If you like this video and also comment down below so we got some new equipment that we wanted to share with you guys, so we thought wed unbox it on our channel Applause. So we actually won a millionaire from don jazzys youtube shorts challenge and we decided to put some more money together to upgrade our equipment. So we got the iphone 13 pro max, the iphone 13 pro and a dji mini 2.. So we actually have two cameras that we use for our youtube channel, but then we use our iphones to shoot b, roll videos, tick, tocks, instagram, reels, instagram stories as well. Yes, and let me just say this guys, if you are not following us on instagram and tick tock, you are missing out big time period, so were going to put our instagram handle down below just check us out were also going to add a qr code, so Its easy for you just sweep out your phone scan it and follow us on instagram. I currently use the iphone 10 and she uses the iphone 10s and weve had this phone since 2019 yeah. I think we got them before our wedding, also because we didnt want to take like poor quality videos before that were using five and five years. I know yes um, so currently, dorothys storage is full, so this is one of the reasons why we had to upgrade our phones weve had in our mind for a while yeah mine is also getting full, and i have a huge crack on my screen sponsored by Yours truly so yeah there was a day like were in lagos in kfc, and she was trying to explain one gist to me and she just hit my phone and phone fell down, and that was it.

The screen just crashed. That story is easy. Its correct its legit, i never really changed the phone because it was still working and i was just like. Oh, i dont want to be spending money on the phone right now, so ive used that crack screen for like a year or a year and a half yeah like i feel like i wanted to first change the screen. We were like no its not worth it, but i get a new phone but mean ive actually never got around to getting the new phone. Oh its just like its time. If you know those phones, you know this screen is the whole phone yeah yeah. You know what lets actually show them yeah, one second guys so guys. This is what were dealing with thats the work of my wifes hands, its not me so by the way, guys were actually wearing our outfits to match the colors of our new iphone yep. So shes wearing the color of my iphone and im wearing the color of her iphone. I know that to do that. This is the color of my iphone. I also painted my nails to match it im so excited to paint mine, though they kind of flow, though please so speaking of my nails, guys, i actually got sent some gel polishes from neil addict, los angeles theyre, a gel polish brand based in l.a. Like you hear from their name and they empower and celebrate men and women out there, so ive actually been taking the time out to patronize and work with eco conscious brands.

So all of these gel polishes are cruelty. Free theyre, vegan, theyre, chemical free. So trust me theyre not going to hurt your nails at all, so i got sent about seven shades and the one im wearing right now is called cashmere, its sort of like a bluish gray color like i said it matches my new iphone, but they actually have Over 100 colors for you to choose from, and if you know me personally, you know i love me some nail polishes, these nail polishes are actually super affordable and because we love them and we love you guys as well. Weve got you guys a 50 of coupon which ill put right here, and i also link their website in the description box below you. Have the other two or more nail polishes to unlock this discount code, and i want to give you guys a quick tip if youre a lady out there or a man who wants to paint his nails, i feel like you, should invest in a uv gel lamp. In the long run so that you save yourself thousands of visits to the new tech – okay, okay, okay, all right guys. So these are the new iphones lets unbox it straight for it going first, Applause, Music, all right: Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music. So weve got a couple of accessories for the iphone first of all, these new iphone 13 pro max, whatever they actually dont, come with power, adapters or charger heads like we call it here, so we had to get ourselves a couple of usbc power adapters now apple.

They had the girls to tell us in the description that, oh really, you guys already have this thing you dont need to buy, but then its a new phone, so we didnt want to like use anything old for the new phone. So we just thought to buy the adapters ourselves. Funny enough. I was using like a google chrome head with on amazon like usbs, so another thing that we got are these tempered glass screen protectors? I dont think we use any of our phones without screen protectors because we like to protect our screens very necessary. We also got these nice protective cases that are both transparent because we figured like we always pick colors of iphones, but we never get to see the color of the iphone because we have like some other color of case on it. We also wanted to get otterbox cases, but they would be pricey for our budget at this time might get them in the future. Yes, and also we got a couple of pop sockets from best buy. These are also transparent so that we can see the beauty of our phones, so all these accessories that we got well actually link them down below. Actually, i wont be linking the power adapter because theres an app you can find it, but in the pop sockets, the yeah ill link, everything down below and you didnt tell them that the sockets are magsafe or you can chat through yeah theyre wireless charger.

