They ask all you from outside outside everything around me. I create, with my mind, working too hard. I don’t want no down time alrighty guys so let’s get started with today’s video. Va bene. I have so many drones. Sono, like i don’t, need another drone. When i heard dji, i was coming out with a new drone. I said well, i’m only going to get it if it has a one inch sensor now. The dji air 2s, Naturalmente,, has a one inch sensor. Allora, Sì, i am getting the air 2s and should you as well, and how does it compare to the mavic 2 pro and what’s, going on with dji all these new drones? Does that mean a mavic 3? Is next all right, we’re going to talk about it in today’s video, quindi cerchiamo di entrare a destra in esso, so i’m sure by now, you’ve seen all the specs and you know a lot about the air 2s. So in this video i’m not going to go over all the specs, what i’m going to go over is some of the features or some things that aren’t in other videos are some of the most important things of choosing. Should i upgrade and is it better than the mavic 2 pro or is it better than the mavic air 2? ok, should i upgrade from the mavic air 2 or if i already have the mavic 2 Pro? Is this really worth getting okay we’re going to talk about that in today’s video, so first i’m, going to give you two big reasons why, if you already have the mavic 2 Pro, you really don’t need the air 2s.

Tuttavia, there’s a lot of reasons why you do really, but for these two reasons alone, you might want to wait until the mavic 3, which i do think is going to come out this year but i’m going to talk about that later in this video. Allora, Per me, the biggest upside to the mavic 2 pro is having an adjustable aperture that you can change from f, 2.8 to f 11.. You can also do that with the phantom 4 Pro, but you know that’s a big drone, so we’re talking about portable drones. Here and being able to change that, aperture means, if you put on an nd, filter and it’s, not quite exactly right or if the sun changes and you’re up there flying and there’s clouds and the sun comes out, and then it goes away. Having that different aperture, you can just adjust that aperture slightly and the video will be properly exposed. Tuttavia, with this brand new mavic air 2s, you can’t do that all right, because it only has a fixed aperture, f, 2.8 and that’s kind of annoying, because you have to put on an nd filter before you take off and fly and get it just right. And with the combo dji gives you four nd filters, which is nice it’s, still kind of annoying, because you can’t change it once the drone is in the sky, so once it’s up there, the only way to change the exposure is by adjusting the shutter speed or The iso and being able to adjust the aperture definitely makes it a much more convenient drone and a better drone, Ma è, not the only factor, Cioè, just one factor.

ok, the other thing i really like about the mavic 2 Pro. It just flies really well all right. The mavic 2 pro just has this feel that’s hard to describe now i’m, not saying the mavic air 2 or the new air 2s don’t fly well, and i just ordered the air 2, so it’s coming. So i can’t totally co sign on that, but i’ve talked to friends who have flown it and it seems very similar to the air 2. So the mavic 2 pro just flies slightly better. Ora, if you’re experienced pilot it’s not going to make much of a difference, but i feel like this is almost an extension of my brain or extension of my hands when i’m flying, whereas other dji drones it doesn’t quite have that really nice feel again from flying. A lot you can pick this up, but it’s really hard to describe. The only way i can describe it is that it just moves in the way that i want it to move. It just seems like an extension of my brain and lastly, la mavic 2 pro has just really nice colors straight out of the box. Now i got to give the air 2s a shot. I haven’t looked at that yet, but just out of the box, la mavic 2 pro has just amazing: colors love the colors on it. It has so many new features but i’m going to concentrate on just a couple features that are really the most important to upgrade to this drone and make it better than the mavic 2 pro so number one right off.

