As you can see, we’ve got bill. The drone reviewer he’s uh he’s joining us uh. We got some fun stuff to talk about today and we’ll be back in two minutes to get rolling Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, all right. So we are back and, as you can see, we have uh. We have bill the drone reviewer joining us, um and uh. You know yes uh. I i think uh people are probably interested in that new drone that dji released uh. What was that chris? What was that drone that they released? I don’t remember fpv thing everybody’s talking about it. I was. I was so surprised when that actually released. I was totally expecting the mavic pro right, yeah, so surprising, right so uh let’s, just let’s just run down what we got for for you guys today. So uh we’re gon na start off with bill um uh build a drone reviewer. If you haven’t seen his channel we’ve got links in the uh in the description uh in the comments there, so you can uh, you can go ahead and check out his channel. He’S got some good stuff. He’Ll tell you about it. Uh we’re gon na talk about uh. Of course, the dji fpv drone uh the fiasco we’ve had getting our hands on one and just some fpv in general uh then chris is going to uh, try and redeem himself with turtle time 2.0 uh we’re gon na give away uh we’re gon na give away One of these this is the uh, the jumper, the tea light, um it’s a good little remote um and then we’ll talk about some of the other things that we’ve got going on you’re flying a different drone.

Tonight, aren’t you chris, yes, sir last one started going on the fritz, so you gave me this guy see how i do yeah we’ll see if you can do better, but uh we’re, gon na start with bill, so um welcome to the show bill. Um thanks for for taking time in and joining us. Well, thanks guys for having me – and it seems like you know after meeting both you guys in new york city or in brooklyn, well it’s been a long time ago in a galaxy, far away. That seems like it’s been forever okay, it was yeah that was yeah. The mavic 2 uh mavic 2 release yeah yeah mavic 2 release, i mean it’s. Just you know: it’s like coming up this august it’s three years and it’s, just like i, i can’t believe it’s been three years wow still a great drone, though oh my gosh it’s like well. You know, out of all my drones. If we get a sun, we get some. We get privy to some pretty good sunsets. Now i live over a lake right now we have a lake out behind the house faces west, so you can imagine the scenario. Okay with some golden sunsets, it hasn’t been as good this year, but the last couple of years it’s been one where and what’s so nice is. I go there’s only one drone that i go to get it’s a mavic 2 pro. Okay, i no other drone and the other thing that’s nice is having that smart controller it’s ready to go.

All i do literally is pop a battery into the mavic 2 pro go outside power, things up and i’m up in the air, it’s it’s, so nice to be able to do that. Yeah yeah, reliable! It is a we actually sold ours, but the guys sold it to. I said this is probably it’s like one of the few drones you know, we’ve never had any issues with that’s a very reliable platform for sure it has been it’s. It’S it’s been it’s been nothing short of great well. You know when i started out just to kind of give you guys and and give give the viewers a little flavor from from where i started out when i was growing up one of the big things i really enjoyed, and i don’t know if you guys remember This or not there were these gas powered planes and it was a company named cox, cox and 0.49 engines, and you put whatever kind of fuel. It was in there it wasn’t gasoline, and then you had like a 12 volt battery to spark it and then you’d fire it up, and then what you do is you you held it on on a wand and or a handle, and you just was in circles. Okay, until the fuel ran out all right and that’s, how that’s really kind of like what got me started, then i got into some um rc planes, but back in 2016, late 2016, i got an autel x star premium.

That was my first drone. The orange pumpkin is, is yeah effectively called, and the one thing i can say for sure about autel their hardware is rock solid. Okay, i have absolutely zero issues with their hardware, their software. On the other hand, when i sold the x star premium, they still hadn’t produced the the software update. It was in beta, it never made final, and so their beta ended up being the final for that and that to me that was their achilles heel. At the time was that that their software, it just really it just kind of ruined and soured the experience for me with it, because you know there was just a myriad of issues you know with you know the horizon was off and you know there were battery Issues and it was tied to the firmware, and it was just it was just one thing after another, so a friend had told me here locally, you probably want to check out dji’s coming out with a mavic pro okay, so i ended up getting mine and i Was actually pretty lucky, i got mine in january 2017 because, as you know, that previous october dji grossly underestimated how popular this drone was going to be. People were waiting literally months after paying for it. Didn’T have any product. I ordered mine. In january i literally from from a local dealer here in florida, i had it on my porch the next morning it was, it was ready to go and that’s kind of where i started with with that and then you know, i saw drone reviewers and i saw A bunch of drone reviewers out there i saw billy kyle, i saw rick smith, i saw kelly shores, you know, and i really like what those guys did, but you know for me the one thing that wanted to get me started in doing reviews and getting online Was this was, you know, have great tutorials, but these guys are on for 30 35 40 minutes, and i said you know what i i want to be able to condense it down.

