member, yet you should be that extra clip for members only pure it’ll be filthy to see how jeff gets revenge on geeks, vanna and speaking about jeff. I know he’ll be reporting on ingenuity on mars. I remember when i got really excited for my ‘ second performance, her not so much, not a joke, because we are running late.

A guy comes out of a bar sees that his car, stolen phones, the police department and our very own detective ray kelly gets sent over to do the investigation. He goes to the gentleman he says. Where was the last time you saw your car and the fellow goes uh on the end of the key detective kelly’s starting to look and write down the report and he notices that the man’s privates are hanging out. He says: excuse me, sir you’re, exposing yourself and the drunk looks down and holy crap and they stole my girlfriend too, and on that note and bye, oh, my goodness, mr beauchart, my goodness, um your thoughts, ashley he’s, getting a little racy that was dirty. That was dirty. That was dirty jim shame on you. That was dirty wow, there’s, kids, watching yeah by the way kelly green, our other co host has been asking to be on jim’s wall forever and uh. I don’t know if it’s out of spite or what, but but we got evil knievel, my ex wife, wonder woman, foghorn, leghorn houdini. I mean everybody but Laughter. So i love that sorry about that. Uh yeah, the weekly the weekly bow chart all right. Well, let’s! Go ahead and get right into the news: stop the music it’s time for news let’s head over into the drone newsroom and see what’s happening with our newsman newsman news. Newsman jeff hill what’s happening buddy. Well. This week has been very active with news uh from all over the place, so we’ll get started out of japan, wing copter and al napin.

Al nippon airways have partnered to use the wing copters to be able to fly drones to rare places to build a drone. Logistical network establishing it and scaling it all over the country. In the first phase, we are starting in goto to deliver medical goods faster to remote regions and therefore saving and improving lives with ringcopter’s high performance drone solution. We can reach remote islands with high speed. Strong partnership with green culture will bring dramatic change in logistics in japan, and it will bring great opportunities to provide better quality of life in near future. Well, that’s neato that’s, a cool thing, it’s very cute. It is yeah and and that’s that’s able to fly extremely long distances. They’Ve been testing this since uh, i think 2019, but the areas that they’re going to be sending this to are traditionally areas that have been extremely difficult for them to do any kind of deliveries. Okay, very good. I like that, all right. So next we have a photographer frodo alvarez uh, now we’ve seen uh in the past uh people that will create uh pictures in the sky using drones. Um this one, on the other hand, is a little bit spectacular because this artist uses five drones, all right and what’s. It what’s he doing with him he’s using five drones to recreate a 40 meter high football titan yeah, so he’s light painting with them. This is a timed exposure and everything so that’s cool yeah.

I want to know where he got his glow in the dark mask yeah. Where do you get that? Did you see that too? Actually, i want that. What i, what i loved is the fact that they did this with different colored lights. You know so each one of the the drones basically filled out like the arms and and the clothes were separate. It was really well done. Yeah, i wouldn’t have the patience to do something like that, but that is awesome. I’Ve never done any light. Painting Music it’ll be cool to try that out, yeah hold on hold on jeff. Did you say that was a football light painting that was soccer yeah? What are you talking about man? Sorry, all of europe, sorry for the rest of the world. Yeah, all right so sony has is, is bringing forth their air peak drone and every so often they like to give us a little bit of a sneak peek as to what is happening with this drone. Recently, they shared company’s testing methods for the air peak, showing this drone being able to stabilize and maintain position in 43.6 mile per hour winds. The more i hear about this thing, the more impressed i am with it. How do you think the matrice 210 would do in the same conditions? I think it will be drifted. You think i think it would look at that big old fan, i’d love to just try to stand in a wind tunnel until i couldn’t anymore i’m, just impressed with how stable this thing is.

I mean it is literally rock solid in these just extremely high winds. It really is, and they’re yeah and they’re also talking about this thing supposed to be able to function in in various weather conditions, so like rain, cold weather, etc. Uh they’re, they’re, making it sort of an all purpose. Drone is the string there just to show the wind moving or is it serving a purpose? Do you think i would imagine it’s part of showing where the the travel of the wind is over the drone. The string wants to have fun too ken. Of course sorry. I hadn’t thought about that. The needs of the string, thank you, ashley you’re, always right there, all right. So for the first time in human history, we have flown on a foreign on another planet. This is so cool check this out here it is the the mars stuff. Is the image from our onboard navigation camera showing us hovering above the surface of mars? How incredible we’re, gon na wait for the perseverance rover image of us Applause? We can now say that human beings have thrown a rotorcraft on another planet that is fan freaking tastic. Look at that it was a very short flight, just a little test flight, but i guess they’re going to go over that berm later do some more well yeah. I mean so the first flight was to to as proof of concept. Obviously they they tested this thing on uh, you know in on on earth and they tried their best to simulate the mars environment, but obviously, once it gets there, they they need to be able to make sure that’s going to work.

