Light seems like everyone in the world is now jumping on the small radio bandwagon seems not too long ago. Everyone was uh, you know all into the big radios like the qx7, the really giant ones that weigh like 10 pounds that i absolutely hate i’ve, always loved these smaller radios. I mean you guys have seen on my channel. I had the jumper t12 for the longest time and then i transitioned away from that to even go to a smaller radio, the tbs tango 2 with the multi protocol module. You guys have seen videos on this already and i’ll. Give you my ideas on comparisons between these and kind of what this radio is kind of who this is really for um, and also how that would compare to something like the uh late radio. 2. The really budget model, so um and i’ve been using this for a while, now and i’ve gotten an idea of what the good things are and some of the downsides and i’ll explain those at the uh more towards the end um, because i had to get through Some of the good stuff first to explain why the bad stuff is bad, and so, if you want to get that information, you have to keep watching the rest of the video. So we’ll get right into the all the good stuff for the price that you pay for this now i would recommend you get the one with the four in one module and not just the one, with the free sky module, uh, you’re gon na get access to Three uh, actually four different radio chips versus just one for the additional.

I think ten dollars it’s totally worth it and i would only get the cheaper one if you’re for sure not going to be using things like spectrum or fly sky or any of the toy protocols um. I don’t fall in that camp, so i would definitely pay for the extra ten dollars it’s like 75 dollars versus 65. Now, if you really are on a tight budget – and you definitely know you won’t – be using any of the other stuff – yeah sure they go for the 65 one, but for the uh for the price that this is. This is a pretty good quality. Get a lot of features and for the money it’s, i think it’s well, it’s a you know, i’d say it’s a good product now there’s. Definitely some downsides i’ll talk about that a little bit later, but you know when you consider the price and considering this is a budget model um, you know, it’s really hard to you know be very critical of this radio, like some people are being on online, given The fact there are some downsides and yeah you can be critical about it, but you know um. I i think that if the we’re targeting those folks that were looking for um all those features, those additional features, you could price the radio a little bit higher and so jumper. If you’re listening, i always suggest uh making a like. Maybe like a pro version of this, like the tlight pro and address some of those shortcomings which i’ll talk about later and increase the price to say about a hundred dollars, i mean the jumper t12 is a little over a hundred dollars and um doesn’t have any Of those issues, so something like this in this size as a pro version yeah a little bit higher price point, i think, would address a lot of those problems and would um, i think a lot more people will actually enjoy it now, given the fact that it Is a budget model you know, and it has those limitations – i’m considering it based on that and i’m i’m thinking that at 75, if you don’t need some of those high end features that are problematic, then this is going to be totally fine for you guys and You know in terms of the build quality it’s, definitely pretty good decent.

It does have a little bit of creaking if you twist it it’s very subtle. The gimbals, of course, are hall sensor, gimbals they’re the same as on the t12, the ones that i’ve always enjoyed now i’ve used the t12 for a while and the springs on. These are getting kind of creaky. You can kind of hear a little bit of a noise that it makes and that doesn’t bother me too much. But you can, i think, it’s, because the where the springs are um holding onto the grabbing onto the plastic it’s rubbing and it’s, causing a little bit of noise. Now these are brand new gimbals here on this one. So you know after a week of use. It sounds totally brand new. You don’t have that creaking. Perhaps they’ve changed the way that the springs are attached. I don’t know that they look the same to me. The gimbals. Look the same so you know i’ve had no problems with centering or jitters. These have been pretty decent even on the t12 i’ve been using for about a year no issues there, but i know that there are some people that had some quality control issues. You know thinking that’s, probably more the exception than the rule uh. You know, of course, that’s all anecdotal from the internet now, in terms of like the fit and finish the soft touch. Plastic is very nice, i’m, not sure how long that’s going to hold up in terms of like, if you have like really oily hands, for example, they’ll tend to rub off the printing on here.

