The drone racing league. The drone racing league, is the number one drone racing property in the world. We take the very best pilots put on events around the globe and broadcast that to tens of millions of fans. Weve teamed up with drone racing league to fuel 5g innovation in two fast growing markets, drones and tech, powered sports t mobile is building the largest fastest. Most reliable 5g network in the country, drl is building a new sport that depends on using innovative technology to create an audience. Experience like no one has ever seen before. Applause as we look at use cases for 5g drones have to be one of the most compelling and entertaining by combining the fastest racing drones with the leading 5g network in the country. We aim to completely reimagine sports entertainment. Start line is green between competition and technological innovation and its so exciting to watch Music, its a sport that has fans around the globe. It speaks to a generation that is interested in technology, excited about the future and thrilled by high speed racing sports. Our partnership with t mobile is allowing us to dramatically improve the fan experience we get to take our sport, which lives and breathes by high speed radio communication pair it up with the leading innovator in that space, and the result is going to be a huge leap Forward in what our sport can do, standalone 5g is the foundation for low latency ultra reliable drone applications and t mobile was the first in the world to launch a nationwide standalone 5g network.

Our work to achieve extremely low levels of latency is key, as it will enable quick coordination of drones in the air and the ability for traffic management systems to approach real time. Awareness of drones and other obstacles. Drl is the perfect case study for using this with our high speed drones and our incredibly demanding need for high speed video in our sport in the past. The analog video thats come through is not very clear and not very clean with t mobile 5g wireless technology. We get a crystal clear image and it shows the world in a completely different way. What were building is our first 5g racing and for the first time ever were going to be able to stream immersive hd content to our fans in real time on americas fastest. Most reliable 5g network thats our 405g. This is these things are so amazing. This is very good. I know its amazing. How good they are agile is putting together the drone im waiting came to finish so i can start soldering the parts and running the cable. So are we all like align them? I think one of the objectives of this project is to make sure that we maximize the fan experience and that is possible, because this drone will be controlled over 5g, both flying and video. Thanks to the t, mobile 5g technology. What it means for the fans is that well be able to see hd video quality in this stream.

The same as the pilots can see. I just want to get this down. Okay, so shes, all yours were doing something. Thats never been done before the performance requirements that we have in this drone are so extremely high that we can only do it with the support of the t, mobile engineering team and really with the advancement of 5g tech and what it can bring to the drone. So were really excited about the fact that we can utilize the 5g technology to do exactly what we want to do with this move project. Do something show some love to that drone. It actually looks pretty good the last few days. The goal has been to get both the drone and the networking equipment both on at the same time, while the drone is flying yep arm test first 5g play Music. What we want to be able to do with the prototype is to not only show that we can transmit video from the office to a local device. We want to take it out into the field to show we can transmit video across state lines. We want to be able to transmit that video signal from the park that were testing on to a new location, to showcase the full capabilities of the drone and video in a real world: 5g environment. Good luck and then good supply Music were getting great video. The streaming looks amazing a lot of detail. A lot of color looks really smooth, so really happy for how the things are going.

Now you see it right. You see you guys, yeah, oh yeah, its beautiful wow, wow beautiful. Now that the field test has proven to be a success, its time to build a fleet of these drones and take them to drl races and t mobile events and really show the world what this drone can do, what weve seen so far is purely a prototype. Drone, what we need to do next is to turn this into a fully finished racing drone with a sleek next gen tech design. That really represents the momentous partnership between t mobile 5g and the drone racing league. The future of drone racing is really exciting, as interest continues to build around the world youre going to see drl bringing races around the globe, tens of thousands of spectators in the audience broadcast to dozens of countries around the world rivaling the largest race circuits that exist Today, the worlds fastest drones and the nations leading 5g network now thats a fantastic combination.