So the fact that it took off and flew and maintained its location was the first really important part of it, but the stability uh, the fact that it didn’t drift anywhere that that thing was just absolutely spot on um. Just truly amazing. I cannot wait to see how they use this going forward. This is very exciting time. We’Re living in we’re living in the future Laughter all right, so this one can i’m gon na say is for you recently uh vivian beck, a mermaid was photographed by her husband, brian beck. This uh couple previously filmed. They do videos of themselves, and this is her in her aquatic costume. You mean that’s, not a real mermaid that looks pretty genuine to me. It’S a mermaid it’s, a freaking mermaid, hey uh. What kind of bait would you use for for that? I’D. I’D? Probably use a very large bobber, maybe a couple a couple: two tree worms on that thing and pull her up de boner put her on the grill Laughter right. You know, there’s something going on man hook me a big one. Today she was talking and everything i shut her up. Deep boned, her nader yummy nummy is is mermeeet good, my god, oh lord, who, whose idea was this you think that was hers or her husband, her husband, it had to have been her husband’s idea: hey honey. I saw this mermaid outfit on amazon. If i order it, will you swim in the river okay for your birthday, you would that’s just that’s just weird all right: i’m gon na buy a mermaid outfit for ashley, okay, yeah and it works and they work too.

I have a friend of mine from high school she and her daughters. They have uh the the things that go out to one of the local pools and they swim around in them and and they work okay, all right, okay, so next in the news we have some really interesting stuff that comes out of the uk. First is a huge rock fall that happened in jurassic coast in dorset um. This was just absolutely enormous um. This is the first collapse that this area has had in almost 60 years um and the amount of of the side of this cliff that fell was just phenomenal. Did they lose any of the sheep? Did any of the sheep die in this thing because they were right on the edge? Okay, all right yeah? I don’t have any indication that that any of the sheep went with it um. You know obviously there’s hazards in the area, but uh because of some heavy rains, the area around there had softened and that whole section fell now not to be outdone. On the other hand, we have this footage that come from wales. This is uh from one of their areas, and this is even more terrifying, because not only did they have the collapse, but there’s houses there, oh yeah there’s little bits of manicured lawn down there on the beach now yeah. Look at that how’d. You like to be that homeowner that suddenly lost like most of his yard.

Well, i mean there’s a lot less to pay your gardener. Now right, you know, that’s, look! You build your house on a cliff that’s, the the chance you take. What about these other houses down there that are on the cliff? You know what if it happened there that that would that would have been bad. Do you think the value of the other houses went down after this, because you know you can’t, be a real estate agent in uh that area and go uh uh check out this out? No, not that one, not that don’t look over there yeah the beach is right there. Okay, i know i know your neighbor’s lawn is now part of the beach, but uh don’t worry about that. That only happens once every 100 days so over here we have this house. That’S got to be awkward but um that’s a terrible thing. Man that’s. If anybody was down the beach that would have been it. Oh yeah, i wonder what it sounds like um. I thought there would be a follow up. I made it sound like a freight train. Everything sounds like a freight train man that tornado is coming towards me. It just like a very change. Just like a friendship. I mean they just can’t. They they have no other descriptor man that hurricane came up on me sounds just like a just like a freak train. I’M. Sorry, okay, i digress and back to the news.

I always wonder if those people freak out at train crossings, then all right uh. So next, in the news we have some video footage. This comes out of norman oklahoma. This is a situation on march 28th, where they had an active shooter situation, and the police department used their drone in a very unique way. We had the drone go up, trying to figure out where this guy was shooting from and when the drone went up. It took his attention off of us lily talk. We got a drone in the air Applause. Oh, i think he’s shooting at your drone we’re clear. He does not have eyes on yet, and he started shooting at the drone and going after that, which again gave us a little bit of a reprieve that actually was able to fully redirect him away from our area for the most part. After that, he was still shooting. He actually shot a little bit more towards the south team. That was still stuck down there, but he had taken his attention off of us and the citizens, which was a very good thing. That’S awesome yeah to use a drone for a distraction, technique, yeah yeah that’s great. What a great idea yeah that that was. That was really uh an interesting thing, because i don’t think they originally intended for the drone to be the distraction technique. I think once they realized that the guy was gon na be distracted by it.

They were like hey, keep that up right, right, yeah, that’s, other uh, more more good news about about the use of drones. That’S great. I love it uh so also uh. This is some amazing footage. That’S come out of russia uh. This is a moscow based journalist, maria poster, who went out recently and filmed an abandoned russian village that has been completely encapsulated in ice, whoa huh, oh no! Now this is the village of sverning um and it’s an abandoned village. You know it’s it’s there’s, very few people remaining there um and they had some very terrible conditions come through with uh some some uh, some freezing, drizzle and rain and stuff, and this whole place just got completely inundated by it. Why is it abandoned? Is it? Is? It one of those towns near chernobyl or something it’s, no it’s, just a village that that people are moving away from. You know it’s it’s been dying over over time, um it’s in a very remote area, and people just don’t, really want to live there as much anymore, so yeah, because once in a while the weather is crap. Clearly i was gon na, say yeah. You know what i would abandon a place that gets completely frozen over yeah right, wow, that’s, crazy, yeah, amazing stuff, but what a great uh place to film a movie or something? Oh yeah, yeah, because you know it’s it’s, not radioactive, like some of the abandoned places.

