So this comes in three versions, at least on banggood, so you can get the version with the radio itself theres a version with the radio plus an external module. This is their nano external express, lrs module and then theres a version that comes with the radio, the module and the receiver. This is a 2.4 gigahertz express lrs receiver. So when you go and look at the different listings for what you can get, it comes in three different versions and the prices are going to vary as well, depending on which one you get. So if you get the version with the radio, the transmitter module and the receiver, i think thats the most expensive like right now, i think its around 125 126. Something like that. I think the radio by itself is a hundred dollars. So i know before you rush down in the comments and go all ballistic like everyone else on facebook did about this radio not being an internal express lrs version. They are in the process of developing that and im, not sure if that was in response to the comments for on facebook, basically crucifying them for making basically just a multi internal multi protocol module version and not an internal express lrs version. So maybe they were already in development with that or they started that in response to the comments i dont know, i i do know that that version is on the way. I should be getting that as well.

So if youre looking for the uh, the version with the internal express alerts module, i dont have any details on what that is in terms of specifications. I think theyre trying well, i think, theres some issues with getting that to work correctly and getting the proper firmware and all that with the express, always developers. I think thats also why the zorro from radiomaster is probably not going to be out until end of january. Is what im hearing for the internal express lrs module so ill? Just leave it at that? I know youre still going to go down in the comments and crucify jumper for not doing that. First, you know it is what it is they they have come out with their multi protocol module version first, so at least there they came out with it before uh radiomaster, but yeah. This one now comes with a nice little case, as you can see, and handle and yeah its pretty nice, its like a canvas feel here, and then this is what the module looks like im, not going to cover the module too much here in this video. It is um, i think its made by another company, its called the i or the a ion 2.4 gigahertz nano, and so when you look at the packaging, its uh a ion receiver and a ion transmitter so im thinking that theyre partnering with someone thats creating these Modules – and this is a based off of the version 2.

0 firmware – it is forked off like beta fpv and then the min, the minmo, whatever i dont know its not in the express lrs configurator for updating this for your binding phrase, but again im going to cover This one in more detail in a future video just come with the old load screen and the button, of course, which is going to be fully supported in version 2.1 and then the receiver. It has like the smaller version of the ufl connector that comes on the r9 receivers. I think people wont like that, and this this cable is pretty thin, its not as thick as some of the other ones out there. The antenna itself is yeah, fine, im, sure itll be fine, but yeah the receiver size and everything is, i think, the same as everyone elses and does have the built in wi fi as well, but again im not going to really cover that in too much detail. So in the box you do get the manual its a quick start manual. It mostly covers stuff, like um whats, an open tx and on the menus and stuff like that theres a few things that are kind of missing ill talk about that as i go through the video. But when you open up the case here, thats what it looks like and this little velcro piece that holds the radio down – and you can see this – you can hear this rattling around here – theres a piece of foam here that holds the radiator, so its not sliding Around side, but i dont like the uh gimbal protector, i mean its fine im, sure itll do the job, but its like it just makes a rattling.

So i would have preferred some sort of a silicone or tpu printer or something like that that wouldnt be making a lot of noise, but it is what it is itll do the job itll keep the gimbals protected. The gimbals are the same hall sensor, gimbals that are on the original t light and as far as i can tell they pretty much look the same. So if youre wondering, if theres any major difference, i cant really tell um feels the same to me. The springs feel the same. You know, you know, you know as i, as i have mentioned in my previous tea light videos. This is my daily driver radio, and the reason is because i like the gimbal so much, and i dont think that theyve changed that, so it feels great to me. I know a lot of people have different differing opinions about the way these gimbals feel. Of course thats totally subjective, but you know for something in this price range, i think its completely um totally fine. Now the plastic on here is completely completely different from the plastic thats on the tea light. This is like this soft touch plastic, its kind of um. It gets scratched and kind of peels off. I think that they didnt do a great job with that. But theyve switched the plastic on this one, its not going to come out on camera, but its not soft, touch its hard, but it has a little bit of a texture to it and its not going to come out on the camera.

You can kind of see it there, it doesnt feel um like amazing or anything like that, but it feels fine uh. You know its solid it. You know you dont, hear any creaking or anything when you try and twist the radio. It feels like a solid build as if you squeeze really hard here at this joint. You can kind of push this in here. You can see it doesnt make any noise, but i mean not sure whos going to be holding their radio like this and squeezing in that particular spot its fine. But if youre holding it normally like right here, it feels nice and solid in the hand its a good weight to it. It has two 18650 batteries in here in the handles yeah. I did attach this myself um. This is an option, its included in the box, so its for the nand, its a nano module bay, but you can see the pins are exposing it but its not powered on because they did the correct power setup in this one with the 2s setup. So, unlike the tea light, which was 1s and had all those issues which you know, you can go back and look at those videos if you want, they have fixed that theres two 18650 batteries in here – and this is not powered on until you turn on the External module in the model, so, if youre worried about that theres also 3d printed parts, the or you can print there are cover covers you can put on this.

