I skipped the unboxing and went straight to the meat of it. I have an opportunity to install my new Flysky Noble Radio RX/TX system, as well as my MKS servos in to this build. As well, I have my last Tekin FXR ESC and Motor to install. I have switched brands to Hobbywing, but I think this build definitely could use a little tekin!

This video is intended to maybe give some help to those who just get the ARTR version like I did. Maybe a look at this video will aid them in assembling their own. Anche, its always great to look at what an RC is like before you purchase it. This overview should get you prepared nicely. Ecco il link, in case your interested in visiting the RC4WD website:

Here are some specs from the website:

Main Material: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, In nylon, ABS and Polycarbonate
Hard Plastic Body
Front Independent Suspension (IFS) and Rear Solid Axle
Reduction Gearbox Driven with Planetary Gears (16:1 Reduction Ratio)
Hard Plastic Transfer Case (Silver)
Remote Lockable Rear and Front Axle (Locking Differential)
Recommend Battery: 3S, 25C Lipo Battery
Velocità massima: 12.5MPH/20KMH (With a 3S Battery)
Incline Driving Angle: 30°
Road Driving Angle: 15°
Decline Driving Angle: 15°
Interasse: 13.89" (353mm)
Truck Net Weight: 4.0KGS / 8.82LBS

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