So let me just quickly show you uh different modes that this plane can fly in, so you can fly vertical, horizontal and airplane mode. So, as you can see, the motors are going to move as im selecting different modes on the remote control. Theres, a toggle switch on the remote control, so you can toggle it while in flight and youll go from horizontal to vertical or into aeroplane mode. So anyway, lets lets get this baby up in the sky and uh. Well, talk more about it and also um. The airplane mode is kind of hard to fly. I got in a drone mode right now, um we will do vertical uh in a in a minute or two uh. Basically, i have crashed this drone and ive broken uh. Some stuff on this so ill add some footage of that at the end of the video and right now uh. What am i trying to do is try to bring it closer to the camera um this. This drone plane can fly up to around about 300 meters. Maybe a little bit more, but i havent tried it to its full capacity and today, when im recording this video test flight, the weather looks nice, but it is really windy. We got around about 15 to 18 kilometers an hour of wind. So, as you can see, this plane is made from styrofoam, which is quite lightweight, but also really fragile, and you can snap it.

I have flown other budget drones, but this one its just so fun. I mean the way you can change from flying horizontal mode to vertical and you can switch it to uh airplay mode. I will show you uh vertical mode in a minute and uh its just so easy and fun, and i just like the look of this uh plane. It looks amazing. I will be doing some uh future modifications to this um. So now were going to vertical mode right there um. I am absolutely fighting the wind right now so im going to try and bring it closer and try that again, i cant see on the camera its going to be far out but try and bring it closer and demonstrate the vertical mode a bit more. I just love playing with this drone. I had it for a while now and airplay mode is kind of difficult to fly. You need a lot of experience, but yeah like i was talking about. I need to do some modifications on this, so maybe fpv camera set up on there, maybe some better motors and a few other bits and bobs, maybe a better battery as well. So now i just want to demonstrate some uh vertical rotations, so that looks just so cool um dont forget it is windy out there right now. So um, you can hear me off my gopro camera mic as well and im just controlling it, going left and then right as well, just so much fun.

I just love this plane, its absolutely brilliant. I really recommend you to buy it. If you can, i got this from banggood from china, so check their website ill, put a link in the description box and also please subscribe to my channel. If youre new and hit the notification bell and comment below. If youve got any questions, i will be doing um – probably three four videos on this, because i got the repair video coming up next, which im going to repair the damaged uh parts, because i did a crash off camera. So uh watch till the end, and i will show you whats damaged on this plane, um im going to fix that. Well, do a video on the repair then ill. Probably do a couple more videos as well, probably trying to do a video on just the airplane mode. I just need to get a bit more experience before i do that so now, ive gone with the wind and its just taking off so now, im coming back fighting the wind right now, so im really really fighting the wind, but it does fight the wind, but Because the design of the plane and its so light, the wind was just drifty, really really easy, because the shape of the plane and the wings, if its a normal drone um, you will drift a little bit, but not as much, but because this can shape the Wings uh the wind can just blow onto the wing Music spine and just take it off, but yeah i mean im just fighting the wind right now, so im gon na try and land yeah there we go so just show you a close up of the drone Right now, and as you can see, this is much better than the veto xk450 or something like that, because the design of this plane is much better and the reason why the lights are blinking is the batterys batteries slightly low and um.

As you can see, the design of this plane is so much bad, so awesome and uh. As i said, the bodies made a styrofoam, so if you do ever crush one of these, this is what can happen. Okay, this is the worst part, so your motor mounts can break because theyre made out of plastic. This should have been made out of stronger material, maybe aluminium or metal, but um. This was a high speed impact that came straight into the ground. I kind of lost control somehow, so this is what can happen uh. This is one of the weak points on this plane um, as you can see, uh the motors at the front as soon as they hit the ground. The impact goes back into the motor mounts and they kind of snap, because theyre made out of plastic, so my next video is going to be on repairing this plane and ive got all the parts as well.