Do two here, we're gon na, do a flight test with the controller here's the sky to go here, got it all powered up, got two batteries and if you've missed couple of my videos, I did a really in depth. Unboxing on this really inspecting it close up and also an initial kind of follow me flight test where we went through the woods, and we also followed my truck foreigner through the woods to doing some off roading. You know we can do it son of a gun. If you missed those go ahead and check the playlist lab pop up here and they'll also be in the description down below, but today is gon na, be all about flying the sky. Do trying to get some cinematic footage with the controller you can fly it with the phone. You can fly it with the beacon which I have in the case, but this is today is all gon na be about flying with the controller, so let's get started and see how it does okay. So I have everything already ready to go on this flight. I'M. Gon na just be recording in 4k 30 frames per second HDR. In my follow test, L'ho fatto 60 frames per second HDR we're, just gon na see how the 30 frames per second does in this one. So go ahead and begin flight here, starting sky do autonomy. Engine takes a little while, for this one to launch cameras may be blocked, move sky to go to an open area.

ok, that was kind of interesting I'm, not sure what what that means. It definitely shouldn't be blocked, they should all be clear there. We go let's see if that worked. ok, that seemed to do it, just picking it up and rotating. It seemed to do it when you get your controller. All you need to do is plug the USBC cable straight into your sky deal and it kind of binds it a one time binding. So all I had to do for this flight was turn on the sky. Do flip open the controller and I already got a blue light and then once I plugged in my sky do app went ahead and launched also be recording the screen to for you guys as well. So you guys can see what's going on on the screen anyway. Let'S get started so let's go ahead and launch see if we can actually launch from this button on the controller. Definitely can't do that. So it looks like you: do have to have your phone connected let's see if we do any of the normal kind of drone down, sticks down and in or down and out, if we can launch it, so we can't do that either. So we apparently have to launch just from the screen so pressing until it launches all right that guy's gon na launch up to what five feet definitely higher than five that's yeah it's about seven feet. You see the telemetry up there.

Sulla sinistra, side let's see if the controller is even working, yeah cool, so there's our yaw to the left, there's our right stick forward and back yeah, so definitely working and this one starts to record right when you lift off right guys. So keep that in mind so let's just do a quick walk around on this guy a little close up here. Definitely the control response is not as precision as some other drones, but anyway that's it. There hey, ragazzi, hope, you're staying super safe in these uncertain times. We'Ve got the virus going on and stay away from. People right now just take care of your family anyway. That'S it there let's go ahead and fly around, see how it is in just normal mode here, just gon na kind of fly back and forth a bit and we're just really looking at the camera Music trying to fly in them myself and you can see how It'S, just totally avoiding me that's, pretty cool let's go down a little bit now this the sky, do two is known for its amazing tracking and obstacle avoidance functions right. So let's go down right into the center of me and I'm. Just gon na try to run into myself so full forward and, Naturalmente,, it's gon na just avoid me just like it did with other stuff when we are doing that 4×4 section our session in the woods so anyway, that's the maximum speed right now, in whatever Mode I'm in this is just the default mode, so we can get some really good cinematic footage and what's that ten ten miles per hour is our forward.

Speed let's try to do a punch out here; ok, so really slow kind of sluggish controls, but it's mainly for cinematic punching up, e abbiamo 13 14 15 16 Wow 17 miles per hour going up while we're up here guys let's take a look at this Amazing West Maui, here man, this camera is just fantastic, so this is HDR mode. The Sun is kind of getting low in the sky, it's about 545 p.m. and let's just see what kind of maybe cinematic shots we can get with this with the controller. Just beautiful look at this, so you're gon na get some great cinematic, especially with this HDR. Usually with other cameras. We get a really washed out view, but look at that. You can still see the ground and the green there and the clouds, and that HDR is really pulling everything and brightening it up you, those colors, fantastic let's, just go ahead, and this is camera all the way down. I think I adjusted the settings to be a little slower in the gimbal, so you can do that. There'S, the field I'm at I'll go up a little more fantastic, so we can be doing this with the controller that's great. I really wanted to see how this thing would handle again. It does seem a little sluggish let's just go out a ways. Go straight out. This way fly in fpv, not really gon na do a range test in this one, but i just want to see you know if we can do some cool cinematic, so i'm turning the camera down and to the left.