It doesn’t look like it’s. You know printed on top of the paint, so it may rub off over time. But of course you know, are you rubbing your fingers over here that often probably not maybe when you’re using these buttons here? That could be a problem over time, but you know if you’re, using these buttons enough, you’ll, probably know what these all mean and memorize them and regarding the button layout, it’s, fairly intuitive it’s, not terribly awkward and i’ll kind of walk. You through some of that here in this video. The switch positions here do bother me so normally all the switches should be away from you and then, when you turn on the radio on that’s a default position and it won’t give you that switch warning right. So you have to actually adjust that in the radio settings. I’Ll show you that here in a second, but when it’s in this default position, where the switches are away from you, you know – and i tend to use a a two position switch for arming. I would say arms like on this one here then the space here for your finger, and this is how i would normally hold it right here – it’s very tight, so you could, if you’re, arming in this direction, and then you maybe make an inverted movement. All of a sudden you’re disarming the quad, which is bad, so what i’ve done is i’ve actually changed. The fourth for for the model um the default position when the radio turns on is switches towards me and then, when i arm i actually arm with this switch away from me.

So then i have plenty of space here no problem and then, if i want to disarm then i can. You know basically move my finger to the other side here and then pull towards me to disarm so it’s, more unlikely that i’ll be accidentally disarming in this configuration and i’ll show you how to change that. A little later, not a big deal, um it’s, very light. I’Ll show you the weight here and and comparison to the other ones in a second now there’s, this 3d printed mount. You can pick this up as an stl file from the maker fire product, page uh, so the link’s in the description for that just an m2 screw here for those two holes in that print and then there’s an m3 hole that goes into the hawkeye, monitor and Folds down nicely, as you can see, just touch the sticks a little bit here, but it goes all the way down now, if you happen to use the bigger three and a half inch monitor, so the two and a half inch monitor the the sticks will be Spread apart, so i don’t know if you like that or not plus it’s a lot heavier, so i just i don’t really fly through the monitor, so i just think it’s kind of cool that it’s there and you can check your settings and stuff really quickly. If you fly analog, of course, but um lately, i’m feeling mostly dji so i’m – probably going to end up taking this off and not using it.

But for those of you guys, maybe want a nice little compact whip setup. You know and you don’t um want to be flying through goggles. You can fly through this it’s not terribly easy, but a nice little way to do that. And then you can have a nice little whip set up and fly pretty much anywhere kind of gorilla style. You know very stealth, um and quickly, you know get in and out of places. Now these little switch covers here, they’re, not included. I i picked. I think i forget where i picked them up. I’Ll link all the stuff down in the description, but i think i got these from race day quads and i pulled them off of the t12 i’m, probably going to move. My stick ends as well from the t12 over to this one as well, because probably going to be using this more in the future. Assuming i can figure out the module external module situation here so in order to get inside you could take the cover off. Uh is an 18650 battery in here or it’s, not included, but you have to use an 18650 battery to power this the the the way this fits on here. I use a little piece of foam here to hold the battery in place. It’S, a flat top battery to get the best connection and i had to bend this pin a little bit out. Otherwise the battery would kind of rattle around in here, and then i added this little piece of foam in here, so that the battery wouldn’t rattle around.

If it’s rattling around it’s more likely that the battery will lose its contact and you’ll, the radio will shut down, so you know again fit and finish not the absolute best. I would say i would give it a 7 out of 10 considering the price um. You know there’s, definitely, you know better ones out there like tango, 2 and, of course, you’re paying quite a bit more for that. So in order to add an external module, you have to pull this little sticker off here and then they have a little adapter. That looks like uh, basically, a module b that’s on the x light, in fact, it’s exact, same pin out and then there’s a little connector here that connects to the main board. So, in order to put this module, the adapter on pull the sticker off there’s three screw holes for the and then three screws included for this to attach to the back of the casing. But to get inside. You have to take the battery cover off there’s two screws. They have to remove there as well as three in each of the handles, and then the cover will come off yet plug in basically run the wires through the hole here into the plug, and then you screw the attach onto the back now i’m, not actually intending To use this, i i did actually try to see how this would work in terms of the power setup um with a full size crossfire, so it basically, i used the adapter board plugged it into the back of the the board here on the tea light, and Then i use djr module adapter that um plugs into another adapter that plugs into this adapter.