But yeah this little module bay is uh is an option you can just you. Dont have to put it on if you dont want, but it does come in the box with the three screws, as you can see, and theres a theres a wire here and a plug in the back, so you dont have to open up the radio. I dont know if you had to do it for the tea later. I dont remember, but no need to open up 3d just plug it in screw the three screws in and then you can plug in your modules um and it does support uh crossfire up to one watt. It didnt seem like it was draining the battery terribly fast, but you know it again. It depends how far away you fly so, if youre flying on one watt and youre flying really far away on full power its going to drain the batteries. Even though you have two 18650s in here still going to be in the batteries pretty fast youre, still in that situation, when youre doing long range, youre still going to want an external battery uh power external power on your crosswire module, just because its going to be Draining your batteries very quickly, so theres a little bit of an air vent back here for cooling, so with some cool air in i dont hear a fan inside there, so maybe thats. They have this in there in the design for the express alerts version when it comes out, because thats, probably gon na need some kind of a fan.

These uh rubber grips back here are okay, they are basically you peel them off and they cover the batteries. So let me just go ahead and these dont come off that easily and they dont go on very easily. So you have to get kind of like a flathead, screwdriver or something and get this under here and then once you once you get something under here and pull up, the cover comes off pretty easily, but getting your like something under there like a fingernail, is really Difficult and then it does come with these little clips and stuff to hold in place and the battery is im using a flat top battery. These are my molly cell 18650s and they are um. You know positive at the top. There is markings right there. I dont know if theres um, you cant, really see it too. Well, oh there you go get some light in there positive at the top negative at the bottom. I dont know if theres reverse polarity protection. I dont see anything undocumented, so just dont put it in backwards. I think that if there is no reverse polarity protection, if you put in backwards youre, probably going to fry the radio so make sure you know whats positive on your battery and it doesnt seem like um like when, when the t light came out, you had to Basically, pull these little tabs here so that the batteries dont rattle around these seem to be much higher quality.

These little these little um battery tabs here and theres no spring at the bottom either it does go in pretty fairly easily and they do come out with a little bit of pressure, but not a whole lot. So you know if you dont have this cover on. I think if you just tap on it, okay, there it goes itll come out, but obviously with the cover on. So i have the cover on this side. You cant, you can kind of hear rattling around a little bit in there. I have put the covers on and had the radio on and tried to get it to turn off, and it didnt do that. So if youre super worried about that, you can pull on these tabs out a little bit yeah. But i didnt, i didnt experience any problems with the battery popping off in the back and the power turning off and then theres a little piece here on the grip that holds the battery in place. So if, as long as these, these grip pieces are on correctly, i dont think youre going to have any issues anyway. Moving on uh, comparing the t light to the t pro. Obviously, the t pro is a fair amount, larger, as you can see taller, but obviously, with the collapsible antenna, just the antenna doesnt stick out as much. This is one of the things i absolutely hated about the tea light. Is this antenna thing sticking out all the time effect? I think mine is actually broken um partially in the plastic part here it still works, but its because uh it gets knocked around this thing kind of sticks out and i havent done any of the antenna mods to make it like a collapsible or shorter antenna.

I havent just gotten around to doing that. I am, i do have this like silicone skin on my radio, if you were wondering about that thats in a previous video, the handles are longer obviously accommodate the 18 650 batteries, which is fine, because i do have a little bit better grip here for my fingers Down down on the bottom side here so from holding the radio like this, i feel like i have a good grip down here in the bottom thats a little bit nicer, but over here on top its just a kind of a really different story. So um. I have my fingers here my index finger here next to this uh slider or the dial – and this is okay, i think im just gon na have to get used to it, because it is a different feel ergonomically. It doesnt feel bad um. I feel like yeah like, if i hold it normally, i feel like i have full reach for everything. No problem doesnt hurt um, but yes, its a different feel, so these switches are different. So this – and this here on the shoulder – these are momentary switches, its a two position, momentary switch, which i am not a fan of. I wish there was a way that it would maintain this that basically the when you hit it. It would maintain the whatever um position its at, but it goes back to you know so, for example, in the upper position, if thats low and the down position is high, then it goes back to low when you release it.