Here i want to try to maybe see if we can run into some trees too, that might be kind of cool huh, so I'm I'm full stick down right now. It'S coming down at looks like 8 miglia all'ora, okay and here's. What we'll do fly out that way, a bit it'll turn around and see what it does when we just come right into some trees. ok, so whoa we're already next to some trees there so I'll go this way a bit there. I am through the trees. You can see me there so go to the left a little bit and let's see if we just try to run right into this pine tree here. Let'S see what it does. ok, so full throttle straight ahead and I'm gon na pull down yep I'm still pushing forward and look at that. It found the hole on its own. All I was doing was pushing forward there, so pretty awesome working pretty good. As soon as I let off the sticks, now I have a cross on me. Let'S try this press the cross, ok, so now it thinks it wants to. You want to track something so just like before we can do our tracking it's, still Auto, recording pool and still having all that same kind of obstacle. Avoidance working, very well let's, see if I wanted to what's it gon na do. Is it gon na stop yeah? So it's stopping by itself kind of moving around on its own a little bit.

I can't move the head left and right with the yaw, but I can I'll check this out. I can move the drone around so I'm pressing full stick to the right right now and that's doing it tracking me on its own I'm gon na press up and I'm gon na pull out, pull back so I'm up. I kind of want to pull back to get a little more distance, no wow that's, not working so we're gon na have to push plus on the range it looks like on the screen. ok. Bene, if you want to track guys that's as far as the way as you can be like 23 piedi, I can do a circle as much as I want. So you know a little bit funny. You can't go farther out yeah that's as far away as I can get about thirty feet. ok, so remember when we're tracking our truck and our floral Runner and stuff that's what was happening. So if I press this little icon to the right on motion track, we can also do fixed track. Let'S see how this does okay. So if I move around here, Sai, let me pull it around the other side, so the Sun is brightening me up a little bit. There we go so all I did was push to the left for that all right cool. So there we go a little bit brighter, and so what this will do, let me just get the height up.

A little bit is as I'm moving it's following me on a sideline, see that so either way I go and then you can, it looks like you can adjust your position by either pressing your right or left like I did on the roll stick or you see On this middle of the screen here, I can just do this, put it on the other side of me or wherever I want that's, pretty neat see how that works. Let'S, get it back over to this side and remember: it'll have an easier time if it knows which way you're going, but it doesn't know which way I'm gon na walk right, so that's the whole thing about this one alright. So that was a fixed track where it's just gon na stay there at that distance and heading and just try to keep you locked in okay, let's, try something else: press on fixed track again: let's try orbit! Quindi ricorda. We tried this again when we're doing that. Our other truck and stuff tracking, so just a regular orbit, and we have this slider on the bottom slide. It all the way to the right. Eight revolutions per minute: ok, that's its maximum speed, it's going about 12 miglia all'ora, depending on where the wind, the winds, come in about five miles per hour, that from that direction, and then we can go slide. It all the way on the other side and check it out, it'll change direction, and now it says negative, eight revolutions per minute, but unfortunately I can't get any farther range.

ok, let's stop that X out of that whoops. If someone will follow myself, though I'll press on me again, Oh went right back into that orbit. ok, let's just gon na continue on that. Until you, I guess kind of there we go okay, so let's get it back over. So the sun's on me again. So you can vote okay, that's cool check that out, so you can also use your right stick and you see how just by pushing my right stick it's, changing that little slider, ok, so I'm gon na press that orbit and let's go down the cable cam set. The a position of your cable cam let's, see if we can go farther away, ok, cool now we can go farther away, so this is going to be a position and I'm going to press set a on the screen and then I'm gon na move. The drone to my B position on a fly on a right past me and now I'm gon na fly up and out through these trees, see that and over there, ok, so I'm gon na set B right here, let's bring our speed up to maybe 10 and From A to B it's just saying waiting, okay let's see if we can click on a okay there we go so there's a cable cam, and can I move the head around? No, I can't. I can't move the head guys interesting. So I guess you got ta fix.

