So i didnt make any videos and im behind on the new traders van the new community traders van. But this dude is: let me turn off my pet yeah today ill be reviewing the drone station. Is that what its called on a drone combat station? My bad and i will be joined by z here. He is a subscriber and hes in my discord server and were just going to jump right into this and see how much damage it does all right. What i want to see here is how many shots one drone does so im just gon na try and do this really quick boom. I actually got a single drone lets go so a single drone does 72 damage, meaning hypothetically. If i hit all three drones, it will one shot i want to. I want to test that, though, to make sure come on, you can do it there. You go all right, ready stand still and one two three yep it it one shot. I mean it technically. One shots but also three shots at the same time, so thats pretty good, guys, im, not gon na lie and keep in mind. I dont have any modular stuff on so this weapon is going to be overpowered. I sense all right, thanks for helping me out with this damage test and lets just jump into the regular matches. Okay, obviously whats really cool about this weapon is you guys can actually control the way the rockets move and its very weird, and sometimes it can be like it.

Doesnt always work 100 of the time. But oh there we go theres a kill boom boom boom theres. Another kill, oh my gosh, its actually like a really good one. I mean its its all right, because actually the missile control can kind of mess you up sometimes but um i dont know. I think that thats, what makes it cool and also you have it has to be like direct hits if you do like uh, if you, if you do it like with area damage um its gon na, take more hits, because that does less damage. For some reason, this is like my first time playing this game in days, so i hope that my gameplay isnt complete and utter trash come on bro dang it i dont know its weird. I need to get used to this weapon and i also need to get used to the game again and if youre wondering why im so freaking slow its because i have all my wear off right now, except for my boots, which actually wouldnt make me slow. So maybe its the fact that the weapon is just slow, maybe you just move slow with the weapon which actually makes sense boom one shot all right. I dont know its very weird yeah. This weapon just makes you move slow. No, i missed the last one, and now now i cant hit anything bro there we go. I got him, i dont know its a oh theres weapons right there, cool okay, so this is just a weird weapon.

Basically, it can be kind of hard to control the missiles and it might be better if i jump into a longer range map. But i dont know because i feel like thats, not true, because both if you guys remember very very few people actually saw the video. But i did a damage test and review on the whats. It called. It was called like the its like anti aircraft module because i did the entire set and i used the anti aircraft module and that one was so much better close range than it was long range, so maybe thats just how it is with all these weapons. Maybe its like the farther range you get the harder it is to control, but i dont really know its weird its hard to like actually see where the drones are too, because they look the same at all distances its, not really overpowered. Now that im actually in an actual match and not getting any, kills come on die there we go, i got him, but its still at least fun. To use, i mean what oh, i thought i was going to say: how did that not one shot? It should always one shot, except actually, maybe a little bit of a health increase. Wouldnt make it a one shot, because it does like 72 damage, which is literally like the bare minimum. It could do for it to be a one shot. Come on die there. We go, i got him all right.

Lets lets just get these drones in the air, and maybe we can control them. Oh, no. They blew up okay, im, trying to like use it, how its supposed to be used, where you just like control the missiles instead of like just launching them at the people, but i mean just controlling them. Doesnt really seem to be working too well, i dont know. Maybe its like that the missiles are too slow. I dont really. I cant, i just cant quite understand what is wrong with this weapon. I really dont know maybe its the fact that it doesnt have a big area splash. That could be it. I dont know guys, but i went out of town for thanksgiving this weekend and im just im dead, im, tired and i havent made a pixel gun video in like was it like five days? So this would be very interesting. I i made videos but um. They were pre recorded, so i havent actually recorded a video in a long time. Okay, so now i have all my extra damage stuff on, so it should be slightly better, but that just didnt look like it uh, but do i recommend you guys get this weapon? I really know yet i dont know because without modules, its kind of mediocre and i dont think its worth 400 gems. However, this weapon is good in game modes like like the cyber brawl like thats, a specific game mode. However thats very rarely in and if it isnt, you could probably use other weapons, and i dont really know.

I dont think i would have spent gem like my hard earned gems on this, but i didnt spend my hard earned gems on this. I got gems for free, so uh i mean its its all right, its okay, but i dont. I dont think that its worth 400 gems and they are 400 gems right like is it? Is it 385 or 400 gems? I i dont really know there are better weapons in this changes. Man too, but this is just like the one that was most requested. I saw a lot of people wanting me to use this one specifically so also, if you guys want me to do other ones like a proud eagle, i have all the traders and weapons so uh ninja sword pad. I already did a review on and its really good. You guys need to get ninja sword pad ill. Just say that right now, if you can get ninja sword bad, it is the second best dash weapon in the game, and you know its first thermal ultra scythe. So if you, if youre trying to grant grind raid, so you can get thermal ultra scythe ninja sword pad is the way to go, because it is the second best dash. I have all the dash except nint or thermal ultra scythe and ninja swordpad is by far the best and most efficient for grinding. Please die this weapon really doesnt seem that much better with modules and extra damage.