I want to give people, you know, try to do it. Maybe in about 10 minutes and that that was my goal, sometimes even as quick as five and cut these down, because you know, if you look at statistics for youtube, you know the longer. The video is uh the view time drops off and you know it’s it’s like that’s that that’s that catch 22.. You want to get everything. But when you get everything you know, people have a tendency. You know they’re going to stop they’re not going to watch the whole thing. So if you take a 40 minute, video, maybe divide it into three parts. You know have you know and that’s why i’ll always do like an unboxing by itself and then i’ll always do like a setup by itself and then always do a first flight by itself? Why? Because they’re 10 minutes long, it gets everybody they get the information they need to know, and you know the bottom line is this: i want to get people the information they need to know be able to say you know good i’m good to go, i’ll go outside And fly now yeah, you know it’s funny you you mentioned, you know wanting to cut it down: cutting videos down we’re, actually, uh testing out new uh uh new one minute, one minute reviews so we’re, obviously doing our full reviews but um. I just published a video of the last. It was uh the beast pro three uh in one quick review in one minute.

Uh, just you know just to kind of see if people are you know, are interested in in content like that and obviously it’s it’s not going to be all encompassing, but uh, but you’re right, you know it’s. You know. People don’t always want to sit around for 30 minutes um. I often i you know, i i watch these youtube videos at one and a quarter, one and a half speeds so that i can get through some things, just because you know i’m trying to to consume that content. But you know i don’t. I don’t know bill if you were did chris. Did you share these questions that we had from it’s? Like you, you rock right through one, our first three questions before we even rattle them out bill. I got. I got one more for you bill. Okay, what does your wife think of all this was my wife? Well, you know you probably you got to meet her when she was in brooklyn and um for the first couple of years. She really did a lot of my videography in terms of uh videotaping the drones as they take off and as they land and up in the air. She did a lot of that and she’s been 100 supportive of me doing this um. You know she says you know getting that little check from google adsense doesn’t hurt each month um, but no, but she’s been she’s been very supportive of this, and then you know the other thing is too, and you know i’ll i’ll break it down to brass tax.

Here you know, i run this, you know believe it or not. You know when income tax time is coming up. I haven’t done it yet, but we’re gon na have to force ourselves to do it next weekend, but you know i’m able to claim this on the business. You know – and you know, because this room is dedicated to this i mean i, i work it’s my home office too. I work from home now full time because of covet 19., but this is what this you know all the equipment in here when i, when i buy things when i buy the drones, when i buy um a desk when i buy a computer, you know everything. You know it goes, it goes on that list and you know and she’s all about it. She she’s all 100 in favor of this and has been very supportive of me. That’S awesome, but i don’t think anybody from the irs is on just so. You know bill that is only used for drones, that space all right, that’s right, it’s, not only used nothing else. Oh yes, that’s yeah that’s what he meant to say: yeah yeah that’s. What i meant does your wife fly? Do you does she do some dumb flying or does she work the other cameras um? No, she just worked. She just worked the cameras. Well now, since i got an osmo action, that’s been kind of substituting for her, because you know with the way our schedules have been it just hasn’t been conducive and then and then lately down here in florida, it has not been conducive to flying.

You know it’s, like everybody says: oh, you can fly year round. Well, like you know, i want to take the i’ve been dying to take the mini up, because i’ve got i’ve got some like landing gear. I want to test some. You know somebody’s. You know like. Okay, you know and it’s like under 10 kind of thing, but i wanted to test it and get some videos out. I’Ve been able to do it literally, and i kid you not for two months, because our winds are at 35 to 40 miles an hour and you know the mini two: they can’t fly and handle wins like that, that’s not going to happen. I mean i’m hard pressed to take the mavic 2 or the phantom 4 up and wins like that. So that’s just not going to happen right now, so i mean literally that’s why the past two months you haven’t seen videos from from me like flying. Videos is because of the fact of the weather and every time i get a chance to go out and fly 35 40 mile, an hour winds, and then our neighbors just put up an american flag, uh back behind the lake, and you can see it’s just like It’S, like running stiff all day long it’s, just you know, that’s crazy. We really had the worst drone flying weather here. It was like under 10 degrees for three weeks straight, but uh sounds like you’re even worse off yeah yeah, it was pretty bad.

So what do you? What do you do when you’re not flying drones bill? What what uh? You know? What are you, what are you doing in that home office? Yours well, one of my other passions is radio control planes and the channel is going to be expanding. Um we’re going to be covering that i mean that’s, i i think people have kind of seen that i’ve been wearing you can see. This is a academy, a model aeronautics shirt here: um i’ve been wearing spectrum, t shirts, they’re, the the big um uh radio control and uh receiver and transmitters and batteries um. You know um horizon hobby has has gotten a lot of my a lot of my hard earned money lately, um, so we’re going to be we’re going to be cranking up some videos along those lines and the reason i decided to get into this and there’s going To be a name change of the channel, it won’t be significant, but of course this focus will still be on drones. You know it’s to kind of fill in some of those times that you know there’s nothing new, coming out, there’s. No, no firmware updates, there’s. Really, unless you make something up, there’s really kind of like you know, trying to regurgitate some stuff, i don’t want to do that. I want to get fresh stuff out there and i’ve gotten i’ve gotten hooked up with some guys here locally. I know a guy um.

