The coolest thing i saw was a cinematic mode on the phones with the rack focus activity. I want to try that out. I do have some models in front of me to give you something to look at as well im going to slide them in here. So before we get into todays video, i want to mention that im going to have an upcoming giveaway for a bunch of iphone 13 so make sure to subscribe down below and also the later cases for the new iphone, 13 and 13 pro have already launched on The site and theyre sitting in front of me right here these are the thinnest cases youre going to want to put on your brand new iphone check out how easy it is slap it on fits perfect, designed an entirely new cover around the camera section, more details And photos are available on the website, also the best screen protectors, the only ones that i use for iphone, 13 and 13 pro also available on the site, so make sure to go check out the links in the description, and you can actually order your later case Before you even get your iphone 13 so check that out, you can probably tell, on the left hand side, we have the iphone 12 12 pro 12 pro max, and then these comparisons are some of the models that have been sent to me, leading up to todays Announcement, including, oh, i dont, know this one, which is probably your closest representation of the iphone 13 with the new camera layout, uh yeah, so its shifted ever so slightly its a its a bit of a different look.

Of course you have a new chip inside you have a variety of new features in the camera app you have a slightly brighter display and you have a slightly smaller notch on the front about 20, smaller its kind of impossible. To pick up on these models, i mean you can see it yeah, but the key takeaway here is: they found a way to shrink it while keeping the face id components in there. No, there is no usb type c or anything crazy like that uh, but it will be brighter outdoors and apparently the battery life is improved. So obviously the regular 13 model is going to be available in a couple of different sizes represented right here so theres, your 5.4 inch display and your 6.1 inch display quite a big gap there, but the mini hangs around for at least another generation. A15 chip is going to be more powerful and the mini is going to start at 6.99, whereas the standard iphone 13 is going to be 7.99 theres gon na be some new colors to choose from five in total, so everyone can know immediately that you have the Latest iphone now lets talk about the pro models, so this is the old pro and pro max. This was the first model that was sent to me of what might be the upcoming iphone 13. Actually, these camera modules are exaggerated. I think this one is probably the best representation here to what ended up happening, so, yes, bigger camera units visually speaking compared to the previous generation, but not quite as big as some of the more cartoonish looking variants that were out there now.

These are bigger for good reason: theres been camera enhancements, especially when it comes to that ultra wide camera, which they claim is going to have increased low light performance. The other thing that youre going to be able to do on the pro models that uh stood out to me: well, first up the cinematic mode. So if you watch the presentation, this is that ability to select whats in focus or to let the camera make decisions on its own based on framing and faces that entered the display. It was a fairly slick demo, but it was short, so we dont exactly know in practice how well thats going to work, but certainly this ability is something that anyone who makes films on their iphone is going to be happy to experiment with the other thing. That is pro exclusive is going to be pro res. You are now able to record in a much more useful video format, its something that weve used here in the studio for a really long time, its super easy to edit with you. Can you have a little more flexibility when it comes to color correction, if youre just in any type of pro environment, then you probably heard of prores? Now you can record that directly in the phone and since it is a bigger file, size theyre, even going to put out a one terabyte version of the pro model of the phone, so you have even more storage space.

So the other thing the pro model is going to see on the front on the display is better brightness than the regular 13 model, so youre gon na have up to a thousand nits peak brightness out. You know in the outdoors that can pay off its just gon na give you that vibrant appearance as well im one of these people. I got the screen on blast, so i like to see it and then the other big feature: 120 hertz promotion apple likes call. It promotion everyone else just says what the actual refresh is and so its finally happening on a phone weve had it on the ipads and its been rumored forever. Next gen, maybe the next generation but its in the phone and its got to be there because its a flagship feature – and i know a lot of people – well, theres people were split on how important they thought it was. But for me at this price point put the promotion put the 120 hertz gamers like it. It makes the phone feel faster and apple claims to have their very own specific implementation uh, which allows for some battery savings because its its dynamic its able to shift depending on. If you need that extra refresh or not, and then the other thing apple mentioned – is that the new pro max model is the best battery life ever on an iphone, so its probably something to do with those enhancements, but also just packing a large battery in there To begin with, so the pro model is going to be available in two sizes pro and pro max, as it was before: 6.

