I shouldnt have said flaw but more like an unfortunate reality of having to use 360 degree cameras. Obviously, in order to be able to see out both lenses, it has to be completely higher and lower than the drone, so that you dont see any of the drone. In the shot, and what ended up happening is that, in a landing, we scratch the lens up, pretty good and thats unfortunate reality of you know pushing the limits of what these things can do, because we basically had to hand catch it or landed on something. Really. Soft, the beta fpv drone, the second version of their attempt at 360. Drones has solved that problem with a little fiddly landing gear excited very excited, so were going to check out the beta fpv pavo 360.. Its going to you know do that same stitch line thing where you cant see the drone. You can only have the 360., but theyve also developed it in conjunction with insta360, to make a custom 360 camera for the drone. So its a super small little itty, bitty insta, 360 360 camera that plugs straight into the drone doesnt have any batteries doesnt have any extra features. It just does that, and i think that the combination of these two things is going to be pretty cool, so lets unbox. This get it in the air, get it tested and get some cool shots with it. Its got these nice little foam bumpers, its dense, like its surprisingly quite thick, oh wow, yeah thats got some weight to it.

Lets get this uh smo camera installed, really quick, get it bound up, get it in the air so that we can actually get a shot with it tonight, its so cute and so light heres, the original one, the r and heres the smoke theres no battery in There saving a ton of weight, full insta360, one r, with battery 117 grams without battery 83 and a half grams, and then the smo by itself, 54.. Okay. So we have this four screw thing that we take off to open it up to put the camera inside and we plug in the camera which, if they had designed this in combination with insta, i wish they would have put the micro sd card slot on the Top so that we could get it in and out without taking the whole draw apart, so its going to go kind of on the bottom, maybe i think thats that slot there is to let the cable through. So this is gon na, be a pain. If i have to come back in and out of this to get the uh sd card out, so dont forget to put your sd card into this stage, because that would be annoying boom camera installed, wish we had some little lens protectors so that when im, not Flying it, i can protect it more easily, but well have to figure out some sort of system for that. So now we just got ta, get it bound up what you got there paul its a gyrating drone very excited first ever tests.

It does have a lot more power than the newbie drone version. Its got a little bit of punch, so lets get outside get some stuff fine. I dont know why it says i have 24.3 volts unless its in series that would make sense, 2400, yeah, theyre, probably in series, so we can take off put up our landing gear. Doggos get to chase it. Oh boy, this tune needs some love, its very windy out, yeah its really bouncing around on the wind, and you know what so. This is a air unit, light with the uh light camera, so its got the the second 16 by nine stuck at 30 megabits and at 60 fps, which is not fun but its really nice and sharp at least so ill. Give it that okay, the suns, still up, actually looks gorgeous up there inside of this camera. Uh yeah, i mean it flies. It flies fine, its not a powerhouse by any means, but it moves. I have enough, but not too much for cinnamon type stuff yeah. Oh more than this anywhere up here watch moves um, but yeah i mean it shoots its got power, its really angry with the wind like i want to kind of try to tighten that up a little bit. It seems like its doing a little bit too much so im gon na look into this nest here to get as close as i can without getting this stuck in the tree, but yeah.

If you look at the dvr, you can see it kind of getting buffeted around a good bit. I love going towards like to like things that are nice and tall relative to the ground that theyre over so like. If we go over to this tree and kind of like fly up it and then look straight down and make it tiny world, the tree looks really big. I think that looks kind of cool kind of fun. The antennas kind of bury down on the carbon fiber. So that the camera doesnt see the antenna, but you still have im still getting pretty good signal: thats. Basically, two 3s uh 850 mah batteries, okay, im gon na come in for a landing gear down there you go thats the maiden its got a lot of power. I flew for three minutes: the landing gear. Is there like thats, pretty cool, so im kind of excited to see what we can get with this, like the the concept is not new, but i think its, i think its a nice refined version of that from a hardware perspective, so im excited to see how The picture looks out of the pavo 360 because we havent seen that yet previously, 360 drones have given a lot of headaches for sure. So im excited to see how this one potentially stacks up against those and see if it solves such as being able to land. Like i just did or having the smaller camera, having the lighter thing having enough power so before we get flying here at this arch sculpture here in indianapolis, i want to tell you about the parts that are on this drone on board.