Actually, he’s a he’s, an airline pilot. He lives over in the orlando area, um and i’m, going to try to get hooked up with him. He has a big channel and then i’m gon na join a club. Now the benefits of joining one of those clubs is, you can also fly your drone there too, without any there’s, no there’s, no limitations on being able to to fly your drone. There i mean it is expensive, but these guys run one of the best paved runways in the area and it’s only five miles from where i live. I mean and they’re super friendly super nice, so that’s going to be consuming part of my time. The other thing that’s going to be consuming part of my time is finally, you know. Kova 19 has put such a kink in everything. Okay, my granddaughter turned one. Last year we couldn’t go because of it so this year, when she turns two in july, our plans are getting up to ohio, to spend some time with her and my son in law and my daughter uh, because we’re just we’re just itching a button to spend Some time with her it’s just it’s, just been too long, it’s just been been way too long i mean we were up there, it’s been a year and a half since we’ve seen my kids and i and i would love to get up there to do that. Yeah yeah well that’s cool, very cool, so uh chris, you got questions.

You want to ask bill. Yeah i mean we covered a lot of ground. We got the whole whole backstory there yeah, i don’t know. Do you have any funny – or you know, what’s your worst or maybe your your most humorous? Do you have any of those experiences flying anything uh odd ever happened that that you could report back well. Yeah there’s been there’s been some off camera stuff that i haven’t. Never haven’t recorded, but um. You know one of the things was. I went out and um my belt buckle, wasn’t, really tight, so i’m in the middle of flying, and as i do you know, i i do a screen recording all the time and that’s one of the things that that i’ve taught in my tutorial videos guys. I said: do a screen recording all the time you know you may have a catastrophic accident and not be able to recover your drone and you you’re going to need that footage. So you know i’m in the middle of talking and then all of a sudden it’s. Just like you know, because they were loose down, they come, but this is in my backyard. I mean nobody’s nobody’s, seeing it it was just one of those things, and i just i just had a had a brief blip in in the audio, and that was it and i just carried on with that. It was just one. It was just one of those things that is funny i’ve had instances where um you know we found out um in the in our backyard there’s a hot tub and in one corner of the hot tub, some wasps have decided to make a nest in there.

Okay. Well, unbeknownst to me it was before i knew about this. I was getting ready to take off okay and literally on top of the drone, was a wasp okay and – and i just let i just let the engines idle, because i figured it would fly away because i i was one of those ones you know. Do i go ahead and do this because my cameras were on okay and i was recording – and i said you know what i’m not gon na record this i’m, not gon na i’m gon na wait until that until that loss flies off there, because if he doesn’t You know i’ll get somebody out there saying: oh look at bill, he kills wasps and all that and i’m, like no we’re not going there. So i just i patiently bited my time and let it go and it it eventually eventually left unharmed, yeah unharmed, so yeah, because i don’t want i didn’t want. I didn’t want to get in trouble with anybody on that. One that’s funny so comments there. People are jonesing to talk fpv, whatever yeah they are. So obviously you know the uh. You know the news is that you know the dji fpv drone and people are asking. Do we have it? Well, we’ve got some parts of it, but uh we we don’t. Have we don’t have the important stuff um thanks to best buy uh who who we were supposed to have it on wednesday, um and uh? No, we still do not so we we we got one from amazon but uh, you know and and that kind of stinks, because you know we wanted to crank out some content.

I was i charged up all my fpv batteries. We’Ve got. You know, fpv test this. This versus the mavic, but um. You know that didn’t happen, but there is a silver lining in that we ended up buying it on amazon chris. What what did we run into on amazon that i think people really probably want to know about yeah so worth knowing? You know everybody we’re talking to bill earlier before the show started about what people do for insurance, um, there’s, obviously dji care refresh the deal with this. One is it’s over three hundred dollars and there’s a deductible, oh there. What is it i i don’t remember. Well, there were, there are different and there’s limits and there’s all sorts of yeah. Okay. The detail i read was for two years: they’ll replace your drone twice. If necessary, um and that’s cost more than 300 bucks um on amazon. It seems like the it’s, the all state company, what are they called jack square deal, or is it somehow some all state deal when you go? You know amazon’s always trying to pitch you some insurance package for anything and uh. They do all of it at some allstate company and i think that they actually obviously have a track record of insuring dji products. Um but it’s not clear that they really understand this drone because for a hundred bucks for three years, uh they’re, covering it uh square trade there. It is now they’re covering 110 and six cents.

I just pulled it up, but yeah it’s, a hundred all state protection plan. Um in it. You know if we break it during normal use, flying a drone would be normal use, yeah, um, so that’s pretty good. I mean we obviously haven’t tested that uh, but it kicks in kicks in right away and uh yeah we’ll find out what happens with that we’ll. Keep you guys updated. How good is that amazon insurance and how long will they keep offering it but yeah we got this thing in uh, it’s, pretty that’s, probably pretty loud, um, pretty cool the singing remote that’s, not the first thing. We flew uh the the ft aviator stick bill. You you’ve flown with that thing too right that was that’s a different experience than than this. You know, obviously, we haven’t flown um flown with this thing yet, but it’s it it’s. It seems pretty darn intuitive from what i’ve seen and what everybody’s told me about it, and i’ve talked to several people who have used it. They’Ve used it kind of like in a and forgive me for lack of ignorance, not sure of the mode like a normal mode or a tripod mode, a slot where it’s slowed down and saying you know that’s what it’s best for um. You know really can’t turn it up to like a sport mode and use something like that, because the movements are so sensitive on it now. I’Ve had i’ve had some sub 100 drones that have had um.