The wireless charging compatible yes yeah, so heres what the phones look like with the accessories on them guys. So another exciting thing we got is the dji mini 2 drone yeah and its really exciting for us, because we had the mini thats. The previous version of this when we were in lagos – and we flew it like once in abuja yeah, we had some footage weve seen any of our old videos yeah, and we had to sell it before we traveled because of some things like first of all, were Uncomfortable flying it around town, there was a lot of harassment and police drama airport security drama in like nigerian airports. Then yeah um. What else? Why else did we sell it? Because we knew we were relocating and wanted to get like an upgrade and kind of get to know the rules here and get a new drone. But we never got to it because yeah. Why? Because were trying to settle in as new immigrants and he wasnt on our priorities, but thanks to don jazzy weve been able to prioritize and put this back on our list of equipment. Yes, and we also got a heli pad to go with it. Its a landing pad for you to land your drone when you fly outdoors all right guys so lets unbox. The drone lets go your voice. Music coming is Music Music and i am Music im listening to Music of your voice Music.

So we actually picked up the drone and the landing pad from best buy how i went to pick them up. We met a sales rep who said they were subscribed to his channel. Can you imagine his brain was blown? He was like. I know you guys are subscribed to your channel. I was like oh great. It was a great experience to meet a subscriber in person guys, so we are not playing at all in 2022 this year we plan to shoot amazing content. Different types of formats youtube: instagram, tick, tock stories everywhere. Yes, so please, please, please support us by subscribing to our channels following our instagram and tiktok account. Why, because were broke? Af all right, weve got all our money in our equipment and now were eating indomie. So please please, let us not be aware some love drop comments, likes subscriptions yeah and share our videos. So, actually, i want to say a big thank you to don jazzy, and would you guys believe that the video that we entered for the challenge that one yeah, my god, we actually didnt sleep till like three a.m, because we shot the video we had to edit? That same day, i wanted it to drop that same day, because when its you know, do things fast. So that would qualify and win or whatever and its funny because, like we could have easily been discouraged, because this was like during the holiday period and we were like, we dont want to work doing the house.

But we just had to motivate each other and say we were like just one out of 30 people were like 30 people. I know so we just want to. Thank you guys. I want to thank don jazzy, the entire meeting crew for choosing us and helping us with our content don jazzy. If you are seeing this, we would love to work with you someday. So whenever were in each others, time zones, we look for each other, all right guys. So thank you for watching our video. Thank you for hanging out with us. We hope that you enjoyed our unboxing video, yes, and please, please, please dont, forget to support us by subscribing drop in a nice comment, yeah giving this video a thumbs up and also sharing with your friends. Yes, so well see you guys in our next video bye june before were hoping to get a new one, but we never got to eat, but thanks to the unjustly were able to bite all right. Are you ready, yeah, so action? What do i see now? I just told you goddammit, like this video and also comment down below all right lets. Continue. Yes, okay, im just money, and then you see, oh okay, so we decided to put some more money together and upgrade our equipment yeah. So we got the iphone pro. Oh yeah yeah. We currently use the iphone 10., so we actually have two cameras that we use for our youtube channel.

But then we use our iphones to shoot b. Rolls instagram Music tick, tock yeah safety deal. Are you ready? Okay action? Are you ready, yeah action? Okay, Music guess: what, by the way, by the way btw whatever whatever action, and i also painted my nails to match my, oh, my god, its nice, and i also already yeah. Let me just start the game. Okay, thank you and if you know me personally, you know i love me. Some gel polishes also they are super affordable wow. What do i want to see is that good for them yeah like usb, you need to stop and you want to compromise all right. Oh, i think youre doing too okay same ill. Do this one! You do these two now finish off! Oh yeah! Let me do my two, then oh yeah. Another thing we also got. Are these tempered glass screen protectors, so um theyre called? I just see what theyre called yeah yeah and we had a dji mini, which is the one of this when we were in lagos and as well and like these two theres one i just said earlier vision. Sorry, are you ready, yeah so actually picked up? The drone and the landing pad from best buy yeah. I went to pick up this new thing im going to pick them up. Are you ready yeah? So i actually picked up the june and the helipad the helipad. So actually so we actually picked up the drone and the heli.

Oh, my gosh, are you ready, yeah all right guys, so thank you for hanging out with us. Thank you for watching our video. We hope that you enjoyed our unboxing with you, yeah sorry, yo, that i enjoyed our unboxing unboxing video um and they celebrate and empower all men and women out there. Are they empowering men who you believe men come nipple men count their news? Oh yes, so i need to paint my nails for me. Gummy look, you know, and i know thats what the shoe that they like please wow, thats exposure for me im, not really that exposed. Please can i say this to the game.