I have like probably around 30 damage increase right now. Maybe even a 50 and its just its not that much better. I want to find out. I really want to find out how much more damage is increased, because i heard that like when it comes to modules it like gives you a percent increase, but its not actually true, like whatever percent increase it is it isnt true, and so i want to find Out what it actually is and also pumpkin mask, and then all these wears, i want to find out how much of a damage increase it actually is, but yeah that was. That was like a four hit there and i dont understand i i dont know i dont know how this weapon works. I cant i just cant quite put my finger on what is making this weapon bad. Is it like the i really dont know i cant even like figure it out. Ive said i dont know again several hundred times this video, because i just dont. No, i think this is just one of those weapons where youre, just gon na have to watch the video and be like yeah. That looks really good to me. I think ill get that, but i didnt even do half that guys health. There are. You kidding me thats, dumb watch this ready trick shot boom. Oh my gosh, i barely hit any shots there. I yeah. I almost said i dont know again.

I i stopped myself because im just filling up im, just filling the time in with words now that dont even make sense come on cupcake die, but yeah. Well, you guys have to, let me know, is if you guys want to see. Actually, i might not even have time to record another traders van weapon review so ill. Try but suggest your weapons all right im in kind of a bit more open of a map, except for the trees kind of make it hard to hit. But i dont know, i feel like that when you move the weapons or move the drones, i mean it like. It changes their movement and its weird like i, i dont, i dont understand it like its its just weird thats, like the best way. I can describe it its just weird like okay, so when i shoot they go forward, but when i move them its like, they come back and i cant quite tell where the drones actually are, and it makes it kind of confusing to like okay, that dude just Decided to dip come on, die, die, die. Okay, i mean and then die to me. Every time i say like die, people just die to other people and i get achilles and, as you guys know, i hate kill, assists im tired of kill, assist bro. Why is your head on backwards? Poo, poo, pee, pee, official, okay? I just got killed by someone named pee, pee, poo, poo official and now i have people joining and calling me poppy.

Okay. This is interesting. This is probably one of the weirdest games ever. Oh! No! No, i i did not want you to kill me, because i wanted to kill someone else all right, its really hard to control these missiles when theres, just a ton of trees in my way come on die. No, i have to reload dont die. Dont die. You cant kill me, you cant, kill me im, im, im juke ninja. What i dont know boo. I actually got him nice. I think this weapon like looks like it has a scope, but it actually doesnt have a scope so dont. Let that fool you die. Okay. Thank you. Oh my gosh im, an idiot guys. I dont have modules on that. That would probably make this weapon so much better. I dont know what im doing okay lets. Try that now now that we have extra area damage and also rocket speed. Oh oh! Oh! Oh okay, um. This is interesting. All right, well ill have to put like a texting on the screen, saying that i didnt actually put modules on and that im an idiot. I didnt have all my wear on look see. I have all my wear on, but i dont have the modules on i dont know why thats a thats, an interesting thing, why i didnt put modules on especially because modules make such a huge difference in this game, like im, pretty sure that was a two shot Right there, and that was like a one shot, but this weapon theres no way one shots, theres no way it goes from 70 to 200 damage with the damage increase.

I do not have that much damage so yeah. I dont know that person must have just been weak or something, but it is so much better with modules already. It is its just that much better when i can actually hit my shots, but i cant because im bad die die there. We go boom boom boom. Okay, so also guys, my tick tock is doing really good. Just hit 11 000 followers, which is insane i didnt. I didnt know that people actually liked pixel gun on tick, tock, thats, interesting but uh. I dont actually do a lot of pixelated content, its mainly clash. Royale, so if you guys like clash, royale tick tocks, especially the meme edit ones, go follow me on tick. Tock, im, just gon na wrap the video up there. So i hope you guys enjoyed or found this helpful. I really dont know whether or not you guys should get this weapon ima. Let you guys figure it out. Oh, but we got a veterans. Chest lets open the veterans chest really quick. We want thermal ultrasite, we want thermal ultrasite, we want thermal ultrasite thats, not thermal ultraside, no okay, but thats gon na end the video there.