You know for lack of a better term. They call them wands like that yeah and the one thing that i do know about the dji one is when you pull it back, it’s not going to go backwards. Okay, um! You know, it’ll stop in its tracks. From what i understand now, people said it takes some really take some getting used to uh, because it’s very different yeah we’ve also had a sub 100 drone like that. I was not super impressed. Uh we’ve also have drones. I don’t know i don’t know if they still do this for a while or does the telo do this, where you can use the tilt of your drone to fly around um tilt to your phone yeah, i don’t think you can with a tello um. You know what someone in the chat hold on: where did it? Go? Oh shoot? No, i missed it, that’s, not it someone’s. Talking about uh, i was mad. I thought somewhere was talking about uh state farm insuring his drone uh bill, you’re, saying uh. You know that that’s a pretty reasonable way to do it right. It is it’s very reasonable. I mean for all my drones. You know, which is a phantom 4 mavic 2, a mavic air um, the um femi x8sc 2020. You know for all of them. I pay 125 a year and it’s called a personal articles policy. The underwriters they will need your bill of sale. They’Ll need a copy of like the upc on the box, with the serial number from the box itself.

Pictures of the serial number on the drone. You know you get all that information to them and lo and behold you know within a matter of like um, three or four days. You know you get your paperwork, you’re, you’re good to go and the nice thing that i’ve heard about it. I’Ve never filed a claim, but the nice thing that i’ve heard is all you have to do is call your agent up, tell them that you’ve lost the you know. Your drone has had a catastrophic failure and you’ve lost your drone and they’ll, replace it and there’s. No and a lot of people have said that they tie this in to your um uh homeowners policy or to your auto policy. Even if you don’t have state farm and your rates will go up, that’s, not true from everything that i’ve heard so um. All in all that’s a great deal but it’s not available in california that’s. The only stickler that i know of yeah, so i you know that might be something some of the thing about you know i. I am not super thrilled about the the the drone being made of plastic um. You know it does. Just doesn’t look super durable. I am sure that right now someone uh is is put printing out a carbon fiber frame replacement right. I mean that stuff has got to be coming um. I know. Dji also sells braces uh, where you can kind of put braces between the the you know the front rear motors for some more stability um.

You know that may or may not be helpful um but uh. You know it’s it’s a great idea, um and i can tell you it. I think i think this drone is fantastic, it’s, it’s kind of a a good in between drone, but i really struggle to find who this drone is really for. You know like i like flying fpv. I really do um, but when i want to fly fpv i’m, probably not going to choose that drone and i like taking pictures, i like taking photos and videos but i’m – probably not going to choose it for that either. So you know it just seems like it’s. Really good at some things, but it’s, probably just not quite the drone. I want you know yeah yeah, i think, like i think uh i don’t know if you were on yet jack. I was talking with bill and uh. You know saying. I think that the challenge here is there’s a lot of people kind of waiting and seeing and um the challenge is to kind of convince. Can you convince guys like bill or guys like me, who aren’t huge um? You know acro pilots stuff, like that. Maybe you know you need a a spotter outside those kinds of questions not comfortable flying fpv out there, you’re gon na be able to convince them that there’s footage they can’t get with their mavic air, their mavic pro and they’re gon na be able to get it With this drone and not destroy it, um, so that’s gon na be kind of the the hard sell for dji we’ll see, i mean obviously there’s a lot flying off the shelf.

You know last couple weeks: yeah um we’ll have to see how they do. You know longer term yeah lon says it’s a mediocre cinewick with some awesome safety features. I actually think it’s more of a long range quad than a cinnabon. You know it’s somewhere in between right it’s. Definitely a hybrid um, but i do agree with that. It has some awesome safety features. It has some awesome features in general and i i believe um – and this is this. Maybe this is big uh a big statement, but i believe that this drone is the best thing that has happened to the fpv hobby right um and not because the drone itself is is all that great, but because of the technology that they are introducing into the Hobby is impressive: i mean that button where it stops the drone um. You know that break button that pause button that’s unbelievable. You know if you’ve ever flown fpv, when you’re learning to fly you get disoriented, you’re upside down, you’re, not sure where you’re you’re gon na crash right and there’s no way around it. You hit that button boom, stop um recover figure out what’s going on. Take a deep breath and then fly again. You know that’s a great that’s, that’s awesome. You know the other thing you know i was watching ken herron flying over in tennessee or nashville. He was flying over by the coliseum there and there was a helicopter. You could hear it um and you could also see in the goggles it was saying: hey aircraft approaching and when you’re flying fpv now granted generally, we don’t fly nearly as high but it’s hard to see other planes or or choppers if they’re in the air.