The bat is the price having a drone that shoots 5.4 k, so it’s a little higher resolution. This only shoots 4k up to 30 frames per second versus k is a nice advantage, so the air 2s, having that little more higher resolution is definitely an advantage and for 999 dollars a thousand dollars 1300 for the combo it’s, still much cheaper than the mavic 2. Pro so i think dji may lower the price on this, and even if they lowered it still, the price is amazing for what you get from that drone. The next thing i want to talk about with the air 2s. That is an advantage over the mavic 2 pro that i haven’t really seen out there, and i don’t think a lot of people talk about this. But if you take out the batteries from the mavic 2 Pro, what i’ve noticed if you fly in hot weather, nei dintorni di 70 A 80 Voli, so once your battery reaches about 70 A 80 flights with the mavic 2 pro the battery in really hot weather, if you Really push it, it may start to expand. Va bene. That’S happened to me with a couple of my mavic 2 pro batteries, whereas that has not happened with the mavic air 2 or my other new dji drones like the the mini 2.. I think they did improve the batteries. The battery life is similar. Dji did something with these mavic 2 pro batteries and there’s other people out there i’ve talked to other people who rent drones, who have drones, who have seen the same thing, so around 70 A 80 charges is when this drone battery starts to expand and what i End up doing is when the battery expands in really hot weather.

I put the drone battery in my mavic 2 Pro, and then i have to put a rubber band around it. A couple rubber bands just to make sure if it expands it doesn’t pop out and the drone falls from the sky, so that’s really annoying. You either have to get the battery fixed or order new batteries, whereas with the air 2s. I don’t think that problem exists with the mavic air 2 that doesn’t exist, so dji has definitely improved its battery technology. So i just wanted to point that out. If you have experienced anything like this leave it in the comments below next thing. I want to talk about is the size, the air 2 and the air 2s. Both are the same size, so if you put it next to the mavic 2 Pro, it is significantly smaller here. ok, Va bene, you can see the size definitely is a size difference. It’S not huge, but it’s definitely noticeable, and we look at the side side by side all right and also the weight, so the mavic 2 pro weighs about two pounds. This weighs about one and a quarter 1.3 pounds so definitely having a lighter drone helps with that said, i don’t really like the air 2 controller it’s much bigger and the air 2s controller is much bigger than the mavic 2 pro controller i’m, probably in the minority, But i like having a smaller controller, that’s kind of a downside, but overall the drone still is lighter so having a nice portable light.

Drone is nice to carry around another great thing about the air 2s. Is the mavic air 2 batteries fit with air 2s? So you can take your old batteries and use them. So if you already have the mavic air 2, i think the air 2s is worth upgrading because you can use the same batteries, so you just put those batteries in and then, if you really want to shoot professionally, the air 2s is more of a professional drone, Whereas the air 2, it could be professional but it’s, just a smaller sensor in low light, it’s not really going to perform that. Bene, so i really wouldn’t call it a professional tool but it’s borderline. You can still get away with it, but now having both drones, you could always have this drone air 2 as your backup. So i always recommend you have two drones, especially if you’re doing it professionally making money doing it. So that’s really nice that dji made the battery compatible, which they usually don’t, do with drones. This is very rare, so i’m glad that they did it now. Another huge factor of the air 2s over the mavic 2 pro is the fact that it has 03 trasmissione. It used to be occusync 2.0. I can sync 3.0, but they don’t call it. I can sync 3.0. ok: dji is kind of slicing everything off they’re they’re, shortening it so, instead of calling it the mavic air, 2s they’ll just call it the air 2s.

Instead of calling it, i can sync 3.0 they’re calling it o3. Now this 03 transmission allows you to go up to 12, kilometers or 7.26 Miles, that’s crazy, all right having that extra transmission you’re never going to fly that far. Once you go past a mile or a mile and a half it’s really hard to see your drone, so you’re going to break the visual line of sight rule. If you do so, Tuttavia, having that extra transmission is great, if you’re flying in cities or if you’re flying in the country and you’re flying over trees, sometimes the trees, even if you’re, nearby or buildings or signal interference, can shorten that distance dramatically. So having that extra transmission, Le 03 is definitely going to be helpful when you have obstacles, signal interference and things like this it’s going to help you give you better transmission and having that it’s, just an extra safety feature, i want to sayand it also gives You a piece of mind, i think that’s a huge deal for any drone. Having the drone break up is annoying and dji always says. Oh, i can fly 12 Chilometri 10 Miles, but in actuality that rarely ever happens. ok, that’s an ideal circumstance that you almost will never encounter. But with that said, you only need up to a mile as good and even if i’m in the city, if it’s up to a half mile or even a mile in the city and not getting any interference with a lot of tall buildings.

