Could the Dynam HawkSky V2 be a deserving substitute for the age-old old AXN that has introduced many people to the pastime of flying RC airplanes? Well the answer appears like it's an unquestionable YES.

I really like this model as well as here are the pro's:
– it's reasonably valued
– the quality of the foam and molding is outstanding
– it is very accommodating and also easy to fly
– the build (aside from suitable the prop) is super-easy and quick
– the wings are detachable for transport

But nothing is excellent … so right here are the disadvantages:
– 1987 called as well as they desire their Deans connector back!
– the prop/spinner configuration bores
– the CG indication on the plan is wrong – it must be 25% back from the wing's leading side as gauged at the origin.

In conclusion, this design most definitely gets a thumbs-up from me.

Disclosure: this version was offered evaluation functions by HobbyZone New Zealand: