Vlogcast todays, gon na be a little different, were doing a product review. Music thats right were reviewing the insta 360 1r aerial edition its a bit of a mouthful. I know, but so the idea behind this is you can put your 360 1r camera on your drone and make it invisible like all the invisible drone. I guess so it comes in all these boxes. So youve got the lenses battery. Send me an extra battery the battery they actually use when its on the drone, which is a different battery, the actual module other battery and this big old box contains the mount. What it boils down to, though, is this, so you end up with your camera and your mount cameras two pieces its battery, and then it comes apart from there end up with the module and two lenses. So this is the mount its really pretty straightforward. This climbs on the bottom, this clamps on top Music and then this little doohickey uh goes on the back actually closer up later, but anyway, this has all the connections to make this work so thats, really all there is to it. You cant put the lenses on the wrong way. They have little notches and thats how it clamps on. This is not a demonstration video of how to put it together, its pretty straightforward but heres, where a couple of my beefs come in before we even get to the video part um, the lenses obviously sit lower.

So the second you set this down. Youre gon na scratch, your lenses, it does come with these lens cover things um, i dont use them its even another box. You have to check in the software to tell it when youre stitching that has these on there um i havent used them, but one hack. I did see from something else is: if you fold your mavic arms like that and you set it down now, your lens is safe, so i uh its probably hard on my motors and my props, who knows what else, but i dont use it all the time. So its not a big deal, so thats one trick to keep your lens away from the glass um. The other thing is your gps, really doesnt work when you have this on, because all this craps up top ps put your battery in first because youre not getting your battery off once its in there, but you do have a button spot that you can turn on. So props there i guess uh, the other thing is, you will probably have to hand launch this uh. There are some people who put boxes on each side. You know like this and then you can take off and better land really well too. I guess but uh thats an option for that. So keep those things in mind. Theyre, not big deals. Um just be sure you start the camera pro tip be sure you start the camera before you start the props, because i had it flying and didnt start the camera and brought it down into a hover and thought.

Oh, maybe i can squeeze my finger in there. No, the prop is way too close to get your finger in once its turning. So dont do that kids, um down to my beef about the construction um. Some of you said this is 3d printed. I maybe its not 3d printing that ive seen before its pretty smooth um but its fragile. It is super fragile plastic, so ill get a couple close ups, but theres a clip on the top when you mount it and theres clips on the bottom, both of which make it a little more difficult to get off um and both of which ive cracked uh. The bottom ones, and the top ones, and not even like just putting on normal, so uh i reached out to insta 360 support after a few back and forth, they did offer to send me a new housing and encouraged me to put it on properly next time. I pretty sure its put on properly to begin with, but if you do get this be very careful because the plastic is super fragile, so i took it out for a flight got very excited, got all together, charged up, took it out now. This was on the original props and on a fairly windy day. Dont know if that should make a difference, as you can see by the footage. It is super jelloy almost and grant its a football field, so its kind of um, its kind of easier to see except the lines, but its very jelly borderline unusable, and you can even see a stitching line where the i think the exposure was off.

Just a little bit between the top camera and the bottom camera, so it cant stitch that perfect um. So it wasnt terribly happy. I i it wasnt usable in my opinion, for anything i do to get paid for anyway uh. So i came back home and anybody whos been around drones for a while the dji phantom one had just a hard mount thats. The problem with this is its all hardened mounted theres, no dampening of any vibration. Um. We use the stuff called moon gel, so moon, joes, just kind of blue purple squishy stuff – i dont – know theyre used by drummers. I dont know what these are for. So i thought well maybe some of this maybe i can dampen some of that vibration fix the problem. Other people said use an nd filter, lower the shutter speed, all youre doing is kind of faking out the jello effect, youre kind of blurring it a little bit. Youre not really getting rid of it necessarily so i shoved a bunch of this jello, i couldnt get it under the actual lenses. Its way too tight put a bunch of moon gel in there to see. If that would help went on to another flight um. As you can see again lots of jello um again, that was a windy day. So i i dont know if wind should make a difference, but it possibly could so todays project im going to go, get some footage and im doing two things.

One were going to fly this. I dont think its very windy today fly this as its built with its cage, but also i have this unit. This is a uh for dji, mavic, uh clamps on the bottom of the drone and then hangs a 360 camera down below. I think i got it from my uh theta, which didnt really work very well. To be honest, so it doesnt fit exactly because the clamps in the back, but it does work well enough that i was able to uh zip tie it on fairly secure, so were going to try it with this device, as well as the way its built and Were going to see if we get any better results, ive also replaced the props, because balancing your props could be an issue potentially that could cause vibrations so im, giving it every chance. I can um and see which one works out. The best so well be right. Back first up, the factory included mount lets see how this works Applause option two. We have this mount zip tied on because it doesnt really fit, and the camera just hangs below. Obviously, youre not gon na get the invisible drone thing with this, but were trying to get rid of the jello here. So lets see how this works. So here is the clip of the insta360 one arm using my old school mount, those for like a different camera hanging down under the drone like.

So this is the footage i actually watched a decent amount of it because i couldnt see i was looking for any kind of jello and you can see some uh imperfections in it. I suppose, but i think he probably cleaned most of that up with the uh. Its a remove, jello effect or something or something photo, uh adobe premiere that can do it now lets look at the factory mod again. This is new props factory mod you dont have to watch, but about two seconds of it to see the jello like crazy same drone, same props same weather same day same everything. Now one could argue well because i have these couple broken spots without increase the vibration, but we look back at the other footage. You see the same problem, so i dont think its made any difference whatsoever. So long story short, is the mod ready for prime time. No, i personally dont think i would get it now. If you want to do 360, though um and you can ill try and link to one below, but you can get these uh kind of things to hang on the bottom of the drone. The camera works great theres, no problem with the camera itself, its a good 360 camera im not going to do a ton of 360., so it doesnt need to be perfect um, but whether the extra money for the 360 mod – you know invisible, drone thing uh.