0. When this drone was first released last month, there was no active track built in yet. However, with this update, we now get access to all the same active track features that were on the previous dji drones, with some new additions. So what i want to do in this video is show you. The different active track features that you have so that you can track a subject, whether its you yourself doing something like mountain biking or, if youre tracking, like a vehicle or a boat, or anything like that. These features give you the ability to track an object and then the drone does all the work for you. Music. Now id love to test this in like dense trees, but im here in southern california and theres not a whole lot of trees. But there are a few different ways that i can test this active track so that we can test the obstacle avoidance, because the big difference with the mavic 3 is that you have that side to side obstacle avoidance, whereas with the dji air 2 air 2s. Any of those drones you only have front to back obstacle avoidance, so ive done a lot of work with the active track with these previous drones. However, the big issue comes when you have active track on and youre moving to the side so with the mavic 3. It solves that issue and were gon na test how that works in a few different ways.

So first lets just dig into what the different features are when you turn on your active track: Music, Music, all right so lets just do a quick rundown. You can see my screen here. I just want to go through how this works. So, basically, when you want to turn on active track, you just drag a box around your subject and then it will grab your subject so see its grabbed me as a person, and you have these three boxes that pop up underneath. So you have active track, spotlight and point of interest, so spotlight mode is basically the drone just sits in one spot unless you personally move the joysticks, so im gon na move the joysticks and the drones going to fly around and its always going to keep me In the center, no matter where the drone goes, i never have to really even look at the drone, and i know that im going to be in the center. This is really useful because you could do some creative movements with the drone and its going to keep me centered kind of a cool feature to use and ive used this in a lot of creative ways with you know, air 2s, because you could just keep your Subject: centered and then do some cool moves and the drone automatically does this whole rotation thing and keeps that subject centered now with point of interest, you click on the point of interest, button and click.

Go. You have this little bar with the arrows. That is the speed that you can set for how fast you want it to spin, and point of interest is basically, the drone is just going to spin around your subject in a circle indefinitely. So for a situation like this, where im on top of a mountain, this is perfect to put the drone up and get that cool circle motion to show. Basically, everything around where youre at and the last thing that you have is active track and were going to play with that in a second. But i do want to talk about some of the features that you have access to when youre in these tracking modes. Now, unfortunately, you cant shoot and d log for me, thats one thing, thats really frustrating about the software. Is you have to use the normal mode? I personally shoot everything in d logs. So the fact that i have to use normal to be able to track is a little bit unfortunate, and i think part of that is to do with the fact that you know when youre in the flat setting its harder to visually track with the software. And i feel like that could be fixed if there was a setting where you could turn on like a lut or just a basic baked in look, so you get the same normal view, but youre still recording in d log, so thats one unfortunate thing.

Also, you cant use this tracking in 5.1 k. You can only use it in 4k or cinema 4k up to 60 frames per second in the normal mode, using tracking so now lets test the active track and the new features that come in active track, 5.0 and im going to do it on a bike. Its a great way to be able to film with a little bit more speed than hiking, and i have this controller mount which allows me to just to pop the controller in super easy. Well pack, all this up and go ride. A bike Music and a few things that i want to test with this is one hills, because im in this area, where theres lots of hills going up lots of hills going down, i want to see how it follows in that scenario, also, as you can see, You know, with these hills, theyre kind of rolling, so im going to have the drone. Do some spins around me point of interest style and see if its going to run into anything were hoping that, with these new sensors that its not going to, but definitely want to test that and then last i want to show you just on the screen. This new feature that makes it a lot easier to film yourself when youre flying with this active track. So i need to turn this camera off, so i can go. Do some writing also one note im using the new freewell filters that they just came out with for the mavic 3.

? I have a polarizer nd filter on so im shooting at double at my frame rate, so i can get motion blur in my shot, but also you know i have a polarizer on there, so it should make the footage pop a little bit more with you know. The kind of clouds that i have polarizers are really great when youre shooting like snow or the ocean, or you know skies like this, so were playing around with that and ill put a link down below description. If you want to check out the filters ori and my luts that ive created for drone footage all this footage that youre seeing from the drone has been graded with my luts. All right lets: go Music all right! Im going to sync my audio with a big clap: okay, so im using the dji mic. So you can hear whats going on and i can talk to you but were going to use all the visuals from the drone in my screen record. Pretty cool with these dji mics that you could just use it as a recorder like this have a sync point, and then you have audio basically anywhere you dont have to be close to a receiver because its just a recorder at this point all right, real quick. I just want to show you spotlight, so if you want to use your drone as like a tripod in the sky and have it follow you, you just put it to spotlight mode track your subject, and then it will just sit there and keep that subject in The position that you want it as your subject moves through frame, so super easy im, gon na put myself off to the right third same type of thing: im, making a pass the other direction lets put it into active track mode and youll see right here that Something new pops up on the screen with active track.

