FPV Madness presso Mindfield – Ken Heron “Che cosa l'FPV!?!?” Meetup

Questo è abbastanza sorprendente. Un sacco di cose da vedere lassù si fa un passo avanti. How was it drunk dude it's awesome, there's a lot of wires if you're flying analog you're going to lose some stuff. Oggi, Musica, what's up roosevelt good, to see you buddy all right, yeah i'm. Doing great i'm […]

Composizione veloce Ep 14 – Kai F?

Composizione veloce Ep 8 – 51 Drones

Questo è episodio 8. I actually believe can't believe it's already been eight weeks that we've been doing this, but I am super excited. I know it's a little different for anyone. Who'S new to this live stream. Lo è, it is definitely a different format: it's, a it's, a kind of cross between a […]

DJI Spark Contest Winner With SOAR The Global Supermap!

Insta360 One X on Mavic Pro

Insta360 One X on Mavic Pro

Flying a Drone in Indonesia from my House in Texas!?!?!

Building A Drone Super MapInterview with Soar

Summer Drone FlyingThousand Islands

Beautiful DJI Drone Footage from the US and Norway

DJI scintilla – Fourth of July

Drones, Biciclette & Mulini a vento in Olanda

DJI Mavic 2 Prezzi & comprare: I simply took a piece journey to the Netherlands and was capable of keep over an additional day to go to the well-known windmills in Zaandam and fly my Mavic 2 Zoom. To get from Amsterdam to Zaandam, I took a prepare from the Amsterdam central station, walked to […]