This is kudika. Welcome back to my channel. Today i am going to be unboxing. My new iphone im super excited, because this is the first time i think, when ive gotten a new iphone so close to the release date so thats exciting. I have gotten the iphone 13 pro max in the color sierra blue blue is my favorite color, so im very excited to unbox this and see what the color looks like my last iphone was the 12 pro max. This is relatively new, still its only like eight months old. I got this earlier this year, so this im gon na be giving it to my brother because his phone, i think, is four years old, so hes due for an upgrade. So if im being honest, i dont think uh, i would normally upgrade my phone each year, but because i create so much content on my phone, i think its worth the upgrade. The new camera features seem amazing, especially for the video, because im super excited to try out the cinematic mode, so i will be testing out the camera towards the end of this video as well, but first lets unbox this wow. This color is so pretty. Oh, my god, i love it its actually such a subtle, shade of blue heres. What it looks like so pretty my nails seem to be matching the phone that was not intentional, but yeah its a very subtle blue. Let me compare it with my old phone actually so heres my 12 pro max – and this is the 13 pro max.

I dont think the camera is doing a very good job of showing the colors, but this is like a darker blue and this kind of looks like on camera, but its actually a very subtle light blue and i am so excited. I actually want to film an unboxing for my instagram as well, so im gon na quickly do that. So i just did a quick unboxing for my instagram, but the box, of course, has a charger, no adapter brick, but i already have my old one so that works and inside here im sure we have the apple sticker and a pin to remove your sim card. Hello, so lets set this up. One of the most convenient things about the iphone is how easy it is to set up so heres, my new phone, and, if i just bring my current phone next to it, it automatically uh asks me to set it up. Okay, so this whole setting up process, i think, should take like an hour or two so im gon na do that or i need to choose like a wi, fi signal and believe it or not. I dont get wi fi signal in my room for some reason. So im gon na have to go outside to do this so im gon na set this up and show you what it looks like and then we will test out the camera. So this is my 12 pro max the widgets. I hope they come, but im gon na redo, my phone, so my phone is set up, although my widgets and the apps havent downloaded yet so, hopefully that will happen soon, but yeah.

This whole process ended up taking a bit over an hour. I think it took like an hour and a half so the time right now is 5 p.m, and it is the gloomiest day today its been pouring but im gon na head outside in my garden and try to test out the camera. Also, i picked up this case for my phone. It kind of looks black, but the color is called midnight, so i think it has a slight tinge of glue to it. So im gon na put this on because im super paranoid that im gon na drop. My phone also this case is magsafe, uh friendly, so heres. What the case looks like. Oh, it actually feels really nice, but i think when more cases are available, ill end up buying a few online as well, but lets go outside and test out the camera. Hey. Everyone so its the next day or yesterday, the weather was just really gloomy. It was pouring so i decided to wait till today to test out the camera. So ive got my 13 pro max here and the first thing that ive actually noticed. I know a lot of people said that doesnt seem to be much of a difference between these two cameras, just based on the appearance. I think the cameras on the 13 pro max are slightly bigger if you can see than the 12 pro max and theyre. Also, a bit more bulgier, although with the case it doesnt really bulge out much.

But the few features im really excited to try are the cinematic mode or the photography styles, that the new iphones have now and also the macro mode im not much of a macro photographer. But i think itll still be fun to check out uh what is possible on the iphone, so i actually tested out the cinematic mode. Last evening my friend came over, so i was playing around with the cinematic mode and ill insert that clip here. So you can see what its like so were: testing out the cinematic mode, its raining, but right now, hopefully, im in focus now were gon na focus in the back. How does that look focus back on me now, so the cinematic mode also works on the front camera, which is insane so im in focus now im gon na focus on my friend abby back on me. This is so insane. So this is my vlogging camera and right underneath it ive placed my iphone uh. This is the front camera, so its not even the back camera of my iphone, and this is in cinematic mode. So you should see a nice bokeh in the background im honestly so impressed it looks really good. I dont know what my vlogging camera looks like, but itll be interesting to see the comparison between the two, but i cant believe this is the front camera back. When i started my youtube channel, i used to vlog using my iphone at the time i had the iphone 6s and i used to use the front camera mostly to vlog, so its really interesting to see how much of an upgrade there has been over the years On the iphone camera, so yeah, the cinematic mode actually looks very promising.

Im excited to use that in my videos – and you can also change the level of blurriness, the bokeh effect and what you want in focus later on, while editing as well. Next theres something called photography styles. So normally i think the iphone camera takes pretty bright photos, but they are slightly muted and of course you can edit it later on, but now theyve got different photography, so you can choose between standard rich contrast, vibrant warm cool. So, basically, depending on your preference, you can choose what type of colors you want and set that as default. Let me just test and see what the different looks are like. I think i like this vibrant mode, the most also talking about the video they now have like a 3x zoom and the wide angle camera is also supposedly better. So let me just show you what its like this is: the normal 1x. This is wide angle, so if we go 0.5 x – and this is 3x so wow – the quality is pretty amazing. So these are the three different lenses that the iphone has so far im honestly so impressed with the camera. Ive been playing around the most with cinematic mode and i think it works better with people and faces and stuff. But the quality that too, from a phone is just amazing but anyway lets test out the macro mode. So for the macro mode you sort of just need to be in the 1x setting and then move your camera very close to the subject and sort of switches automatically to the macro feature.

But wow you can go very up close wow. You can go very up. Close and look at the detail on this picture, this is honestly so impressive. Im going to take a few other macro shots around the garden Music. Another feature that i love its more of an ios 15 feature. So if you have an older version and if youve updated to ios 15, you can use this as well, but basically in any picture with text on it, you can just click this button on the side and it selects all the text. This is just some old itinerary that id made for jordan, which i never went to. Hopefully i can go visit sometime. You can then sort of just select any of that text copy it and then paste it onto your notes. App – and this is super accurate and such a useful feature, because a lot of the notes that i make are on my ipad on goodnotes. So its really nice that i can sort of copy and paste that onto my notes, app or if i have to email that to someone this feature is there on the ipad as well. So i think this is going to be very useful. It is so sweaty outside, but anyway a lot of people uh dm me on instagram and asked me if or the 13 pro max is worth upgrading to from the 12 pro max. I honestly feel like the 12 pro maxs.

Camera is amazing, but if you feel like you need a cinematic mode or macro photography overall, the camera is better on this. So if you feel like you need all of those features, then its definitely worth upgrading for me personally, because i create so much content on my phone. I think its definitely worth the upgrade im actually planning trips abroad in november and december, hoping it can happen, but yeah im gon na definitely make use of this, then so very excited about that hope. You enjoyed this video. I know im not really like a tech. Youtuber but since i am super into videography and photography, i thought ill share this with you guys, because i know a lot of you also are into videos and photos.