In russia shoot a shoot, a bond film there there you go yeah that’s, a good idea, all right so out of martinez california. This was kind of interesting, so a canadian mountie posing as a teenage girl, convinced or i guess, was part of a sting operation to catch a predator, and this video footage was taken in martinez, california of them catching daniel paul 41. Who showed up thinking that he was going to meet a teen and instead met the police department? Oh good yep, and they use the drone to film the whole thing. Get these creepers off the street. Absolutely wow that’s crazy, yeah. I hate to think about that stuff happening in the world, but people crazy people be crazy. Yo. You know, i think crazy is just about as as as as crazy. You can be when it comes to australia. This next story, a hobbyist named duncan duncan brochie, was on a fishing trip and he caught this video footage of a shark chasing and trying to eat a crocodile. Oh i’ve always wondered who would win in uh the epic battle between shark and crocodile? I have no idea, i i thought at some point in the video. You might actually see a confrontation like that, but apparently the crocodile sensing that the shark was nearby uh bee, lined it to a rock but uh, but that shark was thinking. Ah yeah it’s a tasty treat. I wanted to see him fight.

That would have been amazing. Who do you think would win? I think the croc would win man, they have don’t, they have better more powerful bite force yeah if the crowd could get it. If the croc was able to spin around and get a hold of it, i would imagine the croc probably would have done enough damage to and crocodiles do those little spinny moves. They grab you and they spin real fast, oh right, trying to rip the meat off. Hey crocodile versus mer, woman, Music crocodile again yeah that that’s a pay per view. I would i would like to see all right so uh out of the western district and uh. I think this is victoria uh. Some brothers have come up with a new way of being able to muster the the cattle and stuff on their property after one of them was injured in a motorcycle accident, and they realized that maybe using drones might be a better way of doing this than getting Injured, we grew up mustering on horseback here, so over the stony undulated country. We got to a point where we thought we need to implement something even better than that again, so we introduced drones onto the farm to move away from handling stock with motorbikes on the motorbikes. It could take us half a day to a full day, whereas now, with the drone it’s a matter of a few hours, it’s a much more efficient way of doing it and a lot safer.

If you crash your drone or you just get another drone, whereas if i fall off a horse, then who knows what’ll happen, i think there there’s a bad culture in farming that my father did it. That way, my father’s father did it that way so that’s just the way it should be done. I think that needs to change a fair bit, because a lot of water performing practices can be done, a lot safer and a lot better way. Safety is incredibly important on farm it’s number one. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to myself or my family, so you wouldn’t want that on any of your workers or any of their families as well. Is there nothing that drones can’t? Do honestly? No? No, but listen to me, those two men could read the encyclopedia to me and i would just listen. I i could watch that clip 27 times and i’ll. Be like absolutely thank you. What is your favorite foreign accent? Ashley? Oh man, i don’t know it depends. It depends on what mood i’m in that day, what what’s yours, jeff, i i’ve always been uh preferential to the english accent. British british accent. Okay, yeah you lived there for a while. Yes, i did yeah yeah wait, wait yeah! He did. I live yeah. I lived in uh tunbridge wells uh for a year and it was fantastic yeah, yeah yeah. He ate fish and chips. My favorite, my favorite foreign accent, is a toss up.

I can’t decide what sex here, uh scottish accent or an irish. I think i’d have to go with irish scott. I love it. I love it when the girls are like you know, with the hard teas and they’re talking like this hi, hey ken, i love it. So i love all right. Music, bring it back to the news. So recently, uh as part of a marketing launch a a a shanghai based entertainment company, called billy billy has had a huge uh drone show where they used 1500 or 15, 000 or 1500 drones to form a bunch of things in the sky. What was really fantastic about this was that as part of the marketing, they created a qr code in the sky, and anybody that was within visual sight of it could hold their phones up and the qr code would work, and you know, link them to the app Really, as an interesting aside to this uh greg cooner, our all time, favorite uh little hacker decided that he was going to hold his phone up to the video of this, and it also works. You have to that’s. You know these drone cluster drone shows. Some of them are a lot better than others. The resolution is increasing. You know the the drones are getting smaller and they’re able to control more at a time pretty soon it’ll be just like little pixels. You won’t be able to tell ah it’s so fun living in the future there.