So it’s like three adapters, so it’s a huge bulky mess um and i did confirm it does work. You can run it in crossfire mode, but there’s a huge power problem when you, when you’re drawing that much power from this battery, which i don’t have a very good battery in here, it’s an okay battery it’s, not the best you get a huge voltage sag so Went from like four volts to i don’t know like three and a half volts pretty much right away as soon as i bumped up the power on the crossfire, and this radio will give you a low battery warning of 3.4 volts and my my radio turns off. At 3.3 volts, so this is the the big downside that everyone’s complaining about this radio. Is the power set up on this for one thing it when you’re, when this shuts off at 3.3, volts assuming you’re just using it normally you’re, not getting you’re? Usually you might be you’re not able to utilize the full capacity of the 18650 battery, which you can in a lot of cases, can discharge to you down to as low as two and a half volts. Now, obviously, the current output of the battery will be lower as the voltage is lower. So you know how useful it is at below three volts is kind of debatable, but it’s a little disappointing that it only lets you go down to 3.3 volts, so i think there’s something they could correct if they use some more um, better components for the power Setup but of course, that’ll increase the price again, i think you know they’re trying to meet that 75 dollar price target, and so they got to cut some corners and that’s how this radio came to be.

You know, i think that they did do a lot of you know investigation in terms of like what people would pay and people were looking at and comparing it to the light radio 2, which is 40 dollars. You know you can only get so much for 40 dollars. You know they had to add a screen. You have a multi protocol module in here, it’s got usb charging. You know a lot of things that you have to add and those things add cost. So they kind of, i think they skimped out on the power thing power setup, not really anticipating that people would use this for with like external modules, like a crossfire or the ghost module. So they do say that it’s officially supported the ghost nano and the crossbar nano which i don’t have either one of those. So i can’t test those but they’re saying that they initially said that it was only supportive of 25 milliwatts, and then people complained about that. I actually haven’t tested it at all and a little later they put out another statement saying that if you use a better quality 18650 battery that can basically output additional current, so something that can operate maybe 10 to 15 amps of current versus, say a poor battery. Like i have here, they can only i’ll put, maybe five amps, then uh. You can have those problems where the voltage diode causes the um the voltage to go down, and then you basically the whole system just shuts off.

But if you put a better battery in here, like they’re, saying like a sony vtc6, which i think uh, i think it goes up to 30 amps or 40 amps, basically it’ll it’ll it’ll be fine in terms of the current draw, then the voltage won’t sag as Much and they’re saying that they’re and they’re testing that they did, i think, uh. What was it one watt of power on the crossfire nano up to five kilometers? So, of course, the further away you fly the more power it’s going to use so that’s, where the current draw on the battery is going to come into play. I haven’t tested any of this stuff. I have some better batteries on the way i’ve actually ordered some molly cell 35 amp batteries, so that will i’m going to test that with the actual full size, crossfire and that’ll be in another video, because this video is already way too long, but basically um i’m. Going to get rid of all those adapters and stuff that’s, why i’m not and that’s? Why i’m, not installing this adapter onto the back of this one i’m going to actually directly wire the full size crossfire into the back of the board on the tea light? Technically, i think, it’s possible. I did find some tutorials on how to do it with an x light. So the wiring is a little bit different here, because the there’s a little power there’s a voltage, uh step up adapter right there.

You can see in green on this adapter board that steps up the voltage from like the whatever the battery is outputting um to i think 7.8 volts. I know that the crossfire can go down to three and a half volts. So if this lipo or the radio shuts down at 3.3, volts we’ll see i’m i’m still debating what to do about that and plus. I need to get that battery for that other video anyway that’s the major downside on this radio, and so, if you’re wanting to get this primarily for a long range and you’re going to be putting a crossfire, nano or ghost nano on the back here um. I would wait to see what the testing results prove. I think i may actually get a crossover nano or ghost nano and test it with the higher end battery and see how that does definitely the full size crossfire at more than uh one watt you’re gon na. Probably have to use external xd30 battery anyway, but um yeah, oh again, that’ll be in another video that’s going to require some extensive testing to see how much power is being drawn on this uh at further distances, so that’ll be in a future video all right. Let’S, go ahead and power this up real, quick and let me show you you can hear the speaker’s quite loud, that’s pretty nice, so we have a standard um 128 by 64 pixel screen it’s a 1.3 inch screen very bright.

