Dopo di che, here we go has to be one of the best values out there right now. In 175, you get 4k 3840 electronic stabilized video 50x digital zoom, ground, sensori, gps maps, all kinds of modes 5g, wi fi video in here, making it a lot more reliable. We have folding props on here on this little foldable drone and a stabilized tiltable camera as well. Si ottiene 2204 1500 KV, brushless motors and we're rocking some 5g video on here, so it's definitely more reliable than the last mgx series, and we have mavic like stance on here, giving that low profile look, which is cool and on this little quad we're running a 2.4 gigahertz radio, which is very reliable as well auto takeoff lan button photo video button motor unlock button on the left and on the right. We have a phone holder, high low speed mode leds on and off the gimbal wheel, return to home button and a gps button there for turning the gps on and off two double a batteries left stick is y'all in throttle on the right. bastone. We got forwards backwards and side to side, that's, pitch and roll as well, e abbiamo un 22 minute flight battery, which is usb c chargeable and around a little under four hours. It is a 2s 3400 milliamp battery and i'm happy to say that it does have leds on here. If you press and hold it'll show you the current charge in the battery, che รจ una specie di fresco.

It also supports a class 10 sd card up to 128 gigabytes on this little guy and plenty of venting on the bottom of the drone optical flow and leds that turn on and off from the controller which is cool, and this little guy flies up to 40. Chilometri, che รจ di circa 20.8 miles per hour for us guys and it looks pretty compact let'sgo ahead and get the little b12 up in the air guys. ok, my friends let's see what kind of adventures we can find with the b12 for 175 dollari. I i have to say my first impression was good when i got home and finally looked at the video i'm like this is pretty good for 175 4k video. It has electronic stabilization and i'm impressed. Allora, as far as a beginner drone goes, you can start out here before you move into the dji realm of things. If you're gon na buy a mavic mini tube the new one that just came out, man learn the ropes first with something from mjx rc, whether it's even the b20 or this one. I think the b12 has a little bit better video. Ho, like the format of the old school, looking b20 with the sort of landing gear on the bottom and the under sloan gimbal. But this thing is super compact and the video looks great now the modes they're they're kind of subpar. I think that first, the follow me mode didn't work right there, so i had to try again and finally, it locked onto the phoneand this is one of those dronesthat locks onto the signal coming from the phone.

So this the connection to the drone to the 5g wifi now it's is struggling to keep up with me when i move quickly like this, but if you're going in a straight line, it will track you pretty well in a straight line. So when i'm running backwards like this, it does the best. But when i change direction, it has a hard time keeping up there's a little bit of a lag between the device and the camera and the drone itself. So i wouldn't say it's the best. Follow me in the world it's a little bit, herky jerky as well, and but it does work so um. I can't beat it up too much on the modes, but i think mostly what this drone is for is just really nice straight ahead. Flying it looks fantastic. Il 3800 4k video with stabilization worked great and i used a class 10 16 gigabyte card on this one. I didn't try to go too high because sometimes when i bring out like a 128, i come home with no video for some reason. So you can also probably safely record video to a 64 gigabyte, but make sure that you format it before you take off that's going to be my biggest tip to you with the b12 series format the card inside the app and then once you do that You should get home with a video folder on the sd card that says wi, fi video and now we can spy on people down there.

Pretty much do anything you want with this drone full stabilization, gps position hold works, pretty good and again it's a little bit. Jerky from time to time on the position changes because i i commented on this particular transmitter in my b20 reviewis that the the sticks feel a little bit toy like so changing directions. Sometimes with these sticks is a little bit kind of robotic a little bit. Maybe awkward, ma ancora una volta, anche se, if you're looking for those straight ahead, shots that's, where you're going to find that this quad does the best and in a way it kind of turns like an airplane. A volte, when i use the all stick on the left, it kind of like it, it doesn't stabilize the video in that turn because it's not a three axis gimbal. If it was a three axis gimbal it would. But since this one is just kind of hard mountedand it has some dampening there and it'll go up and down but you'll see those turns but here's some straighter straight down video and that also looks great. I could even go down and probably find some fish in those little so little irrigation streams through there for these farms. Molto carino. Looking color, anche se, on a nice sunny day, you'd get fantastic video with this drone, but again there's like leveling out that's. What the quad does, when you level out and there's some light shift adjustment with this particular sensor.

