Two weve got another absolutely cracking year for music with this retro review. So you guys in there apologies if youve got a 4d tv, because that fat sausage will be in your lounge Music. What i was going to say is: if youre new to the channel, you probably dont, know what retro reviews are. I mean its pretty self explanatory reviews of retro things, but its where we find iconic products from the past and then well base the entire review around the particular year of that product launch to be precise. The year is 1983 and youre, probably playing a set of these Music. I always feel like retro reviews is the perfect platform, a little bit of like guardians of the galaxy vibe, of where music could carry this playlist, but unfortunately, due to dmca strikes and copyright im. Not allowed to use actual songs, so what i try and do its quite hard is find covers where its similar and i can get away with it, but its not the exact song. Well anyway, i found this absolute gem hit it Music, its really not that bad. When you get into it its stopped doesnt, it theres work to be done. Dont play play on really safe, perfect club. This nice good start Music. Do it? Oh what so, seeing as the ping i2 is the guest on the very last retro review in 2021. As always, i wanted to do a bit of research, and one of the questions that came up on google was are ping i2 irons still good wildly popular since their mid 80s inception, the ping i2 irons are the original and still one of the best cac perimeter Weighted cavity back irons on the market best cac, hilarious, yeah, brilliant guys thanks it was it was best cast.

So we didnt really need google to answer that question. Do we no um? They are still good. These were huge in the 80s extremely popular, but i just think it looks unwell and not in a good way, not that theres a good way of looking unwell. You know the worst part about that was that wasnt, the hazel rocket that was just me stuck hit. It, oh, it counts its on. No, i just cant, i ive never liked the look of him. Like i said in the original ping eye, it looks like a witchs nose like if it was down to me. I would change the g for a k. So if you went to the cinema in 1982 and youre penny farming, thats gon na kill me these are the movies that you would have seen et phone brenda tron, the dark crystal and the poltergeist. You heard that as well didnt, you, a movie that i didnt even know, had a sequel. Greece too. It must be absolutely its got. An unusual head shape, hasnt it Music, Music thriller by michael jackson. It became the biggest selling album of uh of all time. Good mate and the strangest thing happened in 1983, when someone accidentally put garden fertilizer on a top flat. It grew to such a size that no one knew what to do with it, so they just turned it into a theme park. Hmm. What if i can still cut it with that tree in the way i want me to find out.

I fancy a cut here. I dont know why oh shes cut Music, no way right, thats going in the archives, so a new feature that we demoed in the last retro review that were going to carry over to season. Three is what happened on this day this exact day in 1983.. Like i say, theyre, not all going to be exciting or nice december 1, 1983 rita level, former head of epa convicted of perjury. Look at that again, its slightly different that one i lost last life for everyone watching in the u.s that was around in 1983 january 22 was not a good day because you couldnt go out in your penny farthing because snow covered 75 of north america, Music ill. Do anything to creep this album into any retro review? Okay, feb 13 dark side of the moon has been in the charts of 400 in two weeks, which is around seven years. Im not surprised masterpiece, weve been close a couple of times im quite happy with the performance. Oh does it have to end like this, this one, oh, this is exciting. Ive just been giving this piece of paper because inside apparently its got the most exciting fact that weve ever had on retro reviews, i dont think were ready for this. Its best to be good 28 skiers perform back flips whilst holding hands in queue back well. This ones better, apparently, i was given the wrong sheet. Ozzy osbourne bites the head off a bat on stage in iowa.

Yes, it does so guys. Thats it season. Two is over. The memories just needs a good backing track Music. So for any female veterans we have in attendance, you know i usually start with a high draw Music were going to mix it with a high fade because lets get the hard stuff out of the way Music. I mean these things of age like aged, aged aged aged aged aged, so guys thanks for joining us for season two 2021 ill see you all season three in 2022, its gon na be exciting. If you havent subscribed already. If you havent, subscribed already, please hit the subscribe button to the bell notification. Follow us on social media, facebook, instagram, twitter, livestreaming on twitch comments join the best discord in the world. Tml discord.