It is when our qr code is just yeah hold on. Let me see there, it is there it is so if you want to scan it, go ahead. What is it? What does it bring up? Something it it’ll it’ll take them to the it’s, the billability app it’s, their online entertainment, app, okay, that’s, neat, yeah, yeah cool all right, so companies all over the world have come up with unmanned flying vehicles from scratch, but one unique company called x wing is taking A completely different approach because they know that software on existing aircraft will allow them to auto land. There are airports and places that have the ability to support auto landing through the autopilots, so this company, using a cessna grand caravan 208, has tied into that auto flight software and they’re, using these planes as drones to do deliveries it’s completely automated. Ah, in what country? Not this country, not this country next year, is it this country that’s? What i’m checking on right now? Okay, because that this is in the this is in this – is in the united states? Is it in florida? Oh? Well, there you go! That explains it! Anything goes in florida, crazy people down there yeah right. The faa is like what you want to fly a pilotless plane from one airport to another, oh florida, whatever going on spacex and tesla, you know fly remotely piloted cargo flights. So why not uh this company? You know not one accident, not one accident, not one person’s been hurt or killed uh as a result of these photography, drones fpv drones that we’ve been flying for years uh, but just you wait, somebody’s sending their tube socks via the amazon, drone or ups drone.

Somebody going to get killed, somebody going to own half a ups, just saying all right, it’ll last for a week, all right now back to me all right so last in the news, blue origin recently launched their uncrewed test flight out of new shepard’s subway or the Industry, the new shepard’s sub article – you got it jeff, you got it let’s do this over come on. You got it come on vehicle. Buy me a valve 14.. Can i solve the puzzle all right i’ll just do this i’d like to solve pat i’d like to solve the puzzle, all right go ahead, uh, so the new shepherd sub orbital vehicle was flown on april 14th, out of their west texas facility, okay, i’m, going to Show this video, the video that you’ll see, is from a drone and the only job of the the drone pilot is to track the rocket going past it and he missed it. He missed it. Watch this that’s, not the drone shot. Yet here we go all right. All right, it’s on you, man, just track it up. No problem at all, just track that thing. Keep it in frame, keep it in free, keep it in frame did wad. Oh, he had one job the drag brakes and there you see all the speed leading off of the off of the vehicle and waiting for our be3 engine to relight there. It goes Music. I, like that sound that landing here all this technology to bring a rocket down vertically and land like in a sci fi movie, and they let an intern operate the drone camera.

Oh, we got everything covered. We got everything planned down to the last millisecond what’s that oh larry’s, the drone operator larry is sick, i’ll, let your cousin do it whatever as much as i was like, i don’t know – maybe maybe it’s just maybe it’s just me but uh. That is, that is very cool. Thank you. Jeff. Before i go you never. Let me ever tell a joke. You know that oh yeah you never ever. Let me tell a joke. Everybody else in this show gets to tell a joke, but i never get to tell one well that’s, because the ones you tell aren’t funny fine i’m kidding man. I love you man. What do you need? I need some hillbilly music. You got it all right, what’s, the difference between beer, nuts and deer nuts what’s the difference between beer, nuts and deer nuts. Beer nuts are about 95 cents. Deer nuts are under a buck very good jeff. Thank you. Thank you all right, so that’s that’s it one joke every two years: you’re covered yes and until 2023.. Thank you very much good i’m good yeah, so uh i have to. I have to do something before we let jeff go and we’ve got amari. Drone racing league uh pilot coming up we’re gon na talk with him, but first it’s been a while, since we shared little kid pictures of people in our community. Okay, i have just a few and everybody in the chat.

Please guess who these uh people are: okay, here’s, the first one, who is that any guesses correct that is art? Ah yeah, that’s art a little root and tootin tricycle rotten little cow pope there. He is all right, here’s, the next one. Who is that? What do i want to say? That’S, awesome? No! No! That is our buddy that’s chris rollins. Oh, my god, yeah look at him. I mean he’s, a car guy. So of course, he’s. Look at him future car guy there all right now here here is a good one. Who is that not the guy on the left, but the guy on the right his brother, who is that i’ll give you a hint he’s got an english accent, nope wow, then no, that is else medkit Music yeah, all right, here’s, a good one! Everybody knows this! Guy, you should be able to tell just by his little face i’ll i’ll i’ll zoom it in even let me see if i can zoom it in a little bit for you just by his his little cute face. No, he doesn’t have two watches on there. Yeah jason chef, jason, jeffer doesn’t. He look like jason jafford. Look at him. He looks like a little mini me shopper right there. Yeah all right got the cheek all right now who this who’s who’s. This neanderthal who’s that guy it had been a long time ago. So it’s, an old guy he’s got a butterfly collar.

