This was the drone. The dji air 2s is for me was a drone of the year of 2021. Its one of my thoughts now that were approaching the mid year, theres been a few other drones that have hit the market. We also have the mavic 3. You have some of the ones from autel. You have the autel light, plus lots of light, as well as a nano. Is this still the drone to get in 2022 and to cut to the chase? The answer still is yes, just like it was in my 2021 video, but i will talk about some of those few reasons why youre gon na want to pick up this drone still even after a year and before we jump into those few reasons. A quick word from todays sponsor adorama if those arent familiar with adorama adorama is one of the largest most reputable online retail stores that specializes in all of your camera gear. All of your lenses, lighting equipment, musical instruments and these right here drones from all the major brands i just got back from nab 2022 and adorama already has all the latest gear on their site, if its not ready for shipping its ready for pre order, such as The new 24 to 72.8 g master version 2 lens, as well as the new aputure 600c pro, which they did announce at nab day 2.. Now the one i do like about adoramas website is that they do have a used section.

So, even if youre looking at new camera gear or even drones like this, this is a dji air 2s. They do have a few used units. So if you want to save a little bit more money off of retail, make sure you check out that use section on adoramas website ill leave all links to the gear we talked about in this video. So if you guys are looking for some of the best deals online, make sure you check out those links below from adorama and now lets get back to the list on the air 2s. The first reason well talk about of why youll still want to pick up the air 2s even a year later after release. Is this right here, the camera and the sensor on the air 2s? That one inch sensor is something that they carried over from this guy right here: the dji mavic 2.. Now one difference on the mavic 2 pro it is an adjustable aperture. You dont have an adjustable aperture on the air 2s. It is a fixed 2.8, but i think that one inch sensor on these drones right here kind of like that sweet spot for most flyers out there that want that balance between both camera quality and size of drone. And if you have been flying for a little bit – and you do have the mavic 2 pro im sure you guys can all attest that this thing is a workhorse drone, more likely, you might not have even upgraded or updated to the air 2s.

If you had this, one of the reasons why you might want to is because the xps is a little bit more compact a little bit lighter, but this drone right here with that one inch sensor. I think we have that sweet spot as far as drones, cameras and size with that one in sensor on these platforms next thing well talk about is transmission, and, if you guys know me, transmission is probably my most important thing when youre out there flying and the Great thing about the air 2s: it is using 03 or ocusync 3 technology, which is djis latest transmission, the one thats great about it is that not only can you fly with the standard, rcn1 remote control, if you do have the smart controller, even the original one Or if you have the rc pro right here, you are able to use these remote controls with this drone next reason well talk about why this is still one of the best drones to get even in april 2022 is what you get for the size now, even Though i have the dji mavic 3, sometimes when i want to get up and go, and i want to stay as light as possible, but still have high quality. I will use this drone right here, the air 2s. Even on my most recent snow trip. When i went to breckenridge, i brought the air 2s because of its size over the mavic 3.. I tried to pack my backpack or my backpack, where im carrying my gear as light as possible and even though the size might not seem that big of a difference, it definitely is when youre packing a lot of gear in your bag.

Next is the price we are in, that thousand dollar 999 range, which i think for what you get in this drone. Definitely, i think, is a very, very competitive price, like i mentioned with the mavic 2 pro. When that release, we were still in that 1500 1700 range and then, of course, when you jump over to the mavic 3 youre pushing to 2500 and up depending if you have the cine version and with the dji mini 2 coming in around that 450 500 range With a couple batteries, this thing right here, like i said its right there in the middle. So if you are not just a hobbyist, but you want to use your drone in more of a commercial setting and you want to have a little bit higher – require a lot higher quality than something like the mini 2 thats. The reason why i think the air 2s still has a place in 2022. now, if youre flying in a place that you need to stay under that 250 grand mark, of course, thats something that the air 2s cant do youre going to want to jump over to Something like the dji mini 2. now, while 250 grams does have its place, theres also some limitations to it. That was the reason why i brought the air 2s with me on my trip. I was going to be outdoors. I was going to be at elevation and breckenridge and also theres going to be snow winds, and you dont want something too light out there, because it could easily be thrown around, and i didnt want to go too big because it wouldnt fit in some of my Bags i was bringing thats where this comes in.

It fits right in the middle. It can definitely handle stronger winds because of the motors its a little bit heavier of a platform out there, and also when it comes to elevation too. The air 2s definitely will handle a lot better than something like the mini 2. next feature. Im talking about is focus track, which is those three features. We have the active track, which is like the follow me function. You have spotlight as well as point of interest and, of course we have obstacle avoidance on the air 2s. So if youre, a solo content, creator like myself and youre out there – and you want to be able to track yourself – you want to track a subject thats, where focus track really comes into play and something like the air 2s does have that function and as far As optical avoidance, you do have the dual fronts: you have the back, you have the bottom, so if you do need obstacle avoidance or you want to be able to have that, especially if youre doing something like some of the active track or focus track modes, you Do have that on the air 2s. As far as longevity goes, it does remind me of the mavic 2 pro like i said, if you had the mavic 2 pro. This thing, even up to now, is probably still a very, very good drone to use for all purpose. The one thing that the air 2s does have a little bit of an advantage of is that size of drone and weight.

So if you want to get something that has similar quality as the mavic 2 pro similar features, but you have a lot more of compact drone. I definitely think if you own, the air, 2s itll, probably satisfy majority of your needs out there. Now, of course, if youve been flying long enough – and you have specific needs like say, for instance, you need higher resolution or you do a lot of photography and prints like i do. I would like larger cameras, or i like larger cameras for my prints. Then those specific types of needs is when youre going to want to look at other options out there, but for majority of stuff that i use it for the air2s can definitely satisfy all those needs. I think the only thing that would replace this is whatever the next version is because of the fact that i still like the size and the quality of it whatever. The next version of this, of course, is probably going to be that next, one that youre going to want to have and probably will satisfy you again for the next few years. All these drones right here can easily be used in a professional setting, depending on the pilot, the post processing, the type of shot youre going to get. It really depends on those things, its not always just the camera. You want to look at some of the other factors as well huge thanks for our sponsor of this video adorama.

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