Maybe you hear them, but at that point it’s, not it’s, not that’s, that’s that’s too late right. So you know you can see him you can you can uh, you know, decrease your altitude. I think that is unbelievable. You know the you know chris chris meant he wants to learn how to fly acro or you know, really fly fpv um, but you know these drones. These things are super unstable. You know it’s funny on on friday, i teach a drone’s class at the school, the kids they’ve been flying tellos right, so i i on friday we busted out the uh, the tiny hawks, these guys and um. You know there’s no stability on these and they’re. You know they’re like flying up to the ceiling they’re crashing the floor, they’re bouncing off the walls. You know it. It takes some something else to learn how to like. I don’t think it works uh in mr town that’s. What they call me so i come over and i just i just bring the drone i’m hovering around like now. It works just fine, you just got to learn, learn how to manage your throttle and and how to actually you know, fly these things. You know the dji drones basically fly themselves, and i think that this fpv drone is somewhere in between you know. One thing that i wanted to say and concur with both of you guys, is that dji, one of the things they’re best at besides the number one consumer drone uh manufacturer in the world is their marketing is beyond top notch and, and i think they they were Real careful with the segment that they marketed this to they wanted to catch people who, like me, may have been interested in it.

Excuse me, you know i have never really dabbed their feet into fpv, but, for example, you know the safety features you know have also having that return to home feature as well too. You know, because you know from what everybody tells me and from footage i’ve watched and, like you said, jack it’s, very easy to get disoriented when you’re flying like that, but you’re going upside down moving around trees going through things, it’s real easy for that to happen. So you know, for somebody like me: it’s a possibility that hey, i might be interested in something like that. Conversely, you know for somebody who has flown fpv. Like you jack, you know it’s, like uh, you know it’s it’s it’s a nice package, but it’s not for me, i’m, not it’s, not going to get what i want. You know i want if, if i’m flying true fpv, true acro it’s not going to give me what i want, but i think they’re i think they’re. The pull here is to get is to get the camera. Video um drone flyer in you know, get their feet wet with fpv, not necessarily get them full on, but get their feet wet and then, if they see something they like they can dive full on into it. Yeah i’m actually terrified to fly this thing, because when i fly fbb i crash and i’m gon na break it like. I just you know. If you look at my walls like these drones are on my wall because i broke them like these things.

Most of these here they they don’t fly, or you know we we give a lot of stuff away, we donate them to kids and friends. We give them way on the show um, you know if it makes it up on the wall. Chances are something’s wrong with it so um you know, but but like i don’t, i don’t crash the dji drones because well one you’d fly them differently, but also they’re, really darn expensive and that that would that’s gon na sting um. You know anytime, i crash i’m going to be holding my breath any time. I take that thing up in the air which you know we’ll see, but oh yeah. What? What really kind of you know? I watched a ton of videos out there from different guys uh. After the release – and i watched kelly’s shores – and i don’t know, if you saw it – and it was his first video, i can’t tell you how many times he did crash with that. I mean it was just like, and you know kelly kelly knows fpv, because he’s been doing it for a while, and you know he would crash and crash crap, but you know it kept on going and it re that resilience of that kind of impressed me. You know, however, one of the things that i’ve heard of – and this was out on a lot of the groups is dji – does not have replacement parts in stock right now.

So it’s like wow i’m, like you know, you plan it, you do it well, you release something and then you don’t have replacement parts in stock. Yeah yeah, i i did. I did watch kelly’s video actually kelly’s going to be on the show next sunday night. So if you guys are tuning in, you can come, come back and and hear from kelly but um. You know. I also watched joshua bardwell’s video and i watched him hit a tree um and it didn’t look. You know super hard or fast, but he snapped that you know that front arm off. You know it and it will happen. And yes, you know i you can break a carbon fiber frame too, but you know it just seems like you know it it’s not going to have the durability that that i think it that i typically think of when i think of an fpv drum that’s. That’S. Really kind of kind of it, you know that the technology in it is fantastic like it it it is it’s it’s, second, to none the tilting gimbal. You know the image stabilization that’s on board the you know the the gps, the the break. You know all of that stuff it’s. You know there’s a reason: it’s it’s, 1200 bucks right, but uh, you know it’s it’s. Still it scares me. It will scare me to fly it. Will it scare you for me to fly it uh? No because chris is generally um like we, we have two different styles like i just i just i throw the goggles on i just i go as hard as i can until i crash right, um and i’m like oh well, i i shouldn’t have done that, but Chris, typically, is a lot more cautious than i am we’ll see we’ll see in a few minutes, yeah well like you’re flying a tiny whoop is a little different.

You don’t have to worry about. You know crashing that thing. I mean that thing has been crashed. Hundreds of times so i think, it’s time to fire it up yeah. Should we move on to turtle time we’re going to move into into the turtle time um portion of the show bill. Do you want to hang out? You can sure i’d love to love to watch this all right, recite the rules and then also uh start the clock for people to guess times. Um i will i’ll. Let you guys know um, you know anything under 20 seconds will be a re fly. We won’t take a time less than that. Last time i was quite disappointed. I made it only 35 seconds that was the first and only flight we’ve done this way. So if you want to guess times as low as 35 seconds, uh go for it, that’d be statistically the most likely outcome. So i’m not gon na lie, but chris was actually uh what we we were talking earlier today and i was flying on the sim uh on our stream and he was he was practicing in the basement, so um yeah, so uh yeah so turtle time today, uh You know you guessed it you guessed the time um, we can start put them in the chat now pilot shark hanger is the first one. I’Ll call a cut off right so put in how much time you think um he’s gon na fly for and if he can’t fly or has to turtle that’s.