Who is that i love those pants everybody. Everybody in the chat is guessing correctly. Of course, that is tada. Our sexy news, man, jeff sills, is that jeff with the bowl cut, yeah man look it’s, so yeah there’s, Music there’s proof that he did have hair at one time, how you doing buddy just keep drinking. So there you go there. He is all right. How about that guy who’s, that is, that kelly, green? No, that is people in the chat, anybody anybody anybody he’s got a bow tie on that is our buddy jerry, calverly yeah little bow tie jerry all right. Who is this? This might be a little bit more difficult, who’s that guy. Why does he look familiar? He does doesn’t. He picture him with overalls and no shoes on that’s 10 toes Laughter. Look at that look at that. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a picture of tin toes, but for some reason i am not surprised yeah now here is this: this guy. This guy is very well known in the fpv world. Who is that ashley? You won’t know who that is which which one the acidic the kid the little kid the one drinking like what looks like a beer it’s, not nerk, um. No, no, no trying to remember his name now: it’s, oh my god, tommy! Oh yeah, yeah, look he’s a little cute little kid that’s cute! Look at that! Let me grow up to be a cute little fpv! God look at that! All right! So there’s our little kid pictures.

If you want to send in little kid pictures of you or other people in our community as kids. Well, you can do that. You can send them here. Ken herron upload, gmail.com ken herron uploaded gmail.com. Thank you, jeff very much you’re. Our most welcome okay, thanks for stopping by now get out. Ah that jeff we got ta love that jeff yeah. We do. We do now uh here’s ashley with a quick joke. Well, actually, i wan na give a shout out to richard frostwell who joined the herron birds. Oh, thank you very much for doing that and we’re going to go over some super chats right now. Oh yep! Okay, sorry, here we go that’s all right. Let me let me get back. Oh my goodness, we got quite a few, a whole bunch of them. Uh whm3, with the 20 super chat here’s to an awesome tnl tonight. Thank you very much, whm3 big supporter of the channel. The drone dad hey, i think, he’s he’s out of florida. My kids already have the drone home game. I dominate what else you got. Oh okay. This is the prize tonight that i’m giving away one of the so cool the many prizes. Thanks to jimmy j jimmy j, thank you jimmy j and uh let’s see, oh, my goodness, robert camarda 50 bucks wow 50 super chat. The drone on mars ran over a feline organism. That’S right curiosity killed the cat ashley. You don’t like that too much.

But you know what i’m gon na i’m gon na make you like that, a lot better than what i’m about to show you speaking of cats. Somebody sent me this weeks ago and i saved it for when you were on um right now, yeah. So your cat beans kind of kind of a fat cat is she huge? Does she look like she’d, be tasty bam, Laughter, actually that’s, not a real cat, that’s, just chicken that looks like a cat? Oh no does it look a little bit like Laughter. Music beans? Are you gon na be all right? Oh no it’s, just chicken it’s just chicken, but it does look like a damn all right. Let’S move on with the super chat. Sorry, sorry, ashley! Are you gon na, be all right, yeah, no it’s, okay! Okay, all right! So thanks again, robert camarda uh mark sylvester 20 bucks. Thanks mark love, t.l ken i was led to your channel from another channel created by a beautiful redhead. Would that be? Would that be ashley? Are you directing people to my channel? Ah, thank you, ashley and uh. Thank you mark very much art code, drone solutions. Five bucks thanks, buddy mermaid video produced by. Why does he want to make me say these things say it i’m, not no! No you’re! Reading it right mermaid video produced by vin d bana, i want to say bona afv. I don’t know what that means. Um geno 1999 super chat for a pound of myrrh meat.

Ah, give me a pound of mermaid. Is that cannibalism? I guess it depends on which part of the mermaid you eat, isn’t it. It depends on how much genetic relationship we have with a myrrh person. I mean, if you, if you ate the the mermaid from the waist down, then that wouldn’t be cannibalism, right, okay, yeah! So, but waist up, then yeah that’s that’s bad. So when you catch your mermaid and you de bone her and you get her fillets ready, make sure just to use the bottom half throw away the torso and you’re good to go legally all right and uh eyes by drone with an australian 10 bucks. That’S almost like real money, i love teasing. You i’m, not teasing everyone else in australia just greg. Thank you very much. The payment is a bribe to get jeff to never tell a joke again. You got it and it’s that’s. All it took richard. Frostel became a member, we have uh one out of ten. I encourage people to become a member, because, after the show tonight, i’m gon na post the pre show video for members. Only that is can can we give them a little preview. Can we mention what we mentioned, or no i mean with that. Okay, if you be that wouldn’t upset anybody. No okay! If you become a member, you get access to all the cool member content, plus the video that we recorded tonight. Ashley will show you her hole.