You got to do your head, Tuttavia, you want it to face okay and then all you do is you can go from A to B let's let's. Do our mile per hour up to 22 let's, see how fast it goes. So I can't move my head on the cable cam pressing the B arrow boom watch. This it's gon na go fast this time, so just going from point A to B I'll have this up on the screen, let's see if we can adjust our gimbal nope can't. Even adjust the gimbal and it's just gon na stop stop at B let's press X, modifica, ok, we can go into edit let's edit, our a position alright. So now we need to come back and we wanted. We have our beasts that way out there let's set our a let's see if we can avoid this tree. While our doing this yeah it's avoiding the tree we'll come in close and we'll have our B position right here this time I want to face the camera that way or that RA position right there. So setting a now let's go from A to B boom whoa. They really pulled back hard on that. Oh, okay, so it's remembering what position you set the camera on a and B. So you see how it did a slow turn to the left and then ended up facing out. So you can do some cool cable, cam shots like that and it's I mean it's got such good obstacle avoidance.

You don't have to worry about it, crashing on anything right, let's go edit, let's, modifica. Our B I want to edit lower so as to go like through these trees, on its own okay, so I'm gon na go down here. I'M. Even gon na go to the right a little bit I'm gon na set B right there boom. ok, so let's go from A to B well, bello. It just found that little crack in the trees. ok, here we go we're gon na start it. So I did, B to a and now let's go A to B. Go look at that Music it's! Looking all around it, while it's it just curved around the trees, oh that's, just fantastic and I'llhave that video up right guys. So you can see what's going on anyway, let's get out of this guy's we'll. Just let me go back. It stopped or zoom we'll. Just go to a one more time, so we're closer so be the third time I'm doing this, but it's just fantastic, how it just finds the hole and just as its pivoting and rotating I don't know any other drone that can do that. That'S! Semplicemente fantastico! Oh there's, my battery over there on the Left, ok, we're only 15, so stop edit. Bene, I can even double tap the screen done snap to be so it's doing all this on its own. What I don't really want to do is it for it to bring out a battery over there.

So I'm gon na come on back quickly, come back we're only at 11, so we'll see how long this lasts. ok, this is a little confusing, because all I can do is edit and resume so I'm, just gon na click on cable down there to the bottom right. Quindi, allora, you have hover mode, which is just kind of like a normal flying mode. I guess and we're low battery, so it's gon na land in one minute, ok, let's just say: okay and let'ssee what it does. We'Ll go up a little higher I'm just gon na keep flying around it's, still recording I'm, just gon na try to stay away from my home point aways and see what it does if it runs out of power. You know what I mean. Is it just gon na land? Are you gon na be able to control it still or what keep in mind guys aim on the side of a mountain? So you see that mountain slope there outside of the park that's just the mountain I'm, just gon na kind of fly around away from my home point. It says it only has 20 seconds of battery left see if I just keep forward motion what happens I'm, just trying to stay away, see if it'll just land right there. If it'll come home, Sei, oh cool, keep flying or return. At least it gives you the OP the option I didn't touch anything. Oh uomo, it's, not letting me even control it.

Is it yeah, so that could be very dangerous, really want to just come home early on this one. Did you see that I just I could have pressed return, but I didn't for a few a few seconds, and I just landed right here and I couldn't move forward so and range tests are gon na be scary on this. One guys might not want to do a range test if we do we're really gon na have to watch our battery power. You know anyway, let's go ahead and put the other battery in we'll. Do some more functions and we'll try to return to home and see what the accuracy is brand new battery in and let's just start. This thing up, I don't think I showed you how to start it up the last time, but just click click and hold until you see the blue lights on the front there we go set that bad boy down and this one is kind of interesting. It takes a little while to boot up and there's, not really any sounds. You see the blue lights and then you'll see the camera kind of do its gimbal thing just like that and that's. Fondamentalmente, all you got. You got no beeps or nothing anyway. Let'S do this again with the second battery again: I'll have the flight times pop up at the end as well. Mi dispiace, I didn't even change anything on the controller. I just unplugged it and plugged it back in and it looks like it's all syncing up automatically.