When we stop the clock, okay, um, so you get one guess: um closest person, um we’re, gon na ship. This to you got ta, be in the u.s continental u.s, please um and that’s, basically it if, if he can’t fly like he kills the battery he’s been flying for. I don’t know that that thing, maybe he can get up to five minutes if he’s super lucky um. You know that we’ll call it there too. So i wouldn’t go over four that’s for sure. No, probably not so i am i’m, the judge and the jury um, but uh that’s how it works. Let’S get let’s, get chris big on the screen here. How do we do that? All right? So chris, when you’re ready you you let us let us know: um we’ll, take we’ll, take uh five more seconds, get your guesses in. If you want, if you want to guess chris, are you prepped? Are you ready to go i’m pretty good and just just to remind everybody it’s the arm time of the drone, when we finally call it that’s kind of how we decide on the time, okay, so uh here we chris, you can hear me. So if i tell you uh what the way you know, if i, if i want to give you a command to tell you to fly through something you’ll, do it yeah. Can we hear bill still too bill? You still there i’m here all right.

If you, if you see an obstacle you want to fly through, you just tell chris to do and he’ll do it. Okay, no more guesses! Joe joe, is the last one. Okay. Here we go all right chris, when you’re ready, i’ll start my clock. We got yours going on there all right when you’re ready my nerves under control. Here, i’m armin, all right. Armed we got an armed drone and he’s flying so bill saw me earlier, got the bike. Oh my gosh, that is oh, my goodness. Okay, we got it, we got it all right fly through that fly through that picture. That picture frame in the middle fly through the oh, the the rings. Oh, my goodness, what did we get? That was seconds you got ta you got ta restart, get to go again, restart all right. So the guess is the guesses stay. You got ta hustle. Chris pick that thing up, he gets all getting all jittery there we might have to. We might have to have you do turtle time jack, i don’t know yeah, maybe all right so we’re gon na reset the clock, i’ll reset the clock. I got mine right here. All right, let’s, just uh, reset it on the drone here all right, unplug replug, telemetry, recovered bill. You got a voucher for me. Buddy, you saw me fly earlier. You did pretty good chris, all right chris! We can do this arm switch all right. There.

We go run away, uh oh, make sure it’s, nice and level. Sometimes it does that there we go all right. I got faith in you this time, chris, this, this one’s gon na be good. Just get yourself, a nice solid lap get a lap in all right. Now now you go now hit hit hit. Something hit hit a gap. There we go. Oh, the double through, oh, oh, oh hold on still going. We got it yeah that that no turtling there so we’re still moving we’re still moving all right we’re over 30 seconds. Oh yeah, you got to get that picture frame still going people. These are tiny, whoops they’re indestructible. Definitely not a dji drone. Here, all right, uh uh bubble hockey legs got ta, go through the bubble hockey table all right now swoop back around and uh. Do the the chair and then the picture chair, oh, come back picture frame. Let’S see it chair there. It is oh we’re over a minute now moving forward, definitely making some progress all right, uh how how about how about the rings? Can you get the rings? Oh man, you’re gon na make me do the rings. Oh they’re off, set they’re offset that’s gon na be really tricky. All right picture frame, picture frame, front picture frame back, go through it twice then zip around whoa. That was good. That was good. All right fly. The drop fly, the drone room now, you’re moving flyer fly, the studio let’s see do do little.

Do some loop de loops a little out of control, you’re getting out of control nice all right. How about the bike now you’re moving! Now you now, you got some steam we’re. Almost at two minutes, we’re gon na we’re gon na run yeah he’s been practicing that’s right, doug glad to have you here by the way doug. Oh now, you’re moving some twitchy movements, all right, double picture frame, double picture frame, see it oh there. It is now sweep back. Oh under the under the pool table. Let’S call it oh 2, 16. 2. 16.. All right, let’s see what we got here. I saw somebody at michael uc120, thank goodness that first one ended at 19 seconds. All right, so let’s see just going through the numbers here see who was closest. If you think it was you go ahead and tell me in the chat i’m going to look through them, michael, you see at 120 seconds glenn edwards, two minutes and 51 seconds minute, five it’s good to be dialed in. Finally, i don’t know i don’t do well with all these people. I don’t know how people erase these things in public it’s too much pressure all right 120. So who was that let’s see 120? Is the closest 120. 120 seconds that’s? Okay, two minutes yeah yeah, roughly two minutes, michael usey, michael, we got a new winner. Finally awesome so michael we’re gon na send you this. This is the jumper tea light it’s a multi protocol, radio! You can pretty much fly anything you want on this uh little remote, it’s, a game pad sour remote it’s.