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He said to tell you: hi, oh yeah, yeah vivid, ariel uh in nashville. They have a dji repair shop right on the premises. So if you break your stuff, which you will pj ifpv, then uh you don’t have to send it to china, because they’ll they’ll replace it and then return it to you on a slow boat. You know they have those slow boats over there in china. So just keep it here and go find an authorized. Dji repair shop near you, usually in a hobby shop and uh another one from dinodrone barbecue cat. I don’t know what he’s talking about that is guaranteed reaction out of out of ashley um. Oh, my goodness, the members are rolling in an um viper viper. 6. Drone 50 bucks. My goodness thank you. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a a super chat from viper six. Thank you! Viper six. You know there’s a lot of people that watch this. That don’t comment uh and uh. I say hello to you and that’s fine. You don’t have to you. Don’T have to comment. You have to read the chat um you just enjoy the rest of the show and rob agnew. Thank you very much for becoming a member we’ll get back to all this stuff. Oh, oh he’s, a member upgrade he’s. Now a member of the pigeon jerky gang. Well, that is good! Yes, all right, so we’re gon na bring in amari from the drl.

If you don’t know what the drl is it’s a drone racing league and uh, these are absolutely amazing. Pilots. You know um our buddy nerc he’s uh, the the i think uh was it the 2018 world champion and and he’s a friend of the show and uh we’re going to get right to that right after this, this is uh from casey weitzman, because i have a Lot of viewer videos that i want to get to yeah. This is uh, build crash. Repeat: hey ken here’s, a video i put together of some of the crashes that happened while spending a few hours trying this one trick the end outcome wasn’t as good as i wanted it to be, but the crashes were kind of funny. Fpv drones make strange noises when they smash into things. Yes, they do and owners make strange noises if their fpv drone is made of plastic and not carbon fiber dji, so uh he says enjoy. I keep ripping on the dji fbv. You do we’ll find out what amari thinks of it uh. So here that is, this is from casey weitzman enjoy Music wow. Do you know? I think i can. I think i can do this. I mean. Certainly i can crash yes, but i think i can do the trick that he’s trying to do like a figure. Eight, no, you you do a power loop and then you head backwards through it and back up and over.

Oh, this stresses me out. Well, i mean this is this is how you learn Music. I think this is the one Music yeah that’s what he wanted to do, that’s wicked. What do you mean the outcome? Wasn’T, what you wanted, my dude let’s. Try it one more time he says Laughter. Well, you know that’s just that’s, just how the the the the drone crumbles there you go uh. There was something else i wanted to share before we bring in. I thought, no, i guess not all right, let’s bring in our guest huh let’s. Do it uh here is ashley with a joke. While i bring in amari for sure i got one ready to go all right. Can you catch from a vampire in the wintertime? What frost bite? Music, okay, okay, i got another one, all right, yeah, one more! All! Right: okay, what did one plate whisper to the other plate? What did one plate whisper to the other plate yeah? What dinner’s on me, ah that’s funny that’s funny, was that funny amari. Ah yeah, no that’s pretty good. I like some of those good funny. Jokes. Hey! Welcome to the show my friend how you guys doing pretty good. Have you been watching all this silliness? Oh i’ve saw the run up yep i’m hot and ready to get going, okay, good, good and and uh what you got. You got uh water in there. Of course, because you’re an athlete – obviously yes, exactly body armors for your hydration there, you go your first thing to go.

When you start dehydrated yeah, you got ta replace those electrolytes, not like ashley who just gets a box of wine with a straw. I actually am drinking water tonight: okay, all right, very good, yeah we’re, all drinking water except jeff seals so uh for for people who don’t know what the drl is and they should everybody should. Can you just take a moment and explain what it is so the drl is the premier drone racing scene for the best pilots in the world. Um let’s see here. We pilot these crazy, massive drones they’re about this big, give or take covered in leds that go extremely fast through all these crazy courses throughout every different location in the world, they’ve flown over in um what’s, it called they’ve, been to germany, definitely a bunch of places In the u.s, just all over the world, these crazy 3d environments that you wouldn’t traditionally see drones, let alone any other motorsport participating. So if you see clips online or even on uh, what like espn 11 or something uh of of these environments, where it’s like all neon and and holes and people cheering in this fast motion that’s, what drl is? Oh yeah absolutely yeah and you are now on the roster. How long have you been part of it? So this last season uh was my rookie season, so i’ve been on for one full year now i got on through drl’s tryout process. They have a simulator that’s available on steam, xbox and playstation, so anyone who wants to go on and like practice their drone skills can get in and do it really low barrier to entry and it makes for some pretty awesome opportunities.

Okay, i’m. Looking at the yeah the website here now this playstation one that’s recent right, yeah that’s, the most recent edition, yep uh, we were on steam. Originally, then we brought on xbox and then now we have playstation and it’s all cross compatible. So it doesn’t matter what platform you’re playing on you can play or fly against any of your friends if they own any consoles or a computer, okay and wow. This is what kind of quad is this that you guys race with. So this is known as the racer four all right, it’s, the coolest drone ever i’ve flown a lot of drones in my career and uh. By far my favorite drone it’s, covered in thousands of leds um goes zero to ninety in under a second it’s, just yeah and it’s one of those things where you also need to like just hear it fly, sometimes, especially when you can have like six or seven Of them flying at the same time, it’s like if you’ve ever been to a nascar track and like seen them come down the straightaway after they dropped the checkered and it’s. Just like that, yeah like a great feeling. What do they call the um, the um electric uh indy cars? What do they call those? Oh uh formula, e formula e, so it kind of sounds like formula e yeah yeah. I love the sound of that yeah. The formula is awesome, all the yeah. Do you have one of those with you there in your room that you can show yeah? I got one right here now.