So they've done a great job at detecting what kind of devices you have and them auto connecting and stuff so that's great let's, vedere. Maybe if we can go into the settings and just really quickly see if we can speed anything up, gimbal sensitivity, flight sensitivity, ok, yeah there's, the custom, so you could up this stuff. Se si desidera 25 boy let's just see if I go up to 50 on pitch roll and yaw, if that gets us going a little faster I'll leave the throttle at 83. That might just be the sensitivity, but let's just try that, basically it can't really do much. So I can get this thing up and do a little bit more and then we'll do a pros and cons so begin flight it's going to do its starting autonomy engine again, yeah cool, look like the gimbal was a little skewed, but when it starts up it Does Street and everything out panel look at that picture, you've been on my phone. It just looks like so beautiful, Va bene. Well anyway, we're recording, again there's our maps, so you can do this the other way as well. If you just have your phone and stuff, apparently my maps aren't coming in there, they go slowly see that there we go so it's just using. I guess my phone data right now and it's trying to pull in those Google Maps. You see how it's taking a while must not be a very good phone connection at the moment anyway.

Maybe a good idea to precache your maps, precache your maps before you've, come to your flying location, ok, bene, click back on there and let's launch so holding to launch again. I really do want to see the return to home accuracy right man, that is just a beautiful picture. It is in motion track mode, so I think we kind of did everything we'll just leave it in motion track mode. Oh here's, the one shots! ok. I give this thing away from me, so it's not entirely noisy. Now I like how we don't have to worry about remembering to record it just records when we launch, but let's just let's just go up here and let's get this shot of this Sun coming through the clouds just beautiful isn't it. So it looks like you can get some very cinematic shots. Let'S go into the motion track button, the top tab, one shots there, we go that's. What I'm looking for let's go droney and it doesn't know where I am so. We'Re gon na need to come down and turn so you're gon na need to do this kind of manually right some closer Music. ok. Ci siamo. This should be kind of a neat shot. This come as close as we can there we go those where I am let's settle in and then start droning. So we had a 3 2 1 countdown there. It goes so that's a 5 mile per hour out and up don't see anything else.

I can do there except adjust the speed. So if I just max the speed, while it's going yeah let's just totally max the speed out whew getting some camera shake coming back in, as you see that pretty bad, so it switched the motion track. Let'S try another droney, so it looks like you got to go out of that and back into one shots every time straight, droney again, so it saw me it's gon na get over there see. If I can get some settings. Ok here we go speed. Ok, so you can adjust these settings, you see this. I just had to hit those settings there, we'll go 100 feet away and then we'll go to a hundred feet about cool press back arrow I'm gon na walk up to it a little bit and let's start. The droning let's see how this looks mm. Hmm. I'M. Mi dispiace, I'm, a little low in the picture, doesn't it so that's at 16 miglia all'ora. We lost the subject: ok, so maybe that's why they make it have a close tracking of 30 feet limit because it looks like it will lose the subject right. So that was it playing back on its own and everything okay, so that's droney looks like they can work on that, a little bit back in the one shots let's do a rocket clicking on myself, let's bring it in. I can't move the head at all. Interessante. All I can do is forward and side to side let's let it do what it thinks it needs to do.

I'M, just gon na leave it right there and start the rocket lay down here. Let'S speed it up 11 miglia all'ora. ok, so it looks like it just defaulted again: don't get up let's, try that again one shots rocket settings: ok, yeah so we're gon na have to do the height again. We'Ll do a little over a hundred there, and this time will go really fast. 18 miglia all'ora, okay and start there's a rocket 18 miles per hour to a hundred feet. Ehi, I lost the subject, so it's kind of easy to lose a subject anywhere over like thirty feet. Keep that in mind that's, probably why I like, I was saying the UH when you're doing the follow me stuff, it doesn't, let you go any farther away than that: okay back to one shot, so let's try the boomerang right and if I walk up to it, See it's, avoiding me right. Fantastico, so I don't really. I want to get over to this fence in these trees and see if it because the whole thing about this is to avoid things right. Let'S get close, Wow doesn't. Let me go just it's gon na attract me. ok, we're gon na go in the settings for the boomerang hundred feet 13 miles per hour and we'll just do clockwise and start see what it does go out up coming in. ok, let's see what it does in these trees it's trying to go out what it sees the trees, bello, ok, yeah I'm like a little low in the screen too bad.

