That just features small companies usually run by 1 person, making yoyos that are typically limited run. The Invictus exemplifies everything that Makes Craft yoyos great. In terms of play? The Invictus is 66 grams, which is normal for most yoyos, but it plays a lot lighter than the weight would suggest.. This light feeling, while you play actually makes it a great everyday, throw because its not going to be taxing on your ams as you play.. The Invictus is also what we would call a high control or maybe better a fine control yoyo.. What I mean by that is that even the smallest movements of your hands will affect where the yoyo is going.. The yoyo doesnt constantly resist you. It does what you want it to do.. What that means is that, if you were doing a lot of experimentation with your tricks, you are not fighting to get the yoyo to move a certain way. It just immediately follows suit.. With this yoyo Thesis wanted to explore the more aesthetic side of yoyo design.. It is the type of yoyo that the longer you look at it, the more curves and shapes and angles. You see that make it really a beautiful and photogenic yoyo.. In addition, if you are a collector Thesis made sure to release this yoyo in a wide variety of colors, and you can get each of these in both a matte or a glossy finish, so you can get exactly the color you want.