I am super excited to get started with this unboxing. It is the brand new drone that i just ordered last month and it finally came in its the new mini 3 pro from dji, and this is gon na replace my mavic pro from 2017, which is a now uh five year old drone, as youve seen on My cinematic footage – it definitely does get great footage, but this one is gon na. Do so much better ive seen a lot of reviews on this already and i cant wait to get it up and running and show you guys what its gon na do out there, and i will in this video but first of all lets unbox. It im gon na turn this around and lets get to opening. Look at that. This thing is small, but it is definitely reviewed by many many youtubers at how amazing it handles the wind. What the cinematography looks like uh, the 4k footage that you get out of it, and this new remote controller here so ill never have to use my phone again with my drone. I cant wait all right now lets see a little tab right here and that lifts right up. Look at that. This thing is tiny. I thought my mavic pro was small, but this is really small. Look at how small that compartment is there that they put it in oh boy. This is neat it pretty. Much opens the exact same way that my mavic opened and man is that light, and i believe, yeah thats, with a battery in there.

I believe lets set that down there and heres the controller get this opened up. Wow set that over to the side were going to put this facing this way. I got to put the little knobs on it, so those are probably in this little box here. I do know one thing right now: im going to need some extra accessories for this. I thought it was going to come with more, but it looks like it comes with the bare minimum here, so these are just a bunch of ham booklets. Where are my control? Knobs, oh here they are well there you go. You just got to look at things. A little closer, so theyre right there on the back, just pull them out, look and screw them on here all right. There you have it now. Weve got uh control, toggles that actually work and the controller has a couple of bars of charge, as you can see so thats, pretty cool heres uh, four extra propellers that they send with it thats cool and obviously the instructions and heres a screwdriver which im not Sure well go ahead and open it im, not sure what this is for, but im sure i will find out sooner than later: oh its for the propellers. This is how you take the propellers off and on so thats. What thats for so well put that back in, and this is obviously a charging port going in here and going in here, but anyway, i just wanted to show you my new toy and my new drone for brink of speed.

This thing is going to be sweet. I cannot wait to get it up in the air, take it around and show you guys what kind of footage this little tiny drone is gon na get so so russian dreads. So, ladies and gentlemen, you are seeing what this little tiny drone is capable of doing. Youve seen it film, my car youve, seen it film buildings, restaurants and now youre, seeing me film it and check it out. I mean this screen shows you in perfect, clear, 1080p, what youre filming so, for example, see theres my car and theres my car on this beautiful remote, its amazing. I really couldnt ask for the drone to do better. I flew it a really long ways away and this, as you will see, this remote has no antennas that you can pull up and get more distance out of, but this is like a five mile drone, but what ive learned ultimately today about this drone is that It is a great drone for a car youtuber and, if youre looking to purchase one of these drones for your youtube channel, i highly recommend this one. I have the dji mavic, the very first one that ever came out uh back in 2017. I do own that one it is. It has been a great drone, but this one is even better, in my opinion, its five years newer and it was actually a little bit less. It cost me about 900 bucks for this drone and its so much better.

So i hope you guys enjoyed this anybody that is into this technology stuff. I hope you enjoyed this if so, give me a big thumbs up, if you like me to do videos like this make sure to leave it down in the comments below letting me know.