This is one of my practice ones, so it’s a little beat up so don’t, mind the duct tape and everything right, oh that’s, how the drone we fly here, that’s, a big old honking thing, isn’t that’s, bigger than yeah five inches. This is massive for those of you who know what a gopro is for size. This is a gopro, so it’s a big old drone and you can’t quite tell from there but there’s leds all over the main body and on the back on the arm. So we can see each other while we’re flying wow. We only powered it from a little camera. You guys know what fpv is from little feet up here right now, those are: are those uh proprietary like you, can only get one uh if you’re part of the league right or correct the only way you can get a racer four is becoming one of the Top 12 pilots in the world and becoming on drl that must have been an exciting day to get that to get that right. Absolutely! The very first thing i did once i got my invite on the league and signed my contract was okay. When can you start sending me these drones, because i wanted to start practicing immediately? How many do they send you, because you’re gon na you’re gon na break them? Oh, i got quite a few yeah and then you know if you need parts we get parts and everything because, like you, said a lot of it’s proprietary, they keep us really well stocked, so they definitely want us practicing at our peak yeah.

Is it analog and can you put your own rates and everything and then you tune it just like any other quad right, so the video link and the radio link that are used in the system are proprietary, that a pair api technology and everything else, though, is What was the question? It was the the feed, the radio yeah and your your rates. You can tune them yourself, great, so drl being a spec league, meaning we’re all flying the exact same drone. We have four or five different rate banks. We can choose from so there’s a predetermined set of rates and we as pilots get to decide which rate suits our flying style, the best, okay and so yeah, but like when you’re not there and where you’re uh you’re. In iowa is that right, yeah respect dab in the middle of the midwest, okay iowa, where, where does drl happen like all just different locations, they set it up for that purpose, right yeah. So i know two years ago, not this last season with uh covet 19 and everything we had an online simulator season, so the entire season took place on that simulator. We were talking about a little earlier and but before that and all the years before that and hopefully looking forward here, we’re going to be doing more in real life races and, like i said, they’ve happened everywhere from uh germany. There was a bmw plant that uh they did it in.

That was pretty intense. Oh, i think i remember that yeah they was a really cool track and they like raced around cars and everything i would have been so nervous like hit one of those like really nice show cars, yeah, yeah, that’s that’s the thing about these events. They can be set up anywhere like abandoned places and uh yeah just turn turn it into a drl uh track and there’s. No other racing like it. That could take advantage of just any environment because we’re not constrained to just like asphalt or just a typical 2d track. We can do literally just about everything yeah now um you in iowa. When you bring this thing out, can you can you bring your racer? What is it racer, 4 racer, 4 yeah. Can you bring that out to your fpv meet or are you allowed to? Let other people touch it or fly it? Even what are the rules with that? So where i am uh, our neighborhood is really really cool with it, and i have some neighbors that think it’s the coolest thing in the world, so they even go as far as saying hey. If you ever need to go like set up gates like and combine our yards to, make like a one really big track, go for it. Oh because i mean you’re going to be finding these things all the time did you have to go out. Another hey um, i’m on drill.

Now so there’s going to be things flying around. I was always flying like, so this is a 7 inch drone. It spins a 7 inch. Propeller i’d always been flying like in the more grassroots leagues like in, like multi, gp and some other, just like non professional leagues and we’d fly five inch drones. So they kind of knew me as the guy in the backyard who was whipping around the little five inch thing that was noisy, so i didn’t really. They came over and saw it once and it was really neat because they were able to volunteer to be like hey, like you know, if you ever want to do something go for it. This is awesome, and i one of the neighbors next door, like comes out, sits on the porch and just watches me when i practice it’s pretty funny the racer here’s, some actually um me and sean and uh race, button slice we’re all running 3s. This is one of those five yeah it’s um is the racer for analog. It is yes, okay, so people at these drl events can bring their own goggles um, because that’s a big part of fbv goggles. They are like we’re all using the same version of fat. Sharks and everything, but that is what we’re using so if i went to a drl event and brought my goggles, i could see the event in there and so yeah and flip through the racers that’s.