The gimbal couldn't rotate down a little further right. You see that in the video guys just a little, not centered low, so maybe something they can work on so that's the boomerang. I want to try it one more too bad you're, not still in one shots when that it would be nice if it went back here, but you got to go back in the motion track and then one shots I'm gon na go back in the boomerang, and I want to do the fastest speed and let's try the other direction back start. ok. Here we go countdown 22 miglia all'ora. Hmmm went around the trees above the trees yeah. I am barely in the picture. What'S up sky do and knows where I am, but so keep that in mind. Some gimbal picture set, centering issues may arise, boomerang complete and I just switches back to motion track, so maybe in a way that's good. That it'll still follow you and stuff back to one shots: ok, there's, my battery on the left. Ho 59 percent battery let's, try a vortex let's! Just do it right here in the middle of these trees, just right on the fence here becoming close. All I can do is push forward. Remember and the camera does the turning for us. So let's start our vortex after we check out some of these settings shape, Wow, ok, tornado, there's, a disc corkscrew or tornado. Ho, like the tornado, so leave it on tornado.

Go back style let's do an extreme and direction let's leave it at clockwise or counterclockwise and start I'm. Just gon na sit here and we'll see what it does I'm, not even gon na turn around. Maybe I will just to see if it hits the tree. Ehi. It'S, avoiding the trees. Oh all right. What are you gon na do man? You can go up now, it's trying to go the other way, attendere! That'S! All it's gon na do well. I picked the extreme version of the vortex, but that didn't work very well. Did it I didn't see the screen, but I think it just canceled out of that let's try again vortex it's come down coming a little closer okay, the trailer vortex again greater distance higher speed, more revolutions looks like it failed on that one anyway. Let'S start: it again start this time: I'm. Just gon na stay here. We'Ll, try clockwise the next time, see how it's kind of getting stuck in the trees, and then it stops it, since our entire vortex got stuck vortex, stopped. ok, so use the vortex guys in a more of an open area. You know me: Ho avuto ta, try that one more time and I got to do it the other way around let's go that way and start war Tex three two one go come on vortex let's see if we can do it this time, you near that bugger Buzzing it should be going up and out oh that's, Peccato.

ok, so don't do those kind of little quick shot things you know when you're got trees around. You first see the vortex. I guess let's see if something else gets stuck. Music let's. Try that boomerang and see if that has trouble under now I'm, just gon na leave the same settings. I had okay I'll come way low, so I have to avoid these trees start just gon na stay right here. Va bene, boomerang go for it, Music nice. He lost the subject: Hmm, ok, so not so great when you're going through objects with these little selfie functions right because once it loses track of you, it does have trouble. So I'll have had the video up of what that actually got at least okay. So the one shots be careful of those and obstacles if you're gon na do it maybe have the remember that beacon with you. If you're gon na have obstacles in your one shots let's try to do it. Return to home, so we're still recording let's go ahead and fly out here, a bit I'm just clicking on the screen to get out of there. Man that is just beautiful. With this camera, assolutamente fantastico 32 percent power let's try something I want to get a neat shot of me just flying right through these trees. Let'S see if it can do it I'm. Just gon na push forward I'm. Just hopeful stick forward right now, let's see if it can navigate no there's, not really big enough hole.

So I'm gon na pull back. You see that, but at least it didn't hit any branches that was great let's. Try this a little bit more fair to it. I'M, just gon na go right straight ahead through the top of those branches, see what does straight ahead. Yeah so it'll make sure it doesn't hit those. So they've been a pretty cool, sparo, it's a little bit back and forth wavy, but I think it was just trying to avoid those trees. Let'S do a pullback shot man that is just beautiful isn't. It get her camera up a little bit there we go now. If that's not cinematic, I don't know what is I'm gon na drop it down a little let's try to get one more of those shots right here. Go full stick forward, see what it does just go up. Full stick forward, still no it's kind of stuck. So these kind of situations you're gon nahave to kind of push up yourself. You see that a little bit of a weird gimble tilt there, anyway let's pull down as we come back. Oh that was neat and the great thing about this, anche se, is you don't? Really have to like look around you. The drone will just avoid everything right let's go down low. No, I don't want to get in anybody's way. I don't want to do that. I wouldn't be responsible, so pretty cool man, Va bene, we're, getting low on power.

