There is a bunch of weather warning too, like what it says here. South east winds of 70 to 90 kilometers now, with gusts, potentially exceeding a hundred kilometers an hour around the north vancouver island area, its not too far away, but is it actually crazy for people that are on the island not ideal flying weather today? Although with that in mind, it seemed like most of the stuff i read was about things flying how about this one here this one says: meet the jetson one jetson one is an ultra light and extremely fun to fly: recreational all electric personal, vertical takeoff and landing Aircraft, like is that named jetson because of the cartoon, where everyones asking wheres our flying cars. It says our mission is to make the skies available for everyone with our safe personal electric aerial vehicle. Are you ready to experience a completely new and exciting way of travel? Is this one of those ironic things where, like they say in some places, ultra light aircraft, you can fly with no licensing or anything like that. Yet flying things like a toy drone, they dream so serious and it says here: safety is our number one priority. It says race, car, inspired space frame safety, cell design, ive seen stuff like this before in other places, but yeah they are taking pre orders and stuff like that, and it makes you wonder who would actually buy this. Imagine having this like, they show you here.

I guess in the front of the house start and land anywhere you want and it says, for the tech specs. The jetson weight is about 86 kilograms, maximum pilot weight, 95 kilograms or 210 pounds. And how much does this thing cost? It says a complete vehicle is 92 000 us and is delivered to you as a partially 50 assembled kit for home completion. It contains everything you need from the aluminum space frame to motor controllers, propellers and motors. You will also receive detailed, build instructions, but you can see, i guess in their site theyre showing you how many people actually pre ordered it. It says about 12 people so far, would you actually try something like this for that price? I dont know thats technically true. Take off and land anywhere you want, i dont think you just all of a sudden say: oh, i want to fly around the airport with this all of a sudden as an example, and then there was this one. It almost looks very cg ish. It says ex pang 1024 tech day unveils smart ev technologies and mobility ecosystem x, pilot 4.0, full scenario advanced driver assistance to roll out in one age 2023, a high voltage super charging technology significantly boosts charging power and efficiency unveils the design of the next generation flying Car showcasing fly and drive conversion, and they even say our mission is to progressively transition from advanced driver assistance to full autonomous driving with a clear road map to connect all driving scenarios like they say full driving.

But do they mean flying as well? Because, according to these videos and stuff that theyre showing when people actually feel comfortable using this again, everything looks like a cg, i believe anyways i mean someone can say otherwise, if they know, and with that in mind, a lot of places are really pushing for. I guess drones and stuff to take off, whereas some people theyre restricting them with over the top regulations, and all that this one says pm wants drones to deliver postal packages to remote areas, garuda aerospace, its kind of interesting too, because according to this, it seemed like. I guess the person who runs like the company or whatever actually spoke to the prime minister narendra modi and apparently he seemed really savvy or keen about the idea. Since youre quote well informed about drone usage, modi wants drones to connect to the remote areas of the country. Apart from delivery of medicines and others to people living in remote places. He also said drones could also deliver postal packages to them. I was astonished over how hands on he was on drones. He was keen on knowing the industrys reaction to the recent policy initiatives. I said india will become the drone capital of the world soon. The prime minister also says the services offered by drones should be affordable. He added, i guess, thats one place that are embracing it versus some other places where they are actually just fear, mongering it and so forth.

I would imagine that would be the place that has the most innovations it has. The balance between quote actual real safety and allowing people to actually use the stuff Music. A squirrel is here to see something that i dont Music looks like the rain stopped for a bit Music. Music.