How long has it been its? I know its only been two weeks, but it feels like its been like three years since we got a chapter review. Man im so excited to say that we are back with another chapter review this time for one piece: chapter 1038 and man. This was a good chapter. It was good it wasnt what i expected after last chapter. However, it was a good one, but first and foremost before we go any further. If you guys need a link to the chapter make sure you go on my pinned comment: theres a discord link there. You can go into my discord and in the announcements tab in my discord. Ima say this again, because yall always pull out to my disc, going to be like wheres the chart in my announcements. Tab and the discord will be the link to the chapter, make sure yall go read. The chapter then come back here or you know read along as we review the chapter either way is fine with me. Make sure you hit that like button and subscribe and turn on post notifications, if you want more chapter reviews just like these? Alright, so, first and foremost man, we got a cool little cover story. Its still continuing it looks like two of sanjis brothers from germa is in mont doras book mate or my door. Whatever you want to call them. It looks like theyre captured in his book, though, which is you know bad its a problem, so i dont know what happened.

I know like the whole sun pirates thing happened with like big mom and everybody, but i dont know like when did they get in the book? Like did i miss that? Am i tripping i dont know i dont know but anyways thats. What the cover story was its interesting im really excited to see whats going on, because last i think last chapter was we seen like raju and i think vinsmoke judge and i believe it was ichigi – might have been needy im, not sure exactly. I always get confused on any names, but they were sitting all somber and stuff looking sad, so maybe its because these two brothers are gone theyre in a book right now, im like yeah anyway straight into the chapter, though man we get into some heat. So literally, some heat because we got the flame demon and yamato they going at it. Bro im like hold on so yamatos fighting this flame demon and shes, hitting it with the carnival hitting it with the club im like oh its a flame like whats going on, but we seen this arm come out of it and we heard it say something about Orochi and im like i know this aint conjuro right, like i dont think it is but like the arm thing confused me because im like whats going on and it was like a roachie, so was it like the will of conjuro speaking through this drone like i Have no idea bro, like i just hope, chondros actually dead right because its like how many times is kandra going to come back literally like i know he looks like a clown and all that he got the makeup, but it wouldve got me feeling like a clown Right now, if this man still alive like im, gon na be honest but thats, neither here or there, i mean its fine if kandra is still alive for the moment, but i think its more so his will living through this.

But i mean also, it has to be tied to chondro right, so control has to be alive for this thing to be alive, im not sure how that works, but either way thats whats going on between yamato and the fire demon shes trying to get rid of This fire demon so that that was cool the next part in this chapter, though, that i want to talk about, is ezo and the cp zero members, so ezo gets pulled up on by cp0 theyre in passing and theyre talking to her and theyre. Like look, look, look look were gon na. Let you slide because were here for the straw hats right now. However, i would look kind of foolish to let you know one of the remnants of the whitebeard pirates just go but again were really worried about the straw. Hats right now so were willing to let bygones be bygones and were going to just go our separate ways at the moment and im like okay, okay, sorry about the dip off no easel was not having it, though, because ezo hesitated for a second but then pulled The glock out and was about to hit him with the beam being really about to shoot him, though i aint gon na lie so eazo and the cp0 members they seem like theyre about to get into it, and im actually excited to see whats going to happen Here, because are we about to see cp zero like the leader fight ezo, because he just fought x drake? Do we think izo could be x drake? I think so right am i tripping for that.

I dont know what yall know. Let me know down below. Like do yall think that x, drake could beat ezo or ezos b next drake, because izo is powerful from what i know just being like a former member of the white beard pirates but x, ray did have an ancient zone body so, like i dont know, thats. Actually, thats a good question: thats a good thats, a good matchup thats, a good matchup for me, but anyways im excited about that, though, that thats gon na be cool so fast forward past this and were gon na talk about my man zorro for a second cause. Zoro i dont know what is going on choppers talking to miyagi about the medicine that zorro took the sensual being and all that hes kind of concerned, because hes like look man hes about to take double damage and he could barely stand up before he took this Pill, so what is about to happen when it kicks in im, worried and right after this, we see this grim reaper, like figure, this skeleton with a scythe walking up to zoro and im like hold on what is about to happen, and i dont know if zorro Is about to get greeted by like death of one piece? Is this like some new thing? Ive never seen this happen before, or is he hallucinating right now because the pill has kicked in is like all this damage, hes hallucinating because hes on the brink of death, or does this have something to do with his epitaph? The king of hell, like i dont, know man like death, comes to us all is like a phrase.

