So i’m. Really sorry about that um! I know i said: i’ll do my schedule on friday, saturday and sunday, but i’ve been really busy. So most of the time i will try i’m gon na do more lego, videos and um i’m, not gon na. Do too much jailbreak i mean i like it. Sometimes it gets boring, but i mean they got the season two already so i’m gon na try to do all those like that’s the reason i’m playing it, and i mean i kind of find it enjoyable again. Also, as you can tell yes, i have a million dollars, so today’s video, i’m gon na be reviewing right here: Music, okay, so oh yeah, first of all, roadster has a new interior, as you can see, um the reason i’m easiness is because it’s really fast – and I, like it so yeah so, first of all, they added dogs right over here, it’s right next to the gun shop. I don’t, i only own the german shepherd it’s 50k, so yeah i’m, not gon na, buy that because it’s way too expensive. Also in today’s video we are going to be buying the drone. Yes, i know i don’t have it yet, but i have a million dollars so might as well spend it on something good. So so, first of all, oh we got dogs, so that’s really cool. Whenever you shoot someone, they do dance with them and if they shoot you, then it attacks them so that’s, really nice and okay.

So this is a level four spoiler rim, if i’m sure yeah. So this is what you got at level four right over here: yeah, hopefully i’m gon na be getting that tomorrow or in two days. I really like that spoiler. So yeah we got the new rewards, um here’s, all of them, so we’ve got 10p force. The spoiler um here might as well arrest someone. Oh wait. Actually i’ll show you, so you shoot him and then it starts attacking him. Okay, anyway, let’s just okay, yeah also i’m gon na put this here just in case okay. So these are all the rewards. They have you can play for yourself, okay, so these are all the rewards, so you have c4. You got these rims all that good stuff. The level 10 is a capsule crew, so yeah i’m also going to be buying the game pass, because i really want to get these stuff. Like i like the rocket the rims that i mean, i don’t want the money that much like i already didn’t put something else, but i’ll take it and the free rewards are also cool, so yeah i’m gon na try to get up to level 10. If i can – and they also have new contracts like call the cargo plane three times or rob two small stores so yeah, they also added a new code um. So you can like honestly, i would just redeem it in the dog store because that’s the closest place where you have the atm, so you can come over here and if you type in the code dog yo, you get some cash.

Oh, i think it’s like yo, like that yeah so that’s, how much money you get from that code so make sure you use it before it expires. Um, also the cyber truck truck, how to remodel so we’re gon na check that out. Okay. So here is the cyber truck um new interior. I like the steering wheel, um, nothing too crazy, same model. They just added interior, really nice and let’s customize it so yeah. It looks really nice. I, like it but i’m gon na use the roadster, because it’s super fast, okay, so second of all, let’s buy the drone rip my money i spent so long grinding but i’m sure i can get a million dollars again, but uh yeah next thing: i’m gon na Buy is probably the delorean i didn’t buy it yet because, like it’s, not a like it’s, a great car, no but it’s, not too fast and good for driving, but the drone needs and it’s good for escaping from spots. So i’m, probably gon na, buy the drone stores Music make sure to like subscribe and turn on post notifications before we do this, because that will help a lot. Okay, three two one: Music, okay, okay, so um let’s see how it handles. If we go over here. Okay, it gets stuck a bit. I don’t like that. Honestly, let me get on top of the museum. Okay, yes, so i can park it here right on and then also it has a light.

Sadly, doesn’t have a rope but it’s pretty decent and fast. Also, i think you can go into like the criminal base and come in out like really quickly it has a nice interior too. I really like this not gon na lie. Music, i mean might as well arrest him Music, okay, here’s, a demonstration on how the dog works. Where is Music? This also that your dog starts to bark but i’m, not going to put on my sound because i’m not going to risk getting popular, okay here’s this Music, i mean it’s, not too easy to get on through here, but okay, i guess! Oh so yeah you get stuck in the cable so that sucks too so yeah that’s, a new update in the new drone. Also um let’s buy the pass i’m. Probably gon na buy more robux. So it’s not like i mean i’m, not too mad about buying the pass, because i’ll, probably just buy more robux and stuff, so all will be good, also make sure to check out our group. We have some amazing clothing, so if you buy that all that roblox will be funded into these awesome videos that i make for you guys, and so you guys really seem to enjoy these videos – and i don’t do a lot of jailbreak videos, but you guys love My jailbreak so i’m, probably gon na see if i can do more jailbreak videos, but i i’m gon na have to get some ideas from you guys but i’m not 100 sure what to do in jail today, because it’s like there’s, not much to do like.

I don’t know so you guys better help me with some ideas for jailbreak. Also let’s go ahead and buy that pass. I don’t really like it but, like i said i can buy more robux later on, and this will be worth it because i’ll get all those cool three two one, oh god, okay! This is easy. Oh okay, we’re gon na do these okay, so he’s gon na be a quick mom. Oh so we should go with me: Music, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, so Music, okay, guys! This is our last contract. I’M gon na get level three i’m gon na get that exclusive rim. Thank god. I bought the pass right now because i’m about to get level three. I would be sad if i didn’t have the game pass. I would get to level three and not get through yeah, okay, we’re back to go there. Okay, i bet there are a lot of camping cops on the server, so going. This way is good. Yes, we got level three three okay, let’s go test it out on the roadster; okay, good writers, everyone there’s roses like pikmi, okay, so rims yeah, oh, oh assimo, said they look really good in radiant, yellow, oh yeah. They look more bright. Also, it spins. When you go yo that looks super cool, so yeah so simo said they look good with radiant yellow, and i really do so yeah that’s everything for today’s video. Thank you guys for watching.

I really hope you enjoyed this every time. I love love. I’M. Gon na. Do a video showcasing what i get until i get to level 10. I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you enjoyed watching me spend all my money in roblox, sadly, but uh yeah. I really enjoyed buying all that stuff today. I really liked the game pass. I feel like it was worth it and i, like the drone, a lot so yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching make sure to like if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe. If you enjoy all my videos and never want to know when i upload a new video and probably be the first one to watch it and make sure to join my roblox group and for my profiles, then you guys can buy my shirts. If you want to and support the group also i’m going to be making a new link in the group, so if you buy a shirt, i’ll give you that special ring and i have some random games. I made so feel free to play that so yeah i’m. Just gon na rub this real, quick it’s right now, because i need some money well.