This thing has a handful of fun little features and an hd camera now its about 50, and is this worth your money? Lets take a closer look Music all right. So here is what you need to know about this tiny little drone. Now it has brushed motors, which means theyre not going to be as powerful as efficient, but brushed motors help keep the cost down. This camera claims to be an hd camera and, while it kind of is its not going to be high quality hd, you can move this camera up and down, but you got to do that manually before you take off. Batteries are inexpensive and they charge via usb. I recommend, if youre picking one of these up, get a two or three battery package, its just a couple extra dollars for an extra battery. Now the batteries will get you. They say up to 12 minutes of flight and thats in optimum conditions. You can expect to get maybe 10 probably closer to 8, especially if youre flying on a day outside with any kind of wind. This little guy does have altitude hold, but there is no optical flow camera on the bottom. That means itll maintain altitude, but its going to drift a tiny little bit. Now this little guy is going to be less than 250 grams, so you dont have to register it and in terms of size uh, this is the bugs 19. This is basically their mavic mini clone, and you can see its a lot smaller, its a lot smaller and lighter, and that means its not going to do great in wind when we compare to their mg1 again super small.

This thing here is basically their mavic air. 2 clone the v1 here is a decent drone for a beginner and its small enough that you can fly it inside lets. Talk about some of these fun little features that it has looking at the remote when you fold this little piece up. This is where you can put your smartphone its going to connect to your smartphone via wi fi thats, going to give you a video feed of what youre, seeing from the camera, now its going to record directly to your phone, so youre going to need to keep This thing close, they say it has a range of about 50 meters and thats, pushing it just a bit this button up top here. Is your camera photo button? A short press takes a picture. Long press starts to record in the other corner. Here weve got our modes button right, one tap. I will get this thing to start spinning around in circles and a long press will get it to do an orbit. Thats, actually pretty cool little feature. Now, if i press the right stick down and then move it in some direction, its going to flip in that direction, thats kind of fun on the bottom. Here we have our automatic takeoff and land button. So you press this button takes off press this button. It lands, you can also toss the drone to make it take off and you got to do it kind of forcefully.

Otherwise, it doesnt recognize the toss and its going to fall to the ground. I had no problems doing that. Chris, on the other hand, had some issues: weve got your high low speed toggle here in the middle. I highly recommend you keep it in high speed, especially if youre flying outside its just not powerful enough to fight the wind in low speed at all, and then this button down here is your headless mode. Do not fly and head this mode. Just gets things confusing! Uh so kind of avoid that button altogether. Overall, this thing reminded me a lot of a drone that i just reviewed. This is the 4d rc elf therell be a link in the video description. If you want to check that out, but the 40 rc here has optical flow, which means its a lot more stable than the mjx v1 here. But the mgx v1 also has a camera this guy didnt, but i think you can get it with one and it has those uh orbiting spin modes which are kind of fun to get this little guy up in the air step, one youre gon na unfold, the Drone front arms have to go out first, otherwise, youll have a problem step. Two turn it on a little press on the bottom. Now the next step is to open up your wi fi settings and connect to the wi fi coming out of the drone. In this case, mine, says: fpv1037d3.

Okay, then, im going to open up the free m drone, app and im going to click enter device right then im going to go ahead and set this little guy on my controller power, my controller on and im gon na do an up down with the left. Stick now were paired. Now i get the propeller spinning by moving my sticks, i get the propeller spinning by moving my sticks to the inside corners down and in and i press take off button and boom its gon na fly Music. I dont recommend flying uh that close to yourself indoors, so who would i recommend this drone for? Well, i would say a beginner, a child, someone thats looking for an inexpensive toy, its not going to take great pictures and video, but its good for kind of looking at things and getting a different perspective. Lets take a look at some of that video here. So you can see right away. The video here is shaky its not really crisp its, not very good sensor, right, its just not a high quality camera, and you can also see that im kind of getting bounced around uh. This was a moderately windy day. I like this video here, you can kind of see before it takes off look at the the cars and you can kind of judge it from that and uh. This is a fun flight that i i put in because im struggling with the wind here and yeah yeah, i put it in a tree, but you can see the nice greens and youll see here the the blue in my shirt, and you know you can kind Of judge it from that, maybe what do you think anyway? I hope the video on this little mini mini drone was helpful if it was give us a thumbs up subscribe to the channel.