It looks like a plane but it’s actually a drone. It comes in two colors, you have this blue and then you also have this yellow. Now that i see the blue one i kind of wish, i got the blue one instead of the yellow, but i have the yellow one, so let’s unbox it see everything that comes in the box, Music. We have the user manual a pack here with four spare propellers a prop removal tool and then the usb charger. We have two batteries here: 3.7 volt 500 milliamp hour batteries. Those are pretty big batteries. Here we have the plane yeah. I do wish. I got the blue, but it still looks pretty neat even in yellow and then the controller. It takes three triple a’s, so that’s, a quick rundown of everything that comes in the box let’s charge these batteries up and take this for a flight. Okay, we are ready to fly the h, 95 and pop that battery compartment, open, which it is a rather large battery compartment, but it is a pretty big battery. I don’t think i’ve ever gotten anything that had a 500 milliamp hour, a single cell battery like that there is the on and off switch and we’re gon na place it down here on something flat. So we’ll do it up down, and now we have a bind and then to calibrate the gyro it’s down and then the leds flash. You hear the beep on the controller and then the leds flash on the plane let’s.

Do it again just so. You can see that see the leds flashing when they stop now you’re calibrated, so this has auto takeoff. Auto lan up here is your trim and then here’s for your flips and rolls so let’s take off and see how this flies Music? Oh now it does have altitude hold it. It looks pretty neat being in the form of a plane. It does look pretty cool so i’m. In the first speed it takes off in the first speed automatically, so that is that’s the all rate right there very slow. So the speed is this: you just push in and you hear two beeps and it did pick up a little bit of speed. The yaw is definitely faster, let’s see if it has a third rate nope, so you just have a high and a low. You heard the two beeps so now we are in high and that’s about as fast as it’s gon na go in the higher rate. I do have a little bit of a breeze not really affecting it. Let’S see how good it flips so so. We’Re gon na hit this oh i’m, trying to get it situated there hit that okay, so it doesn’t do front or back flips, which, with having the tail like that, i think it would be hard to do that. So let’s do a roll okay. There is the roll to the left, let’s try a roll to the right and there is the roll to the right.

Another feature this has is headless mode and to calibrate headless mode. You it says to face it to the left, so i don’t know. Usually, you have to face it forward, but it says face it to the left that’s what it says in the instruction manual right there just like that, and then it says to go down and to the left with the sticks. Let’S, take off auto, take off right here, okay and to activate headless mode. You just push in on the right stick so now it okay, headless mode, does work but it’s flying the wrong direction. So i think you need to face forward it. Where are you going i’m trying to get it over here so let’s bring it back here, let’s recalibrate it and face it forward. I don’t know why the instructions say to face it to the left, see i’m going to the right or i’m going to the left. There and it’s coming towards me so let’s land, this so i’m, going to turn it off and on and we’re going to rebind. This now we’re going to face it forward because i don’t know why the instructions say face it to the left so to calibrate, headless mode down to the left. Okay and leds stop blinking, so let’s take off Music and let’s activate hitless mode. Okay. There you hear the remote beeping, yeah that’s, better, so don’t face it to the left, see see i can spin, but even though i’m going to the right there, i’m spinning in any direction and it’s still going to the right so yeah.

That is wrong. In the book don’t follow that instruction. You need to have it facing forward and then calibrate it in headless mode, so let’s get out of headless mode, because that beeping is annoying. Oh, it started coming down there. I thought i thought the battery was done. Oh Music was losing some altitude Music Applause, Music, good thing. It does come with two batteries more time to play Music. Oh, it seems like it’s struggling to stay in the air. I wonder if that battery’s getting weak already. This is a little bit heavier than a normal drone, maybe that’s why it does have such a high milliamp hour battery. You know you need a lot more battery for a little more weight. Music let’s. Do a roll, well uh, uh, no it’s, not gon na! Let me that means the battery is too low. Let’S try the auto land. There is the auto lan, okay, good thing: we have two batteries, so i’m gon na pop the other battery in and do a little montage with it all right. Music, do Music, and the last thing that i want to show you is the emergency: stop which it’s right here it’s the auto land auto takeoff button, but you have to hold it in for a couple seconds and it drops just in case. You really need to land this quicker than the auto land, because the auto land it does slowly come down and if you’re like in a fly away or something you need to stop it right away.

You just hold that in for like two seconds and it’ll it’ll, just drop always good to have that feature, especially with these little drones, because the wind does take them away sometimes, but that is the h95 from jjrc. As i said, it looks really cool as a plane, unfortunately, that big battery did not give it any more flight time than a normal average drone of this size with the six to eight minutes of flight. So i think that bigger battery is just to kind of offset the size of this drone and the weight of this drone. So you still do get your six to eight minutes of flight time and, as you saw, the higher rate is not much faster than the lower rate, and then you have headless mode. I showed you what not to do and what to do when you calibrate headless mode and then it has the rolls, no flip. So with all that being said, i still am gon na put this in for the june giveaway, so the giveaway how they work is. I unbox and review multiple rcs for the month and then i give you the subscribers a chance to win one of your very own and the one that i give away at the end of the month is the one with the most likes on that video. So if you want this to be the june giveaway, then go ahead smack the like button and then all you have to do to enter the giveaway.

Is you have to be a subscriber from the united states and comment down below just comment, anything down below, say hi to me? Whatever anything you want just comment down below and your comment is your entry and then, at the end of the month, i’m gon na see which rc had the most likes and then i’m only gon na pull comments off of the video that has the most likes. So you should probably get a comment in on all the other videos that i post this month. So that way you have a chance at whatever the giveaway is going to be and then on july. 1St is, when i’m going to do a live. Drawing where i announce, which rc was the most liked rc and then we’re gon na find out which subscriber wins it so good luck to everybody who enters. Thank you for watching this video click.