In fact, i actually turned the brightness down and it’s. Your standard layout is already open tx, i think 2.3.11 and i actually have the sd card contents in here. Sd card is not included, so i have like a one gigabyte or two gigabyte uh microsd card. In there i downloaded the sd card contents from the t12 from version 2.3.11 and it’s got the latest uh download version. I think it’s 2.3 version 0035. I believe i’ll put a screenshot up here where i download it’s the latest version, as of like january 2021 and that’ll give you the voice files that you just heard from the speaker, normally you’ll. If you turn it on, you, don’t get that um yeah, but if you’re looking for the sd card contents that’s where you can get it from now for the most part i haven’t had any problems with. Like d8 receivers fly sky receivers um. I did try a few other toy protocols. It will all work. Fine, the xm plus receiver was giving me some problems. I had to actually go into that model and go in here, and i had to change the frequency tune here. So normally i adjust that after i bind but it wouldn’t. Let me bind until i made an adjustment on this number first, so i tried it a positive number didn’t work and then i went to a negative number and i think about negative six work. For me. Now your radio might be different, so i actually actually asked around other people.

Didn’T have any problems binding with xm plus receivers. So if you do adjust your frequency tune, value there and then um do the bind normally i i can do the bind then i can make the adjustment after it, but i wouldn’t even bind until i did that first, that was the only quirk or problem. I had with this radio, otherwise everything else worked pretty much the same as on the t12. In terms of the overall interface here it’s, you know pretty pretty standard, pretty straightforward. You have an enter button back button up and down button model and system button, and then these system and model buttons act as a page back and page forward button once you get into one of the menus here. So if we long press the system button to bring up the system menu and then to page forward, you hit the model button, you can see that and then to page back, you just hit the system button, it’ll page backwards, the up and down works normally, as You would expect, and then, by the way i did upgrade the firmware on my internal module. I just put that in the sd card there so hit enter to go into that directory, and you can see here. I downloaded that from the multi module website. This is the latest version:, the um. Well i upgraded the one in the firmware on here because i was having that problem with the xm plus receiver binding and that didn’t make any difference.

But you know the update procedure is the same. You long press the file here and then you can just select flash internal multi just like before there’s, no really, no difference in terms of how to upgrade the internal module firmware that’s. How it’s, basically the same as before, and one more thing to note here. If you go into the system settings and if you go down to the four more options, the firmware that’s compiled on here that was compiled by jumper, has crossfire ghost afh ds3, intro, multi, uh, multi module and lua c, as uh basically compiled options. So it looks like a lot of the like the ghost nano, the crossbar nano yeah, i think, even like the um, the fly sky module is supported on this firmware. So if you’re going to open tx companion, um there’s no newer version, this is based on. I think the latest version anyway, 2.3.11. um. I think that official opentx supports coming in version 2.4. I haven’t heard which one or when that’s coming out, but if you’re wondering why it’s not in there yet it’s, because it’s not officially supported yet, but it will be in the future anyway. I think it’s going to cover for this video i’m going to have another video later, with my testing on the crossfire, the full size, crossfire module and how to set that up. Now, if you have any questions in terms of additional videos, you like to see, maybe like a model set up and that’s that stuff’s kind of like all open tx based anyway.

So if you know, if you find videos on recent open, tx tutorials you’ll find how to set up a model it’s exactly the same on this on this radio it’s, not really any different. But if you really want to see something very specific to this radio, let me know in the comments and i’ll i’ll, maybe make some additional videos on that, if there’s enough interest from the general audience out there, but overall you know, i like the radio i like It for the at the price point it is at now whether or not it’ll. Let me switch from the tango 2, which you know. I mainly use crossfire now, and sometimes i use the multi protocol module on the back it’s going to be hard to say, like i do like the fact that these gimbals are more to my my liking in terms of the spring tension, and the weight is more To my liking than the tango 2, but the tango 2 works with crossfire at a higher power output out of the box without any hacks or weird stuff. That needs to be happening, and that is a that is one of the reasons why i’m not going to be switching right away until i figure out all these power issues, so that’ll come down in another video anyway, that’s gon na.