So when you go to active track, youre going to click the button and its going to show the different ways that you can follow your subject behind to the left, to the right to the front or even like the front corner, so lets follow off to the Left and lets hit go so now its going to go off to my left side and follow me from that direction. Wherever i move Music, so it takes a second for it to orient itself to the subject. But as you can see its now following off to my left side, Music, Music, so right now, im filming in the normal mode, which means that all my sensors are working and the drone is definitely avoiding this giant hill that it would run into. If i was working with the dji air 2s, its just completely avoiding all the obstacles and its flying up as i go up the hill. Sorry, if im a little out of breath but im climbing im trying to get this drone to chase me faster and you can see it starts to float back as i move faster, but it does catch back up. So it does take a few seconds for it to get in the exact position, but it is following and its avoiding everything thats in its way, pretty incredible isnt it. Oh man, drones, making me work all right lets go up the hill Applause Music. All right lets switch, it lets go in front Music lets, go up the hill im chasing.

You come on drone move faster Music. All right. Follow me behind lets. Go up. The hill together come on. Drone were getting to the summit. We are almost there. Music Applause, Music – all right made it to summit, put it in a point of interest spin it around. Here we are Music all right. I want to pause the video for one second theres, no sponsor to this video, but i did just launch a course on editing how you can edit better videos, whether you are someone whos creating for youtube, or you just want to make interesting stories and share them. Well, i put a course together that goes through all the basics, on editing. Basically, everything that you need to know and its all around final cut pro now. This course is available right now on skillshare, and if you dont have a skillshare account, you can try it out for 30 days completely free, so you can go. Take this course, but lets get back to talking about this new active track all right. So one thing i want to test is: if active track works in explore mode and it does not pretty cool how it finds which orientation youre going and then it will find the side that youre on its such a rad feature lets swap it to the other Side all right, so i dont have a ton of battery left, but im just going to throw it in point of interest and im going to ride down a single track hill here im going to go up this way first, so basically, the drone is circling off To my left its at a medium pace, but the idea is, i want the drone to continue to spin around me as i do this trail, so im always getting a cool dynamic shot as im riding my bike down.

This trail hasnt lost me yet Music. So, oh, i might have lost me, did it find me Music lets see if it could pick me back up its still spinning nope, so i went behind that bush and it just completely lost me all right lets. Try this again im gon na spin, the other direction this time so now its coming along the right side, all right, theres, a hill lets see if it dodges the hill, all right. It went up to avoid the hill and its circling back to follow me. Music. Back around this way lets see if it could follow me on these loops that was handling. We got a little straight away here, coming up, speeding up getting away from the drone Applause. Music Applause looks like it lost me. Music. All right, ive got a steep section here. Lets see what happens. Does it follow me down stay high Music, Music Applause, Music. There we go now its found, my orientation Music, now its falling behind. Oh, this little bridge Music, a couple thoughts. After reviewing all of this footage and just playing with this active track in a few different settings, the active track works. Well, you just have to have a clear visual line of sight for the active track to stay locked on. There was definitely moments where i went behind a bush or the drone would be moving fast up and over me and it would lose the tracking now it does grab back on if youre, somewhere in the frame within a few seconds.

But if you go too far out of frame its not going to find you again so definitely you need a clear line of sight and, like i said earlier in this video, i want to test this in a forest and really see if it can track you Through the trees, because just working with it in this setting, where its clear and open, you definitely need to have that clear line of sight. So if trees are going between, you just have to figure out how many trees or how much time you can go behind something before it will grab back on, so definitely need to do more testing in those kind of settings. Overall, though, i think the active track does work super well, it seems to stay locked on better than my air 2s and just everything that ive tested with it. It looks good a little bit. Frustrating you cant use d log. Maybe theyll update that in a future firmware update, but for now it is what it is. You have 4k 60 frames per.