You know figure of speech and it makes a lot of sense, but weve never seen this grim reaper, like figure in one piece ever correct me if im wrong but never and he goes to attack him with the scythe. I dont know whats about to happen here. Is he having ptsd from when he had deciphered comiso like what is going on bro, like oh man, i im really excited to see what happens with this if its going to be lore related or if its just zoro hallucinating, you know because he might be up The mother in drugs ill be tripping like his man. Sorrow might really be out here. The pain might be having him seeing and hearing things i dont know. So, as the chapter progresses, though, the next part of this is the whole kid law and big mom situation. Now, im not going to lie to you im not going to make funny kid or law im, not gon na make fun of big mom im gon na try to be unbiased. When i talk about this, but my man, kids eyes, turn white for a second im. Just saying now i know kaidos eyes turn white for a second. He was okay and i know you know your eyes turn away. Dont mean that you just down and out, but when big mom first pulled up on them, you know and shes standing over top of them. You got subordinates yelling and stuff, shes punishing them like pretty handedly, punishing them, and it looks like again and ive been saying this kid in law are not defeating big mom.

I dont think that theyre gon na win, specifically since they were like bro, even if we die, were not letting you get to the roof and thats like to me them alluding to like look man. We know that we cant beat you but were gon na, keep you from going to interfere with luffys fight like luffy is almost done, and i think that its honestly, like a little bit embarrassing that, like all these kid fans are like yo, kids gon na, do This do that. Do that and this man again is referring to luffy like oh luffys fights almost over, we got ta make sure luffy wins, we got ta, you know they are supporting. Luffy law and kid are luffy support, characters right now. That is what their roles are: theyre, not the people that are going to defeat a yonko. I i just feel like people got to get that through their mind, but i do got to give them credit because im not gon na lie. The attacks were cool. This chapter, so we got the chrome joint with law after big mom gets up from them. She goes to, like you know, signify that shes going to the roof law and kid get back up to stop her. The croom goes through like her back and through her. Like face, which is crazy – and we also got kid with this – like this raging bull – this like metal type im, not gon na lie.

Kid is having some cool attacks now, because i was tired of the pump gibson yo. If i seen pump gibson like one more time, i was gon na lose it, but he is doing you know some different attacks. His bag is getting kind of extensive a little bit. I see him switching it up with the metal im, not mad at that, but its obvious here that big mom is about to win. She is not going to lose to them at the most. She gets stalled until luffy wins and she realizes, like. Oh kato lost time to betray him and then shes gon na dip with her crew. Her and her crew are gon na dip thats why her crew is still here. I keep saying this im telling you now as soon as she sees that kado is lost. She is going to leave shes leaving him here. She does not care about this alliance to the point where shes going to sacrifice her life for this man, thats already lost its not going to happen. Big mom is going to do things for big mom, like its big mom, like what are we talking about and then luffys going to defeat big mom later in the story. That is what i am sold on. I dont think ken allard doing it. I definitely dont think kids getting a 1v1 with big mom. I had somebody tell me that kid has more of a reason or asked much of a reason.

Sorry to fight big mom as luffy like luffy and big moms fight hasnt, been set up since fishman island when he ate them sweets, like i feel like people. Dont read one piece like how you gon na tell me that kid has as much reason to fight big mom as luffy. Are you serious? She came here for luffy her whole entire crew literally said dont forget what were here for were here for straw hat luffy. No matter what were here to defeat straw hat luffy, they came to wano to get luffy big mom fought kaido for three days over fighting luffy like come on man, but anyways. I think that big mom is gon na beat kid in law, though i think you know thats gon na happen at some point, but theyre gon na stall, her long enough that kaido and luffys fight will be over with, but of course guys. These are just my thoughts on the chapter and things to come further in the story. Im super excited for this next chapter, especially with zorro, and this like grim reaper thing ima, give this chapter, probably a seven and a half out of ten, but i want to know what you guys rate the chapter and what you think about it. So make sure you comment down below again, if you need a chapter link in my discord in the pinned comment will be the link for that discord. You can click on it.

Join it. Go to my announcements, tab for the chapter link and, as always, i hope you all are staying safe and healthy. During these trying times.