Okay, you go to the to the reception. You talk to them. If they accept that Music, i dont need permission, my friend so where you come to me now, just to tell you that im doing it so that, if you, if i, if i, if i give you for example, if i said okay, i have no death power. Im not asking permission im just telling you that if you see my drone going up im sending the drone over, i dont hear you saying that. Well tell them. If you want thats fine yeah, i try to tell them about you. The best thing to make things easier for yourself: first ride: there is a reception. There is a lot of people. Position makers tell them that you are going to fly drone rocket whatever to them all right: yeah thats, the ordinary security job, all right! Well, i might go up there anyway, all right yeah, because i think its not allowed. Oh, they cant. Stop me my friend all yeah. Well, dont worry! I will do yeah, but no they cant stop me. Why are you its just to fly here right here? Exactly? I do thats what i do. I do videos why you decide to take a video without permission from a site belong to a people to a company without getting the permission from the company itself. I dont i dont need permission. How can you just take pictures from peoples, properties id just fly over and take pictures? Why taking pictures because thats what i do, thats, what i do for a living whom you say i, whom you serve taking peoples properties pictures serve whom to whom youre gon na be uh.

Take this picture, which company for myself for my own company, more dangerous than anybody you are amazing, go go, go, see them! Please, all right! I will have a walk up there. I said i might take off from up there be a bit more interesting. I think all right, so here we are at gxo this guys. Looking for the drone whats up mate, can you see it? Well, you dont own the airspace mate. Well, it comes on dont matter. It comes on the jurisdiction of the caa, not on the jurisdiction of where are you choosing whoever you are just fly anywhere, because i want to video this place. They dont harm, you does it because our video industrial places well im not happy to do that. You absolutely well, unfortunately, my friend, sorry whats, your first name simon, sorry, simon and pete theres, not a lot. You can do about it im afraid im going to see if theres somebody can speak to regarding myself. Okay, all right! Well, do you want me to wait here? Do you want me to go up to the other entrance? Do you want to wait there yeah ill, wait here? Okay, please im going to wait at least the responsibility go from my side because well, theres, no responsibility on you, mate, yeah! Absolutely because im, a security officer here and you left everywhere, come to me saying that im gon na fly on the place that im actually gardening.

You put me in trouble. Why have i put you? Why am i putting you in trouble theres? No, what can you do about it? You sure what i can do. At least i can report it yeah well yeah thats, it thats. Why ive come down to tell you so that if you see it, you know whats going off but theres? No, you can do about it. My friend question why you insist to make the drone on this particular plane? Why are you not there for the jumper ive done them? Do you yeah ive, just been drone them ive been on video, then, with the drone they didnt like it either, which company do you represent? I represent my own company. There is no one person who just come here and go to the this is trust passing its. What you actually violating the law of the properties, all right, youve, obviously got a law degree. Then have you no, i dont all right. So how can you quote laws that you know nothing about if youre, not downloading it? It doesnt need to take a degree to know that you have no right. I have no right now to go to that company and do anything around their property or up their property. So if i went to local airfield and got an airplane and flew over the top of this building, what do you think they could do? The airplane got permission from the country to be to fly on the air space, the air uh space of that country? And what do you think the drone has yeah yeah, because it does its yours yeah, of course its mine, and if i went and got in an airplane and flew over the top theres? No, you can do about it.

No its! Not your problem uh within 10 minutes, it will be right. Weve got somebody from operations. Well come down and speak to you. Okay, all right were on the way down now. Okay. So what do you do here? Then? Im just a section manager, youre, a section manager. All right, no hes told me im safe to work im about to stand here. Are you going to you got any coffee? Are you going and youve got a cup of tea for me in there? No, actually, i dont honestly if i have ill give it to you. I have no problem with you. I just want to be far from any problems, because you insist to cause me a problem by your with snow whats. The name of that i i dont know how im causing you all. I did well walk down and tell you how were going to fly a drone over the top and thats all ive done. So what is your drone now its in the car? If youll see it in a bit itll go, we will see if they, if theyre allowed, you have no problem, they cant stop me. Ah, this wow, this guy is funny. He really is now were just waiting for somebody to come down and talk to me. Then. No chunking weddings having a good run round. I love you. I am filming yeah off but were not giving permission for you to send the drone over.

I dont need permission. Theres private property were asking you to record it dont matter, whether its private property or not. You stop that film youre not allowed to just record people yeah. I am no youre. Not here we go again yeah. I am its like a pantomime isnt it its behind you. Why? Why would you want to be filming us whats? The purpose of filming? I film industrial places no but youre interacting with me telling me what i can and i cant do. But why do you feel the need to film me yeah, because youre telling me what i can and i cant do before i even walked over that camera was on because it was because youre coming over to talk to me yeah, i dont come over in an Aggressive manner it doesnt matter, doesnt matter, mate, listen were not going to think. But what were saying is you have not got permission to record his own round. I dont matter still its still going over theres private property thats, fine, it doesnt matter im still flying the drone over who were you by the way you what sorry ops manager? Oh so the ops manager says i cant do it. She does the ops manager, the ops manager says: im not allowed to do it, so what ill probably do im going to wait while this vehicle has gone past, i can walk down this side at barriers. Im fine um. I might have a walk up and have a look up at the other end where, where the main officers are and take off from there or i dont know, if ill do it from here, i dont know which one will give me the best uh, the best Impact and the best view of the site i might actually take off from the other end, so lets have a walk up there and see whats happening in right.

So ive walked around the front of the building, now its a bit more impressive than that little gate back there so were just getting ready to set the drone up. Lets just give you a quick look at what it looks like. So, as you can see, it is a fair old building. A couple of water tanks down there for the fire suppression right lets, get the old dread. Drone up lets go for it take off, so the home point has been updated. Please check it on the map, so im not allowed to video apparently so lets just bring it back a little bit so im, always in those trees over there. Take it up a bit and lets just give you a look at the footage along the front. So, as you can see, it is quite a substantial building and weve got a couple of towers coming up for the uh for water and the fire suppression. Music. All right lets. Take it up a bit more lets, go look a reasonable sized car park here, and it does look quite full now i suspect most staff go in and out at this end lets have a look, make sure theres, no trees, im gon na hit now Music yeah. That looks a bit like staff entrance there thats why all the cars are parked at this end either that or they walk around the corner here and uh im coming this way where im stood, i scream man Music, to be honest, theres, not a lot to see.

Really, Music, just a big flat roof in the car park. When we get around the other side, therell be a few wagons to uh to see i imagine and a few loading bays Music, so theres brown that i looked at Music and theres, a security box where i was stood all right spin it down lets, have a Look, oh definitely one or two Music, my two loading bays here: Music marks and spences. So if you have eat marks and spencers food, this is where it gets distributed from Music and there i am stood in the road. Look all right so thats the view from the front gxo we dont, like you, mr pj and youre, not allowed to video Music, Music, hmm and theyre in there in the office. Looking at me, if you cant see them, those trees are in the way yeah. Well. Never mind lets, set you down Music Music. So that concludes uh gxo. Just one thing i want to point out they. They must acknowledge that im on public property, because theres a sign here. Let me just show you its against the law to smoke beyond this point. So thats, obviously where their land starts all right anyway, i hope youve enjoyed the video if you have give it a thumbs up. Please share please subscribe and i will see you in the next one bye.