Eachine E160 RTF Flybarless Brushless 6G 3D RC Helicopter Flight Test Review

Ora, qual è l'e 160? Bene, il e 160 is actually i what i would consider at least i'm sure others might consider the same that this is an entry level hobby grade helicopter. ok. This is not intended for beginners folks um, in my opinion at least it's not intended for beginners as […]

Giant Drone with REVERSE THRUST?! – 3D X-Class!!

We'Re here at the Outkast, Rome works loud systems and we've got two of my favorite things. You may know me for my 3d flying so three knee is the ability for the drone to reverse the stress. So generally, the thrust is going downwards. The motor will stop midair and actually reverse thrust in […]

UPSIDE DOWN Drone Racing!?

What I wanted this was my this is my idea, because we have one of the number one racers in the world. Se non, the number one racer in the world we've got someone who was here at the beginning of drone racing your little rusty a lot rusty, but I mean I say that […]

XK X100 3D ACRO Quadcopter Giveaway!

All you have to do to win. Is you got ta subscribe to this channel and you got ta like this video you're going to like this video and you got ta leave one comment anyway: good luck and see you in the next giveaway.

JJRC M02 Brushless VTOL RC Airplane Flight Test Review

He was first to say first of one of my recent videos and thus was a shot at so congratulations good morning, quite Cutler 101, with a review of another neat new airplane. This is the jjrc m02. Now my subscribers probably noticed that they've seen this plane before something very similar to this plane […]

Hexacopter Q272 de WL Toys review y prueba de Vuelo | DRONEPEDIA

FEIYUTECH MINI 3D PRO Gimbal Review – [UnBox, Ispezione & Programma di installazione]

HUBSAN X4 PRO H109s FPV GPS QuadCopter Review – Parte 3 – [Range Test With 3D Gimbal & GitUp Git2]

XK X450 Aviator VTOL RC Aereo Flight Test Recensione

Questo aereo a decollo verticale veloce può decollare come un drone e volare come un aereo. Nessuna voglia di una pista. Sarete in grado di lanciarlo e atterrare in uno spazio davvero piccolo. Discover it right here and use coupon 3FU06TAN Professionals – Aereo RC decollo verticale e touchdown. Can takeoff and […]

Conversione di un drone Freestyle in 3D! (con zoe FPV & Cricket FPV)

Zoe FPV, La regina del 3D, è proprio qui per mostrare Cricket, Il re degli arretrati, metodi facili per convertire quasi qualsiasi kwad in 3D… Let's see how Cricket handles the upside-down insanity! #FPVFREESTYLE (Stile FPVFREE) – – – – – – – – – – Assistere il rotore Riot acquistando dal nostro rivenditore: Need to fly […]

MEGLIO $500 4K DRONE? – UPair (Informazioni in base all' 2 Ultrasonic 4K + 3D Drone – RECENSIONE COMPLETA & VOLI

Più grande del Xiaomi FIMI X8? Abbiamo corrente ogni fianco a fianco su questo video. Sarete sorpresi di quanto sia buono l'Ultrasonic UpAir2 ha 4K video e 3D decisioni video con un pazzo tre digitale fotocamera gimbal. Acquista un Upair 2 Ultrasonic 4K + 3D Fotocamera digitale drone $529 RTF Banggood : […]

XK X252 SHUTTLE FPV Drone Revisione – Parte 2 – [Test di volo + Sessione di maschera bonus!]

Get your X252 right here: o proprio qui: Occhiali di protezione: 32 Channel VRX for Fatshark Dominators: Don't miss half 1 of the evaluation right here: Mandarmi una lettera | Donazione | o nulla. Potrei caratteristica il tuo contributo in un video in arrivo 🙂 ! Dustin Dunnill P. O. Campo 880040 Pukalani HI 96788 Assist help […]