It is a one third sensor and it seems to do really great in position hold. I mean that that's, in realtร , a really nice picture, that's a stationary shot from this drone. So i could compare that to other drones out there, like the hubsan or the femi i'm sure those look a little bit better, but i mean for 175 dollari, you're not dropping into the 500 range with this one, so that's kind of acceptable for guys on a Budget in my opinion, and then back shooting into the sun right here, you can see just it's blown out a little bit and right here it went into rtl. So if you lose video and you're say 300 yards out, what i got was around 300 meters before it would lose video on my phone and, if that happens to you, don't worry don't push the sticks around a lot. All you have to do is press that return to home button and this quad, even with that connection, loss it'll come back, so it'll start to come back just because you lost video doesn't mean you lost transmitter signal now, one other time when it happened to me Too, anch'io, this is great information for you. If you know how to fly line of sight first, you can kind of see the quad out in the distance and you push the stick one way and it moves one way push it another. It moves another and eventually you're, going to see that the drones coming back to you.

So once you have it coming back to you, you might regain video not even have to worry about the rtl or the return to home button, but keep that in mind that when you're flying out there, if you do lose video, you got a couple different options. You can self rescue or you can push that return on home button. It will still work when you don't have video, so that's really really great news for people that have this drone. If you have that freak out moment like, oh god and then there's a third way, you can get it to return the home that i'm going to show you coming up in the end of this review: it's a low battery return to home, cosรฌ la musica, Molto bello. Coming down back to the home point nowand this was interestingit does have optical flow and the b20 when it came down it actually stopped for a moment. Like you see this, one do, and this is probably about 10 A 12 feet up and it starts coming back down now. You can raise the throttle at this point if you don't want to hit a curb, but i don't want not to don't want to hit a curb, because i don't want to bust out my props or possibly break the arm on this drone, and it wants to Come down again anyway: oh no god not right there, per favore! No! Per favore! No drone get back up very, very naughty, naughty naughty naughty little drone naughty, so watch out for curves.

They can break things, but luckily i didn't break anything and i was able to just go ahead and fly the tail into this battery and the video looks particularly odd right here. It looks a little bit blue and kind of washed out and blown out i'm, not putting any kind of filters on this. You guys so that you guys can see what this video looks like off the sd card. So no filters or anything like that and again it has some troubles with some light to dark transitions and every once in a while it'll kind of average out right there. Infine, when it averaged out was when my low battery return to home kicked in so here we go backwards toward the home point, but what's interesting is. I figured out that i can use the yaw stick and i can turn it around and i'm still recording and what's. Nice is that you can turn or zoom or go up and down with the gimbal. You still have control of the drone when it's coming back. It'S very interesting and there's that satellite shot again the home point, and in this case it came back and it just kind of stopped and hovered over the home point. So it wasn't finishing its landing. So one thing to to maybe consider in your return to home on the low battery is that it might come back and just chill so don't. Let it chill too long because it could fall out of the air and drop to the pavement.

And we don't want that. It was a little bit of a glitch right there in the video but that's a pretty fantastic image again for 175 Drone. I think that's a great deal, so i think that mj xrc probably has one of the best drones they've ever made with the b12 series and the electronic stabilization and finally to the point where, if they can get this light adjustment thing worked out and some of The the the light dark, uh contrast with the the ground in the sky, i think once they get that figured out, maybe include a lens filter in the kit. That would probably be one of the best values out there on the internet.