And things is really great now, if you’re experienced pilot, i think you know what i’m talking about, but if you’re new trust me on this having that extra transmission is not good for really flying far but good for flying where there’s areas of interference all right. So having that one inch sensor is great, la mavic 2 pro at the one inch sensor, so nothing different there. Tuttavia, the air 2s shoots 4k, but there’s worth something worth noting. The mavic 2 pro has a 28 inch wide field of view, but then in hq mode it shoots about 40 Millimetri, so you have two different 4ks that you can shoot in both 28 millimeters and 40 millimeters with the mavic 2 pro now with air 2s. You are able to shoot 22 millimeters wide in 4k, but if you shoot 4k 60 fotogrammi al secondo, it crops in okay, so it crops in about 30, 22, millimeters plus 30 crop in so to me, Cioè, not a huge deal, but having that 4k 60 frames Per second, even if you’re cropping in a little bit on the sensor, i think you’re still gon na get great image quality. But is it to be much better than the mavic 2 Pro? Probably not because the mavic 2 pro you can shoot 2.7 k a 60 fotogrammi al secondo, and it looks great so to me: that’s not a huge deal, but having the 5.4 k and then being able to down sample that for videos or just using it.

You can even up sample that to about 5.7 k or something like that in post production, that’ll, look great having that little extra resolution does help and of course, c'è. So many other features that dji added all the new things like active track. 4.0. Point of interest. All these different intelligent flight modes, they improved with the air 2s. Allora, for that reason alone, i think it is worth the upgrade if you have an older drone like the mavic 2 pro now we talk about what’s next, la mavic 3 is that coming out, and i don’t know for sure i don’t have any insider knowledge, but Just my gut feeling, dji is sort of taking approach, kind of like sony cameras, they’re coming out with so many new drones that their older drones, don’t kind of make sense to buy. Like i wouldn’t buy the mavic 2 pro now. I would not recommend that i would definitely get the air 2s over the mavic 2 pro with that said, if you already have the mavic 2 pro and don’t need a one inch sensor, drone anytime soon, don’t need the things i talked about for the air 2s. Then you could wait, i would say end of summer or fall, so i either think in sometime in late august or sometime in november, dji will come out with the mavic 3 and what we’re going to see is a drone that’s better than the mavic 2 pro Better than the mavic air 2s, because the mavic air 2s to me is really if the mavic 2 pro and the mavic air 2 got together, had a baby that’s.

The drone that we see now for a thousand dollars and dji changing all its names now they’re. Getting rid of the mavic name: ok, sono, shortening occusync to just o3, and now the dji fly up has been updated and it’s a lot more robust and feels a lot more like the old dji go 4 app they’re, creating a new lineup. ok, a new way of marketing, so i think dji is getting rid of the whole mavic thing. What will we see next, so my gut feeling is the mavic 3 will be coming out at some point in the future and i guess it’ll be close to two thousand dollars. You know with the charging hub and everything insurance it’ll definitely be 2, 000 plus and it’s nice to have all this new technology, and it is a bit of a conundrum kind of like with sony cameras. They come out with so many new cameras or now. So many new drones wait. Do i need another new drone or not? Direi di sì, if you’re a professional it’s worth having two drones with a one inch sensor. So if you already have the mavic 2 pro it’s worth the upgrade to the air 2s, because then it has another one in sensor now you got two drones with a one inch sensor. Just in case something happens, you get all that new technology in it like. I talked about it also shoots 10 bit log, che è davvero bello.

Ora, if you have the mavic air 2 it’s also worth upgrading because, like i said you have that one in sensorand this could be your backup still can get the job done. In a pinch, but working professionally, i still think the one inch sensor is going to be a lot better, especially in low light. Va bene ragazzi. I don’t want to make this video too too long. Se ti è piaciuto, give it a thumbs up, share it with a friend and before you go. If you haven’t done so download my free drone gear guide, i put that below this video and having all this gear is great. But knowing how to use the technology in education, direi, is more important than the actual gear that’s. Why i created a free training for dji drones? You can watch that free training by clicking right up there or in the link below and in that training. I show you my top seven secrets for flying: droni dji. I’m Brett Garamella. The Drone Pilot Pro.