1 inches and 6.7 inches respectively, and pricing is gon na start at a thousand bucks and then 10.99 for the max model. Obviously, if you expand the storage, you can expect to see uh even bigger price tags. Okay, so lets go ahead and talk about the watches, real quick. We are now on series seven and it wasnt like a huge overhaul. It obviously isnt this new design thats been rumored were gon na, have to wait for that, one with the flat edges and so on. It kind of looks like the old model, but theyve got a more aggressive screen to body ratio. A more aggressive curve around the sides theyve packed more display into the same uh form factor. They got some new watch bands. They made it more dust resistant, its still water resistant, like the previous version, its available in five colors, and if you want to get into apples whole fitness ecosystem, then they recommend that you have one of these very strongly theyre like this. This is your ticket to the party, the watch, and then you can work out anywhere and watch your favorite person do, jumping jacks or whatever it is um. All right now lets talk about ipad mini ipad. Mini was well overdue for an update and its getting kind of the ipad air, slash ipad, pro treatment with the flat edges and, finally, a shrinking of the bezel. More importantly, the chin and the forehead, i like the mini form factor.

I think a lot of people are fans of it, its a little easier to hold for long periods, because its small, its more affordable than the pro models in the lineup. You now can use the second generation apple pencil, magnetically slap it over to the side you have touch id built in. You have camera improvements. Obviously, compared to the previous version, they launched a set of smart folio cases specifically for it. I saw some of the demonstrations in the presentation that made sense to me around gaming, its kind of a nice size for things like gaming still powerful enough to play most mobile games, but with a form factor that just kind of makes sense for thumb. Input compared to some of the bigger ipads, which, at least in my experience on the couch, can get a little awkward unless you want to stand them up and use a controller or something like that price wise, its coming in at 499., so its pricier than that Entry level ipad, but its obviously not quite up to the pro levels. Speaking of the new entry level ipad, its going to have a13 bionic inside – and this is your low price point – that apple seems to be targeting at education or up against chromebooks. Its also got a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera on it, its not the flashiest. Looking thing right, you still got the chin. You got the forehead, its an old looking form factor so whats.

The key with this entry level ipad its definitely price its coming in at 329, which is obviously a lot more approachable than those other ipad prices with the mini at 499. And you know what the pro situation is. So with that 329 price brings in the clientele. Thats cost sensitive education market students developers who need an ios device theyll take any ios device, its not going to be as fast as the other ipads, but it gives people an option that want to spend less than 400 all right. So its not every day that you have an apple event, its not every day that you get brand new iphones apple puts a tremendous amount of energy into their events and every single time it feels like an experience. There are drones, flying youre, moving from location to location, youre, hearing about the environmental savings that are taking place and all the reasons why you need their new gear apple does a tremendous job. I mean lets just lets, just call it what it is its flashy. I think kirk bought 17 apple watches during the presentation. They just know how to market. They know how to launch products. These are not as exciting as the last generation. These are more of a bump, obviously its not an overhaul to the design language, so i dont know how big of a deal it is comparatively, but some of those camera features are interesting to me and things that i want to try out and anytime youre telling Me theres enhanced battery life im also completely on board with that, and then the 120 hertz is the other big takeaway.

For me, its unfortunate its only on the pro model, but you know they. They try to create that distinction to give people a reason to upgrade, and i think that is going to be a reason for some customers anyway, make sure to keep it locked on the channel because, as mentioned previously for sure im going to be doing some iphone. 13 giveaways very soon so subscribe if youre not subscribed yet and also, if you know you want an ultra thin case for your upcoming iphone, 13 or 13 pro make sure to check out later case, you can go to the website and see whats available for the New 13 and get your order in so youre the first to receive your super thin later case to go with your brand new iphone. Thank you very much for joining this ultra fast. Speedy recap.