The motors are actually 2204 2400kv motors, so like using 2204s, you can get a little bit more power. You got a little bit more stator. You got more heat dissipation, which means the 6s power from the two 850mah series. Batteries allows you to be able to get that pep in your step and make this thing really chooch, so thats, pretty cool combination. In addition, this one shipped with the tbs crossfire with the crossfire antenna whiskering out here in front like a little catfish or something, and then you have the caddix air unit, light its actually from cadex, but its like the 60fps version of the camera, which is kind Of disappointing, but you can swap that camera out really easily and get some good power out of it, so it limits you to 16×9 video only and then 60fps, which is kind of a letdown uh in the back. You have this actual servo thing for the landing gear setup and its got a custom pcb in there. Thats all mounted to so thats, actually pretty cool a little a little bit of innovation, and then it uses beta fpvs uh, all in one board to power. All four motors from that six cell battery voltage power from the two that slide in here the vtx antenna is here actually, which i thought was kind of a cool place. To put it because you cant have it just like sticking up like it normally would its kind of down inside the carbon fiber, unfortunately, but thats a reality of working with the 360 camera.

So i thought it was actually a cool little mount that they made there kind of up front next to the camera and the other antenna, so ive been noticing no problems with it in terms of video range. We flew all the way around the house yesterday, uh. Well see how it is here today, but i dont expect any problems from that. So im gon na really quickly show you how to get the battery in and out of this thing. So this has got these little claws here. That kind of reach in so what you would do is plug in the battery wedge, all the cables in there into towards the 360 camera. You kind of just got to find that sweet spot where it will actually fit its a little bit tricky as it has been with all drones like this. You want to make sure that all the cables are in there, otherwise theyre going to show up in your 360 footage and eventually youll find a way to get it to seat in there like that, and then do the same with the other side. So a little bit of a pain with the battery mounting but thats, how you do it and then to get it out. You just push the whole battery down in towards the body pop it out. You know, but, like you see like now, the balance lead is there so its going to show up in the 360 footage.

So you just got to make sure that its all tucked away down in there and then this plastic actually is probably high enough to show up so ive. Just been kind of tearing off some of the extras whenever it shows up batteries in were ready to fly. Lets get to flying we power on the camera here and then start stop record there. You can see it flashes like that. So now we know its rolling. You want to make sure that your lenses are very clean with 360 cameras, because otherwise it shows up. I think the clip that we have yesterday, you can actually see a smudge. Unfortunately, yep Music woken up, Music do Music, so Music, Music. One of the things that i kind of like about it flying around the sculpture is how skinny it is like its uh theres. A lot of uh, normally, i kind of look for gaps that are side by side where, like this one, im kind of like finding ones that are thin in terms of like you like fitting the millennium falcon through the uh trench, run sort of situation, its its Kind of a blast honestly, its actually really hard for me to track where that thing was up there, because how skinny it was how small the screen is on this camera. I had a hard time doing it peeking up up there. I havent tried to really dive this thing or anything hows the tune compared today without the wind honestly, its just as bad yeah, so the default tune is not working for me.

I havent had a chance to play with that. Yet i probably will pretty much out of battery 21.3 im starting to see it go red, so well bring it in again landing gear. Deploy Music im, still nervous about the landing gear, whether it came down its its uh, it is sketchy to land it like that. Like, oh, it didnt come down what the heck Music – oh, no, it failed Applause, thats! So weird, i think its scratched, like i didnt, put it down heavy. But oh no, so i got ta scratch because the landing gear didnt fully deploy thats a good learning. So id have to like take my goggles off to make sure that the get landing gear is actually down or have yeah well beta, fpv. The one thing the biggest thing i was excited about. This was the landing gear that just failed once out of two flights. Three flights: okay, so while you watch some of this awesome chase footage of me and winston following each other around the sculpture, i want to go through some of the comments that you guys left on instagram. First of all, i do want you to notice how this camera is not great at low light. You can see a lot of iso coming up. You can see like these weird banding things um. You probably saw it a lot in the very first shot of the video thats, also historically been a problem for 360 cameras because they have a huge aperture and all that stuff.

So lets get into the comments. Joel fred fpv says, is the sms 360 worth the money or better go with the full size. 1R. The 1r definitely looks a little bit better, but its also a lot bigger a lot heavier doesnt fit in, for example, this frame, but the combination of it with the newbie drone 3s invisa 360 frame, for example, is a pretty killer. Combination so definitely consider thinking about something like that. Uh dan m hub 13 asks whats the cost well, the smo is apparently in this shockingly 400. I had no idea that was gon na, be that expensive, like thats more than a gopro, so thats surprising, and then the drone itself is uh like 380 or into the 400s, with the dji fpv, so honestly kind of expensive. But then again you know an fpv drone running 300 with a gopro that costs 400 youre already at 700. So its really not that much its not much more. I guess than other setups for a platform that can do this 360 stuff 2b. 21 says how to land without breaking the camera. Well, hopefully, you just saw the landing gear deployed, but then it also doesnt necessarily uh work all the time, so you catch it, thats how you land without breaking the camera you catch it deez and the filmmaker pavo. 360 in commercial use, im assuming he means have you used it commercially, and the answer is no and i probably wouldnt.