So I'm gon na go to this other field over here. I'Ll. Just look at this camera let's get some nice shots here. I do want to get some pictures. Try to get a picture of this where's. My photos. 4K. ok, here I'm switching the pictures let's get some shots. Am I getting some photos? I don't know it just says: it's still recording well well. Bene, that's. I don't know sorry about that guys, but I'm I'm hitting the photo button, but it I don't think it's taking any photos. I'M, going to press home from the launch point there we go so I told it to launch break back or land on that box right there let's see. If it does whoa come on, come on home, they didn't seem to do anything and then, when they press the controller return to home, it did anyway, it's still recording it's backing up 10 potenza. Bene, it's, going way over there overshot a bit I'm gon na get really out of its way, that's, just stopping there I'm, not sure if that's, because it has this low battery warning anyway, at least it got you know close to where I am, but if I Just bring it straight down, that's about 10 feet away right. You see that so just really be careful about flying this thing to its battery capacity. You know what I mean tilt the gimbal all the way down, let's see if it can land right on that sky.

Do signal this might be tough right there, so this button on the controller doesn't seem to do anything. So you got a press land on the screen. I'Ll hold it down, mmm! Oh, it tried to land on the box, but the balance was a little off and he kind of saw what I did at least it didn't freak out flip over and keep going so we'll have the flight time again pop up for those two flights in total. This one seems like it has maybe a little bit of like expo where it's really light controls in the beginning and wishy washy. E poi, as you push it more it'll finally kind of go, and I think they're doing that because they want it to be more cinematic with the cinematic shots and also it doesn't really matter. If you have super precision control, because it has this obstacle avoidance, you can see how I was going through the trees and even the twigs with the sunlight straight at it. It was stopping and not hitting the twigs, so you still have that full on obstacle avoidance, while you're using the controller, which is really amazing. It seemed like it went faster. When I remember I adjusted those settings in the controller up to 50. I think there are at 15 initially or 20 and it seemed like when I adjusted those up. It was going a little faster. I forgot to check on that it does.

I mean this thing follows you, amazingly a couple negatives remember when we were trying to do that tornado thing. It would be cool I'm, not sure if it would have kept doing it. If I had the beacon on that would have been a good test, so maybe in the next flight test we'll do that we're also gon na do a range test, but I just want to be careful because this thing and it doesn't, let you really control it Once it goes into that forced landing, so that was really scary, but we're I'm gon na try it I'm gon na do a range test, maybe a little c4 one where I'm over area, where I can pick it up so we'll definitely try that out, but as Far as this HDR camera and just getting cinematic shots with that, like the sunset Mantle's or just on my phone, it was beautiful and I'll have those up on the drone itself. This one's gon na be a little bit of a noisier drone. It doesn't have, come sai, kind of medium tone to it. You know that's kind of to be expected with this one, because it means that power, so the the props do have a pretty high pitch. It needs that jolt of propulsion to avoid things and stop and stuff. So one of the negatives I mentioned in my initial flight test with the tracking, when I was doing that four wheeling was the flight time wasn't that great at the most.

I think I was eating like 16 A 18 minuti di tempo di volo, ma voi ragazzi, I hope you enjoyed that. Oh the pictures I don't know what went on with the pictures. I tried stopping the recording and taking some pictures. So if those are up I'll throw those up, it's, probably something I was doing wrong, but that's the way it was a little bit difficult. I was even trying to press the trigger buttons here and it didn't really seem to do anything but anyways thanks for watching and don't forget to check and tune in to the next couple of videos. With this I am gon na. Do a range test, I'm gon na do some more tracking and I do want to do a beacon test with those tornado selfie functions, because I want to see if the beacon it'll know where the beacon is and continue its tornado thing, even if it hit the Trees because remember it canceled with those and didn't know where I was with those trees, it just tried to come back to where it was anyway. Some links in description for the sky do too and also all the stuff I use on my videos, and I will see you in the next one.