My understanding i see as a rookie. This is my first year. I haven’t actually had the opportunity to go to an real life event, so definitely hoping that happens really soon. Here, oh okay, all right, yeah and i’ve always been a super fan, though so i’ve seen in the audience and like the past seasons of people with with fat sharks on watching the flying, as it happens, yeah that’s how it works. That’S. The thing i’ve been to these gp events like what i was just showing i’m going to show you show another one of you racing at a furniture mart yeah. Oh my god, i’ve been to these events and and to be aboard on the goggles. While you guys are zipping around it’s, just absolutely so impressive, what you guys can do and it’s it’s, you know it’s muscle, memory and practice, and this is yeah. You guys are pros. You know um. I could never. You know i’m. I could never imagine me flying like that, but i guess i could with enough practice well, yeah, no it’s. Definitely one of those things where you got to work on your drone skills, and i can definitely tell you that the sim has helped a lot with that. Like the same the controller i’m using right, there is the same one. I use on the simulator this one right here, uh, if i’m ever filming anything trying to get shots with a gopro uh any of my racing drones, including the racer for and when i’m simming on the drl sim.

It all uses the exact same controller so i’m. Getting good muscle memory practice the entire time yeah i’m i’m i’m into the freestyle. You know going to bandos and oh yeah stuff like that and i’m just now, at the point where i’m, my confidence is a little bit higher than my skill level: okay, no that’s! Okay, you know what i mean so i’m, like that way: forever yeah like oh, but that hole sure you know and i’m like and then, if i make it through i’m like yes, but if i don’t i’m, like you know, but that’s that’s, the thing man uh Fpv is so manic it’s the ups and downs, everything and and that’s what’s appealing to a lot of people. But please take us through how you became a drl pilot with with the sim now the the sim that you used to qualify and how many people did you beat out and what are the physics like and give us the whole story? Gosh, okay, so the whole story: wow, okay, yeah. I started when i was born yeah Laughter, so i got it. I knew what drones were. I had seen people like flying like the camera, drones and stuff like four or five years ago, i’d. Never flown one myself or owned one um. I was home over winter break. While i was at college working on a degree, and i was watching something gaming related on youtube. Don’T specifically remember what it was um, but there was a thumbnail off to the side and it was drones, racing through dolphin stadium or so like a thumbnail and then a title to that effect.

So i had to click on. I mean that sounded really cool. Of course, so i saw that – and that was one of the first seasons of drl, and it was these huge drones like covered in leds, flying really fast around the track, and i thought it was really cool. But then the camera like moved over and showed, like all the pilots, were wearing goggles, and i put two and two together that they were flying from that cockpit point of view and that sold it for me instantly like this is a real life video game. This is the coolest thing ever it’s fast. You can build it yourself right and from that point on, my goal was to get on drl like before i even like hovered, my first drone after i built it. I had already went out to like the local hardware store and was building gates and stuff, because i knew i wanted to race because i’ve always been super competitive and i knew that would be a great outlet for me and my goal was drl um. So i’d always been practicing in real life, going traveling all over the u.s everywhere from shoot california to florida to new york everywhere to get to like go get my name out there. I got the jersey. Now it worked. So eventually i started figuring out the drl had a tryouts process because they’re an invite only league like it’s, not they have to reach out to you and say hey you want to do this so one way to get on every year is they have the drl Tryouts, which happens on their sim, so i had actually competed in uh two tryouts processes before this most recent one that i wanted to get on before.

I was finally able to get on the league and at this point, like i check steam here, i’ve got 1400 hours in the sim alone, just like flying practicing trying to get those skills down so that i would compete and then tryouts happened. Last year i felt like i was at the top of my game. I literally felt unbeatable and i actually had the action to prove that up because april 2nd, when the finals run, i didn’t lose a single race. There was 10 races in a row to like see who would be the final person to get the contract, and i did not lose a single time. I came in first 10 times in a row that is, that is amazing, insane and and and and after all, that sim time was it the same in in real life when you know going from the sim to so since my goal was to get under rl And you can’t get a racer for any other way, um that was kind of like a secondary goal like i need. I really want to fly a racer for because i’ve got to get practicing as fast as i can, because everyone else who is on the league already has at least a year or two of experience up on me flying this specific drone. So i knew i’d have to really start grinding and as soon as i got it and picked it up, it was super natural um.

It felt natural, very natural, not supernatural, but you know what i mean. No, no, it can be, it can be supernatural, it can be an out of body experience for real yeah. It is that’s how fpv is yeah um, so it felt great. I definitely felt right at home. I definitely felt like those 14 1500 hours i put in was definitely translating very well the weight of the drone it like, as i was flying, you know, moving around and everything and around obstacles. I felt it was extremely similar. I know drl really prides themselves on the amount of time and research they’ve put into making sure their sim flies one to one in real life. If you go look up, drl’s youtube, page there’s, a bunch of videos on them like putting mocap stuff on drones, to like make sure they’re getting real, so uh you’re you did you fly for fun like you’re all practicing. All the time. Do you ever fly just for fun like different? Do you have? Do you have a a camera drone, a gps drone? Do you have like a mavic or anything lying around? I don’t have anything like that i’m reaching over here to grab what i do have. What i do have is this: this is kind of like a filming drone.