I dont think that theres many applications where the kind of low, not so great resolution of a 360 camera applies to commercial use. That means that if a client was specifically asking for that, i would definitely make this recommendation because its a really cool, unique, powerful tool, but would i say that i would like go out and sell it? I dont think i would actually try to do that. I think i would just stick with what i know with gopros or city lifters, jamie and rez photo says getting. The sd card seems like a hassle, yeah youre, absolutely right. I think there was an opportunity for them to have put the sd card on one of the sides of the camera, where you could access it without having to take the whole thing apart uh, but they didnt do that. The newbie drone of visit 360, for example, has like a pass through usb, so you can literally plug into the camera which is plugged into the camera and get the files off, at least over usb, not necessarily through the sd card, so thats kind of a pain In the butt netstudio 95 film says: how much did you buy it well, thats, actually a great time to bring up a point. Insta 360 and beta fpv did not pay for me to make this video. They sent the products for free. So i got the opportunity to take a look at them, use them and make a review theyre not going to review this video before i upload it.

So my opinions are my own and winstons are as well, so you guys are getting the truth of what we think about this and we can share truthfully. What we want mayan hawk asks seamline. Would you reach for this quad over a slam squirt? First of all, i would not necessarily pick this over a slam squirt or anything like that, because its a very different beast right. It doesnt do the same things that those do and those dont do the same things that this does. However, the seam line is pretty significant when youre close to things so like in the shots where im chasing winston around in his slammed squirt wow. That actually worked out really well that we chased the slam squirt. With this thing uh, you can definitely see that it kind of starts to pop in and up like from between lenses, but were also only like a foot two feet apart and so, as a result, theres not enough distance for that seam line to disappear. I looking into the distance – i cant really see it at all, like you know, when its just flying around in a landscape when im right up next to something, you can definitely see the seam line pop up, you know, but thats the same with any 360 camera Theres, none that dont have it. Okay and the rest of these comments seem to be pretty close to the same idea so well. Leave it going on, but lets get back to the video together, all right, so im coming in to land and my landing gear is deployed, so im going to come in get it here.

The line of sight turn it around and feel like at this point. I would normally just catch it, but ive got the landing gear, so put the landing gear down. Okay, i can confirm now that its actually done so now i can land it. So i mean its not the end of the world, but like at that point id rather just do this. Oh here it comes its the same thing so like if i have to check it every time to make sure that the landing gear actually deployed. I dont know if its really that useful in future just give me the weight back at that point, but yeah. So i dont know what the footage looks like from the spot. I think its gon na look super trippy again. I love the concept of like just a camera in the sky. We chased winston a little bit excited to see what that looks. Like lets get out of cold. We did get some extra gloves for winston, though look weve got one set of gloves and two sets. So thanks for uh buying stuff from the affiliate store, uh youre youre, making our lives a lot easier. Thank you appreciate that links in the description below for all this stuff too. So we hope you guys enjoyed our review of the beta fpv pavo 360. uh weve had a lot of fun. With this. I love this concept of drones. We enjoyed the original beta fpv when it worked.

We had the newbie drone invisi 360 and now this pavo 360., its a really really cool concept. The leg is a great idea, but i cant trust it right. Ive, already scratched my 400 camera and now theres, nothing. I can do go and do back, because i trusted that the leg was going to work so thats a bit of a bummer. The low light performance also was kind of something that i was very disappointed with, especially in the very very nighttime shots downtown like it. Just theres this crazy band ive never even seen anything like it, so thats thats a bit of a disappointment, but in terms of being able to use it to get that unique shot to do tiny planet shots to do up looking up shots and do them all. In the same flight, where you dont have to land and reposition the camera, anything im really excited about. I i wish that there were more opportunities for people to like, or i wish that clients would be asking for this kind of stuff right, because it would be really fun to experiment with, on a professional level, to see what kinds of different unique opportunities. What kinds of shots could we do with this kind of technology, but for now, im really enjoying it as a kind of a unique perspective on capturing content, for you guys, so, if youre interested in buying anything that we flow in here or the stuff that we Use for our goggles all of that stuff, all of it is available in the affiliate links in the description below if you purchase stuff from there, its a big help to the channel and helps us be able to make more content like this.