Pretty nice um can’t fly the dji fpv drone on it, though, and not fly the dji fpv drone on it uh so that uh that’s too bad. So, michael here’s, what i need you to do in the chat tell us uh. You know the first part of your email address and then send us an email um so that we can. We can get your uh your info right, so our emails drones at, um, we’ll and we’ll – send it to you so congrats, michael but michael uh. So we know that it’s, you um make sure that uh, you know throw in the chat they’re just the first part of your email address, so we can just kind of verify um. You know yeah, look at that yeah chris, just there’s. The uh email address right down there i don’t know, can i track it all right, so congrats michael, so we got these in the yeah to add to the list of dji fpv things we got other than the drone. We’Ve got some some filters here too. We’Ve already got we’ve got a controller. We’Ve got filters, um uh, i i actually. I was supposed to dji, told me that they shipped me the battery. We ordered an extra battery coming um, it was, i would they told me that it showed up, but it actually didn’t um. I got a set of foam for the fbv goggles, so we might be better off just kind of strapping everything to our own drone.

I don’t know we’ll have everything but the drone yeah. So all right we get a wednesday yep, yep, yep, yep, so uh. I feel some heated comments coming after our review yeah. You know what i’m sure people will be upset. I i’m pre writing lon. Do you have the do you have it? I i got this from a lot. I think juan has it. He says he bought the uh, the struts right yeah. I like that you bring him lon lon’s always got the best. Lon’S got great comments on all of our stuff he’s. I feel like he. He treats us a little better. Now i don’t know lana’s legit. He knows he knows what he’s talking about right. So you know he wants to criticize he. He certainly can uh because you know he’s he’s a he’s, a flyer, so yeah so wednesday. We should have this. Of course we should have had it last wednesday. So who knows so? We’Ll we’ll talk more about that um yeah next week, we’re going to be back in a week this time, not our normal. Yes, yes, we’ve been we’ve been trying to find people. So we got we got bill. We got kelly um from ready set drone next week and then the week after that, we’re going three weeks in a row, uh we’ve got greg from the pilot institute coming on to to talk to us about it. So um yeah, his his content, looks pretty pretty cool.

I like him, yeah where’s. He from he’s got an accent right. I will we’ll have to find out um he’s stateside, so you know where he originally is from transplant um. You know some other things that we’ve we’ve been been uh been uh. Looking at you know these eachine ev300 goggles um. Actually, i think yesterday i released a review on these um and there’s two there’s, a couple of things that i really like now, chris you you just recently when i i upgraded to these, i gave chris those those are the skyzone oleds um and chris was previously Flying with uh just standard lcd screens, what chris tell us you know going from traditional fpv screens to oleds or lcds. What? What did you notice in terms of difference? Well, yeah, i mean i’ll, say it’s. Definitely a difference, and i don’t know how much of it has to do with it being oled or not um. It makes you just realize that it almost just makes it seem, like the previous screens were just cheap, because these just look a lot better. There’S color that didn’t used to be there better contrast to, i would say it just looks like a real picture, all of a sudden, instead of a kind of washed out uh picture so uh if that’s the oled. I do like these and that’s the only difference between the goggles. You had me flying before right, yeah yeah, pretty much. I remember um, so the sky zone 03s is what i was flying before.

I i got those and that’s what you were flying before. You got. Those and i remember flying outside and uh – i switched from the the standard lcds to those i’m like, oh, i can. I can really see the clouds, like just definition of things. Uh became more clear and we’re talking analog right, so you’re not you’re, not getting the benefit of that digital feed. So you know the oled screens are nice, but so these these are basically the new version of those, and there are a couple of things that are. I really like uh one. I found the uh menu on those to be really just not intuitive and hard to move. You know to change things up. You know if i want to go from 4 3 to 16 9. You know sometimes it’d. Take me like 10 minutes just to find the right menu setting and none of the buttons are labeled so i’m hitting the wrong back button. Now this one they they did away with that. With these, these jog wheels and they’re buttons too. So they’re super intuitive um. These are super, intuitive, really easy to use um and then the other thing is they have this new uh receiver it’s called the rapid mix receiver and it has similar technology to rapid fire. So you can see. I have two antennas here and rather than switching between the best picture of the two antennas, it kind of fuses them together, so it’s a little bit clearer um than than that.

You don’t get that flicker right, that that change uh, that you do with with diversity. So it’s a little different, yeah question about goggles, because i was just thinking these. You know having just worn these a minute ago. Uh super lightweight super comfortable. Yes, i want to ask lon or anybody else – who’s been flying the new dji goggles, because the old ones are not comfortable are not light. Are these any better what’s been the experience? What have people been saying? Um? I haven’t seen any real everybody’s talking about the drone. Has anybody said anything about these goggles from what i i’ve heard that they’re identical in terms of the out the outside right there? There are obviously some some improvements um in the goggles, but yeah these these goggles they’re not comfortable on your face um at least i don’t believe so um. You know that was. I was really hoping for something more like this, but you know maybe that that’ll be in their their next release. Um, you know, doug is asking skyzone has some o2os now. Is that true, it is um and they are um. I believe there are oleds, but their screens are lower resolution um. So these are basically 720 uh. The 04xs are are 1080, but those are less than that. I don’t remember the exact resolution so i’d probably stay away from the o2 os yeah, the thicker foam um. I i thought i ordered the thicker foam.