I dont know if theres a way to adjust that in open tx to change the way the momentary switch functions. If anyone is a magician in opentx knows how to do that. Let me know, because i would like to use this out well, i was considering using this as an arming switch, but im not, i think its going to require some sort of safety measures, because if your index finger is here and youre flying around you dont want To accidentally, you know swipe up here and hit the switch here and disarm. I would im pretty sure, theres, probably a way to do this with some open, tx magic, where you can use like another switch over here, like this other momentary, switch on this side, so hold this down press and release thatll arm and then release, and then this Doesnt do anything until you press and hold this down and then disarm like that im thinking. That could be a way to make these buttons useful in opentx, but i dont know how to do that. If anyone knows i do that, let me know in the comments below – and i will make a video about that because i thats something that i would like to be able to do otherwise. Im, i guess, were limited to these three position: switches here for arming and modes its a little bit cumbersome to reach. You know if youre holding like this, and you want to arm its kind of good to kind of go around like this and a little bit harder to reach those buttons.

You do have these um six buttons here, so this acts as each one of these is a switch so im not sure how they have this program in opentx, but basically right now, this is switch one two, three, all the way to six and ill ill demonstrate. What how it works? Basically, when you press it, the little light turns on and then thats like the basically the switch goes to high and then, if you press it again, the light goes off and then the switch goes to low, and i think you can im thinking, i might be Able to use this as a arming switch if i, if i cant, use these momentary switches here its just really unfortunate that these are not that useful. So you could probably press that and then ill go into the arming position and disarm like that, and then obviously you got the scroll wheel here. You got your menu buttons and your page forward page back and back buttons here. This is for navigation um. Clearly, theyve ripped this off from the tango 2.. This is especially this one here, this whole scroll wheel and, of course, you know, the tango 2 um stole its design from the x light and, if you guys know who the x lite stole their their design from. Let me know down in the comments, because if youve been around that long, youre an old timer but yeah, let me know if you guys know what the answer to that is so got your other functions here.

Youve got your dials theres a detent, a centering detent on these. I dont use dials at all, so im, not sure why they added these for uh for drone people, maybe if youre an airplane pilot. This might be useful for like a head tracker or maybe like a pan and tilt thing. Something like that would be useful for an airplane usb c here and it does work for simulators. It is supposed to work for charging and it does charge my radio when i plug it in, but when i plug in my power source in here in the manual it says, a green. The screen light should turn on well its charging and itll turn off when its done charging. What happens is when i plug it in to a power source. Let me just go and show you so im going to plug in this power bank see the blue light. There flashes and the screen turns on flashes. Then everything turns off. So i thought thats weird, so i did just leave it plugged into the usb power source for a while to see if the charging circuit was working or not, and it does seem to be working at least on mine. So the voltage, the overall voltage did go up um, but the light doesnt seem to function like its supposed to at least according to the way its described in the manual so yeah, either thats uh some either theres something wrong with it or thats.

Just the way. Its supposed to work – and they changed it in the manual and in the description. The manual is incorrect. You have your lanyard hook here. It says plastic um. These are the trims, its a 4d joystick for basically trims in both directions, so they have combined the these trim buttons here all these buttons here right left up down. So basically, these four buttons are now combined into a joystick, which is great. This is going to be much better, but you just you cant press down on the joystick, its not a 5d joystick, its just a 4d joystick. Now the folding antenna here is kind of hilarious because you know 2.4 gigahertz, but they clearly just copied the tango 2 antenna that folds up and down like this, which is supposed to be in you know this. This a large antenna is usually for 900 megahertz. I dont believe they have a 900 megahertz version of this coming out, maybe the and when they make the express lrs version that will have they fully utilize this this design and it doesnt rotate either so theyve copied the tango to 900 megahertz antenna, but doesnt rotate And yeah you can see here theres a gap there, so obviously the whatever, whatever electronics are using to make the antenna does go through this little piece here. Im thinking, someones going to probably get creative and make some sort of a smaller 2.4 gigahertz only antenna. You know um im having to open up the radio to look inside, see how thats actually put together but yeah.

