We have the final model, the main model of the set and that’s the instruction mark for it right there once more we’ll just show off the figure there. He is looking pretty good perfect now to the final model. Primo, off we’re just going to quickly show off the remainder spare parts compared to the other two models. You are left with practically nothing uh, two technic pins, two studs and a t bracket thing. There is barely anything left after this set, because this is the bigger model that takes up majority of the parrots for the free in one, and i have to say it looks really good. It is nicely sized it’s, not too light, not too heavy. It has some articulation points on the sides here for the engines. It has space for a figure and you can use your imagination to make this into a lot of things. Underneath you have these here little engine parts you can make a seam as if that’s, what makes it levitate off the ground or you can turn these and have the boosters come up or you can turn them up this way and have the boosters blast them up And have it you know like flip and turn in the air and fly off. You can have these as cannons instead of engines. You can flip them and have those as cannons if you so want there’s lots of options to do with this thing, how to make it take off how you want it to fire or move to me.

It looks like a veto. Some form of vtol fancy army jet thing up the back here. You can adjust these winglets here as well. The whole thing went together quite nicely as well. You know it was. It was a joy watching all the pirates getting used and thinking oh what’s, going to be left at the end of this um, but it is a really really good model. Um, it looks very respectable. The figure you get is really really good as well um. I i don’t i just generally don’t have really any complaints with all four of the models. Besides the mech not being able to move its legs, you know up and down or even left to right, but you know it still looked quite good for what it was for the price of the set and how many parrots are in it. ..., the speeder was really really good as well, but this this one is definitely you know, the main model is definitely good. It looks sleek it. I like the way it’s all smoothed out and it just looks proper and you know for a kid. You can come up with so many uses for this thing on what it is or who uses it or just you know how it fires and takes off and all that. So all in all, i think this is a really really good set, really good models and definitely worth it just for this. You know for a tenure set.

Questo è, this is a brilliant little vtol fighter thing um and it’s nice to actually get see a minifigure in the creator. Series um i’ve never bought any bar this one, but i only bought this one because of the minifigure, and i wanted this. But another creator says i’ve never seen minifigures before so, but this is really really good. This is top notch, um, so i’m really really happy with this set.