Today we are on a cruise and were going to talk about something that i get the most questions about. Um lately hands down the 360 camera now ive had this camera for some time now, and originally i did a video on it to try it out right out of the box and um. It was cool to see what you could do with it without really having practice with it. Now that ive had it for some time i get tons of questions on how i like it, what i think about it, what you can do with it. So i thought i would do my first kind of long term review video on the 360 and talk to you guys about my thoughts, and you know how it is to use it, and i want to preface this with. This is coming from a motorcycle rider, a moto vlogger who is not a camera guy, i dont know or really care about specs um Music. I dont know much about any of that. To be honest, i dont know what to compare it to. I dont know what all the different um specs mean. I dont know alls i want i want to get on my motorcycle. I want to ride my bike and i want to capture cool stuff. I want to be able to do things easily and not have a lot to deal with, because one i want to be able to pay attention to what im doing, and i want to be able to enjoy the ride.

I dont want to worry about the camera and settings and all that stuff, so i guess that brings me to my first point that this camera is a 360 camera. It sees no matter where or what position you put it in. It sees 360 degrees around. So with that being said, you dont have to worry about where your camera is positioned. You dont have to worry about changing positions of your camera. You can with this to get different angles and different points of view, but me just leaving it on the handlebars. I can have it as a front facing camera rear facing camera side. If i were to drive by something that i thought was cool, i might have missed it if i didnt have one of my gopros pointing that way like off to the side. If i didnt turn my head or get it, i can. The beauty in the 360 is in the post. Production is in the edit. So before i got the 360, i would have had my head tilted all the way over trying to get all this, but i know that my camera right now is recording everything. So i can choose what angle i want you guys to see and what i want to show you when i go to edit this video, which is really great. So what were going to do is were just going to take a ride. Im going to show you guys the different angles that i catch and the different places that i can put this camera to catch those cool things all right lets change an angle, its really easy to do this with gloves on Music, um, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, do Music, so Music.

So, honestly, i love this camera for all that it is, and all that it could do the simplicity of what i can capture from one single camera is the best thing i think out of all of it that i can just put the camera on my handlebars And i can get kind of any angle that i really want. You know its its great for everyday use, but where you can really see it shine is in the epic scenic shots that you can really get with it: Music, Music, oh Music, foreign, Music, Music. You can capture so much with this theres a lot of times that you just miss really epic footage, because you have the one gopro on your helmet having this one here and being able to pick exactly what you see is just the coolest. You know you may not think that you have really nice scenery where youre at, but let me tell you theres interesting stuff all over and the effects that you can add into this are the coolest, so you can make even mediocre stuff look really cool when you Play around with this camera, there are so many great effects and things that you can do on a small scale that make a huge impact in the app so theres. Just all these effects and you shoot first and then you get the effects in them again in post in editing, and i want to try so many of them.

But whenever i do get a chance to get out, im, usually just recording a vlog, because i dont have the time to do it, but i would totally recommend it because there are the coolest shots and the coolest little mini videos. You can get all the different effects, so definitely check them out and see all the different things you could do because, like i said the stuff that i do with it, isnt even probably scratching the surface. It would be really great if you had a passenger because they could hold it. If it was safe, they could hold it on the selfie stick and they could just put it wherever and get all the different angles and just keep moving it around and get really cool shots now, heres the thing about editing with it. This is kind of my only gripe, really to be honest with you. It takes extra time to edit. Now that might not be a big deal to some of you, theres, always a learning curve with new stuff. So you cant really count that, but it does take a little longer to edit its, not just straight shots. You do have to think about where you want it and key frames and all that kind of stuff. So it does add some time to your editing process. If you were a vlogger, if youre, not a vlogger and youre, just doing it to play with it and have fun, then it doesnt even matter its a cool toy and especially, if youre doing like reels or tick tocks or anything like that for short little blips.

The effects you can do with this thing are so cool you can edit it in your phone. You can edit it in an ipad. You can edit it on your computer. So in conclusion, would i recommend this camera absolutely so guys thats going to do it? For this video i hope it was helpful for you to see some of the things you can do as a motorcyclist or a motovlogger. Like i said i havent even done half of the things that you can do with this camera. It can do some really cool stuff that i havent even gotten into yet, especially off the bike as well, not just on the bike, so make sure you check them out.