Lon says um, he ordered it. I thought i did too, but it turns out. I ordered the standard foam from dji, so i still have uncomfortable fpv goggles. I actually do have a a secondary foam, which is nice, but it just doesn’t yeah it doesn’t stay really well, and i don’t want to doctor them too too much so yeah. You know um, but yeah. So these these goggles, you know if you want the full review. Obviously they’re on the channel um we’ve got some discount codes um. I think i threw them in the description for you, so you can save 10 or 15 bucks if you’re looking for some fpv goggles but yeah. These really are, i would say, the best uh, the best value for a good premium. Goggle right. These are still going to be like 470 dollars, so they’re not cheap, but they’re, good, they’re, nice, so there’s that you know versus like the orcas, which i mean you’re in like six hundred seven hundred dollars by the time you buy modules for those bill you ever Flown uh, you you’ve never flown a an airplane with goggles. Have you? No? No i’ve always wanted to try that yeah that you know it’s it’s, like you know, it’s it’s it’s, always been kind of tempting because with a plane, because you know you’re gon na you can do loops and stuff. But for the most part you know most of the guys up there are out there to just normally fly their planes because some of these birds that these guys have i mean you know, can get really pricey.

I mean even ones that you buy through, like horizon hobby and so forth. You know you’re spending well over 1500 2 000, and some of these guys, who do their own, builds they’re spending 15. 20. 30. 000. On these builds of these planes, i mean they’re ultra realistic, they’re. The super scale planes that are just would just you know are just insane, but you know one wrong move with something like that and that’s thirty thousand dollars that’s out the window. I mean you know that’s yeah. I like that. I like to fly something like this. We flew that thing: uh fpv, uh, that’s, a that’s, a vtol right we put out we, we uh, hacked up uh uh, an fpv camera and flew that around. That was actually a lot of fun that that nose, i think, is, is more evidence of uh of how i fly um. So you know like chris was flying that thing and i he did also crash it, but um you know, then i got it and i put the goggles on i’m doing loop de loops. I don’t, even i don’t even know what’s going on before. I know it boom there’s the ground, that’s, pretty fun. You know from from what i’m hearing and just to kind of pass on to you guys, um dji has a lot they’re coming out with this year. I mean you know: it’s it’s, like everybody’s, been been like. You know what’s what’s going to go on because a lot of people ask me about this because of my contacts and everything and one of the things that i can say is you know they’re coming that action 2 camera is going to come out they’re going to They’Re going to drop the name, osmo they’re, just gon na call it action two and it’s gon na be refined, um and then, of course, we know the mavic 3 is gon na, come out and that’s, probably in there from what i hear they might be inching Up the time frame a little bit to like summer um, it was scheduled to be fall, but they’re talking summer.

Now, as from what i’m hearing from my contacts, so you know i’m, you know people are. I get emails about the mavic 3 every single day. All day i mean it’s, just it’s it’s crazy, because people are all all about that and i’m getting ones. Should i sell my mavic 2 now and i’m, like whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa what’s, going to be on there, then i want to hear in the chat also what’s going to be on the mavic 3 yeah what’s it going to happen. Well, you know, you know it’s and everybody has been saying as far as what they think is going to be on it and what should be on it. Well, for me: okay, you know they want they. What what dji wants to you know with the demise of the phantom line? They want to make sure that they’re able to capture video like no other drone. Okay – and you know that they also you know – there have been rumors – that it’s going to have a 360 capability, because again you know, basically, for all intents and purposes, the inspire 2 is the end of the line for the inspire series um. You know because the matrice, the 300, you know that’s taking care of of of basically the inspire 3 series. Okay. So if you want to still want that, you know professional camera experience but not have to pay thirty thousand dollars. Okay, you’re! Looking at a mavic 3.

, you know what is all it’s going to incorporate. You know i’m hearing wild things like a 360.. Some people have talked about. You know having you know, retractable gear with it. I mean there’s just a lot of things that have gotten thrown out, but from what i did here, something that was pretty solid was the dji had everything ready to go and they decided to pull back on it because of remote id uh. When the faa came out and surprised us back in december and said, you know, this is how remote id is gon na, be you know they, they put a stop to things and they’re gon na incorporate it. Now, from what i hear, you know from an electronics standpoint: it’s not that difficult to incorporate something like that. It might be hard to cut off all your american suppliers, though right and that you know and there’s the whole issue. You know – and people ask me about this too – is the whole issue with with china and embargoes, and you know everything that’s going on between the us and china. You know, and i try to keep my nose out of that stuff because you know to go. There is just something i don’t even want to begin to to talk about um. You know so you know we’ll find out it’s it’s going to be happening sooner rather than later, and you know when you know you start going to start to see.

Pictures are going to be leaked, you’re going to start to see. You know like we found it and it’s typical of dji, and one of the things that i can tell you is when you see these pictures that are getting leaked. Okay, dji is not turning their head to something like this. Okay, you know the these leaks are. Are purposeful leaks if you want? If, if i want to throw something something out there about that um, you know yeah and i think that camera on the mavic 3, the one thing that i can tell you, it’s, probably going to be the best camera on a consumer drone that dji has ever Come out with now i’m not call, and you know, inspires or not. I don’t consider them consumer drones, okay, um the it will have the best camera on there bar none.