If you guys want to see a teardown of this, let me know in the comments below ill make a separate video on that. This one is already way too long, yeah it doesnt rotate um. This is way too big for 2.4 gigahertz and its only you know the multi protocol module all right so im going to turn this guy on. So one thing is like you know, when im flying around and my fingers are here: if the antenna is collapsed, it gets in the way and doesnt feel good. So i you know once you push that up there, then everything feels great uh. They have the same size screen 1.3 inches as on the tea light, so you cant really see that, but it just looks a lot better. I dont know if its gon na really come out on camera or not. It just looks a little bit better. I think the viewing angle is slightly better on the newer version, but its the same 128 by 64 uh resolution lcd. So i forgot to mention here theres a little button here and in the product page theyre calling this a bootloader button, but i dont seem to be able to do anything with that one and then, of course, heres the train report for your trainer cable. If you want to get the ready to go into bootloader mode, its its the same procedure as other open text radius, you take two trims here.

Push them in like this and just short press the power button and you can see, were in the blue lighter and it is version 2.3.14, and then i wanted to show you how these switches work. So you can see theres a light on here. If you press it again, the light turns off press again, light turns on so you can program these as different switches. So if you go into the model, so um short press this button here to go in the model and then this is the page button to page over. So i set up uh over here in the mixer and see what you can do here. Mixer on this channel here edit and then hit source im gon na use this button here, so it comes up as switch six sw six and then you go down here to where it says, switch its flashing. So when it lights off it, its sw6 with the dash, which is like the middle position and then with the light on its with the switch down – and i guess its the that would be the high position so go ahead and put that in there. So if we go into the channel monitor here, you can see there on channel five. You can use this as an arming switch by programming it that way. Okay, so i do want to show you a little bit how this module works. Im going to cover this in more detail in a later video but uh.

First, i do want to see how this um sd card slot works. It does not come with an sd card. I took the sd card out of my tea light, and this looks like its going to be a little tricky. Getting this in here see theres a little like indentation here in this plastic. So if you collapse, the antenna down should be able to get this in. Here: okay, yeah, so it goes in no problem and yeah um. It is kind of an awkward spot, but i guess, if you have the antenna collapse like that, you can slide the card in lets, go and turn this on see what happens. Okay, this is expected. I got an sd card warning its expecting version 2.3 v. 0038. So i think what ive got on there is an older version. I think uh. I have 2.3.13 on my tea light, so uh thats pro. That should be pretty easy to fix, just uh download whatever that version is from the opentx um website. So im gon na hit the back button to get out of there, but the voice com, the the voice files are on there that works okay. So you can see im in model, one which is using the internal module. The external module is powered off, so i created a second model here, im going to switch over to that and get the same sd card warning, but now the module will turn on.

You see the oled screen powering up got a little led there and a button, and you can use this to control your different functions. Packet rate, telemetry ratio bind mode, update, firmware and 28 tx power. I think if you press the button, then you can go into the actual menu and then adjust the power levels. This module will go up to 500 watts max power im just going to take it back down to 10.. You can adjust your temperature ratio. This is all pretty standard stuff. This is actually using the new 2.1 menu thats going to be coming up, but this isnt actually available. Yet so somehow they have forked off their code for this module and incorporated the new code that supports these oled screens in there. But its not, i dont see the um pull request in express sellers configure it yet so they obviously are working with the developers behind the scenes about to get this working um. Whatever this company is thats working with jumper, so i dont have any details in that by the way, but um lets see if i can get the 2.0 lewis grip to control it. Okay, so to get into the radio setup, youve long pressed this menu button and all my loose scripts are on here from the tea lights. This is the express lrs 2.0 lewis script yeah that works. So, yes, its called a ion nano and you can see here all the you can also adjust your settings via the lewis script, as well as the joystick, but you can see heres this version unknown and thats the hash there.

The ed5fcs6 i dont know which version that corresponds to, but this is based off of the version 2.0 code, but yeah im gon na have a another video later covering um the module in more detail because um, i cant flash this with my binding phrase. Theres a way you can kind of backdoor the binding phrase. If you bind this, if you could put this into bind mode and then bind it to a board that has an express lrs, spi receiver youll get the the uid bytes the hash for the whatever this transmitter id is, and then you can put that into um. Other um like like, for example, another all in one spi receiver. I think theres a way to reverse that uh 900 sure about that one. But you could probably reverse that and then create that into like uh, basically turns into a binding phrase and then put that into other receivers. If you dont want to flash this thats kind of a little trick, i dont think a lot of people know about that. One, but you could do that if you want, but i think thats going to do it for this video a lot more to come. Obviously i i need to use this a lot more and youll have more updates on this one down the road, but im going to use this for a while, as my daily driver im switching this over from the tea light to this one.

You know let you know some more about how battery life is like and where theyre not having any issues so far. Other than that weird thing about the charging light not turning on, i havent run into anything else. Otherwise, everything else everything seems to be working. Just fine all right its a super long, video, sorry um.